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The Signs as Doggos

Tag your sign ☼ ☽ 

Aries- Labrador Retriever 

Taurus- Golden Retriever 

Gemini- Chihuahua 

Cancer- Siberian Husky

Leo- Poodle

Virgo- Border Collie

Libra- Shih Tzu

Scorpio- Dalmatian

Sagittarius- Beagle

Capricorn- German Shepherd

Aquarius- Pug

Pisces- Corgi

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Astro Masterlist

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Dog Days - Poly! MoonRock

☆ Catches you trying to learn Cat´s eye and Hide and Seek - Moonbin

Being playful - Smut - Poly! Binu

She was watching Go Back and wanted them to dance it side by side - Fluff - Poly! MoonRock

Sometimes I forget we are married and not just best friends - Poly! MoonRock

☆ First date - Poly! Binu

Since when did you wear the pants in this family? -  I will tell your mom on you - calming you to sleep - Must be this tall to ride this, My ass - You are cute when you are upset - Food fight - Poly! Binu and Poly! ChanBaek


☆ Best friend - Angst Serie- Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Bf being fluffy - Poly! MoonRock

Accidentally confess something bad they did because they think you are ignoring them

He wants cuddle but you are at work


Disney Dates - Poly! MoonRock 

Cute Confession - Sanha

Cute - Poly! Binu

☆ Cute - Poly! MoonRock

☆ Best friends encourage you to come to Korea because it was your dream - Hyung line - Maknae line

☆ Comforting you after a bad day - Hyung line -  Maknae line

MJ tried to cheer you up ft. Sanha, Eunwoo


Dating Poly! Binu includes

Living with Astro includes


Proposing - Poly! Binu

They are trying to cheer their s/o up

First time having sex - Smut - Poly! Eunjin

Astro as dogs ~ 🐶


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