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Libra Drags 🔪

It needs to happen. Anyone feel free to add or join in. (I’m a double libra with libra dominance so I like to think this comes from a truthful place. I work on fixing this stuff everyday)

-sucks at taking advice. Will agree with the advice giver, think about it, and then continue with their destructive ways because it’s what they are more familiar and comfortable with
-desperately needs people to like them and think of them as kind, thoughtful, intelligent. If Libras sense someone dislikes them, it can become an obsession to change their minds
-speaking of obsessions, often will fixate on celebrities, idols, movies/music/books to escape from reality
-special snowflake syndrome, needs to feel superior (but will act inferior around others to gain their trust/sympathy)
-is quite smart but does not put it to good use. has really dumb oblivious moments.
-unhealthy detaches themselves from their emotions because they are too overwhelming to properly deal with
-either too goofy or too serious
-actual diet of an amusement park raccoon. incredibly unhealthy food habits. counts sitting up in bed as exercise. denies how they actually look.
-mostly aware of their faults but will continue to project onto others anyways
-many acquaintances, few friends, doesn’t 100% trust anyone
-angsty af
-puts effort into the wrong people, wrong outlets, wrong everything
-mood fluctuates like crazy
-sleep affects mood. Bad sleep = cranky af. Good dreams = blissful angel
- says “chill” but has never once been chill in their lives
-escapism through imagination
-pessimistic and idealistic at the same time and it’s confusing
-knows how to act mature, chooses to be immature
-snaps easily and takes it out on the wrong people
-angry. rage rage rage rage. hides it poorly
-is mean to the ones they care actually care about
-possessive of friends and their stuff
-incredibly perverse and dark thoughts.
-knows they are an asshole, continues to act like an asshole
-ego is either nonexistent or the size of 100 elephants stacked on top of each other
-can actually be hollow
-sad af and feels they have no reason or right to be, waters-down emotions
-purposely picks fights just so they have something to complain about
-would willing cut off a limb for you but secretly hold it against you forever and hate you for it
-thinks they are entitled to success and people’s affections
-scared of actually doing something to improve themselves because it would mean they’d have to change

any of you feel these? let me know 😄🔥🔥

if you do, take this as a sign to work on fixing your problems. This post is mostly for fun but astrology is meant to help us understand ourselves. If you know you need to work on things, do it. Words are nothing. Action is everything. Start now. Be the best version of yourself everyday ✨
Enough internet for today

The internet was confusing to Cosmica. Interesting, yes, but very, very confusing to her. She understood the basics, how to run different programs and surf the internet, but she still had so many questions. What was a ‘meme’? Why did Rav find them so hilarious? Why did the Commander cringe almost every time Rav showed him one? She still had yet to find out. She didn’t want to ask, really. She thought it might be fun to try and figure it out on her own.

So that lead her to where she is now, sitting on the floor with a laptop she got from who knows where, connected to the internet somehow, and making an account for a website called ‘tumblr’.

Why was it called ‘tumblr’?? Did people tumble while on it?? Did it make people tumble??

She decided to leave those questions behind, staring at the blank, uhm what was it called again? She hovered over the ‘home’ icon with her cursor. Oh yeah! The dashboard!

Cosmica stared at the dashboard for a few more seconds, looking for the search bar, guessing that that would be the best place to start looking for things.

She drew to a blank on what she could look for. Glancing around the general area, she spotted one of Rav’s Steam Powered Giraffe posters, this one for the album, ‘The Vice Quadrant’. She liked that one. It reminded her of home. And him.

She began typing carefully, searching for ‘The Vice Quadrant’ to see what would pop up. Hundreds of drawings of her popped up, and she loved every single one of them, even the ones that stirred up slightly unpleasant memories. There were a few posts that alarmed her, though.

Namely, the ones mentioning the possibility of her and the Commander getting into a relationship.

Nope. Nu-uh. She wanted absolutely none of this. She loves almost everything, and will love almost anyone, but this, this, she will not accept.

She glanced to the side, where the Commander and Rav were napping on a couch, Rav laying on top of the Commander, snuggling into his chest.

They’re the ones in the relationship. She’s perfectly happy being single, thank you very much.

She closed the tab and shut down the laptop, deciding that she had had enough internet for today, thank you very much.

She still loves The Astronaut, anyways.


Cutting it close to the deadline, this is for the Gemsona February prompt. Obviously, I chose the “classroom gems” prompt and had the Astro Gems chibified and teaching a lesson based on their personalities and interests. I didn’t think it would take too long but my coloring habits proved me wrong. 
My Fire Agate, @tkpinkerton‘s Blue and Red Obsidian, @sentaiaddict and @lupineskyes‘s Watermelon Tourmaline, and the newest member of the crew @adb-fantasy‘s Jet! Also, here’s a bonus concept sketch I did for the project!

EDIT: By the way, the classroom background was made by accursedasche

EDIT EDIT: I realized I made an embarassing grammar typo. It’s supposed to be who instead of which… but it’s the obsidians, they’d probably make grammar errors. smooth, nerida. smooth

when astro is cooking...

Sanha: *burns the house down*

Jinjin: doesn’t cook, survives on pizza and macaroni and cheese, already friends with the delivery guy

MJ: *desperate screeching in the distance*

Moonbin and Rocky: follows the recipe thoroughly but everything’s bound to fall apart at some point

Eunwoo: already won master chef 3 times in a row