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the signs as i’ve known them irl

Aries: you’re feisty and confident and loud but also ridiculously naive and quite childish. your smile is blinding and you’re fiercely protective of your friends and would go to the ends of the world for their sake. i like you. although i wish you’d learn to read situations and be more tactful, i admire your sincerity and honesty. you’re refreshingly genuine.

Taurus: you’re so hard on yourself, it’s as if you’ve put a boulder on your chest and refuse to take it off. you don’t need to handle all this pressure, but you put in on yourself anyway, and are incredibly stubborn about it. it’s okay to relax and enjoy yourself. being alive is not a punishment. you’re so much happier when unrestricted by worries; know that you don’t need to handle everything alone.

Gemini: you’re intelligent and very talkative with those whose company you enjoy. you want someone who’ll click and can engage you in conversation, whether intellectual or random. you’re so used to changing yourself to suit other people’s tastes that you aren’t sure how to be yourself anymore; to you, all of those personalities somehow seemed like genuine sides of yourself.

Cancer: you’re always so friendly and welcoming and kind with everyone, but at the same time, you always felt very distant to me. part of me feels like i wrongfully infringed on your personal space by trying to get closer, even though that’s not the case. from time to time i feel like i can see glimpses of your true feelings, but it always disappears back into a facade just as i notice.

Leo: you’re kind and helpful– and cheerful, to some extent. you really like attention. some of you are lowkey about it and some of you have zero subtlety about it, but regardless, you want to be recognized for your hard work and efforts. you feel overshadowed by people who are better than you and want to improve yourself, but may feel lost sometimes as to how to get there.

Virgo: you’re so stubborn, hardworking, and determined; i’m not sure if it’s frightening or annoying. it’s also a huge pain in the neck to argue with you because you firmly believe that your views are The Right Ones and completely disregard any arguments against it. you’re organized and neat and intelligent. i understand your feelings to some level, but i wish you were more open-minded.

Libra: you’re not a bad person, but you’re not exactly morally upstanding, either. and that comes from your ability to see situations from all sides. it’s a bit infuriating trying to ask your opinion on things because of this; you see and understand all views and end up confused and unable to decide. you’re good with people but tend to hold most of them at a distance to avoid getting hurt.

Scorpio: you have a wild sense of humor and are rather sarcastic, but it’s mostly there to cover up your insecurities and feelings. you’re passionate but try to keep it subdued (and it works quite well, if i’m honest). it’s alright to have feelings. i don’t know exactly who hurt you in the past, but you don’t need to hide your emotions behind a quirky persona. it’s okay to let it out and just be

Sagittarius: you’re very sarcastic and funny and sometimes just plain mean on the outside, but you’re so sweet and gentle and kind on the inside; the contrast always makes me melt a little. you’re quite intelligent and try to see the bright side even if it’s hard. you don’t like sharing personal information or revealing how you feel easily. you genuinely care for your friends and want to help them.

Capricorn: i worry about you. you’re hardworking and diligent but somehow lazy at the same time. you’re also hard on yourself and have deep insecurities and strong feelings about things that you hide rather than open up about. you’re bitingly sarcastic and i love your sense of humor. you’re also incredibly kind to others, which can hurt you when others don’t show you the same kindness.

Aquarius: flighty. you’re kind and compassionate on the outside but hold a deeply-rooted bitterness within you. i dislike how you always blame everyone but yourself for your own problems, especially when they could be easily resolved if you simply lightened up a bit. part of me wonders if you care more about global and societal issues because you don’t know how to deal with the personal ones. 

Pisces: you’re passionate and emotionally fragile, though experience has taught you to hide it behind walls. when you love, it’s with full force and zero inhibitions; that’s why you get hurt so easily. you’re not easy to understand and people have ostracized you because they misinterpret your words or actions. i feel sorry for you, but at the same time i know that misguided pity is the last thing you want. 

