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bear with me please this is my first bullet point fic and my first fanfic since like 7th grade?? mlp was a dark stage

-okay so you aren’t tumblr famous really but you do have a few hundred followers on tumblr and you put time and effort in your theme and stuff, like ur blog is classy but trashy,,

-you pretty much use Tumblr daily and you are a bts blogger and post gifs that you make for bts and a few headcanons

-so one day in math class you get like 30 notifications that someone liked and reblogged your gifs

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Mystery Snack Dealer // Park Minhyuk


the prompt: I’d love to see something with a teacher!au where he (preferably rocky) sneaks into your room during his free period and leaves you cute snacks in the faculty room fridge and eventually your students start to push the two of you to actually date

words: 5273

category: lots of fluff and minimal angst

author note: this is my submission for the aroha fic exchange! to whoever’s request this is, i hope you enjoy it!

– destinee

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List Of Stuff I Wrote

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so i’ve had this kinda random idea of neighbour!astro so like,, here’s a neighbour!astro au in which all of the guys live on the same floor of an apartment building! 


  • everyone in the building knows who he is and loves him
  • like myungjun doesn’t leave, return to, (etc) his apartment without saying hello and smiling at every single person he passes 
  • he’s always ruffling kids hair on the way by and always has candy with him to hand them
  • at first all of the parents were freaked out by this dude giving their kids candy but eventually they got used to it bc they realized myungjun is literally a harmless bean
  • there’s a lot of house plants in his apartment
    • succulents on the desk in his bedroom
    • a flower called a clivia on the living room table (everyone says this flower is just myungjun as a plant due to it’s orange and yellow petals)
    • grows aloe and various herbs in the window in his kitchen
    • random flowers and other plants scattered around the various rooms of his house
  • once sanha broke one of his plants and he cried 
    • he didn’t talk to sanha for a whole week and only forgave him when sanha bought him a new plant
  • doesn’t care at all about anything else in his apartment looking good though and jinwoo is constantly yelling at him bc “myungjun hyung you literally have yellow walls and your bedsheets are blue and you have purple and green striped pillows whAT ArE YOu dOIng” 
  • jinwoo has tried like five times to get him to buy matching stuff and each time myungjun gets out of it by distracting jinwoo with his flirting skills™️
    • cue flustered jinwoo with super red cheeks and barely responding to anything myungjun says
  • he introduced all of the guys to one another and they all kinda credit him for their friend group
  • is the friend who brings them all coffees, treats, etc whenever he goes out
  • loved unconditionally by everyone for his ever present smile and positivity around the building


  • has his dog’s name on the name plate next to his door alongside his
    • everyone thought that it was the name of his child for a really long time bc he refers to his dog as his kid and bc his dog’s name is jihun which is a pretty common name
    • takes his dog on runs/walks every day and when he sees the old women in the park doing yoga/exercising he yells out a “looking great ladies” with his signature smile nd literally all of them are in love with him 
    • ”omg i wish he would marry my daughter” “psh please mrs. kang i want him to marry me” (sucks for all of them though bc he only has eyes for myungjun)
  • has way too many things for his dog scattered around his apartment,,, somehow his house is nearly as neat as dongmin’s
  • his apartment is the epitome of aesthetic and everyone who comes in is jealous of his white walls and white bed sheets and completely matching green accents
  • (if only he could keep a plant alive, then it would be perfect in his mind)
  • only has mugs in his kitchen and no one knows why he doesn’t own any glasses 
  • he met myungjun bc he was constantly throwing out dead house plants and myungjun saw and started to leave ones he had been taking care of for a while outside jinwoo’s door
    • kept it up for like 3 weeks before jinwoo finally caught him trying to sneak back into his apartment across the hall
    • jinwoo thinks that he should probably be offended that myungjun had no faith in his ability to grow a plant but he can’t be upset bc the cutest guy in his building is giving him plants and its a great excuse to talk to him for “tips on keeping his plants alive”
  • is the one of his friend group who all of them go to for advice whenever they’re having trouble with something
    • he’ll sit them down on his couch with a mug of tea and let them pet his dog as they rant to him about whatever is wrong
    • gives them great advice and a good hug before sending them back to their own apartments
  • highkey the kindest and most genuine hearted person in the building and he always has something nice to say to everyone he sees when leaving, coming, walking around, (etc)


  • has been living in the building for the longest time of all of the guys
  • he tutors like half the kids in the building in various subjects ranging from science to english
  • he met myungjun the week that he moved in bc he thought myungjun was trying to kidnap one of the kids he tutors
    • myungjun ran into the boy as he was returning to his apartment and told the kid to come in for a minute bc he just bought new chocolates
    • cue dongmin freaking the heck out bc he thought that his new next door neighbour was actually going to murder the 10 year old or something
    • calmed down after myungjun explained himself and gave dongmin some chocolate too
  • his house is literally spotless and no one knows how he does it bc he’s so busy
    • though it’s not as aesthetic as jinwoo’s apartment it’s super nice and well decorated and put together
    • has complete matching utensils and plates and glasses (and even has a set of wine glasses)
    • a closet that, according to myungjun, is “bigger than my bathroom wtf” and is filled with super nice pieces of clothing that the other guys steal from time to time
  • doesn’t talk to everyone he sees bc usually he’s rushing around to get home for tutoring, to school, or to his part time job but always offers everyone a smile
  • the most organized and put together person in the building,, you’ll never catch him in any drama like he’s so lowkey it’s unbelievable 
  • hosts weekly drama-watching nights for all the guys bc his living room is the biggest
    • doesn’t get caught in any irl drama but will binge watch an entire show in 24 hours and rant to anyone who will listen about why it sucks/is a must see while in the laundry room
  • everyone who lives in the building either wants to be him, marry him, or have one of their kids marry him tbh


