The signs and their stereotypes
  • Aries stereotype:ready to fight everyone for everything, super argumentative, and extremely careless. Will most likely yell everything they say, and have the shortest temper. Athletes.
  • How an Aries actually is:An extremely concerned and caring person. They make faithful friends and lovers. Sometimes they can get a bit passionate and become loud. Full of energy, and very intense. (Total cuties)
  • Taurus stereotype:FOOD. FOOD. FOOD. Will eat every motherfucking thing they see. Will eat your hand if it comes into contact with their face. Did I mention that they love food?
  • How a Taurus actually is:Likes food, and is a bit selfish when it comes down to food. Kinda hard to become friends with as they are so stubborn, but once you get past that, they make very loyal friends.
  • Gemini stereotype:Emotionless wrecks, constantly joking, takes nothing seriously. Probably a comedy king/Queen. Literally has 19733717 personalities. Friends with everyone, but hates everyone.
  • How a Gemini actually is:They actually feel very many emotions, but they find it hard to express them with words, so they cry most of the time. They have a good sense of wit and a quite secretive. They can be blunt at times, but that's how you know they love you.
  • Cancer stereotype:Crying mess. Total sweetheart. Clingy as fuck. Shy and withdrawn, barely leaves their homes. Most likely because they're crying. *Cry*
  • How a Cancer actually is:Awkward with displaying their emotions. However, they are quite sensitive. When it comes to friendship they love to constantly hang out with their friends, and need attention. But they are very low key about it. Family comes first with them. Always.
  • Leo stereotype:Always has a mirror in hand. Probably trips and falls while walking because they're looking at themselves. Can't talk about anything else besides themselves. Thinks that are the greatest creation known to mankind.
  • How a Leo actually is:They ooze with confidence. They're fab and they know it. Sometimes, they can be standoffish when around people they don't know. Are very talkative. And are connected with art.
  • Virgo stereotype:EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE NEAT. GET THOSE GODDAMN GERMS AWAY FROM ME YOU NASTY LITTLE SHIT. Totally neurotic and has everything neat and organized. Probably has perfect grades.
  • How a Virgo actually is:Very lazy and doesn't clean anything (including themselves)very much. They're very creative and have a bit of a careless attitude.
  • Libra stereotype:Total flirt and extremely romantic. Can get anyone they want. But is extremely two-faced.
  • How a libra actually is:are quite obsessed with beauty. Can be a shallow. Very opinionated. They jump from person to person, aren't very faithful.
  • Scorpio stereotype:SEX. GOD. Period. Sex and world domination. They'll fuck you, and kill you.
  • How a Scorpio actually is:They're sensual and are obsessive. They feel everything so intensely, and are drawn to darker themes.
  • Sagittarius stereotype:Athlete, whose super chill, but automatically popular. Totally fucking perfect in every way possible.
  • How a Sagittarius actually is:big hearts, very chill, and cares a lot about popularity. A bit annoying.
  • Capricorn stereotype:They only care about grades and work. They're cold and emotionless.
  • How a Capricorn actually is:Laid back and careless. Very cool and have an addictive personality. Care the most about their friends and family.
  • Aquarius stereotype:Strange and annoying aliens.
  • How an Aquarius actually is:Extremely happy and friendly. Honest and kind. Although, a bit strange.
  • Pisces stereotype:Fish who cries nonstop.
  • How a Pisces actually is:A fan of the arts and very chill. They have a good sense of humor and are good lovers.
the signs as cliché movie lines
  • taurus:We can either do this the easy way, or the hard way.
  • gemini:We've got company...
  • cancer:*squints at distance* There's a storm coming.
  • leo:Yeah, you better run!
  • virgo:If I don't make it out in 20 minutes, leave without me.
  • libra:I'll tell you what it is, but then I'd have to kill you.
  • scorpio:You just don't get it, do you?
  • sagittarius:Danger is my middle name.
  • capricorn:And don't do anything stupid while we're there.
  • aquarius:It's not what it looks like!
  • pisces:We're not so different, you and I.
Summer Jobs
  • Aries:lifeguard
  • Taurus:dog walking
  • Gemini:local newspaper reporter
  • Cancer:babysitting
  • Leo:camp counselor
  • Virgo:receptionist
  • Libra:selling home made jewelry or crafts
  • Scorpio:paid internship
  • Sagittarius:working at the animal shelter
  • Capricorn:tutoring kids
  • Aquarius:computer assistance
  • Pisces:pet-sitting
Signs + Anger
  • Ready to murder someone:Aries, Sagittarius
  • FIGHT ME BITCH:Leo, Cancer
  • Blasts music and screams the lyrics:Taurus, Gemini
  • Silently planning their revenge:Scorpio, Virgo
  • Tries to calm down but fails:Aquarius, Capricorn
  • Yelling but crying at the same time:Libra, Pisces
When someone says something annoying