Astrology couples in a nutshell

The nothing is good besides the sex couple:

Libra  x Scorpio, Virgo x Aries, Taurus x Sagittarius, Cancer x Aquarius, Pisces x Leo, Gemini x Capricorn

The unequal effort distribution couple:

Gemini x Taurus, Aries x Capricorn, Aquarius x Scorpio, Pisces x Libra, Sagittarius x Virgo, Cancer x Leo

The most awkward relationship: 

Taurus x Sagittarius, Virgo x Libra, Pisces x Aries, Aquarius x Capricorn, Scorpio x Gemini, Cancer x Leo

The they only like eachother when they aren’t sober couploe:

Leo x Scorpio, Aries x Capricorn, Pisces x Taurus, Sagittarius x Cancer, Aquarius x Virgo, Libra x Gemini

The everybody thinks they should be together but they are like “nah”:

Pisces x Scorpio, Cancer x Virgo, Capricorn x Taurus, Sagittarius x Leo, Aries x Aquarius, Gemini x Libra

Will accomplish all things with each other couple:

Libra x Sagittarius, Capricorn x Pisces, Aries x Gemini, Taurus x Cancer, Virgo x Scorpio, Aquarius x Leo

Mindblowing sex every time:

Aquarius x Gemini, Virgo x Scorpio, Aries x Sagittarius, Libra x Cancer, Pisces x Taurus, Capricorn x Leo

The I will literally do anything you ask me couple:

Scorpio x Cancer, Leo x Libra, Virgo x Scorpio, Pisces x Gemini, Sagittarius x Aquarius, Aries x Taurus, Capricorn x Virgo

New Moon in Scorpio

Date: November 18th, 2017

Rulers: Pluto/Mars, Water, Fixed

Affects: drastic changes, transformation, rebirth, inheritances, heightened intimacy and awareness, sensitivity, hidden truths, mysteries, psychological observation, sexual energies, increased intuition

What It’s Good For: manifestation spells/rituals, healing yourself and others, searching for the truth, investigating, letting go of your past and your hurt, embracing your sexuality, mourning your lost loved ones, learning more about yourself, discovering hidden motives, pursuing your passions, dealing with issues involving betrayal and secrets

Crystals: clear quartz, opal, unikite, celestite, obsidian, moonstone, labradorite, blue goldstone

Herbs: basil, sage, catnip, nettle, lavender

Incense / Oils: lemon, peppermint, vanilla, dragon’s blood

Colors: black, gray, silver, red, brown

the signs as friends that every squad needs

Aries: The Hypeman. No one can quite start a party like an Aries.

Taurus: The Doc. Smart and practical. The mastermind behind everything.

Gemini: The Flirt. Beautiful and fierce. Geminis seem to be able to get away with anything.

Cancer: The Chef. Cooks the most amazing food. Definitely go to a Cancer’s for Thanksgiving.

Leo: The Royal. Rich or not, everything a Leo does exudes grace and majesty.

Virgo: The Ace. Pretty good at everything, whether they think so or not.

Libra: The Sherlock. Good luck lying to a Libra, they can see right through any nonsense. Gives the best advice.

Scorpio: The Dark, Tall, and Handsome. Scorpios know it. We know it. No one will ever admit it.

Sagittarius: The Adventurer. There’s no such thing as boring when you hang with a Sagittarius.

Capricorn: The CEO. Somehow gets everything done while styling out.

Aquarius: The Artist. An Aquarius’ “not so good” is better than your masterpiece.

Pisces: The Therapist. Pisces will be the shoulder you cry on and the hugs you remember.


AIRES: Doing what makes them confident
TAURUS: Giving unwanted opinions
GEMINI: Offending someone without knowing it (or caring)
CANCER: Obsessing over photos or family
LEO: Competing over the smallest things
VIRGO: Offering people that fifth chance to improve
LIBRA: Showing strangers your “good” side
SCORPIO: Hiding valuable items and inner self
SAGGITTARIUS: Getting caught up in the “high” parts of your life
CARPRICORN: Blame blame blame then nag
AQUARIUS: Repeating thoughts and words to prove a point
PISCES: Self loathing to get close to others

The Signs On Their Period

Aries: Unstoppable; tampons let her stay as active as she’d like and lots of water keeps the cramps away

Taurus: Very grumpy; wears sweats and eats chocolate all day

Gemini: Tells everyone that sees her that she’s on her period so they won’t bother her

Cancer: Lies on either her boyfriend’s or bestfriend’s lap and whines innocently until they rub her stomach

Leo: Bitching and being overdramatic; cursing God out for giving her a vagina

Virgo: Tries to be as normal and perfect as possible so no one knows her vagina bleeds; changes tampons every hour

Libra: Silently suffering and wondering how it could possibly be fair for women to go through unimaginable pain that men will never understand

Scorpio: Has an attitude with everyone for apparently no reason and just expects them to know she’s on her period and not feeling well

Sagittarius: Pops a few Tylenol and pads in her bag and is ready to face whatever the day brings her

