I actually love Astrid. I loved her the first time I heard her and I love her now. I very much doubt anything will be able to change that. I’m having difficulty picking out 3 things in music at the moment…Probably because it is all so good. 

. The lyrics, just like in all of her tracks, Astrid is very articulate with the way she speaks. Each word adds to a strong current of story which tumbles down a waterfall of emotions. So incredibly talented.

.I honestly cannot get over her voice. There is so much emotion included that it feels like she’s baring her soul to us…And it’s beautiful. There are some people in this world that are meant to be doing something- Astrid is suppose to be doing this. I love how much range there is, from pitch to volume, and I love how she uses that.

I almost feel like she is talking to me. Like I’m the only person in the audience. Like she total understand me. And for 5 minuets all I can hear is this. I have no issue with that.

This is beauty. This is perfection. I honestly cannot express how much I am love with this.

Thank you for giving me this. 

Miten on mahdollista, että Astrid Swanin demo on vuoden parhaita biisejä?

Joo-o! Eikä se ole edes tänä vuonna tehty demo, vaan Garagebandin avulla taltioitu versio vuodelta 2010, samalta ajalta, jolloin Astrid Swan äänitti Pavement-albumiaan.

Yearning to Hold Still ilmestyy virallisena versiona Swanin uudella albumilla tämän syksyn aikana. Levy on kuulemma kaikkiaan jo valmis, mutta ainakaan omaan silmääni eivät sen nimi tai julkaisupäivä ole osuneet. Albumiversio poikkeaa Swanin mukaan vahvasti tästä kolme vuotta vanhasta - toivottavasi ei maagisuuden ja tunnelman puolesta.

Kappale julkaistiin netissä puolisentoista kuukautta sitten Solitin 2-vuotiskokoelmalla. Tutustu myös siihen, mutta nauti ensin tästä.

Thank you...

So, I’ve had tumblr for probably a month now and I guess I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you to everyone who likes or reblogs a post. Not because I want to be famous or have 100 notes on a post…But because every time one of you does something it lets me know that I’m not alone. That people like the music that I do; that people do want me to post things.

It’s so refreshing to know that diversity is still our there. That music still appeals to so many people. That people still like and dislike different things. That music is still wanted by people and that every type still has a place.

Thank you to everyone that follows me. Again, that sounds like I just want some sort of fame but in reality it means that I’m reassured that music is still wanted. That people still want to listen. That people still want to talk.

   Thank you to all of the new things I’ve found because of this. Like that The XX does have a very loyal fan base that they deserve.  That The artic monkey’s haven’t been forgotten. But perhaps the most important thing is that a large part of my favourite music is made up of artist that I hadn’t heard about before tumblr… That’s incredible. Yes, I’m talking about Astrid Swan, ex guru, foreign tongues, passion pit and see you on the road. You guys are all so amazing.

To be honest I don’t know why I didn’t get tumblr before. Please carry on posting the things that you do, it really brightens up my day. Please carry on leaving notes if you like something. Always feel free to suggest a new band or song.

Thank you… 

Hey guys! It’s been a bit of a while since I did a proper post because I’ve been a bit indecisive about what song to post. I decided on this one because, lets face it, it’s almost perfect. It made me cry. It made me buy it. And it made me put it on my favourite playlist. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are 3 major thing to….well, everything really. So here’s this songs 3 big things:

3. The video is amazing. Absolute genius. Normally a video does not have an effect on my opinion towards a song but this is a very special case. Astrid has made a sensational masterpiece which combines both colour and black and white. Furthermore the repetition of location, small clips of acting and the whole rhythm gives the entire video the  essance of perfection.

2. The story. A very powerful narrative (I wont ruin it for you) told via a steady stream of carefully placed words. No stand out lines, just consistent but effortless lyrics.

1. Her voice! It’s just…perfect… It’s so pure and innocent and wise and knowing and natural. And I cant describe it. It make  me want to plead to the major music labels not to touch her. Not to change her. Just to leave her alone because this was just perfect.

My new favourite song.

This is the first single from Astrid4, Astrid Swan’s fifth album in total, but fourth if you count out her Pavement cover album Hits (Pavement for Girls). Astrid4 is out October 25, 2013 in Finland.

Astrid Swan: Four Months To Kill (early version)

“This is a very raw version of Four Months to Kill from the day it was born (if I remember correctly).I’m kind of in love with the melody here, because it has quirks that I straightened out later on and the tempo is lulling here, never hurried. Also, the lyrics in the chorus are different, maybe better than in the album version. Happy birthday Soliti! “