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3, 6, 18, 33, 39, 50, 54, and 57 for ASSTROBE


3. What’s your OCs favorite food?

Vegan chocolate desserts. He’s all about that vegan stuff, and he loves sweets.

6. Does your OC have any supernatural powers?

Yes, though his abilities are bit strange… Astrobe is one of the very few of his kind to have any sort of supernatural power, and it’s derived from an ancient celestial being which once roamed the Earth, “blessing” individuals with its essence. These abilities include levitation, telekinesis, and the odd ability to manifest bubbles of gooey energy; which can change at the molecular level to either become soft and malleable, or solid and dense. Also sparkles. He loves to make things sparkle. Just don’t get any of that glitter in your eyeballs.

18. What kind of underwear does your OC wear?

Tighty whities all the way.

33. Are your OCs parents dead?

His mother lives in New Jersey, Astrobe’s home state, and works as a casting agent for reality television. They have a fairly close relationship and will often spend hours gossiping with each other over the phone. His father disappeared when he was younger, nobody knows what happened or where he ran-off to.

39. Who is your OCs biggest enemy?


50. Does your OC cry easily?

He does, but over dumb things. Usually sappy movies or those TV commercials about pets dying in animal shelters. He’s donated a lot of money to saving homeless pets…

54. Does your OC smoke?

Only when he’s smokin’ hot. Which is every day.

57. Would you call your OC adventurous?

Astrobe likes to think he’s the adventurous type, but in reality, he’s heavily reliant on modern technology and at-home amenities. He also does not like to get his hands dirty, at all, ever. But he can be coerced into stepping out of his comfort zone if he feels like he has something to prove.

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seventeen fake subs tag 

NCT fake subs tag 


seventeen poly relationships;

♥ scenarios ♥

poly meanie; embarrassement

♥ texts ♥

poly relationship with wonwoo and mingyu; insecure wonwoo ; part 2

poly relationship with wonwoo and mingyu; stargazing

wonwoo; love you /poly relationship series/ ft. mingyu

cuddling {poly relationship with wonwoo and mingyu}

pocket sized NCT/smrookies 

pocket sized astro

♥ NCT/ smrookies preferences ♥

#01→his kisses; NCT U 

♥ NCT/ smrookies snaps ♥

boyfriend taeyong

boyfriend johnny; the boys sending you snaps before  his birthday

♥ NCT/ smrookies texts ♥

insecure boyfriend taeyong, who’s afraid to meet your best friends  

you’re insecure and ten wants to show you how special you really are

the boys tell you how much jaehyun likes you+him confessing

the boys tell you how much taeyong likes you+him confessing

the boys tell you how much johnny likes you+him confessing

good morning messages; they miss you

cheering taeyong up; he receives hate and he’s upset

texting you after your first date

you prank them you have a boyfriend and they get sad/angry +saying “i love you” taeyong and ten ; mark and jaehyun ; doyoung and taeil

♥ NCT/ smrookies poly relationship series ♥

poly relationship with ten and taeyong; the beginning

poly relationship with taeyong and ten  

poly relationship with johnny and ten /fluff/

♥ NCT/ smrookies reactions ♥

when they see your curly hair - NCT U 

cuddling - ten

comforting them when they cry - NCT U 

♥ NCT/ smrookies scenarios ♥

ten; jealousy

yuta; first kiss

ten; fall asleep peacefully


being best freinds with sanha would include


dating I.M would include

dating Minhyuk would include