Salt and Sugar

Aries: 70% salt, 30% sugar

Taurus: 75% salt, 25% sugar

Gemini: 50% salt, 50% sugar

Cancer: 40% salt, 60% sugar

Leo: 65% salt, 35% sugar

Virgo: 90% salt, 10% sugar

Libra: 20384% salt, fAKE SPLENDA SUGAR

Scorpio: 30% salt, 70% sugar

Sagittarius: Depends on who you are tbh. Either 666% salt of 666% sugar

Capricorn: 60% salt, 40% sugar

Aquarius: 99% salt, 1% sugar

Pisces: 420% salt (surprise!), you gotta deserve their sweetness


4 Things to Know About Gemini
  • Although they may want to, they will not chase anyone. If you show a Gemini that you want to be left alone in any way, they will respect your wish and let you be. It may hurt them if they really care, but they would honestly rather be hurt temporarily, rather then mentally abused in the long run.
  • They will have no problems wth telling you like it is. They may spare your feelings a little depending on who you are, but if the time ever comes and you need to be humbled, a Gemini will humble you.
  • They love their space and freedom. Do not be overly clingy with a Gemini, and respect their space just as much as you would want someone to respect yours.
  • If a Gemini tells you a secret or opens up to you, cherish it. They are literally one of the hardest astrological signs to open up to someone, and when they do open up to someone, it is because they genuinely trust and believe that, that person a meaningful purpose to serve in their life.
The Signs As Feelings

Aries: playing your favorite sport, taking pictures with the people you love, talking to someone you haven’t seen in ages

Taurus: drinking something cold in the middle of summer, having sleepovers with your best friends, bonding with your parents

Gemini: laughing until your stomach hurts, sleeping in new sheets, not having anyone to listen to you

Cancer: skype calls with people you miss, crying after your emotions built up, staying in on a Saturday night

Leo: feeling confident about your appearance, telling your best friends about something that happened to you, wearing a new outfit

Virgo: winning an argument, finishing a good book, feeling like not many people understand you

Libra: saying what you think, proving a teacher correct, being afraid of what people would think

Scorpio: kissing someone you wanted to kiss for the longest time, regretting things you’ve done in the past, opening your curtains in the morning

Sagittarius: doing something you’ve never done before, cuddling with your pet, going to bed late

Capricorn: feeling excluded, saying a good comeback, saying what you have wanted to say for the longest time

Aquarius: talking to someone who you know understands you, feeling nervous when looking into someones eyes for too long, never being sure about how you feel

Pisces: finishing homework at 2am, watching your favorite movie, playing a song on the piano fluently

source:  temperamentally-indulging

Gemini: Reality vs Fantasy

1. Fantasy: “Don’t date a Gemini or even give them a chance, they are so heartless.”

Reality: A Gemini is actually bawling and dying on the inside, all because they want a chance with you but you’re not willing to cooperate.

2. Fantasy: “Gemini’s are two-faced and fake..”

Reality: They aren’t two-faced or fake, they just know how to turn certain attitudes on and off for certain situations and can adjust to their surroundings easily.

3. Fantasy: “Why must Gemini’s be so selfish.”

Reality: They are far from selfish, they’re just not willing to give and give to any and everyone as freely. Being used and abused is something a Gemini will not tolerate.

4. Fantasy: “Gemini’s are so childish.”

Reality: They are just super jolly, through both the pain and pleasure. Embrace the youthfulness of a Gemini, it’s a quality many can’t possess.

5. Fantasy: “Gemini’s overreact over the littlest things.”

Reality: We’re not overreacting, we’re just seeing and spotting the things you don’t see. We pay close attention to detail.

Gemini: The Truth vs The Lies

The Lies:

Gemini’s are evil, two-faced, fake, liars, don’t know how to stay committed, and are very disloyal. They’ll talk about you behind your back without a single care of who you are, are cold-hearted, have no filter and will say whatever they want with no remorse.

The Truth:

Their hearts are as big as the sun, and they’ll literally do whatever they can to make someone day. They’re very outgoing and love conversing and interacting with people, are loyal to those who are loyal to them, and will most certainly fight for what’s theirs. They hate being wrong, but will have no problem admitting when they are. They’re also the life of the party– a big ball of fun waiting to explode.
Most Admirable Traits About The Signs

Aries- I really like their “don’t give a crap attitude” and also how protective they are over their friends and family.

Taurus- Their so cute and bubbly, and I like how they make the stupidest things hilarious.

Gemini- Okay so I admire all the confidence they have and they also are so cuddly and adorable.

Cancer- Their super relatable and I like how they always appreciate me.

Leo- So I usually base these posts on people I know and the only leo I can think of off the top of my head is Barak Obama… so yeah thanks for being our president homie.

Virgo- Their super chill and is nice to everyone.

Libra- welp this be me.

Scorpio- Super adventurous and and always standing for what they believe in.

Sagittarius- Is it bad I like how flustered they get? Also a very honest person.

Capricorn- Super clingy in a cute way and is very loyal.

Aquarius- Their head smarts and ability to answer things and give advice is scary.

Pisces- Super creative and is always way more reasonable.