I actually love Astrid. I loved her the first time I heard her and I love her now. I very much doubt anything will be able to change that. I’m having difficulty picking out 3 things in music at the moment…Probably because it is all so good. 

. The lyrics, just like in all of her tracks, Astrid is very articulate with the way she speaks. Each word adds to a strong current of story which tumbles down a waterfall of emotions. So incredibly talented.

.I honestly cannot get over her voice. There is so much emotion included that it feels like she’s baring her soul to us…And it’s beautiful. There are some people in this world that are meant to be doing something- Astrid is suppose to be doing this. I love how much range there is, from pitch to volume, and I love how she uses that.

I almost feel like she is talking to me. Like I’m the only person in the audience. Like she total understand me. And for 5 minuets all I can hear is this. I have no issue with that.

This is beauty. This is perfection. I honestly cannot express how much I am love with this.

Thank you for giving me this.