astro a30

It is crafty contest time, Assassins! We want you to build your very own paper-craft Jackdaw and send us your photos and/or videos.

The contest is simple: 

- Click here to get your paper-craft Jackdaw template:

- Post your photos or videos with the hashtag #ACJackdaw on Twitter, Vine or Instagram.

- You can win some excellent ACIV themed Astro A30 headsets.

- The contest is only open to people with a US mailing address. 

- You have until March 6th to submit your #ACJackdaw photos and videos.

Happy crafting!

So...should I get my boyfriend a used but great condition Astro a40 headset or a new Astro a30 headset?

or just throw in the extra 30 bucks i dont have to get him the new Astro a40 headset?

and wireless or no?

i like dont have money for any of this but astro is the best right? and he is on a new MLG halo team… iwant him to have the best