Capricorn: The one time she is actually vulnerable; spends three days straight throwing up while clutching her abdomen

Aquarius: Carelessly wears white, frequently forgets she is bleeding, and usually has to ask to borrow a pad as she always seems to forget to put extras in her bag

Pisces: Just as cheery as always, until the cramps start kicking in and she realizes she left her drug tote at home


Full Moon in Taurus

Date: November 3rd - 4th, 2017

Rulers: Venus, Earth, Fixed

Affects: heightened senses, patience, tranquility, comfort, abundance, indulgence (over-eating, etc), determination, materialism, stability

What It’s Good For: planning ahead involving material/practical matters, slowing down and relaxing for a bit, getting creative, bringing balance and harmony into your life, solving issues relating to greed, jealousy, over-indulgence, and possessiveness, buying items you want, traveling for leisure, spending time with family and friends

Crystals: jade, red jasper, aventurine, brown agate, rose quartz, clear quartz, carnelian, onyx, emerald, selenite

Herbs: basil, thyme, mint, rose, chamomile

Incense / Oils: mint, rose, ylang ylang, palmarosa, jasmine, chamomile

Colors: green, brown, pink, turquoise 

things the Signs should probably stop doing (#1)

Aries: stop doing everything so hastily like there’s no tomorrow, no time to waste. sometimes patience can help you win

Taurus: stop hoarding things just because they remind you of something important

Gemini: stop using your talent with words to mislead others, you can do better

Cancer: stop holding on. let go of the grudge, you can’t please everyone

Leo: stop trying to be an overachiever at all costs. you don’t really have to prove yourself

Virgo: stop being your worst enemy. perfection is impossible. enjoy your triumphs

Libra: stop lying to prevent someone from getting hurt. hiding the truth can be even more damaging

Scorpio: stop trying so hard to be in control, and instead realize not everyone wants to betray you

Sagittarius: stop running away. commitment doesn’t have to be boring

Capricorn: stop repressing your desires. you don’t have to look composed all the time, you’re not going to embarrass yourself

Aquarius: stop trying to clarify everything. some things don’t have a rational explanation (yes I’m talking about emotions!)

Pisces: stop being everything to everyone. you’ll lose yourself in the process of trying to save the whole world

The Signs As Cat Breeds

Aries: Egyptian Mau (athletic and active)

Taurus: Siamese (Vocal, affectionate, active; can be insistent)

Gemini: Burmese (People oriented, affectionate)

Cancer: Chartreux (Quickly become attached to their family)

Leo: Siberian (Large and powerful)

Virgo: Somali (Busy, active, agenda-driven and affectionate)

Libra: RagaMuffin (Docile, people loving and affectionate)

Scorpio: Russian Blue (Graceful, playful and quiet)

Sagittarius: Turkish Angora (Busy, curious)

Capricorn: Singapura (Sweet, demanding, affectionate and occasionally bossy)

Aquarius: European Burmese (Highly intelligent, affectionate and extremely loyal)

Pisces: Turkish Van (Sweet and interested; enjoy water)

The Signs As Superheroes

Aries: Superpower - Superhuman Strength                                                       Superhero Personality - The one that tries to save everyone; wants to be in charge; works alone; dives headfirst into everything without a plan

Taurus: Superpower - Shapeshifting                                                                       Superhero Personality - Able to turn into any animal or thing of nature (i.e. trees or flowers) at will; connects with Mother Nature; fights for peace and harmony between all people and animals

Gemini: Superpower - Telekinesis                                                                           Superhero Personality - Is able to manipulate objects to their will; uses this power to safeguard powerful items and whack crooks over the head; are able to corner anyone as long as they are surrounded by useful and/or heavy items

Cancer: Superpower - Healing                                                                               Superhero Personality - Very kind and caring, but will kill you if you mess with their loved ones; the first one on the battlefield to heal the wounded; tends to heal baby birds’ broken wings and children who have cancer

Leo: Superpower - Teleportation                                                                             Superhero Personality - Finds themselves in many bad situations because of their strong and egotistical personality; simply beams themselves out of said situations; never worries about being late as they can spend hours doing their hair and getting ready and just teleport to where they need to be a second before they need to be there

Virgo: Superpower - Invisibility                                                                               Superhero Personality - Just wants to be left alone half the time and is very self-conscious of people looking at them; can do anything they want without social anxiety; uses it to creep up on the bad guys and beat them up without being spotted

