All Of The Stars...

A recent shot taken from an astrolapse I took on my latest trip to the Lake District. It never fails to amaze me the vast amount of stars you can see when there’s little to no light pollution. I guess one of the main things I dislike about living in a city!

The astrolapse itself turned out to be only a short one, however pretty impressive with a lot of movement. I’ll be uploading it shortly, so…

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Our view of the Geminid meteor shower from a northern woods!

This is just the blurry iPhone photo of the screen on the #canon7d that @spanishforjorge is using to shoot this #astrolapse tonight. I’m running out of adjectives for how beautiful it is up here. We can clearly see the city lights from an hour and a half away in Denver in addition to this amazing view of the heavens. (at Rainbow Curve)