Internally wanting to slap that person and tell them they are fucking annoying: Aries, Taurus, Scorpio

Stares at the person with a very unimpressed face: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Libra

Mentally notes that that person is annoying, and not to spend time with them for the rest of the day: Cancer, Aquarius, Pisces 

Leaves because they can’t even: Gemini, Leo, Virgo 

  • Aries:Break a world record
  • Taurus:Be a billionaire
  • Gemini:Win the lottery but lose the ticket
  • Cancer:Marry their high school sweetheart
  • Leo:Become famous
  • Virgo:Become president
  • Libra:Win a nobel peace prize
  • Scorpio:Never be seen again
  • Sagittarius:Travel the world
  • Capricorn:Rule the world
  • Aquarius:Become an inventor
  • Pisces:Cure a disease

ARIES: jump around to loud music, and be sweet on yourself. you remind me of growing up and staying young all together.  if you are looking for harmony, you will find it.

TAURUS: take a trip and venture out to someplace that reminds you of home. you will find yourself when you least expect it, and i wish i could be there to see. you are strong.

GEMINI: swimming pools and chocolate shakes, this is a time to relax. don’t hesitate to tell someone you love them.

CANCER: fireworks, sun, and sky, you’re everything i could ever want. do whatever it takes to take care of your heart, and be proud. you’ve made it this far kid.

LEO: i hope new cities treat you kindly, and that you find a different story each day. your skin smells like sweet adventure and coming home, and i miss it more than i thought i would. work hard but hold yourself gently as well. balance should be your calling.  

VIRGO: rocky mountains can lead to river valleys, so know that things will work out. don’t forget to breathe, and slow down a little. you’re destined for lovely things.

LIBRA: ease up a little and let your guard down, the world will still be there. trust is a tricky substance, but one taste is all you need. you have my grateful thanks.

SCORPIO: write on your skin in washable marker and trace the fine bird bone features of your body and remember, you are pure where it matters most. i wrote that line for you, and you have a part of me i lost somewhere in the sea. you will thrive under salt air and fresh ink.

SAGITTARIUS: creativity will spill like ink and stain everything so beautifully if you just let it. paint stains and hard work should pay off. i wish i had half the dedication you own.

CAPRICORN: go camping and do everything you think you won’t get time to do again. life is short, and summer’s shorter. enjoy all you can, starlight.

AQUARIUS: do something different and  make a list of all the ways you know how to breathe. grasp that change will not kill you. be honest, above all.  things can still be good. you are beautiful.

PISCES: write poetry and take car rides with the radio playing just a little bit too loud. you deserve every syllable you pour your heart into, and  your presence reminds me of comfort. it all means so much to me.

moon in pisces

Pisces moon people can often be described as “spacey.” They are an emotional water sign, making them extremely intuitive and understanding. They have a knack for understanding all situations and adding their dreamy, idealistic perspective. They are extremely compassionate and loving, though sometimes they feel uncomfortable showing this side of them. Often considered doormats in this sense, Lunar Pisceans can lose themselves in other peoples’ emotions and suffering and forget how to express their own. Their dry, odd sense of humor is usually what is attractive about moon in Pisces in a very subtle way. Their complexities make them easily misunderstood as they would rather remain silent, taking everything in, than to react quickly. They value their alone time so they can gather their thoughts. Since they are at the end of the zodiac, they can see a piece of themselves in all people - making them extremely accepting. Those born with their moon in Pisces can make excellent actors or actresses as long as they can move past their shyness.

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rapper's signs
  • aries:chance the rapper (april 16)
  • taurus:busta rhymes (may 20)
  • gemini:kanye west (june 8)
  • cancer:50 cent (july 6)
  • leo:chief keef (aug 15)
  • virgo:wiz khalifa (sept 8)
  • libra:lil wayne (sept 27)
  • scorpio:drake (october 24)
  • sagittarius:nicki minaj (december 8)
  • capricorn:raekwon (jan 12)
  • aquarius:big boi (february 1)
  • pisces:tyler the creator (march 6)