THEORY: Force Majeure

SO. It’s probably a little out there, and the evidence I have is nothing but circumstantial. But I did get to thinking about two characters who have had more than a minor impact on the Ventureverse and how little we know about them. Force Majeure is the key one here: they were first mentioned in Pomp and Circuitry back in season 4, and the mention is more than offhand, I’d say: Phantom Limb is cornered and being addressed by the Sovereign, and questions who died and put him in charge. Bowie (who we all know is not Bowie, but will be referred to as Bowie for the duration of this theory because it’s easier) responds “That would be my predecessor, Force Majeure.” There’s no way at this point that the Limb didn’t know that Majeure was the previous Sovereign; this line is spoken for us, the viewers, and it’s clear that this was information that the Astrobase wanted us to know and be thinking about. Force Majeure from this very moment was more than just a footnote; they were something to watch for. 

Flash forward to All This And Gargantua-2, with the introduction of Meteor Majeure, Force Majeure’s outer space lair and the former seat of the Guild’s Council of Thirteen. It’s safe to assume that Majeure must have been fabulously wealthy to be able to maintain an asteroid-bound space station; they were also still actively arching at this point in time, holding the Boy’s Brigade for ransom in 1968. Again, a completely unseen character who we know nothing about has had a tremendous impact on the goings-on in the Ventureverse. 

Force Majeure’s importance to this story is clear, but their role is not. Who is the former Sovereign, and how did Bowie come to take their place? I propose that the individual known as Force Majeure iiiiisssssss:

The Monarch’s mother.

“Why?” you ask, flummoxed that I would connect two completely random characters we know nothing about for the hell of it. Well, here’s why:

A. Force Majeure’s gender is never stated. This strikes me as a tactic with the express purpose of hiding that they were a woman. 

B. The Guild never kept records on the Blue Morpho. Phantom Limb claims that it’s because he wasn’t a Guild member, but it seems highly unlikely to me that something as organized as the guild wouldn’t have an actual file for someone as important and dangerous as the Blue Morpho, regardless of whether he was a member or not. We know the Guild keeps information on protagonists, for the purposes of assigning an arch, but for some reason, a thorn in the guild’s side and a major player in the world of heroes vs. villains doesn’t have any official record in all of their files? That smells like a cover-up, and who would be powerful enough to expunge all information, and with what motive? The answer is the Sovereign, who was also his wife. 

C. It adds another layer of motivation to the plane crash in which she was killed. We don’t know when Bowie became the Sovereign, but what we do know about him is that he’s shifty, power hungry, and values self-preservation above all things. If she was Force Majeure, and Bowie were at any point in line to take the title of Sovereign, then his machinations would have seen the birth of her child as a major threat. We still don’t know what Bowie’s exact deal with the Investors was: what if that deal was merely to officially put a hit on the Blue Morpho? The power of the Investors would override her ability to protect her husband, and the death of the Blue Morpho, Force Majeure, and her only heir would be three problems out of Bowie’s way in one fell swoop, clearing him to take the title of Sovereign with no challenge. This also explains why Bowie would destroy the records of the Blue Morpho hit: to cover his tracks.

D. There’s been a theory floating around that, due to the family resemblance and the closeness of the two families, that the Monarch’s mom is a Venture, and sister to Jonas Venture Sr. If this is true, it also makes her a legitimate heir to the title of Sovereign, as the Ventures were founding members of the Guild and Dean was next in line as of The Revenge Society

E. The logo we see all over Meteor Majeure (the shape of the table, the bases of the chairs) was a large stylized M. What other villain that we know of uses a big, stylized M as his personal emblem?

