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kpop vs. western artists
  • kpop: we're releasing a music video of our new title track in three hours. the full length album will be on itunes 6 minutes later. the world tour will start in four days. pre-orders begin in 26 minutes. promotions will begin exactly 47 minutes after the album is released. we'll have another comeback two weeks later.
  • western artists: i'm releasing a New Hit Single in 7 months. we don't know if there will be a music video yet, probably not. the tour for my full length album, that will be released six months after the New Hit Single, starts in three years. after that, you won't hear from me for another ten years.

» they are my sun, they’re like the moon. filling the night sky, they shine beautifully, like the sun, moon, & stars  

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the signs playing truth or dare

the one daring or getting ppl to confess crazy shit. comes up with the best ideas: cancer, virgo, gemini

DARE. DARE. DARE. THEY’LL FUCKING DO ANYTHING JUST ASK!!: capricorn, leo, libra, aries

picks truth and lets out some surprising ass shit like wtf i ain’t know you was into eating ass tf: taurus, scorpio, aquarius

doesn’t even want to play cuz they know someone gonna ask them to do some crazy shit: sagittarius, pisces

incorrect astro quotes #60
  • eunwoo: why are you eating icecream you are lactose intolerant
  • moonbin: i can tolerate it this ice cream is legendairy
  • eunwoo: moonbin no
  • moonbin: was my pun to cheesy
  • eunwoo: stop
  • moonbin: dont spoil my fun
  • moonbin: i guess you dont find my puns a-moos-ing

Being a Libra moon can be infuriating.

The moon represents our emotions, our inner selves, our intuition, and some our most personal desires.

Libra is the only zodiac sign represented by an object. Objects are inherently lifeless, they do not have thoughts or feelings and cannot take action. All objects exist only to serve, to benefit others. Their purpose to be used. Objects are created by life forms and used by life forms. An object does not exist just to exist as the way people do. They cannot fulfill their purpose without other’s interactions and influence.

So, in combination, this sign does not feel the way other moon signs do. In the realm of emotion, a lifeless object such as the scales is uncomfortable under the moon’s position. Here, the celestial body that rules emotion has no natural life force to work with. The scales are born impartial, objective, and devoid of feeling.

This lack of feeling where there should be is what causes many Libra moons (and to a lesser extent Air moons) to feel hollow. There is an emptiness that rages inside. The emptiness may come and go the way the moon pulls the ocean tides back out to sea, but it is always there. Think of emotions as the sea, vast and ever changing. The Libra moon sails its small ship at night, alone. The water is dark and calm on the surface but underneath lies a turbulent current. The Libra always feels the nagging of the whirlpool underneath and struggles to sail against it. It is only when the Lunar Libra finds a match to sail with do they feel like they have a chance to conquer the undercurrent. It is only when the Libra has found companionship are they able to sail under the warmth of the sun, feel the spray of the sea, and enjoy what life has to offer.

Lunar Libras logically know they have the power to be independent, to sail their ship alone. But doing so would mean facing the sinister undercurrent by themselves. Having a partner fulfills their ancient need to be of service, of use. Others influence, create, and mold Libras: something they cannot do on their own. An object cannot create itself. It needs the touch of another.

A Libra without love is an object who’s creator has thrown them away. Libras need to be desires and loved in the same regard a sailor takes care of his ship. An unloved Libra is a ship forever docked, never taken out to see the world.

The moon in Libra needs other’s influence to develop themselves. They can learn how to behave, how to respond, how to feel, how to live. The Lunar Libra must always try harder to access their feelings than other signs. They must build their own personality from what they’ve learned along the way.

There are two parts to the Scales. Lunar Libras come into this world trying to keep them level and balanced by themselves, but always one side is heavier than the other. Having a partner means that Libras have help to keep the Scales even. They can finally lay down in a dish to rest, their partner in the other keeps them balanced and safe.

Please be patient with the Scales for they are still learning how to sail.

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hiya vivi, have you seen that one older vampire au where the s/o is mad at their s/o and puts on a bunch of silver to keep them at a distance. imagine binu where eunwoo is sitting at a mirror just putting on all the jewelry he owns and when bin whines about what he's done wrong eunwoo is so passive aggressive and is like nothing at all. "babe what are we eating for dinner" "italian" "BBY COME ON"

dshlfkajdhfs hi i’m sorry this took so long but i thought of this in the shower today and started laughing really hard this is pure fluff

