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Oh my lord. My boyfriend just came home with 3 cats and told me that he found them in a box in some sketchy alley way and now he refuses to let us take them to a shelter and insists that we keep them

AJDSFHALKSJD I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST SAW THIS I’M SO SORRY but this is so cute i’m yeLLING AJSDLHFAS !!!!!!!!!! have you named them what are they like are they cute are they fed has he brought them to the vet? ;u; i love animals bless 

but also consider this: 

  • Bin walking back after an English lesson in the Fantz building and it’s raining hard and he’s huddled in his raincoat
  • Bin hearing small meows coming from this alleyway between the dorm and the fantz and stopping
  • Bin peeping into the alleyway and seeing a small cardboard box loosely covered by a plastic bag
  • small sad meows coming from the box!!!
  • Bin opening the box and seeing the smallest three kittens he’s ever seen in his life - one could easily fit in the palm of his hand
  • Bin’s heart melting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because 
  • 1) he lives in a dorm his manager would have his head if he came back with three kittens 
  • 2) they’re promoting and their schedule’s insane there’s no way he can take care of three kittens and 
  • 3) he’s allergic to fur so really ??? 
  • what can he do :(
  • but also Bin tucking the box into his raincoat and carrying it back to the dorm because dammit his heart is weak don’t expect him to stay strong in the face of those sad kittens 
  • Bin knocking open the door with his hip with the full intention of bring the box directly to his room and asking Eunwoo what to do 
  • because of course Eunwoo would know 
  • but also Bin getting caught by Jinjin two steps in because “soN why do you look so guilty”
  • Bin slowly pulling the box out of his coat 
  • cue Jinjin and Bin standing in the living room staring at the three shivering kittens
  • Eunwoo walking out and seeing and lowkey freaking !!! out!!!!!! because that’s not allowed !!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • what if the manager walks in !!!!!!!! they’re deaD!!!!!!! 
  • but also MJ whacking him on the head and barking for Sanha to get a towel because look at these three idiots standing here looking at cold kittens, the least they could do is warm the poor babies up 
  • cue MJ picking them up gently and drying them 
  • because MJ’s basically Snow White fight me on this 
  • Sanha wiggling and whining and asking to pet them then getting all silent and in awe when MJ places a kitten into his hands 
  • small baby snuggling into Sanha’s big palms !!!! Sanha’s eyes widening because look at this small thing, full of life and warmth!!! in his hands !!!!!!!!!
  • MJ instructing Rocko to heat up some milk and to pour it into the smallest dish they have 
  • Eunwoo sitting with a kitten nestled in his lap and Bin staring at it and Eunwoo in wonder
  • they’re just so small!!!!!! and cute!!!!!!!!! eyes are so big !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bin softly humming Puss in Boots and Sanha giggling 
  • Jinjin prodding the last one when MJ’s done gently towelling it off 
  • Rocko setting the milk down and the boys depositing the kittens on the floor
  • kittens going straight for the milk and after lapping up half of it, wandering off into different corners of the room 
  • baby kitten going back up to Eunwoo and butting his hand with its head 
  • Eunwoo instantly falling in love !!!!!!
  • Bin tugging his sweater sleeves over his hands so he doesn’t get rashes but smiling at 5stro playing with the babies :’)  
  • Rocky finally looking up from where Sanha’s stroking a kitten in Rocko’s lap and asking the question on everyone’s minds: “do you think we can… we can keep them?”
  • and immediately Jinjin feels all eyes swivel to him so he clears his throat and passes MJ the kitten and says slowly: “well, I don’t think so, given that-”
  • cue a cacophony of whines from 5stro????
  • they’re so small ???????? we can’t just LEAVE them outside??????????? heck ????
  • Jinjin, slightly defeated: “I guess we’d have to ask the manager…?” 
  • Rocko smoothly sliding Jinjin’s phone out of his pockets and tossing it onto the sofa behind him: “oops, you lost your phone, can’t contact him now!!!”
  • Jinjin smiling in resignation because heck, why not just take care of the kittens for one night, right? 
  • they don’t have a schedule tomorrow so they can just bring the box to the Fantz building 
  • loud cheering from 5stro !!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • cue loud discussions about what the cats would do in the Fantz building 
  • maybe they can be the Fantz cats!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • maybe they can catch cicadas in the office!!!! 
  • maybe the kittens can be named after them !!!!! 
  • cue MJ and Eunwoo arguing over whether they should be called Hello Venus / Astro / Weme or Hello Cupid / Aroha / whatever their boss decides weme’s fandom name is supposed to be
  • Bin sitting back with his sweater paws beaming proudly at his team because look !! look at them being happy and having so much love in their hearts and pouring all that love out into the small beings purring happily in their living room
  • he doesn’t know what their manager will say tomorrow or if they’ll agree to keep the cats at all but for now, seeing his members happily playing with the kittens??????
  • he’s happy enough :’)

my suitemate recently adopted a cat her name is lucifer and we call her lucy for short and the only person in our 4 person suite she hasn’t warmed up to is me :’) not bitter or anything

Astro as dogs

me and the lovely @illustre-bin were talking about how moonrock would adopt 4 dogs in replacement of astro as the rest of astro gets married and we formed this mess of astro as dogs


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Both are small, can be mean, and have really nice hair, plus both are loud and hyper af 


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have you seen jinjins hair in the special stage he was a poofy mess but chow chows are very loyal and cute like our leader!!

EUNWOO: POODLE (i love poodles sm fight me on this)

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listen,,, both love to sleep, and eat, are hella loyal to their owners/friends (cough moonbin wont leave eunwoo evER) also i feel like shibas act like cats?? they are more toned down and soft and chill???? 


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look at that happy bork omg i love dogs someone come cry with me about them Both are vv athletic and outdoorsy beings and i feeel like rocky moves a lot like a husky?? also both are soft im so so soo soft for astro and dogs imagine astro with doGS


i couldnt get a gif of a great dane so have a picture and it basically explains why sanha is a great dane (in case it doesnt for you, both are hella big and hyper and rEALLY NICE GREAT DANES ARE SO SWEET I LOVE THEM)