  • everyone in the building describes him as “unique”
  • no one really knows him that well but they also can’t really complain about him bc for the most part he’s a great neighbour
    • he’s quiet and keeps pretty much to himself,, never really has people over very often 
  • lowkey a hoarder though bc he finds things that he thinks are cute, different, (etc) at stores and buys them for no real reason and then stacks them on his shelves
    • dongmin is always trying to get rid of these little trinkets like “wtf bin why do you need this mini statue of a rooster??” “bc it’s cute, okay, and the lady told me it was a good luck charm i can’t get rid of it”
  • highkey in love with dongmin,,, everyone knows it,,, even dongmin knows it,, but it’s okay bc dongmin is highkey in love with bin too
    • the two spend hours together /studying/ but actually study bc they just like being around each other even if they’re not talking
    • sanha, being the buildings Drama King, has tried to find dirt on their “study dates” but can’t bc they literally just study
    • go on coffee dates 25/8 bc they’re both struggling university students, pray for them (sanha and minhyuk are constantly annoyed that they don’t get invited for coffee bc they are also struggling university students, jinwoo reminds them that dongmin and bin are in love™️ and they need to chill)
  • he’s the only one who actually knows how he and myungjun met bc myungjun doesn’t remember
    • bin lives across the hall and to the left of myungjun, next door to jinwoo
    • basically he lives on the end of the hall, with jinwoo in the middle and minhyuk on jinwoo’s other side; sanha lives directly across from him, myungjun in the middle of the opposite side and dongmin on myungjun’s other side
    • one night myungjun somehow manages to knock on the wrong door and totally confess to jinwoo how much he likes having him as a friend bc he’s only his second friend in the building aside from dongmin
    • except he tells bin all this stuff and bin is like “uhh i mean, i know i’m great but who are you??” 
    • they end up friends after that somehow,, it helps that myungjun is friends with dongmin 
  • bin will bring all the cats back home each time he comes back to his apartment
    • like he’ll see a familiar black cat and be like “oh that’s miss. kim’s cat, mina, i better bring her home!!” 
    • then gets the cat to follow him home bc cats love him for some reason and returns the cat to it’s apartment 
  • smiles so much bc he loves smiling and being smiley and everyone loves seeing him walking around
  • super nice when you get to know him but comes off as slightly intimidating
    • the guys know he cries at dramas, and offers to fight anyone who hurts them


  • athlete extraordinaire in a nontraditional way
    • aka the shelves of his apartment are filled with dance and taekwondo trophies 
  • really quiet and pretty shy tbh like no one really talks to him unless he wants them to
  • he lived next to jinwoo for almost a month before anyone met him
    • they literally never saw him and thought maybe it was some kind of ghost tenant or something living in the apartment
    • and then one night when myungjun was working jinwoo went over bc he heard minhyuk playing a song by bts that he really liked the dance to
    • cue him and minhyuk bonding over dance and becoming dance buddies
  • his apartment is really messy,,, like there’s clothes covering every spot in his room and no one knows how he can tell anything apart
    • he’s the person who will just grab a random shirt off the floor like “eh this is good” and wear it 
    • dongmin is always telling him to clean up but he doesn’t ever listen
  • he’s really observant which is a benefit of being quiet and not talking much
    • him not talking much is also why him and sanha bond so well bc sanha incessantly talks but in like a good way bc minhyuk loves it
  • hardcore pining after sanha and everyone knows it except sanha bc he’s oblivious
    • does absolutely anything sanha asks him to bc he just cares about him so much
    • even helps him with finding dirt/drama about people around the building even though it’s not really his thing
  • he heard about a few of the kids wanting to attend dance lessons and not being able to afford it so he convinced bin and jinwoo to help him teach them for free,,, took none of the credit even though it was 110% his idea
  • everyone has a lot of respect for him bc they know he works hard 
  • is super polite to everyone so pretty much everyone likes him and they leave him alone for the most part
  • definitely the balancing personality in his friend group bc while he can be excited and joking when he wants to be he’s pretty serious for the most part and makes sure they’re not doing, saying, (etc) anything silly or stupid


  • only moved in like 3 months ago and lives on myungjun’s other side
    • when he moved in myungjun helped him carry some boxes up without even saying anything to sanha first
    • the poor boy thought this guy was trying to steal his stuff and only realized myungjun was helping him after he yelled at him
    • quickly forgave him bc they live right beside each other and have quite a bit in common
  • absolute Drama King like he doesn’t start it or get involved in it but he knows everything there is to know about everyone
    • he goes to tea at the houses of the gossip ladies and bc he seems so innocent they just talk about everything in front of him
    • someone: “did you hear about what miss. kang did with mrs. kim’s husband??” 
    • sanha: “uhh no please fill me in” 
  • all the ladies love him and invite him back every single week
  • he doesn’t spill any of the secrets he learns unless he has to,,, chaotic good tbh
  • his house is surprisingly clean,,, bc he’s so young everyone expects it to be like minhyuk’s but somehow it isn't 
    • his plates, bowls, cups, other kitchenware are yellow and everyone loves it bc they think they’re adorable
    • constantly falls asleep at the desk in his room due to staying up late to do homework and jinwoo is always telling him he needs to get proper sleep and use his bed
  • the buildings largest child tbh,, everyone kinda watches out for him and all the parents pinch his cheeks and think he’s adorable 
  • the most oblivious person on earth
    • everyone has told him that minhyuk likes him, including the gossip ladies but he won’t listen bc he’s stubborn
    • doesn’t believe that his huge crush isn’t one sided until minhyuk kisses him one day while they’re having a very very rare argument about something
    • when the guys find out they yell/say variations of “finally” and myungjun buys minhyuk ice cream as a congratulations
  • like myungjun, he’s super positive and always smiling his super nice smile and everyone loves having him around
An Eun Woo x Reader story