F. And finally: 

You’ve Got Recs!™ (aka fics you didn’t know existed but should)

It’s been brought to my attention that we’ve got a little tag for Diamonds In The Rough™ and if there’s anything I will fight a bitch over more than Sam Smith’s, it’s underrated stories (the second thing is modern AUs).
So without further ado, here’s a contribution of Little Known Stories

Complete stories:

Declaring War by softday on AO3

“It’s silly, isn’t it? I was silly for him. I think I always will be." The inevitability of Rey and Ben Solo, as observed by Finn.
A modern AU of sorts as told from Finn’s perspective. I shit you not, I teared up terribly in the middle of this one.
To note: It’s in first-person but god does it work

Jakku Java by Copper_Nails on AO3

Rey and her brother Poe open up a little coffee shop, run with the help of Finn and Maz. Kylo Ren owns a dog named Darth, works for a shady corporation called Astrobase, and, of course, has a bad first encounter with Rey. He gets better, though.
I feel like everyone and their mother has read this, but you should if you A) have not yet, B) like coffee shop AUs (I blame this fic for my obsession with them) and C) think drunk Kylo is funny. I promise he is.

Millicent’s Day Out by Shadowlass on AO3

Millicent escapes Hux’s quarters and spends her day alternately charming people and wreaking total havoc.
This is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s short, really cute, and a super fun idea.
To note: there’s a little phux there

Technical Difficulties by eruanna_took on AO3

Rey knew that "Matt” was Kylo Ren the moment she saw him. When she gets an assignment alone with him…well you can imagine.
This one is smutty and cracky and there’s a bit of a series now! Who doesn’t love virgin Kylo? (haters, probably)

The Truth Catches Up To Us Eventually by FoxesDance on AO3

Kylo meets his friend’s girlfriend, and can’t get her out of his mind.
In the paraphrased words of Ron Weasley: “You’re going to feel like shit reading through this one, but you’re going to feel happy about it.”
This one is also a part of a series and also explicit.

Scavenger and the Emperor by loveyournightmare on AO3

Emperor Ren has defeated Supreme Leader Snoke and now rules as the head of the new Empire. He captured the scavenger. Their night together didn’t stop hunting him. So, he hunted Rey to get her back.
Not gonna lie, I teared up.

Amygdala by nerdherdette on AO3

Rey is a promising surgeon who has been assigned to spend the next two months training at Arkanis University Hospital. Not only will she be without the support and companionship of her best friends Finn and Poe, but she has to contend with Dr. Snoke, the critical chair of neurosurgery; a jealous Dr. Bazine Netal; a devious Dr. Hux; and a tempestuous Dr. Kylo Ren.
Apparently this is a Grey’s Anatomy thing, but I hadn’t a clue and it was still fantastic. Kylo drives a very expensive motorcycle here.
To note: It’s explicit.

In-Progress stories:

Chivalry Isn’t Dead, It Just Joined the Dark Side by frackin_sweet and hato on AO3

Ten weeks of summer. A hundred renaissance enthusiasts/cosplay types/hippies. Three lost souls. One paraplegic Corgi.
Hear ye, hear ye, all are welcome! Gird up your chain mail, grab a turkey leg, and let’s get weird at the Takodana Renaissance Faire!
This is what I’m devouring the quickest right now. It has a wonderful mix of so many different characters and it’s so well written and crafted. I am enthralled with this one.
To note: Also includes Stormpilot!

Drift Compatible by spacepint and MadcapRomantic

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our story. First and foremost, let’s clear the air; this is a crossover fic. Set in the Pacific Rim universe, our story follows Kylo and Rey as they begin a tremulous relationship.
It’s slow to update but I came across it during one of my “hmm, maybe I should watch Pacific Rim again” moods and, ugh, it’s great so far.


“Free of clutter and dust, the command center is as sterile as an operating theatre. Filth has no place in deep space.”

“Yeah, Pete, mismanaged germs could mutant and become sentient beings.”

“That’s probably right, Billy. If cleanliest is next to godliness, the command center is a moon orbiting Vatican.”

“And all of this technological splendor is manned by just two men”

“Two men with their fingers on the pulse of cartoons.”

“Two men in matching jumpsuits.”

“Two men… with no social life.”

“Thank you AstroBase Go!”