Libra: Superpower - Mind Reading                                                                         Superhero Personality - Just wants to understand everyone’s true intentions so that they may be judged fairly; is able to tell if someone is lying and/or if they are a villain; is like a superhero judge that hands out punishments accordingly

Scorpio: Superpower - Mind Control                                                                       Superhero Personality - Has a noticeable dark side but tries not to align with the villains; often misuses their powers when angered; satiates their hunger for the dark arts by forcing villains to do cruel things to each other

Sagittarius: Superpower - Superhuman Speed                                                       Superhero Personality - Is able to take their time doing things and doesn’t have to rush; likes being a hero because it takes them on different adventures; flirts with everyone they encounter on their missions

Capricorn: Superpower - Element Manipulation                                                     Superhero Personality - Can bend each of the four elements in way that they would like; uses this to fight bad guys and anyone who crosses them or gets in their way of success (all they have to do is freeze and break the guy trying to take their promotion into a thousand pieces)

Aquarius: Superpower - Enhanced Intelligence                                                     Superhero Personality - The super genius professor that helps the other superheroes protect mankind with their research; in between helping superheroes defeat villains, they try to find cures for various diseases like cancer and AIDS

Pisces: Superpower - Precognition                                                                         Superhero Personality - Has frequent psychic visions that enable them to see what may happen in the future; this helps them to corner and defeat criminals before they are able to carry through on their plans; looks innocent but is actually deadly


The Signs in Love
  • Aries: tries so hard not to catch the feels and becomes overwhelms when they do
  • Taurus: gets so nervous and excited they find themselves either eating way too much or no where near enough
  • Gemini: gets their feelings confused and continuously overanalyses things
  • Cancer: cares so much about you that they become kind of clingy, but that's just how they show their love
  • Leo: cause you're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no
  • Virgo: half the time is too picky to be in love, but when they are they're all in
  • Libra: all the typical cliche mushy stuff, and it's cute as long as no ones feelings get hurt
  • Scorpio: attracted to people way before they realise they're also in love with their mind
  • Sagittarius: doesn't fall hard often, but when they do they can make you feel like you hold the world in your hands
  • Capricorn: pretends they're not till they can't hide it any longer and they give in to it
  • Aquarius: mysterious and hard to read but they're worth the wait to love
  • Pisces: falls easily but can change their mind just as fast, this makes them somewhat cautious of the feeling
songs the signs should listen to:

aries:  EXO-CBX /「Ka-CHING!」MUSIC VIDEO -Short Ver.-

taurus:  EXO-CBX /「Ka-CHING!」MUSIC VIDEO -Short Ver.-

gemini:  EXO-CBX /「Ka-CHING!」MUSIC VIDEO -Short Ver.-

cancer: EXO-CBX /「Ka-CHING!」MUSIC VIDEO -Short Ver.-

leo: EXO-CBX /「Ka-CHING!」MUSIC VIDEO -Short Ver.-

virgo: EXO-CBX /「Ka-CHING!」MUSIC VIDEO -Short Ver.-

libra: EXO-CBX /「Ka-CHING!」MUSIC VIDEO -Short Ver.-

scorpio: EXO-CBX /「Ka-CHING!」MUSIC VIDEO -Short Ver.-

sagittarius: EXO-CBX /「Ka-CHING!」MUSIC VIDEO -Short Ver.-

capricorn: EXO-CBX /「Ka-CHING!」MUSIC VIDEO -Short Ver.-

aquarius: EXO-CBX /「Ka-CHING!」MUSIC VIDEO -Short Ver.-

pisces: EXO-CBX /「Ka-CHING!」MUSIC VIDEO -Short Ver.-

Signs as things my ex said to me

Aries- “you know how they have daddy kinks, we should make an uncle kink.”

Taurus- “it sure is pretty hot out here, sweating a storm”(it was 10 degrees)

Gemini- “I wish my neck was as long as a giraffes, maybe then people would get out of my way”

Cancer- “you kind of look like a dead corpse today”

Leo- “pet me like you wanna give me a bath”

Virgo- “whether I die or not this will be fun”

Libra- “I bet you’re only wearing that eyeshadow to hide your eye bags”

Scorpio- “I’m literally smiling through the pain”(talking about how his mac and cheese wouldn’t cool right)

Sagittarius-“ if you don’t want a stupid answer then don’t ask a stupid question”

Capricorn- “I’m tired of eating carrots to make my eye sight better when alcohol can make my vision double anytime”

Aquarius- “im a dolphin…bark”

Pisces- “don’t underestimate the power of orangutans. ”