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Astronaut - rooted Greek; Astro + nautes; ‘Star sailor’

When you’d said you’d wanted to be a Captain this was not what you’d meant. Yet somehow, you wouldn’t give it up for all the colonies in the Empire.

Instead of a sturdy ship aboard the waters made of wood and iron, upon your promotion to Captain you’d been given a starship; made of titanium and glass and made to travel much farther and faster than you could have ever imagined. 

Being an Orphaner was no longer your destiny. Alternia was no longer your home. Feferi had assigned you a better role upon her ascension to Empress. 

(It had nothing to do with her lusus currently being cared for by other, younger, trolls.)

The ship was scheduled to lift off from its current port at a storage outpost in less than ten minutes. You stood tall and proud, overlooking the trolls under your command with your hands clasped behind your back, a frown on your handsome features. You ruled your ship with a commanding tone these days, one that’d lost its anxious wwavver of days past and traded it in for something husky and sharp. 

No one underneath you would dare question your command like they would the boy who you’d once been.

Your vision blurs for a moment, focuses on your reflection instead. You’d grown into a straight-laced and stern troll, no longer carrying your violet colour in your hair but on your uniform, two jagged slashes across the back of your jacket and on your lapel in shining violet and gold embroidery. You’d exchanged your thick plastic rimmed glasses for something small and oval, sitting framed by gold wire on the bridge of your nose. 

Feferi said she liked how distinguished it made you look. Mature though you may be, you would still follow her to the ends of the Empire and if she liked it, so did you.

The ship’s engines underneath you rumbled, pulling you from your thoughts. You were beginning the process of stabilizing and pulling away from the satellite outpost. Any green in the gills sailor would have been knocked off balance by the sudden jerk, but you. You’ve been sailing your whole life on some ship or another. You’re used to this.

The ship disembarks and suddenly, you’re visually reminded of why you never want to go back to Alternia.

It’s the stars. 

Bright and shining, spinning in vast whorls and forming huge clusters and constellations. Planets dotted your view of the cluster galaxy, pinging on your radar, but visible as giants that sometimes even blotted out the system’s sun from your windows. There’s a whole universe out there, vaster than any sea and infinitely more full - yet, somehow, achingly empty. 

You long to reach out, extend your hand and touch every last corner, know the universe more intimately than you even know yourself. You want to see it all, experience everything the universe has to offer. You want to see new planets, name new stars and constellations after people you’ve known, people you’ve yet to know–


A voice whispers in your ear; you’d forgotten that you had your communicator in. With a sigh, you answer it. “Yes, I’m here.”

“The inventory is done tallying. Mind coming down and signing off on it?”

A Captain’s work is never done. You nod, despite no one being around to see it. “I’ll be right down.” You say. With one last look out the portside window, you head to the cargo bay of your ship.

You are a loyal Captain, a fierce commander. You are also in love with the stars. 

Your name is Eridan Ampora, and you would not give up this life for the world.

Hey everyone! I recently hit 2000 followers and just trying to wrap my head around that number is so insane. I have no idea why that many people seem to find my trash memes and crack posts worthy of a follow, but I can’t thank y’all enough. This blog has been a source of immense happiness for me, and I’m glad (or at least I hope) it’s giving y’all that too. On another note, I promised this follow forever 1.5k followers ago, but my lazy ass self left it in drafts. So at long last I present you my very first follow forever(:


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hello arohas!

today marks my first year as an astro blog here on tumblr! *insert party blower noises here* honestly, i’m so surprised that it’s already been this long; i swear i just stumbled upon to be continued yesterday…  and with that, i will be posting my first follow forever!

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