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Tres cosas no estereotípicas sobre los signos

Aries: son secretamente románticos, grandes oyentes y no son tan seguros como pueden parecer.

Tauro: establecen altos estándares para sí mismos, son más racionales que emocionales y se organizan.

Géminis: son bastante sensibles, incapaces de decir “no” a sus amigos y les encanta quedarse en el interior a veces.

Cáncer: son muy resistentes, extremadamente complejos y tienen algunos de los más diversos sentido del humor.

Leo: ponen las necesidades de los demás antes que las suyas, son increíblemente pegajosas y son personas realmente inteligentes.

Virgo: están listos para cualquier aventura, tienen problemas de confianza intensa y nunca perdonan.

Libra: son muy educados / informados, notan los detalles más pequeños y no siempre son optimistas.

Escorpio: son muy tímidos y vergonzosos cuando conocen gente, son hilarantes y todo lo que quieren es amor verdadero y comenzar su propia familia.

Sagitario: son innegablemente poéticos, se comprometen cuando encuentran a la persona adecuada y se cuidan.

Capricornio: saben soltarse y divertirse, tienen risas contagiosas y son compasivos

Acuario: están en sintonía con sus sentimientos en el interior, son carismáticos y se olvidan fácilmente

Piscis: temen a la soledad, son duros / fuertes y tienen enormes ambiciones.

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How your (Venus) sign expresses love
  • Aries: Wholeheartedly, forcefully, honestly, brightly
  • Taurus: Through hints, small gestures, and telling others
  • Gemini: Through physical affection and regular attention
  • Cancer: Through massive gestures and love letters
  • Leo: Through honest words and late night texts/visits
  • Virgo: By paying more attention, working on themselves and reminding you what they love about you
  • Libra: By hugging you tighter than anyone else and going out of their way to do things for you
  • Scorpio: Quietly, truly, loyaly, with fairy-tale romance
  • Sagittarius: By taking you on adventures, sharing with you what they love
  • Capricorn: By being a much happier and open person around you, by romantic gestures
  • Aquarius: Sweetly, timidly, cautiously, kindly, frequently
  • Pisces: Truthfully, undeniably, over the top, very romantic


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“She doesn’t understand you like I do.”

“But she makes me happy.” His words were cold, his eyes matched. Any emotion that was once there had vanished at the girls words.

“Did I not?” She questioned and folded her arms. Her tone matched his and made her wonder why she was even trying at this point.

“It’s not that simple.” The woman furrowed her brows at his response, it wasn’t what she wanted.

“That doesn’t answer the question.” The two stood a few feet away from each other but it still felt entirely too close to her. To him it was too far. Neither knew what they were expecting when they made plans to meet. To talk? To argue? Why had either come?

She wanted get answers.

He wanted to see her.

“Look, there are some things that people just have to do. This is what I have to do.”

Why?” She inquired, taking a step forward. He didn’t move, his gaze still attached to the angered woman.

“God! Can’t you just take my reasoning and not question anymore? This is why we didn’t work out! You were way too involved with everything going on.” His statement took her aback, her eyes widened and eyebrows raised.

“Oh how dare I be interested in my fiance’s, no wait, ex-fiance’s, life! How bad of a relationship partner am I?” Sarcasm laced every syllable. His eyes softened.

“That’s not what I meant.” He was becoming to be at a loss for words. The pair argued before but it was never this bad. But they were also never in this situation before.

“Oh is it not?” Her voice became louder. “I must have been for you to mail a letter saying the wedding was off only for you to get married a month later! It’s almost like our four years together meant nothing.”

“I still lov-”

“Don’t say it.” There were no tears, none out of sadness or frustration. She moved to walk off but he grabbed her wrist. She chuckled out of spite at the cliché move, however part of her melted at it the action but soon hardened when she felt the chill of the ring on his finger. She remembered why she was there and pulled her arm away before saying,

“Give my congratulations to your wife.”

short angst bec why not 
leaving is the only angst I can come up with apparently 

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