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the signs playing truth or dare

the one daring or getting ppl to confess crazy shit. comes up with the best ideas: cancer, virgo, gemini

DARE. DARE. DARE. THEY’LL FUCKING DO ANYTHING JUST ASK!!: capricorn, leo, libra, aries

picks truth and lets out some surprising ass shit like wtf i ain’t know you was into eating ass tf: taurus, scorpio, aquarius

doesn’t even want to play cuz they know someone gonna ask them to do some crazy shit: sagittarius, pisces

Compatibility Based on Sun Sign Ruler

Your sun sign is one of the most important parts of your chart. The ruler of that sign plays a big part on your personality and thoughts in life. I also believe it plays a part on which part of your partner’s chart you will truly want to be compatible in. Not everything in a chart will be compatible, but depending on your sun sign I believe one placement will be the most important.

For Leo the most important part of the chart will be the sun sign of the individual. It will determine how the zodiac’s actor will play their role. Will they be the grounded lover that Taurus needs or the wild partier that Aries is so fond of. So when it comes to sun signs they have some that work better but ultimately any sun sign can be compatible with them.

For Cancer who is ruled by the moon, their emotions come first and foremost. A Cancer places a lot of emphasis on compatible moon signs. It’s where they look in the chart first to make sure their partner is right for them. Everything else can be forgiven as long as the cancer can attend to your emotional needs correctly. A compatible moon sign on first glance at the natal chart will have the cancer planning all sorts of ways to soothe their lover’s soul.

For Gemini and Virgo they look to compatible mercury signs. They need Herme’s to bless their union with a mutually compatible way of speaking. How can they survive if they are unable to communicate in the relationship. All their thoughts will fall on deaf ears until they find someone who can communicate the way they want them to. Gemini and Virgo will excitedly tell their partner that their communication styles are so similar! Also did you hear about….

Aries and Scorpio are the proud warriors of Mars. They want to make sure you are passionate in a way that matches their passion. What is life without energy for them. They need a mars sign that will match them in the way they need to be matched. A smirk slides on their face when they see the mars sign in their potential rival’s chart.

Taurus and Libra are Venus’ messengers from the fields of Mount of Olympus. They are concerned with how you operate in love. When they look at the natal chart their heart quickens at the fact that your venus matches their venus. How their heart quickens because they’ve found someone who can match their love pattern.

For Capricorn and Aquarius saturn is constantly at their shoulder. He whispers to them to try harder in order to earn his reward. They look to the chart of their lover to see if their lover has the same struggles. They wonder how you work through your issues. When they see in your chart that your saturn is in a certain sign in a certain position, they take note. Here is someone who I can work through my issues together with.

Jupiter gives Sagittarius and Pisces the happy go-lucky outlook that they can make anyone theirs as long as they try. There is so much to learn from every placement. Every part of the chart is important. When they see compatible moon signs they cheer just as much as when they see compatible mercury signs. 


Cutting it close to the deadline, this is for the Gemsona February prompt. Obviously, I chose the “classroom gems” prompt and had the Astro Gems chibified and teaching a lesson based on their personalities and interests. I didn’t think it would take too long but my coloring habits proved me wrong. 
My Fire Agate, @tkpinkerton‘s Blue and Red Obsidian, @sentaiaddict and @lupineskyes‘s Watermelon Tourmaline, and the newest member of the crew @adb-fantasy‘s Jet! Also, here’s a bonus concept sketch I did for the project!

EDIT: By the way, the classroom background was made by accursedasche

EDIT EDIT: I realized I made an embarassing grammar typo. It’s supposed to be who instead of which… but it’s the obsidians, they’d probably make grammar errors. smooth, nerida. smooth

Anyone remember this?

Time to talk about one of my favorite underrated movie, which is Astro Boy 2009 (based on an old anime that came out in 1960). I’ll begin by admitting that the film has flaws, but they’re easily ignorable because of the kindhearted story and especially the kindheartedness of Astro himself. The story is about a scientist who lost his son and tries replacing him with a robot that looked like him, but ends up abandoning it, Aka Astro. The film is about him trying to find his place in the world. I want to talk about the film because of the character.

