Interstitial for Animation Finals 2014 

Character Design and Layout/Storyboard: Group Collaboration

Dead bodies Artist and Fire Colorist/Animator: iuneveno / instagram

Background Artist and Animation Colorist: gracedelight / youtube 

Character Animator and Sound Designer: astroliner

Skeleton Animator and Editor: astronomancer / youtube

Character design sheet found here: [X]

Quick doodle for my sweet baboo Jouke–her dreamboat character, Basil. His hair is WOAH-HO-HO SO MUCH FUN TO DRAW!!!! YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT HER ART IT IS TOTALLY SICK and by sick I mean AWESOME!!!!!!! ALSO IF SHE EVER OPENS COMMISSIONS YOU SHOULD TOTALLY PAY HER MONEY TO DRAW YOU AWESOME THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was pretty artsy-fartsy up until I got to college so I’m kind of WHAT IS PENCILS HOW DO I DRAWINGS right now BUT I’M TRYING TO GET BACK INTO THE SWING OF THINGS can you tell that I used to be super anime BECAUSE I USED TO BE SUPER ANIME.

Of Specs and Shades - RP with cocothegunbunny


Today was movie night for Team GLDD, and they needed a movie to watch, this time, it was Linda’s turn to visit the movie store, she was stuck on the choice for either the space station sci-fi spin-off to AstroLiner, Space Babylon 95 or the new horror monster movie, Vampire, which made vampires actually cool again, the vote in the Team GLDD dorm was tied on vote for them.

Once in the movie store, after first picking up the snacks and drink for their night together, it came to the choice of which movie to buy, after a minute or so, she decided on Vampire, it looked more interesting at the current time, also, George wouldn’t quiet down about wanting to see Space Babylon 95 when it was out in the cinemas, moaning he didn’t have the time or money to see it, not helping he was putting money to days out with Velvet of Team CFVY.

As the bobcut girl went to reach for the movie she was after, another gloved hand appeared to be reaching for the same movie, looking down at who it belonged to, it was Coco of Team CFVY.

“…oh, h-hello, I think were you going to pick that movie up first.”

As she said so, her hand back and out the way to let Coco pick up the copy she was going inspect and to another copy of the movie.

“I hear that movie is quite good, considering recent movies about them.”