You’re with me because of a bet…?

Word count: 0.9k 

As requested by @astroari 

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Astro just had an important win, so the members decide to throw a party on their vacation day. As Eun Woo’s girlfriend, it’s a given that you’re invited.

You bring your cup of tea to your lips, smiling at the scene before you. Right now, Jinjin, MJ, Moon Bin and Rocky are sleeping, cuddled together on the couch. Too much excitement and alcohol, you suppose. Tonight, you’ve opted to not drink, for your sober self by itself is already kind of a mess. Plus, you don’t need to drink to have fun: drunk Astro is by far the most entertaining thing you’ve ever seen.

“Noonaaaaa,” Yoon San Ha says, leaning into you. “Noonaaaaa, you’re prettyyyy!”

You laugh, gently pushing him away. “Thanks, San Ha.”

“Noona… Do you know how much I like you? I-”

“Oy,” Eun Woo interjects. “That’s my girlfriend you’re speaking to.”

Eun Woo’s cheeks are a bit flushed from the drinks he’s had. You chuckle when he puts an arm around your waist and pulls you closer.

“Oh,” San Ha lets out. “Right.”

Eun Woo clicks his tongue, but you can see his lips slightly curling up. You put your head against his shoulder.

“But Noona,” San Ha says with a pout. “You wouldn’t even be with Eun Woo if it weren’t for the bet Rocky and I-.”

“San Ha, shut it,” Eun Woo quickly interrupts.

You turn to him, eyes wide. He’s not one to speak like that.

Bet?” you think.

You look back at the maknae.

“What do you mean?” you ask.


What do you mean?” you repeat.

San Ha doesn’t answer, and he’s not looking at you. You follow his gaze and meet Eun Woo’s eyes. You shift your weight away from him.

“Eun Woo…” you say quietly. “What does this mean?”

He blinks. Glances at you. Offers a smile.

“It’s nothing,” he says.

He’s lying.

“Eun Woo,” you utter in a small voice. “Tell me.”

He continues to smile. “It’s really not important.”

You feel your heart slowly sinking.

“Then tell me about it,” you insist.

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I Missed You

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Summary: Valentine’s day is not very fun when there are couples all around you reminding you that your boyfriend is across the world. 

A/N: F/f means favorite flower. Also, Valentine’s grams are something my school likes to do, that  is  where I got the idea for this. 

Genre: Fluff 

Words: 1,084 

The door to the classroom slowly opens and everyone turns their head to see who it was. Without saying a word two girls enter with pink papers, roses and teddy bears in their hands. The teacher pauses the lesson for the girls.

“Sorry to intrude but we are here to deliver the Valentine’s grams.” One said with a smile. All heads turn to the teacher waiting a response. The teacher sighs and puts down the whiteboard marker.

“Go ahead. But please be quick.” The girl nods and both head to the front of the room.

Valentine’s grams are a cute little message on bright pink paper, they also give a nice red rose and a white teddy bear that holds a heart saying I love you. Girls swoon over the small gesture and fall even more in love with their boyfriend or girlfriend.

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She Wants The Bee // Yoon Sanha fic

genre: fluff/comedy

length: 5.6k

warning(s): swearing

summary:  You have a crush on your cute lab partner, Sanha. Also, theres a bee mascot.

a/n: hello!! im glad i got this fic done..i was planning on starting my blog off with this but i kinda hit a block in this fic but thankfully i overcame it!! ive put..a lot of work into this so i hope u enjoy!!!! let me know what you think <3

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Group chat: Triggered Eunwoo

Reaction: Asking them to braid your hair


Texts: Hyung line as bias wrecker boyfriends

Texts: Maknae line as bias wrecker boyfriends

Bake!Jin | Kim Seokjin - halloween special

Request: Period Cramps | Kim Seokjin


Request: Got7 reaction to: Kissing them unexpectedly

Monsta X

Reaction: You easily getting tired

Neck Pillow | Kihyun (fluff)


Text: Everyday messages with boyfriend!Taeil

Texts:Random Text with Boyfriend!Chenle

Oblivious 1 2 | Renjun (fluff)

NCT Dream Reaction: Scaring them- halloween special

Text: NCT Dream eating your halloween candies and dropping each other- halloween special

Taking Care of Sick Donghyuck

NCT Dream as Ghosts

Text: Bestfriend!Jaemin+your crush on Renjun

Text: Everyday messages with Boyfriend!Johnny

Text: When you’ve been avoiding the dreamies + teasing jisung

NCT Dream Reaction: Seeing you sleep in class

NCT Dream Reaction: Idol!Girlfriend Being a Huge Gamer

First Fight with Mark (not really)


Text: Everyday messages with boyfriend!Jeonghan

Text: Everyday messages with boyfriend!Woozi

Text: Everyday messages with boyfriend!Dokyeom ft. S. Coups

Request: Classmate!Minghao Fic (fluff)

Song Fic

Memories | Bias x Reader - Inspired by You Were Beautiful and Congratulation by Day6

Mr. Flower

Hi Admin!! Can I have a fluffy library scenario with Astro’s Cha Eunwoo?? Thank you and have a great day!! 💕💕

Of course you can @enchanting-exo! I’m relatively new to Astro but I already love them all so thanks for requesting!