The character of Astro is perfect, he’s smart, strong, kind, wise, powerful and so on, which could be considered as cheap, as bad writing, but what makes this work is that the film addresses it. Because of him being so kind and smart, people loved him, but as soon as they found out that he was a robot, he got treated as if his qualities weren’t real and that it was all programmed, making him feel fake. The characters even feel betrayed for him tricking them into treating him like a human, which is really sad. Then that leads to his friends treating him like an item and as a slave even, but what does Astro do? He forgives them all, his father for throwing him away and his friends who had him as a slave. His story is about rejection, forgiveness and acceptance, which are tough topics for a kids film, but that’s what makes it so great. This film perfectly balances the character thanks to how the world is written around him, and i really felt like i needed to talk about that at least once. 

That tragedy then really helps the character grow, he feels even stronger for being so emotionally broken and still being able to smile and makes his every decision of his feel powerful. After watching this film when I was little, he helped me grow. I wanted to be as strong as him so I became more forgiving and open-minded to different views, so thanks movie.

This film is being forgotten and it saddens me, because this is a wonderful film for kids to watch. It treats the young viewers with respect, gives a harsh yet heartwarming story, beautiful soundtracks (seriously, they’re amazing) and some really nice action scenes.

If only more people cared about this film, because I have so much more to say about it.


ASTRO as cinnamon rolls [x]

Forest Creature! Lee Dongmin!

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SHOCKINGLY, it took me this many years of life to realize all along I should have been doing astro based witchcraft and that there is where my path has always tried to go and I wasn’t getting the picture. I just realized it suddenly an hour ago. A puzzle piece clicked into place somewhere and something I had lost came back.

Now to figure out how to apply the grimoire challenge to astronomy and astrology based magic stuff!


Join the ASTRO AUGUST CHALLENGE.  Each day is a new question.  Answer the question and explain why that’s your answer.  Include picutres/gifs/videos.  Create new content if you’re inspired to.  Ramble for as long as you want.  For each day, you can answer the question or pick to answer one of the questions on the VERSUS list.

1. Who is your bias? (Explain everything you like about them.)
2. List as many reasons as you can to tell why you’re proud of Astro!
3. Favorite Astro Play/Astro Ddoca video?  (Link it!)
4. Who is your bias wrecker? (Optional: Tag someone who’s bias is your bias wrecker (and ask them to control their bias)!)
5. Who takes the best selfies? (Attach example photos!)
6. Put Astro in order based on what you think their mental age is.  (Why do you think your order is the right order?)
7. Favorite vocalist! (Attach videos as proof of their skills!)
8. What subunit do you most want to see at the concert? (M2K or VIjewels?  Are you hoping for another surprise subunit/duo/solo stage?)
9. Favorite smile!  Explain why!  (Optional: Make a gif or gif set!)
10. Tag 3 of your favorite Astro blogs (and say why you love them!)
11. Favorite rapper! (Attach videos as proof of their skills!)
12. Have you watched To Be Continued?  If yes, talk about how you feel about it.  If no, do you plan on it?  Why or why not?
13. Favorite dancer! (Attack videos as proof of their skills!)
14. Favorite V app moment!  (Link the video! Optional: Make a gif or gif set!)
15. Describe your favorite ship but don’t say what the ship is.  (Encourage your followers to guess which ship it is!)
16. Do you have any headcannons?  List them! (Optional: Write a short fan fic about one of your headcannons!)
17. Favorite performance! (Attach the video!)
18. Favorite Astro quote!
19. Describe each member of Astro in three words.
20. Most to least likely to kick off their socks while asleep.  (Optional: Write a drabble about it!)
21. Favorite cover Astro have done!  (Link it!)
22. Favorite fan cam!  (Say why you like it and link it!)
23. Which member would you most want as a sibling and why?  (Optional: Write a scenario!)
24. A memorable moment I have of Astro is…?
25. Most to least likely to get lost playing Pokemon Go. (Optional: Describe why you chose the most likely and least likely!)
26. Favorite Astro tweet?
27.  You have to convince
a non-aroha to stan Astro in under 100 words.  How would you do it?
28. Make 3 questions and tag 3 blogs to answer them!
29. What was your favorite subunit performance from the concert?  (Link to a fan cam of it!)
30. How do you feel about Astro’s first solo concert?  (Be detailed!)
31. What do you think are Astro’s chances for winning rookie of the year?

1. Fireworks vs Morning Call
2. Polaris vs Puss In Boots/Cat’s Eye
3. Eunha (Eunwoo and Sanha) vs Myungbin (MJ and Moonbin)
4. Astro OK!Ready vs To Be Continued
5. Astro and Seveteen vs Astro and KNK
6. Hide and Seek choreo vs Breathless choreo
7. Doryongi (the stuffed toy) vs Zipore (the duck)

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