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Comfort Zone

Aries comfort zone: A place, a group, a career that they know they’re good at. A place where there is admiration and even a place or person they dominate.

Taurus comfort zone: A predictable place with little conflict. People are steady and familiar, acts are repetitive.

Gemini comfort zone: They don’t have to focus, there isn’t a lot of pressure, friends might be plentiful, and there’s lots of encouragement around.

Cancer comfort zone: A place or people with plenty of security, a place that actually feels comfortable, and lots of sentimental attachments.

Leo comfort zone: Where they can be the big fish in a little pond, there’s stability, they always have resources, and they have the upper hand.

Virgo comfort zone: Plenty of routine and safety. They are the most knowledgeable in an area, knows everyone, and they always know what’s coming.

Libra comfort zone: Little conflict or drama, has strong connections with others, has a good reputation, knows their way around, and feels secure.

Scorpio comfort zone: Has power over environment in some way, no one messes with them, experiences “safe” excitement, and they know everything/no secrets.

Sagittarius comfort zone: Not a lot of pressure or responsibility, little consequence for speaking their mind, a place or person with positive vibes, and there is little criticism.

Capricorn comfort zone: Has control in some way, a lot of reliability and routine, nothing ever changes, people listen to them, and others bend to their way. 

Aquarius comfort zone: They are a main source of info, everyone knows their name, there is at least one or two people that “get” them, and there is a lot of communication (but let’s be real they gave up that “zone” a long time ago).

Pisces comfort zone: Around dependable people, there is a place to escape, lots of comforting energy, and things are familiar in a physical sense.

We all have our comfort zones and at times we all need to step out of them!

The Signs As Stephen King Novels

Aries: The Shining

Taurus: Cujo

Gemini: The Dark Half

Cancer: Misery

Leo: Bag of Bones

Virgo: Dreamcatcher

Libra: The Dead Zone

Scorpio: IT

Sagittarius: Insomnia

Capricorn: Under the Dome

Aquarius: Needful Things

Pisces: Carrie

habits of the signs
  • aries: talking SO LOUD
  • taurus: not hearing out someone else's opinions when they believe they're right
  • gemini: not giving the other person a chance to speak
  • cancer: overreacting
  • leo: pretending to be okay with something even if they're upset with
  • virgo: over analysing everything
  • libra: taking a really long time to make any kind of decision
  • scorpio: not trusting someone until they've proven their worth
  • sagittarius: telling it as it is
  • capricorn: being so sarcastic that people don't even know if they're joking or not
  • aquarius: zoning out in the middle of conversations and not remembering anything
  • pisces: falling asleep everywhere (how do they even do that? its impressive)
The signs as The Adventure Zone quotes
  • Aires: "I'm afraid nobody else will have me."
  • Taurus: "I find not killing people to be pretty easy. I do it every day."
  • Gemini: "Kiss my ass, you sanctimonious bastard."
  • Cancer: "Suck my butt, Justin!"
  • Leo: "The ones looking for the truth, they're never the bad guys."
  • Virgo: "You're going to be amazing."
  • Libra: "I'll be having my body back, you undead fuck."
  • Scorpio: "The audience applauds hornily."
  • Sagittarius: "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. Because I'm about to shoot you out of a cannon."
  • Capricorn: "I don't need your help, pal! I can fuck any onion I want!"
  • Aquarius: "Like I say to the wife before I get into bed, make room for Greg! 'Cause, uh, Greg's here."
  • Pisces: “Great, I grab some chairs. I grab furniture! Why are we looting? This isn’t a dungeon. People do business here! Just because you find money in a bank doesn't mean you can just take it with you."
The Signs Friend-Zoned:
  • Aries: ew why did you flirt then??
  • Taurus: we're better off friends anyway
  • Gemini: *becomes your bff*
  • Cancer: i knew it
  • Leo: *gasps* haha jk idc
  • Virgo: *dies inside* okAY
  • Libra: i didn't wanna be serious anyway hahah
  • Scorpio: when did I ever say I'd date u lol
  • Sagittarius: congrats, u ruined my happiness
  • Capricorn: stfu who was it??
  • Aquarius: it's whatever.
  • Pisces: *cries inside* ...i wanna be friends too
BTS’ Erogenous Zones/How To Turn Them On (Based on Astrology)

✨ An erogenous zone is an area of the body with heightened sensitivity, that can cause arousal when stimulated. Sun, moon, mars, and venus signs can all be taken in account when trying to figure out someone’s sweet spots. Let’s look into BTS’ charts to figure out what really makes them tick ✨

{warning: long post, many gifs and pictures, mature content, and large amounts of bts body worship ahead}

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Signs as Adventure Zone Characters

Aries: Barry Bluejeans
Taurus: Killian
Gemini: Angus McDonald
Cancer: Magnus Burnsides
Leo: Garfield the Deals Warlock
Virgo: Merle Highchurch
Libra: Carrie Fangbattle
Scorpio: Kravitz
Sagittarius: Taako Tacco
Capricorn: Lucretia
Aquarius: Davenport
Pisces: Lup Tacco