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Cha Eunwoo (Astro) x Reader

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Today was not your day.

It had been a long week. You had an at-home final to do that evening and your parents had an event they had to attend, which meant they’d called you home from school for the weekend so you could babysit your little sister.

Luckily she was adorable and you loved her. Not so luckily she had plans in the evening.

Mr. Flower’s Story Hour?

Apparently every week at the local public library she went to story hour. You figured her agenda could have been worse - she could have had soccer practice or something. At least you’d be able to get some work done at the library waiting for her. 

You loaded up your laptop and books and then strapped your sister into your mom’s van. The whole way to the library she was kicking her legs around in excitement because, wouldn’t you know, she was going to meet her boyfriend?

“Lilly, just wait one second,” you said, turning around in the driver’s seat after you parked. “Do you mean to tell me you have a boyfriend at this reading group?”

She just nodded vigorously with a smile on her face, making you shake your head as you got out to help her out. You had to yell at her to slow down as she took off for the entrance. You picked up your pace so you could keep her in your sights and, you had to admit, you were more than a little curious about who her little boyfriend was.

I mean he had to pass your big sister standards, right?

“Mr. Flower!” you heard Lilly yell as she started hugging someone who was sitting down with his back to everyone.

You couldn’t see his face but one thing was clear - he was not a little kid. No one with those broad shoulders and muscles, which you were not looking at one bit through his white shirt, was your sister’s age or anywhere near it. 

“Lilly,” you scolded, “get off of the nice man and give him some space.”

“But y/n, this is my boyfriend!” she beamed.

“He’s your what?!” you said at the same time the man turned around with his hands open in front of himself saying “Whoa whoa whoa, Lilly.”

Standing up, he towered over you and you were a little shocked by just how flawless he looked up close, not that you let it show….you hoped.

“I’m in charge of story time here,” he said. “I’m -”

“Mr. Flower,” you smirked, cutting him off and sticking out your hand to shake his. “I kind of figured.”

He laughed and smirked as he said “That’s just what the kids call me these days, what can I say” before slowly releasing your hand to finish setting up for story time. 

You began unloading your bag onto the nearest table so you could keep an eye on Lilly during story time, only Lilly of course. You absolutely weren’t exchanging glances with Mr. Flower as he finished pulling out props and began to get the kids settled down.

You really really tried to work on your final, and you did get a good portion of it done if you were being honest. But you also had to be honest about something else. 

You kept trading smiles with Mr. Flower the whole time.

Not obnoxiously of course! I mean there were kids around. But when he started acting out Little Red walking to her grandma’s house you couldn’t stop your lips from pulling up, something he clearly noticed which caused his seemingly ever-present smile to widen. 

And you had to admire how he got the kids to focus for a WHOLE. HOUR. I mean Lilly had a short attention span and a curious mind that was too rampant for her own good sometimes. But not once did you see her try and take off from the group or distract anyone else. All of the kids read and acted out the story with Mr. Flower and you’d be lying if you said it wasn’t the sweetest thing you’d ever seen.

When the hour was up, none of the kids wanted to leave. Mr. Flower played with them a little before they left and you slowly started packing up when you thought of something.

“Hey Lilly, can you wait here with Mr. Flower for a second? I need to go grab a book. Mind watching her?” you said, turning to him to make sure he knew to keep an eye on your baby sister.

“Sure thing!” he said, showing off his trademark smile and then bending down to play with Lilly some. 

You took off into the children’s books aisles, your days at the library as a kid yourself acting as your guide as you zig-zagged between the stacks, looking for your favorite children’s book, grabbing it from the shelf.

When you made it back to the story area, you saw Mr. Flower and Lilly playing with some dragon toys and heard them talking quietly.

“Mr. Flower do you like ice cream?” Lilly said.

“Well yes I do. And you?”

“I love it! Especially mint chocolate chip!”

“Mint chocolate chip? Not strawberry or chocolate?”

“Nope! Mint chip!”

“Oh, and why is that?”

“Because it’s my sister’s favorite too!”

Hearing Lilly brag about her, and your, favorite flavor gave you an idea. You pulled out a piece of paper and quickly wrote something down, slipping it in between the pages of the book you were still holding.

Mr. Flower finally noticed you standing behind them and gave you a soft smile. You crouched down to their level and ruffled Lilly’s hair a little, asking her if she was ready to go. She frowned a little, so you said something to perk her up.

“What about if we go get ice cream? We can split it and get extra chocolate drizzle.”

Lilly instantly perked up and grabbed at your hands to pull you up so you could leave to get ice cream.

“Hold on, Lill. I need to give something to Mr. Flower. You want to help Ms. May put away the toys real quick?”

She took off to help the librarian and Mr. Flower slowly stood up.

“You have something to give me?” he said, standing in front of you.

“Here,” you said, handing him the book, “you should read this to the kids next week.”

