Things I just freaking adore about Race to the Edge.

  • Hiccup gets dunked in a pile of fish. He is armpit deep in fish. We literally see Hiccup dunked in a pile of fish.
  • Ruffnut and Tuffnut talking about how much they mean to each other. They’re serious. They’re emphatic. They’re such caring siblings. There are feels everywhere.
  • Fishlegs gets hypnotized into believing he is this buff, tough, heroic dragon wrangler, which makes Snotlout squealy over him.
  • Snotlout kisses Fishlegs.
  • If you translate Snotlout’s diagrams in “Quake, Rattle, and Roll,” you realized he’s talking about and drawing about how to give people  wedgies.
  • Viggo completely outmaneuvers Hiccup. We’re accustomed to seeing Hiccup outsmarting others, not getting owned by someone else’s plot.
  • That moment when Astrid and Stoick have that serious nighttime talk at the start of “Astrid’s Team.” Great, deep bonding moment and did a good job realistically highlighting Astrid’s insecurities.
  • Dagur and Fishlegs bonding over being Gronckle riders.
  • Astrid and Heather kicking butt together as a dynamic duo. And like, everything about their friendship.
  • “Toothle! Plama blat!” Like literally? Banning the letter “S” just to bother Snotlout? Incredible.
  • Tableboy Hiccup.
  • Ruffnut and Tuffnut demonstrating how competent they can be.
  • What even is “The Zippleback Experience” I don’t know.
  • We got a musical episode. There is a musical number where Snotlout brags about himself. Think about it.
  • Oh also Death Songs are completely awesome.
  • And Razorwhips.
  • Gothi swears like a sailor and won’t hesitate to use her language to complain about the chief and chief’s son. There is no filter on this woman!
  • How on earth did we get in this tangle with Tuffnut marrying Fishlegs and Ruffnut?
  • Princess Outpost Hiccup.
  • Fishlegs leading the Catastrophic Quakens against Viggo’s fortress was so legit. Fishlegs holds up this might hammer like he’s actually Thor and then just wreaks havoc.
  • Tuffnut and Chicken.
  • Hiccup and the riders being JUST DONE with Johann.
  • There are times when the story gets serious, tense, and dramatic, but they also have fun and give us plenty of moments and episodes where they don’t take themselves seriously. “Big Man on Berk” has no attempted seriousness. None at all. None.
  • Viggo’s opening dialogue is some of the coolest lines I’ve ever heard in this series, and it gets so deep. It’s a wonderful character introduction, a revealing and thoughtful exposition.
  • Queen Mala and the Defenders of the Wing and their unique culture is pretty darned awesome.
  • Hiccup and his flight suit tests. What a nerd.
  • Astrid’s design is gorgeous. So is Hiccup’s. Actually I mean I like how all of them look.
  • The animation is so good for a television series??
  • I just. I’m so happy thinking about RTTE right now.

Astrid pulou da cama com o som do alarme ressoando entre as paredes. Seu coração estava na boca, sabendo que o alarme nunca era usado para situações banais. Algo estava acontecendo, a dúvida era: Humanos ou infectados? Honestamente, a garota não conseguia decidir o que seria pior. Não tinha ideia de como conseguiu conter suas mãos de tremer para colocar os sapatos, nem de abrir a lata debaixo de sua cama cuja qual guardava sua pistola. Astrid correu porta a fora, esbarrando-se em algumas pessoas enquanto tentava alcançar o lado de fora. Surpreendeu-se quando encontrou um corredor completamente vazio, e logo entendeu o motivo: Alguém se aproximava, alguém que definitivamente não era de Redholt. A menina entrou na sala mais próxima, encontrando mais alguém lá dentro. Ela abaixou-se, encostando seu corpo contra a porta e gesticulando para a pessoa não fazer barulho. “Invasão. Não sei quem. Caçadores eu acho.” sussurrou tão rápido que perguntou-se se elx teria entendido qualquer palavra.

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Prompt - Ruby sees her neighbor Mr Gold having sex through her window & calls up her friend Belle. Suddenly the woman Gold is with reaches for her phone & it is revealed to be Belle.

The Best Gossip

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Ruby Lucas could hardly believe her eyes. Well, actually, she kinda wanted to remove her eyes right now and possibly bleach her brain, but not before she called her best friend and told her the best gossip since Leroy made out with Sister Astrid. Mr. Gold, the grouchy, reclusive landlord and pawn shop owner that everyone was not-so-secretly afraid of, was having sex.

The ringing seemed to go on forever as she paced around her living room. She peeked through the curtains again, into her neighbor Mr. Gold’s house. He had stopped - moving - (Ruby shuddered at the thought) and sat up. She could see his hair was mussed and his shirt was wrinkled and unbuttoned. His suit jacket, waistcoat, and tie were nowhere to be seen and she could only imagine what a wrinkled mess they might be. Or did he actually take the time to hang them and fold them properly?

Nah, she thought. No guy delayed sex, not even one as fastidious about his appearance as Mr. Gold.

Finally, the ringing cut off and Ruby heard her friend’s voice.

“Rubes?” came Belle’s very out of breath voice. “What - what’s going on?”

The phone fell from Ruby’s hand, landing on the floor with a thud and skidding over towards the couch. She looked through the gap in the curtains with something between horror and shock as she saw Belle sitting on Gold’s couch, cell phone pressed to her ear. Her hair was mussed and her blouse wrinkled and unbuttoned.