The Signs And What They Do On Halloween

goes outside and hides in the bushes and scares little kids

Taurus- stays at home and eats all of he candy they are supposed to hand out

Gemini- stays at home watching a bunch of horror movies

Cancer- prepares for christmas by listening to christmas music and watching christmas films

Leo- goes to a halloween party and is out all night with friends

Virgo- stays at home and just sleeps all night

Libra- hangs out with their family handing out candy all night

Scorpio- goes around the neighbourhood and lights fireworks

Sagittarius- dresses up but has no where to go and just watches movies by themselves

Capricorn- makes a haunted house and scares everyone that walks by

Aquarius- doesn’t know its halloween and just sits at home watching netflix

Pisces- goes trick-or-treating cause they want free candy

Water takes many forms–it can be a liquid, it can be a gas (as in steam), or it can be frozen. It can be gentle as a little babbling brook, or violent as a thundering tidal wave.
Torrents of passion well within water signs and they feel things deeply. However, water signs are always emotionally reserved, no matter what impression they might give on the surface. Still water, it as been said, runs deep, and the mystery about water pertains to this group (especially Scorpio). A water sign will always become quiet or withdrawn when they are trying to sort things out. It will take some time to get to know them well, for they reveal themselves slowly. They realize their intense emotions hold tremendous power, and they tend to handle their feelings carefully. When they fall in love, water signs love with their whole hearts and all their devotion. Their sensitivity makes them highly romantic, even sentimental. Often psychic, water signs read your true intentions simply by reading your gestures and body language and will trust actions more than words (Pisces, particularly, has elevated this talent to high art).

Water cleanses us and sustains life on earth. Water is the universal solvent, breaking substances down–dissolving them–and taking on their qualities. Therefore, when you share a problem with a water sign, they take on your problem as if it were their own. Their ability to sympathize and empathize is awesome; you’ll get their full attention, a shoulder to cry on, and some excellent advice to boot. Because they give of themselves so readily, water signs need regular time alone to regain their center.

This element rules the soul. Water does not like to be confined and they will assert their strong need for freedom, no matter how gently it is expressed (unlike fire signs).

This is a highly imaginative group and very creative. Their observations on the human condition often inspire masterpieces of painting, music, photography, literature, or dance. Working in studios or small self-employed businesses (usually connected to the creative arts) appeals to water signs. Their right-on-target-intuition makes them succeed in financial areas too. (Fortune recently reported more self-made millionaires are Pisces than any other sign. Astrologically, we know Scorpios and Cancers are no financial slouches either!)

Water signs specialize in private relationships, but their focus differs from sign to sign. Cancer expresses their water element in the nurturing, preservation and protection of the family, which is the smallest unit upon which society is built, and yet the most important. Sharing love with spouse and children is of paramount importance to Cancer and they take the role of provider very seriously.

Scorpio’s domain is to investigate the two most personal of inter-relationships: sexual and financial transactions between individuals. (Social scientists tell us most people would sooner speak about sex than money–both, very private matters!) Scorpio’s sexual side represents the sign’s control over the perpetuation of the species. Symbolized by the phoenix rising from the ashes, Scorpio governs the 8th house, representing birth, death and regeneration. Scorpios have a shrewd business sense (the 8th house is also a financial one, ruling “other people’s money”) and therefore Scorpios make superb negotiators. Their mysterious nature inhibits them from giving away information to the other side.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and a compilation of all the signs that came before, which is why Pisces blends so well with other signs. Outer-directed, Pisces’ deep spirituality leads them to help others on a one-to-one basis (unlike air sign Aquarius’ approach: doing good with others). Pisces are moved to relieve any pain they perceive in another, and they stand ready to offer the very shirt off their back. Pisces rules sacrifice, and there is almost nothing Pisces won’t do for a relative or friend in need.

Gemini: Rundown

Attracted to: Strong minded individuals, Intelligence, Personality, Humor.

Needs: Communication, Understanding, Warmth, Laughter.

Secretly Likes: Drama, Arguing, Excessively talking.

Secretly Hates: A Gemini will hate you one minute, love you the next, and will forget about what happened somewhere in between.

Turn offs: Stupidity, Ignorance, Immaturity, Dullness. 

queen-bitch-lolita  asked:

Do you have any tumblr astrologers you recommend following?

MANY! I copy and pasted this from a Draft I have that I plan on posting once I reach over 2k followers!

 @sapphireastrology – beautiful writing pieces
@astrollusion  –very dedicated to astrology all her life!
@astralbeings  –has solid descriptions of the sun and moon in each house
@imstuckinarut-astrology  –she has such a creative approach!
@starlilium  –extra informative posts, she truly knows her stuff!
@astrologanize –writes worthwhile posts
@astrophilosophy –has long deep posts

@ascendingmoon –she is deep, perceptive, and very well versed in her knowledge, astrology is embedded in her soul and she deserves respect
@astrognossienne –has a sophisticated writing style, if you want some *ahem, sex posts, she’s your go to
@astrology-addict –one of the kindest people i’ve ever met, she knows a good amount and promotes other astrologers too
@star-astrology – has great potential to go far in the field of astrology
@aesthetics-astro – diligently puts effort into their posts
@magicastrology –a poetic writer
@astrolocherry –her content speaks for itself, absolutely breathtaking
@isastrobitch –she’s very smart and deserves more credit
@venusian5 – has worthwhile posts, and has been a loyal follower to me too!