Taking it from your hands, he opened the book and instantly found the paper where you’d written an address down.

“What’s this?”

“The address to the ice cream parlor Lilly and I are about to go to,” you said, feeling your heart flip and jump at the same as you watched a hopeful expression grow across his face. “I figured if I was going to help you read to the kids next week we should sit down and talk about it. What do you say Mr. Flower?”

He seemed pleasantly surprised at how confident you were being, and honestly you were too. He bit his lip to stop his beaming smile and looked down at his shoes to hide it. When he looked back up at you though, it was still there in full force. 

“I think I’ve only got one thing I can say actually.”

“Oh?” you said, knowing that a smile was mirroring on your own lips.

“You can call me Eunwoo.”



more Adventures of Space Boy and his Flower Prince!! @ childhood anon

I honestly considered splitting this into another two parts but I think @jakganim and @binsmoon might actually kill me

  • Bin telling Jinjin and MJ and later Rocky, on video chat, about the very first time he fell in love 
    • He tells them about Eunwoo, all soft and gentle, with eyes that sparkled and told you a million things at once 
    • How Eunwoo’s eyes are always kind and smiling, even when he’s whining at Bin to stop hogging toys 
    • How Eunwoo always picked up flowers from the roadside on their way to school and back and how he carefully pressed them in between pages of his textbook 
    • How Bin always wanted to go exploring and how Eunwoo grabbed his small, foam sword and went along with Bin to protect his adventurer 
    • How Bin still keeps a small star charm on a chain around his neck because once they made a promise on it and even if he never sees Eunwoo again, he’s still holding onto that promise
  • Sanha’s asked Eunwoo about that once, why Eunwoo always keeps that silver star around his neck 
    • Eunwoo telling Sanha that someone special gave it it to him and promised to always be there for him 
    • “And is he? Always there for you?" 
    • "I left before I could find out." 
    • Sanha tilting his head and asking what Eunwoo’s best friend was like 
  • Eunwoo laughs and tells Sanha about the time Bin and he got stuck in the rain walking home from school when Bin was 7.8 and he was 8.6 
    • Eunwoo dragging Bin into shelter under the awning of a convenience store 
    • And for some reason, Bin taking one look at Eunwoo, sopping wet and shrieking at the feeling of cold water running down his back,
    • And then laughing and dragging Eunwoo back out into the rain to play
    • They got into trouble, of course, and suffered cold symptoms together 
    • (Cue baby Binnie and Eunwoo surrounded by big boxes of tissue with Rudolph-red noses, sniffling at each other with wads of snot-covered tissue in their hands) 
    • But Eunwoo remembering the moment he decided to trust Bin and run out from under the awning because screw what they’ve been told to do Eunwoo would do anything Bin asked him to 
  • Bin laughing and telling MJ and Jinjin that he didn’t know what overcame him, he just wanted Eunwoo to laugh instead of worry about the rain
  • He tells them about the time he was 4.6 and Eunwoo was 5.4 and they got into a fight about a dumb toy 
    • How Eunwoo and Bin didn’t speak for a whole day until 
    • Eunwoo slowly walking over to Bin’s house and knocking a quiet, shy ba ba ba ba-ba ba ba on the door only to have Bin open the door, eyes red and fingers scrubbing hard at the tears on his cheeks 
    • Bin’s mum sighing and patting both their heads and getting them chocolate milk 
  • Eunwoo telling Sanha that really, that was the best chocolate milk he’s ever had in his life 
  • He tells Sanha about the time Bin was 8.1 and he was 8.9 and someone made fun of Eunwoo’s Pororo raincoat 
    • How Bin stood up to the person in the rain and yelled at him to apologise 
    • How the bully snickered at Eunwoo for needing friends to stand up for him and tried pushing Eunwoo 
    • Eunwoo tugging his raincoat tighter about him and trying to wipe his wet glasses with a wet hand 
    • Bin snorting and replying that hey, at least he has his best friend while the bully has no-one 
    • And how that, for all his bravado, the moment the bully spat on the ground and left Eunwoo & Bin alone, Bin broke down into tears and worriedly asked if Eunwoo was alright
    • Eunwoo running his hand through Bin’s wet hair and thanking him quietly for standing up for him 
    • Eunwoo feeling guilty as hell and Bin noticing
    • Bin sniffling and peeking up at Eunwoo and prodding Eunwoo’s glasses 
    • Bin: "hey, see all these raindrops? I swear on all the raindrops on your glasses, I’ll protect you as many times." 
    • Eunwoo laughing shakily and telling Bin that "we’ll be smelly old grandpas by then" 
    • Bin, snorting: "hey, if it means we get to stay together until then, then why not?" 
  • Sanha casually wiping away a single manly tear 
  • Bin picking at a napkin as MJ quietly finishes, "you didn’t end up staying together until then, though?" 
  • Bin smiling sadly into his coffee
  • He tells them about the time he was 8.5 and Eunwoo was 9.3 and Eunwoo left, Eunwoo moved across the country to god-knows-where 
    • How Bin and Eunwoo emailed back and forth about their days and how the emails gradually became less and less frequent with the onslaught of homework and dance practice and student council meetings, how not-meeting faded into a not-talking that still leaves a bitter taste on Bin’s tongue 
    • How Bin used to cry himself to sleep sometimes remembering Eunwoo’s gentle hands and bright smile and the way his hands framed Bin’s face softly that very last day before he kissed him 
    • He tells them about how the ache faded over time, how he’s slowly forgotten the ice-clear sound of Eunwoo’s voice and the way Eunwoo’s eyes sparkled with intelligence and mischief 
    • He tells them about how Space Boy gradually stopped turning to his right, exciting story on the tip of his tongue, when he remembered that his Flower Prince wasn’t there to listen anymore 
  • Jinjin’s eyes shining bright with tears and MJ reaching across the table to rub Bin’s arm 
    • Bin laughing shakily and telling them that the reason why he’s planning to do criminal psychology is Eunwoo, because Eunwoo wanted to protect the people he loves from getting hurt and damn if Bin isn’t going to try his best to do the same 
    • Bin’s voice fading almost to a whisper as he tells them of the face he glimpsed outside the window, of long eyelashes and bright eyes and soft lips 
    • MJ whipping around to look outside, almost as if Bin’s Flower Prince would still be there, hands in pockets, waiting for his Space Boy the same way Bin’s been waiting for him all this while 
  • When Bin is 20.3 and walking back alone from class: 
    • Bin walking by someone in a starry hoodie and jeans, with dark lashes and soft eyes 
    • Bin whirling around because he can swear it’s him, he looks exactly the way Bin imagined him growing up to be 
    • But the moment he turns around, the man is swallowed up by the crowd and Bin is pushed along, pushed along with the flow of people until he arrives at his dorm with a knot of ache and longing in his heart 
  • When Bin is 20.4 and Taeyang is 21.4:
    • Taeyang sprawled out on a library table, with his books scattered around and his cheek smooshed onto an open book 
