List of all Sveja’s muses because wow there are a lot

Kaesel Jaktur / Dr. Ekai Xing / Azou’Serni’Venebia
Star Wars : The Force Awakens based OCs
Active - separate blog (considered my main)

Astridr Ragnidottir / Laeiknarr Lokisson 
Norse Mythology OCs with Marvel influences
Semi-Active - separate blog

Ivar Bei / Astrid Bei / Nova Bei / Idon Bei / Xiaohui Xing / Haru Stark / Mai Stark / Alex Rogers / Charles Rogers / Ekaterina Alexiovich
Basically my grandchildren from all blogs
Fandomless / Star Wars / MCU based OCs
Semi-Active - separate blog

Nadzieja Banaszynski
MCU / 616 / X-Men based OC
Active - separate blog

Dr. Remy Barrträd
Hunger Games based OC
Low activity (hoping to change) - separate blog

Jae Farr 
X-Men based OC
Low activity - separate blog

Tony Stark
Canon Divergent, MCU based
Semi-Active, on indefinite semi-hiatus at the moment - separate blog