@generationindigoastrology-blog  –she’s very well versed in astrology, and truly dedicated
@pegasus-astrology –Lauren Crowley is a profound writer with a lot of depth.
@darkfeminine –she has a mysterious vibe like her soul has been all over the universe…
@mysticaltaurus –smart girl, her posts are well written
@soulofsaturn  –very thoughtful ideas, unique posts
@lulucute  –you can tell she’s truly passionate, she has many great posts with stimulating info, her rising sign posts are the bomb!
@totefee – she’s pretty dang good!
@astrologylunarfish  –worth checking out
@swedishloverboy –super knowledgeable, very in depth posts (one of Acai’s personal faves!)
@transcendicalprosperity  –quite intelligent posts, perhaps the most studious tumblr astrologer, as he takes extensive notes on many topics. (Scott and Acai’ are 12th house companions!)
@thethirteenthsign  –uses Ophiuchus, takes a totally different approach!
@astrolodee-deactivated20170311  –she turns her passion into a charity! i’m sad she’s gone. if anyone knows her new URL, plz tell me
@astrawrlogy –you can tell she has studied A LOT and she’s very perceptive
@ayyries –my gal pal Alexis has a solid knowledge in astrology and always yearns to learn more, and she is one of the most fun people i talk to!
@astrofairies –astrology content is fun!

Seeing everyone isolated in their own little world, whether one person is playing on their phone wile another is trying to converse, or something similar to that, something seemingly small and insignificant to someone else, can be devastating for those of Pisces/Neptune influence. For them, people that often already see themselves in the context of the collective, it can remind them of isolation or loneliness, a reminder that sometimes, we do seem separated from each other. It can push them out of their comfort zone.

the signs & their erogenous zones
  • aries: hair, scalp, ear // might like having their hair pulled, head scratched, or ears kissed
  • taurus: neck, throat // might like to be lightly choked or having their neck caressed or kissed
  • gemini: fingers, arm, hands // might like to have their fingers sucked or hands and arms stroked or massaged
  • cancer: breasts // use your imagination
  • leo: back, spine // might like massages or having their back scratched
  • virgo: abdomen // might like having their stomach kissed, stroked, or rubbed
  • libra: lower back, butt // might like lower back massages, spanking, or having their butt rubbed
  • scorpio: genitals // again, use your imagination
  • sagittarius: hips, thighs // might like to have their thighs or hips massaged or lightly stroked
  • capricorn: knees // might like having their knees stroked or the back of their knees kissed
  • aquarius: calves, ankles // might like having their calves stroked or kissed
  • pisces: feet // might like foot massages or creepy foot fetish stuff
Gemini: Friends + Relationships

What a Gemini expect from friends: When it comes to being a Gemini friend, just be yourself and be about what you preach. A Gemini would be impressed by one who is just simply themselves all-around, rather then someone who has 54 different personalities for 54 different people. Another thing a Gemini seeks from friends is commitment and longevity; don’t call us our friend one day and act like you don’t know us the next. 

What a Gemini expect from Relationships: If your lover a Gemini, please be about your business and stay on top of your game. A Gemini expects space, loyalty and a communication level that can be considered well-grounded. Don’t let anyone come in between you guys and try your best to understand your Gemini on a level that others can’t, and you both will last for quite a long time, or possibly forever (don’t take my word).

The Signs As Bad Christmas Gifts
  • Aries: the ugly Christmas sweater
  • Taurus: socks
  • Gemini: stocks & bonds
  • Cancer: two ugly Christmas sweaters
  • Leo: an expensive ass coat
  • Virgo: lol they actually get money
  • Libra: nothing
  • Scorpio: a giant candy cane
  • Sagittarius: a flopped Christmas album
  • Capricorn: uggs
  • Aquarius: they actually get a good gift
  • Pisces: absolutely nothing
Susan Miller is the Worst

Every month her site explodes and no one has access to their mostly inaccurate and terribly written monthly horoscopes.

I’m a Scorpio and I’m sick of the vague “your career is looking SO bright this month!!” and the typical bullshit that never turns out to be true.

She’s been warning that Oct 1 - 7th are going to be some sort of apocalyptic travesty for every single sign - how is this even possible? Her twitter keeps warning: DO NOT DO ANYTHING THE FIRST WEEK OF OCTOBER. As if that’s somehow possible. You’re right Susan, all those great plans I had, my job, any dates, CANCELLED. Just suck a dick.

I’m done with you, Susan Miller. But I will still probably read October’s horoscope once your site is done exploding.