Hey, Homestucks!

AstralTwelve and ShittheSignsSay are hosting an Astrological Themed convention, and would like to extend the invitation to the Homestuck fandom, as well!

Homestuck has it’s own Astrological themes, so why not go to an Astrological Convention wherein we can discuss the art of Astrology as a whole? It’ll be an opportunity for us all to spend time with people who have similar interests!

There will also be art booths, vendors, events, games, and more! 

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AstralTwelve and Shitthesignssay present AstroCon2014!

We’ll be coordinating a giant astrology themed convention on March 8th 2014 in Orlando, Florida! We’re trying to bring together all of the zodiac, astrology, horoscope and related Tumblr blogs! It’s a great opportunity for everyone to get together and talk about our common interests! We want this to be a giant event for all of you to be able to buy astrology gear, talk to your favorite astro blogs and meet up with some of your favorite users!

We’re currently looking for blogs to invite! The more, the merrier :) At the end of the day, we’re planning a massive event for all blogs to participate in!

Information on AstroCon2014 

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  2. Donate to the con so we can make it totally awesome :)

We calculated how much we need for Astrocon - for the convention space, for catering, for equipment, supplies, etc - and it’ll be around $3,000.

I wanted to keep ticket sales low - so those alone probably won’t help us get there (unless we have lots of Vendors, Artists, and V.I.P.s).

We’re asking for some help - all donations will only go towards making Astro-Con happen.

AstralTwelve has over 14,000 followers.

If you each donated $0.20 we would meet our goal!

So please, donate a dollar or two if you can - or purchase something from my store, or Blogger’s store - so we can make this amazing dream come true!

Okay, so I want to have an Astrology Convention.

Not really convention convention, persay, but a gathering of all us Astrology enthusiasts! Maybe some vendor stuff (if someone wants to do readings) and games and all that stuff.

We tried to plan one for like March, but we didn’t get enough serious interest.

Anyway, I haven’t given up yet, and I think if we have more time to plan, we can make it happen!

I’m thinking Summer 2015 - lots of time to gather money, make plans, etc.

What do you guys think?

More importantly, where are you all located? Myself, and some co-planners are all scattered… We’re thinking East Coast US is the best bet.

Would you mind filling out this survey to help us plan?

Also, I absolutely HATE asking for donations.. but I think it might be a good idea. What if we set up one of those “gofundme” thingies? 

Info about the event in general

AstroCon2014 is an astrology based convention we’re organizing! It seems like all the other fandoms (YES WE’RE A FANDOM DAMN IT) have meet ups and expos…but what about us? We need an annual meet up/con where everyone can get together and geek out about the shit we love! So, we’re inviting anyone interested to attend our event (AstroCon2014). Dozens of astrology and zodiac blogs will be coming to sell their merchandise and talk with their followers. General tumblr users from any fandom/interest area are invited to come and join the fun.

Click here to see the schedule (so far).

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