  • eunwoo thinks bin has to be the snuggliest vampire ever 
  • never mind vampires, he highkey thinks bin is the snuggliest boyfriend ever
  • the moment eunwoo gets home from work?? bin’s clinging to one of his limbs
  • the moment eunwoo finishes preparing dinner?? bin’s backhugging him and dragging him to the sofa and peppering him with small kisses
  • and eunwoo whines a little about it every day because who can prepare their meals with an over-grown man-child-who-happens-to-feed-off-of-blood clinging to him????
  • ???? not eunwoo 
  • do vampires as a general population even cuddle?? eunwoo wants to ask or is it just bin?????
  • except today 
  • today is weird
  • bin’s calmly lounging on their sofa when eunwoo gets home
  • no hugs, no kisses
  • eunwoo sneaking a peek from where he’s chopping ingredients in the kitchen 
  • bin flipping through channels like eunwoo isn’t even home????
  • ???????
  • eunwoo calling out for bin to come help him get the onions out of the fridge 
  • bin sliding into the kitchen and humming and handing eunwoo his onions
  • and at this point he’d usually backhug eunwoo and hum into his ear and ask how his day went 
  • eunwoo narrowing his eyes at bin
  • eunwoo: “no kisses?”
  • bin humming and beaming at eunwoo before sliding back out into the living room with no response 
  • eunwoo: ?????????????
  • ngl, he already misses bin’s skinship
  • sure, it made stuff like chopping vegetables and stirring noodles hard and he complains about it but 
  • eunwoo sulking a little and finishing up his meal prep and setting all his ingredients on the counter
  • eunwoo going into the living room and settling himself next to bin on the sofa, arm to arm and leg to leg
  • bin just stopping himself from melting into eunwoo’s touch 
  • he wants to wind himself around eunwoo, he really does but !!!!
  • eunwoo complained yesterday about how he couldn’t do the dishes with bin’s arms wrapped around his middle and bin’s nose in his neck
  • and so today bin has Resolved to Keep His Hands Off
  • see how eunwoo likes that!!!!!
  • not that it’s working very well
  • especially with eunwoo glancing at him every minute
  • eunwoo pouting at bin
  • and wiggling under bin’s arm and doing That Pout™
  • you know
  • this one
  • bin’s heart is slowly weakening
  • he!! a vampire!!! with no heart!!!!!!
  • bin coughing and disentangling himself from eunwoo and standing up and heading into the kitchen to get some water
  • eunwoo looking at bin in slight bewilderment because what is bin doing??????
  • all eunwoo wants is a cuddle :-(
  • and snuggly bin is usually very forthcoming with cuddles but today ????
  • ???????
  • eunwoo sulking 
  • fine, two can play at a game
  • he knows bin is weak for skinship and no matter how hard he’s holding out now and no matter the reason bin’s doing it for, he probably won’t last very long without cuddles 
  • eunwoo gives it until he starts cooking dinner for bin to give in 
  • but in the mean time 
  • eunwoo going into their bedroom and changing and heading straight for his jewelry drawer
  • eunwoo pulling out a cute silver ring mj gave him a while ago 
  • eunwoo slipping on a silver chain rocky got him from his trip to america 
  • eunwoo contemplating some silver ear cuffs jinjin got him before shrugging and slipping them on too
  • if bin intends to not cuddle him then eunwoo will help him as best as he can 
  • bin walking into their bedroom to see how eunwoo’s holding up without cuddles
  • bin walking up behind eunwoo and straight into a rippling silver wall and bouncing off slightly 
  • bin: D: 
  • eunwoo: “oh hey binnie!!”
  • bin making a whiny noise 
  • eunwoo: “what’s wrong?”
  • bin pouting: “what did i do wrong???” :(
  • eunwoo blinking calmly at bin
  • eunwoo, adjusting the clasp on the silver chain: “nothing?”
  • bin narrowing his eyes and sulking 
  • eunwoo brushing past bin to head into the kitchen to prepare dinner
  • bin trailing behind eunwoo like a slightly lost puppy
  • bin pouting more as he sees eunwoo start to pull noodle packets out of the cupboard
  • it’s usually this time when bin starts hugging eunwoo but eunwoo also usually whines for bin to stop hugging him when he’s near fire so 
  • bin hoisting himself up onto the kitchen counter and just barely stopping himself from whining at eunwoo
  • eunwoo: “what’s wrong, binnie?” 
  • bin sulking because eunwoo has silver on, that’s what’s wrong!!
  • he can’t go near eunwoo!!!!
  • not that,,,, he was supposed to anyway,,,,,,
  • bin looking down at his hands sheepishly 
  • bin: “so what’s for dinner?”
  • eunwoo, humming and pulling garlic out from the fridge 
  • eunwoo: “italian?”
  • bin, retreating from where eunwoo’s holding garlic in his hand: 
  • bin, truly about to weep:
  • bin, from the doorway: “BABE, COME ONNNN”
  • eunwoo: ?
  • wow he was intending to Not Cuddle and Not let eunwoo wearing silver and eating garlic affect him since he originally meant to not cuddle eunwoo anyway but
  • but obviously it isn’t working because bin is a weakling for skinship
  • and it’s not like eunwoo can fault him!!! all bin wants is love :(
  • and cuddles!!!
  • bin: “i promise not to cuddle you when you’re cooking now pleeeeease please stop” :(
  • eunwoo: “oh, is that why??”
  • bin: ?????? :((
  • eunwoo, pouting slightly: “is that why you refused cuddles the whole time?”
  • and eunwoo’s suddenly laughing brightly and walking over to bin 
  • bin retreating further into the living room because !!! eunwoo still has garlic in his hand!!!!
  • bin, looking with slight fear at eunwoo’s hand and eunwoo laughing more 
  • cue eunwoo chasing bin around the house with a clove of garlic until bin is a giggly mess and pleading with eunwoo to stop
  • eunwoo laughing and putting the clove back into the kitchen before going over to kiss bin
  • bin wincing when eunwoo comes too close and gasping out a “silver!!”
  • eunwoo blinking and laughing and tossing off his jewelry (onto a table, because eunwoo’s actually responsible) before peppering bin with small kisses 
  • eunwoo might think bin’s the snuggliest vampire ever 
  • but really? he’s just as soft for bin’s cuddles as bin is for his 