Belle’s head slowly turned towards the window as Ruby backed away, her mouth hanging open. Belle’s eyes went wide and her cell phone fell from her hand as she met Ruby’s eyes.

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I'm kind of curious about the Astrid/Hiccup relationship in the third movie. I know it's never been the main focus, but, hypothetically, if the time gap would be around 3 years, do you think they could be married by that point? On one hand it could be kind-of a natural progression. Then again, they would still be quite young (and it's a kids' movie that is not exactly 100% historically acurate). I'd love to hear what you think! I love your analyses <3 (and I apologise for my poor English)

Hello there, friend! :)

Your English, as far as I am concerned, is glorious and perfect. Even if your English were not perfect, I would have zero problems with it. I am a linguist. I know exactly how challenging it is to learn another language and how we all have different language environments. Frankly, any person who speaks in a language that is not their native tongue is an incredible human being showing off a useful and well-practiced skill. Every single word you speak in English is a success and proof of how amazing you are! You don’t ever need to apologize for your English. <3 I wish no one ever felt ashamed or insecure about talking in a second, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth language because it’s an asset and demonstration of practice and ability!

I’ve chatted quite a bit about the Hiccstrid relationship and where I expect them to head in the third movie. I don’t think they will be married at the start of the movie. I don’t think the writers would leave such a monumental moment of Hiccup’s life off screen. They’d want us to see it ourselves! If Hiccup is getting married, they’re going to show it in some way on screen - perhaps as a way of wrapping up the movie to give us some happy feels in the midst of potential bittersweetness. It’d also be a good way of showing Hiccup’s final steps into adulthood, which would be appropriate since HTTYD has been a coming of age story since the first movie.

Even though Hiccup and Astrid are very “old” to get married by historical Viking standards, as you point out, HTTYD isn’t historically or culturally accurate for Vikings. Berk is its own unique fiction culture. It looks like Hiccup and Astrid marrying in their mid twenties would not be “weird” for Berk. Rather, it looks like it would be normal. So I think they will marry at the end of HTTYD 3!

My previous posts about this topic are linked below! :)

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Isabella had been growing a bit concerned for her brother. She hadn't heard from him in a while, and usually reported back after two days of operations. Though she found it weird, that he took only a select few from his company with him. She knelt before the shrine of Astrid, praying to Astrid for some guidance. Yet when there wasn't an answer, she sighed, and proceeded to stand up. (astrids-templars)

The moment that Isabella stood up, Astrid sent her a telepathic message.  “Heya, sorry I didn’t respond earlier, whaddya need?” she asked.


Reagan’s keyboard playing was rudely interrupted by what sounded like a very loud woohoo. She didn’t want to interrupt, but jeez, it seemed to be getting louder by the second. She knocked on the door for almost 5 minutes before she even got an answer, and she was surprised to see that these noises were coming from the elderly lady she’s seen wandering around the building.

Reagan: Uhh… listen lady. Its none of my business what you do inside of your home, but y’know if you could keep it down just a little my girlfriend and I would really appreciate it.

Old Woman: Keep it down?! At this age i’m proud to be getting laid as much as I am, which is way more than you are by the sound of things.

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could we talk about the fact that toothless also looks worried when astrid goes missing in season 2? thanks!

In Night of the Hunters Part 1, Toothless does indeed stare out at the sea in worry. It is apparent that Toothless senses something is wrong. I have noticed that a number of animals are somehow pretty good at detecting when things are off. Toothless probably has an understanding of Astrid’s schedule, the common times she is and is not at the base, and how long she tends to leave the base before returning. And an anomaly has happened. The night is getting late. Astrid has been gone a long time. This is unusual and Toothless knows it. Conclusion from a very smart creature? Astrid could be in trouble.

The fact that there is also a coming storm might be a factor in Toothless’ reaction, too. He could be able to sense that bad weather is out on the way… and Astrid is still out there.

The last cool thing about this moment is it shows Toothless caring about the other human dragon riders. It makes a lot of sense that, of all the human dragon riders, Toothless would demonstrate worry over Asstrid. It is indicated that all the time Hiccup and Astrid spend with one another affects how Stormfly and Toothless interact around them. Stormfly and Toothless are very comfortable and silly around each other by the time of HTTYD 2. And Stormfly and Toothless being around Hiccup and Astrid for so long means that they start to care about the other dragon’s rider, too. Toothless staring out at the sea shows he cares about Astrid - no small thing! He knows how much Astrid means to Hiccup, and has some cares for Astrid, too.

Ah-scop-ey, closed RP with saviorgoddessastrid

Two days of insane preparation later, and millions of Bouzaculan civilians were aboard the ships. Many had stayed behind, promises of incoming armaments for the incoming war made to help keep them going. The BEA kept the ships under protection, their full manpower focussed on defence. Scorpio Armoury had already left for Terra Hope.

Abroad Yumi with his two wives at his side, and his sons behind them, Wolf got the signal that they were ready. Pressing the button preparing all to disembark, he noticed a fleet of Scorpion’s Hand ships approaching, all of them updated Brotherhood ships. His eyes going wide.

‘ASTRID!!!! WE NEED TO GO, NOW!!!’ He mentally shouted.

Out In the Open

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by Astrid_B_Caine

Cas loves Dean’s inventiveness, but does he understand about sex fantasies? Either way, if he can make it happen, he’ll do pretty much anything Dean asks, and Dean has enough imagination for both of them. Today Dean has something in mind that only an Angel can do.

Words: 4185, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of PWPs for ‘Destiel Morning Porn Club’

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