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I was tagged by sally-anne-perks (who I thought I was following for the longest time and then realized I wasn’t and then fixed that)

Questions I got:

1. Favorite NoTP? Harry&Hermione

2. Best time of the day to be productive? Night. Round eleven. Not good for my sleep schedule.

3. Most interesting word you’ve used recently? 

4. Hank or John? John because TFIOS and I don’t listen to/know any of Hank’s creations. But they’re both pretty quality dudes.

5. Thing you would eat as a topping on pizza for a dare? Anything edible. Don’t hold me to this.

6. Winnie the Pooh character you most identify with? Piglet.

7. Winter holiday of choice? Thanksgiving. Or Christmas. It’s always a struggle.

8. Vacation spot if you could afford anything? European tour.

9. Brand you’re most loyal to? I like Adidas socks…

10. Least favorite branch of the American government? Allll the gov'ts

11. If you made a planet, what would the rain be made out of? I would say tea but that would be bad not hot. And I would say Flashin’ Fruit Punch Hi-C but that would get sticky. So maybe like dragon fruit vitamin water. Despite the creepy red color.

Questions for you people: 

1. Do you wear socks in the house?

2. Pick an alternate universe to live in.

3. Favorite way to eat potatoes?

4. Which animal that is not normally a pet would you want for a pet?

5. If you were going to write a movie with someone, who would you write it with?

6. Would you rather work as a costume designer or a set designer on a major motion film?

7. What would you take as a token into the Hunger Games? (A symbolic/valuable/personal object?)

8. Where would you like to go on a  picnic?

9. What is one thing you are excited for in the near future?

10. What is your favorite flavor of Jelly Beans?

Who I’m tagging:

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I hate the “stuff” posts… but I find myself compelled to make one as I am quite happy with my “Holiday Haul” (alliteration intended ;)

Leather bound sketchbook w/ handmade paper

2nd non-leather bound sketchbook, also w/ handmade heavyweight paper

Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth (wanted this for a while!)

Drawing the Head and Hands (new!!)

Artistic Anatomy (for my anatomy class, actually)