    • Taeyang drooling slightly and Bin snorting and reaching over to take a picture 
    • And it’s almost contagious, this sleepiness, because Bin finds himself dozing off less than ten minutes later 
    • And it’s out of the corner of his eye so he’s not sure, not entirely, 
    • But he thinks he catches a glimpse of long eyelashes and kind, intelligent eyes and long fingers reaching for an encyclopaedia, right before he slips into sleep 
    • Bin finds himself smiling when he wakes up, silver star charm warm against his heart 
  • When Bin is 20.5 and Taeyang is 21.5 and Jinjin is 22.3: 
    • Taeyang panicking because he knows they have to film their cover of I Need U today and he needs a white shirt but he spilled coffee down the front of his only one this morning
    • Bin stretching and rolling his shoulders and going through Jungkook’s part one last time 
    • Jinjin bouncing up and down in time to the music blasting through his ear buds, body flowing smoothly to Hobi’s part 
    • The rest of the dance cover group scattered around the room, stretching and fixing their hair and make up in the mirrors 
    • MJ rushing everyone out of the dance room and down to the nearby park fountain and calling for everyone to take their positions before getting behind the camera 
    • A crowd gathering and watching these 7 fine young men dance 
    • And it’s halfway through the second filming that Bin catches sight of him, out of the corner of his eye 
    • He’s standing in the crowd, silver chain around his neck and in a simple white shirt and jeans, lashes longer than Bin’s life span and eyes sparkling 
    • And Bin nearly toppling over from where he’s doing a body wave, but Hoshi’s hand flies out and steadies him 
    • MJ making a mental note to edit this out from the final cover
    • Bin, thinking in that moment that I Need U has never been so long before
    • And when Jinjin claps and calls for a break before the third filming Bin flies out of formation and into the crowd to look for him
    • He can’t find him, there are too many people in white shirts, there are too many people in general 
    • Bin slipping in and out of groups of people because he knows that face, he’s seen it so many times in his dreams and he’s been catching short, almost unreal glimpses of it over the past few months after he’s moved to university 
    • Bin whirling around, eyes panicked and flicking through different faces to find the one he wants, the one he needs, 
    • And he’s there
    • He’s there, standing and grinning at Bin like he can’t believe his eyes 
    • And when Bin makes eye contact with him it’s like everything snaps into place 
    • Bin skidding to a stop in front of him, breathless and eyes shining 
    • "Eunwoo?" 
    • Eunwoo, smiling harder than he has in the past twelve years because he really can’t believe it, this is the boy he left behind 
      • The small, pudgy boy with voice like a cat 
      • The one who tried fighting a bully when he made fun of Eunwoo’s raincoat 
      • The one who stuck all of Eunwoo’s glow-in-the-dark stickers on his wall and made Eunwoo cry when he had to take them down 
      • The one who pressed a small, silver star into the palm of Eunwoo’s hand the day before Eunwoo had to leave and told him that if he ever needed someone to talk to he could whisper it to the star and Bin would hear it, in his heart 
      • The one Eunwoo kissed, like it was the most natural thing in the world to do, the day he left and never saw Bin again 
      • Eunwoo: "it’s you." 
    • Tears slipping from Bin’s eyes because he’s forgotten, he’s completely forgotten how Eunwoo’s voice rings like a clear bell across frozen lakes and how Eunwoo’s gaze is as soft as moonlight
    • Bin not noticing that he’s crying until he feels Eunwoo wrapping his arms around him and pressing his lips against Bin’s forehead and telling him that it’s alright and not to cry because really he doesn’t want this first memory of meeting Bin again to be the same as his very first one
    • Bin looking up and wanting to tell Eunwoo that no, it won’t, it’ll be different and it’ll be better because Eunwoo, with his adoring eyes and amused smile, is finally by his side again 
    • But he sees Eunwoo’s smile nearly cracking his face into half and he sees Eunwoo’s eyes brimming with tears and he sees Eunwoo’s small star charm resting against his heart 
    • And he laughs, he finally laughs and wipes his tears because if he never knew that he’s always been in love with Eunwoo all these years, he sure as hell knows it now 
  • When Bin is 20.6 and Eunwoo is 21.4: 
    • Bin sitting on his bed, back against his headboard and Jungkook poster and arm around a sleepy Eunwoo 
    • Eunwoo in Bin’s hoodie, tucked into the warmth of Bin’s arm and looking at the dulled glow-in-the-dark stars lining Bin’s half of the room 
    • Bin pressing soft kisses into Eunwoo’s hair as Eunwoo describes Sanha and how he met the small boy wailing by himself in the playground and how he essentially adopted him as a younger brother 
    • Bin showing Eunwoo photos of his best friends Rocko and Jinjin, and Eunwoo chuckling when Bin tells him how he met them 
    • Eunwoo tilting his head up and tracing Bin’s jaw with his hand because look at him, look at his baby Binnie, the small round-faced boy who burst into tears upon seeing Eunwoo 
      • It’s Binnie with sharper features, a voice of gold and dance-honed reflexes now, but he’s still the same Binnie that slept for 16 hours straight and woke up complaining that he needed a nap 
      • It’s the same Binnie that ate two bowls of rice each meal and tried to bargain with his mum for one more 
      • It’s the Binnie that clings to Eunwoo when he wakes up, nose pressed into the crook of Eunwoo’s neck and arms wound around Eunwoo’s middle
      • It’s the same Binnie that steals food from Eunwoo’s plate and feels guilty two seconds later and tries to pile double the amount he stole back into Eunwoo’s plate 
    • He’s grown up so much, so fast, Eunwoo thinks, but Bin’s eyes are still the same, his eyes are still full of the stars that they had when Eunwoo fell in love with his Space Boy 
    • Bin catching Eunwoo’s hand with his own and kissing Eunwoo’s palm because wow he may have put Eunwoo at the back of his mind for ten years growing up but he’s never stopped loving his Flower Prince 
      • And he knows MJ’s warned him to be careful, that Eunwoo mightn’t be the same boy he grew up imagining and he knows that MJ’s right and he shouldn’t romanticise Eunwoo 
      • But Eunwoo’s more than what he’s imagined
      • His voice no longer echoes of dulled wind chimes but is real and smooth as glass 
      • He still laughs at every single one of Binnie’s bad jokes even when Jinjin and MJ groan 
      • His eyes are sparkling and kind and amused and still able to tell Bin a thousand things with a look 
      • He still walks around the room with fluffy socks on and he still slips and slides in them 
      • His laugh rumbles deep from his chest and bubbles up like champagne 
      • His fingers intertwined with Bin’s are still fitting as perfectly as they did all those years back when Eunwoo held him close then let him go
    • And when Bin kisses Eunwoo right there and then, it’s sweet and soft and long and Bin feels every missing minute poured into that one moment 
  • Because it’s no longer a goodbye kiss; it’s the beginning of Space Boy and his Flower Prince, off to face the world.