i, too, want cuddles :(

what love is

“love stayed away for years. and when love finally reappeared, i barely recognized him.”

(aka the one about how jinwoo learns a new love; the ins and outs of a new person; part 2 of the when love arrives series)

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daily lifestyle vlogger. his best friends moonbin, sanha, myungjun, dongmin and jinwoo often make appearances in his videos. posts a weekly segment called “shopping with rocky” in which he vlogs his grocery shopping adventures.


Cutting it close to the deadline, this is for the Gemsona February prompt. Obviously, I chose the “classroom gems” prompt and had the Astro Gems chibified and teaching a lesson based on their personalities and interests. I didn’t think it would take too long but my coloring habits proved me wrong. 
My Fire Agate, @tkpinkerton‘s Blue and Red Obsidian, @sentaiaddict and @lupineskyes‘s Watermelon Tourmaline, and the newest member of the crew @adb-fantasy‘s Jet! Also, here’s a bonus concept sketch I did for the project!

EDIT: By the way, the classroom background was made by accursedasche

EDIT EDIT: I realized I made an embarassing grammar typo. It’s supposed to be who instead of which… but it’s the obsidians, they’d probably make grammar errors. smooth, nerida. smooth

Anyone remember this?

Time to talk about one of my favorite underrated movie, which is Astro Boy 2009 (based on an old anime that came out in 1960). I’ll begin by admitting that the film has flaws, but they’re easily ignorable because of the kindhearted story and especially the kindheartedness of Astro himself. The story is about a scientist who lost his son and tries replacing him with a robot that looked like him, but ends up abandoning it, Aka Astro. The film is about him trying to find his place in the world. I want to talk about the film because of the character.

The character of Astro is perfect, he’s smart, strong, kind, wise, powerful and so on, which could be considered as cheap, as bad writing, but what makes this work is that the film addresses it. Because of him being so kind and smart, people loved him, but as soon as they found out that he was a robot, he got treated as if his qualities weren’t real and that it was all programmed, making him feel fake. The characters even feel betrayed for him tricking them into treating him like a human, which is really sad. Then that leads to his friends treating him like an item and as a slave even, but what does Astro do? He forgives them all, his father for throwing him away and his friends who had him as a slave. His story is about rejection, forgiveness and acceptance, which are tough topics for a kids film, but that’s what makes it so great. This film perfectly balances the character thanks to how the world is written around him, and i really felt like i needed to talk about that at least once. 

That tragedy then really helps the character grow, he feels even stronger for being so emotionally broken and still being able to smile and makes his every decision of his feel powerful. After watching this film when I was little, he helped me grow. I wanted to be as strong as him so I became more forgiving and open-minded to different views, so thanks movie.

This film is being forgotten and it saddens me, because this is a wonderful film for kids to watch. It treats the young viewers with respect, gives a harsh yet heartwarming story, beautiful soundtracks (seriously, they’re amazing) and some really nice action scenes.

If only more people cared about this film, because I have so much more to say about it.

if anyone wants to know the first 6 seconds of the baby choreography then here’s my unclear direction in 8 counts: 

1 legs should separate and right arm goes out

2 legs clink back together and right hand snaps

3 turn head to your right and bring your right arm over to your left

4 snap and do the leg thing

5 turn head to your left and bring your right arm to your lower right

6 snap and do the leg thing

7 cross your hands on your waist and then quickly swap them so your left hand is on your left hip and your right hand is on your right hip. then bring your arms out like you’re about to shrug.  Bring your hands down so your fingers are facing the ground and raise your right leg behind yourself.

8 pivot your left foot inwards and move your right leg behind your left legs. Your foot should be pointed on the ground. At the same time, put your right arm in front of you vertically and have your hand in a fist. Make sure the fist is facing towards you. With your left hand, grab the “cuff” of your sleeve