Hi Binu’s finally done with ripping my heart to shreds and kissing it back together

Bloom // Yoon Sanha Oneshot

word count: 6.6k

genre: fluff, angst, hs!au

warnings: animal death mention

summary: in which sanha has magical powers and a bit of a weak heart

a/n: a bit longer than i originally expected but i like it!! i think this is my fave work yet aaaa

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Paintball (Part 01)

Pairing: Rocky x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,431
Summary: You go to play paintball, but halfway through you find out you’re actually playing against Astro.
A/N: This scenario is set a few years in the future. You basically just graduated high school. There might be a possible Part 02 and Part 03 depending on the feedback I get.

“Guys, I swear if we don’t win this, I’m not being y'all’s friend anymore,” I put on my black padded vest.

“Chill, we got this, _____,” Rena threw up a gang sign. Sona groaned, “Why am I being dragged into this?”

I loaded my gun, “‘Cause today we’re playing against two other teams of three, and you’re my only other friend.”

“There’s a 99% chance that they’re all boys. Maybe some of them will be cute… or Korean,” I elbowed Sona.

Rena spoke in her adorable Australian accent, “Wouldn’t it be funny if they were Astro?”

“There’s less than a 1% chance, but nothing’s impossible,” I whipped my head towards her.

I continued, reminiscing about fanfictions I wrote, “Just imagine if I meet Rocky. I’m eighteen, so I’m a legal adult here. I could marry him right now.”

“Jinjin would probably be so bad at paintball. Oh my gosh, I hope he wouldn’t get hurt,” Sona pouted like a baby.

“Hurry up. I’ll be scoping out the weak links in the other teams,” I grabbed my helmet as I walked to the door.

I tiptoed and peaked around a corner, speaking through my walkie talkie, “Mayday mayday, they’re hot as hell. Oh my gosh. I can’t even see their faces, but I know they’re hot from the back of their heads.”

Sona appeared behind me, “Something about them makes me uneasy…”

They put on their helmets, so we decided to walk over to them to start the game. Rena quickly joined us, “This is weird.”

“Alright. Play fair and nice. Don’t intentionally hurt the others. The green team is Hyung Line. The pink team is Maknae Line. The blue team is Stellar,” one of the workers informed us.

I stared at them as I noticed the tallest one bow to us, but he was hit by the shortest of his team. I glanced at Sona and Rena, “Guys…”

I stared at all of the six guys, my eyes landed on a guy in a pink shirt.

I pointed my index finger at him, speaking in Korean, “Watch your back because I’m coming after you, Pinky.”

I walked off to our hiding spots with Sona and Rena rushing after me. I get them settled into their hiding spots. I chose one where I can protect them if things go downhill.

The bell rang throughout the premises, signaling the game has begun. I sneaked around, looking for my target. I spotted someone from Hyung Line.

I shot his chest three times from about thirty feet away. He clenched his chest as I made my presence known, “Jinjin-ah!!!! I’ve been shot!!!”

“It’s called karma, Hyung,” a shorter guy appeared and laughed at him. My jaw dropped as I realized who they were, “Holy shit. You’re Astro…”

“Jinjin-ah, tell Sanha… to never… eat my skittles…” MJ acted like he was dying.

As I was about to shoot Jinjin, Sona jumped out of nowhere, “You’re going down, Oppa!” She shot his back, and he fell on MJ.

MJ called out in agony, “OWWWW!!! MY ANKLE!!!” Sona and Jinjin rush to MJ’s aide. Sanha came out as I screamed, “Sonaaaaaaa!!!”

Sanha and Sona looked my way because I pronounce her name as Sanha. Sona quickly fired paintballs at him, but she missed, and he shot her.

I quickly ran away while Sanha is shot by Eunwoo. I tried to catch my breath as I radioed Rena, “_____ to Chez. Sonar is down. I repeat, Sonar is down.”

All I got in return was radio silence. I ran a hand through my hair, “I picked the worst team ever.”

I prowled around some more, finding Rena in Moonbin’s arms. Before I can react, Euwnoo stepped out, “Binnie, I’ve found you.”

I gulped, ‘Oh my gosh, this is like a binu fanfic.’ Bin stood up quickly, “Uh, Hyung… Please don’t shoot me! Let’s work together!”

“Payback’s a bitch, Binnie,” Eunwoo shot Bin’s thigh ruthlessly. I squealed and ran away, “Oh my gosh!”

I looked back to see if Eunwoo was following me, but I ended up running into someone.

My helmet got knocked off in the collision. Rocky’s helmets was apparently knocked off too because he was on top of me without a helmet.

His legs straddled my hips as I was trapped between his arms. His beautiful face was inches away from mine.

“S-sorry, Oppa… I mean Rocky!” I panicked.

Rocky’s face flushed red as he stared into my eyes. He suddenly pulled me up and into a dark corner.

He covered my mouth before I could even react. He leaned down to my ear in a hushed tone, “Shhhh, he’s coming.”

Rocky’s body was pressed completely against mine. He buried his head in my neck.

I attempted to reposition my body, earning a low growl from him, “Stop squirming around.”

“Let’s team up to eliminate Eunwoo,” he released me after a few minutes of hiding.

I bit my lip with a small nod, complying to his proposal. We walked around for about fifteen minutes, searching for Eunwoo.

Eunwoo appeared twenty feet in front of me, “Well well well, what do we have here?”

“You can kiss first place goodbye,” he aimed his gun at me. Before I had time to react, Rocky quickly hugs me as Eunwoo fired a paintball.

The red paintball splattered like blood on Rocky’s back. He collapsed in my arms, “Sarang… hae…”

A laugh escaped from the back of my throat as I laid him on the ground. I took his gun along with my gun.

“Eongdeongmin, you ready to lose?” I aimed both of them towards Eunwoo. He shot at me as I dodged them, “There’s no need for that since you’ll be the loser, Twinkle Toes.”

We went back and forth, dodging and shooting for about three minutes. I shot the guns to either side of him instead of directly at him.

Eunwoo moved to the left to dodge, but he didn’t realized his mistake fast enough.

“What was that, Eongdeongmin? I’ll be the loser? Heh, whatever,” the paintball pelted his chest.

I walked over to where Rocky was still laying on the ground. I laughed as I realized he actually fell asleep there.

I kneeled down beside him, shaking his shoulders, “Rocky, wake up. I beat Eunwoo.”

The bell rang throughout the area to notify us that the game is over. I walked back alongside Rocky to the main gate.

“I never got your name, Twinkle Toes,” he mentioned along the way. I glanced sheepishly at the side of his face, “It’s _____, but you can call me… anytime!”

“You’re too cute,” he ruffled my hair playfully. He wrapped that arm around my neck as we continued to the front.

We came across Moonbin, who was carrying a sleeping Rena. Rocky glared at Moonbin, “Hey, _____, get on my back. You’re probably really tired from winning.”

I hesitated, “Ah, I think I’ll just walk. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt because of me.”

“Are you saying I’m not strong enough?” Rocky grabbed my arm. I waved my arms frantically, “No, I meant I’d be too heavy.”

“Get on,” he kneeled down on the ground. I hesitantly hugged his neck.He stood back up, grabbing my thighs, “You’re as light as a feather.”

“Just go,” I buried my face in the crook of his neck. The others were waiting for us at the gate. Sona was chatting it up with Jinjin.

Her eyes lit up as they met mine, “_____!!!” She froze, an evil smirk growing across her face. She quickly snapped a picture of Rocky and I.

I jumped off of his back and chase after her. She suddenly pulled out three necklaces with paper on them, “Guess what Jinjin gave me.”

I looked at them and squealed. She tossed one to me, “Backstage passes.”