astrid stackhouse northman

This poor child.  Fifth kid of a telepathic fairy waitress witch.  Third kid of a viking vampire nightclub owner who recently lost his mind.  Stepchild of a vampire king.  Step-sorta-sister of a baby-vamp who reads toilet stories to her in the bathroom.  Is it ANY WONDER she’s failing out of school? 

anonymous asked:

do you have a family biographies of the rest of the stockhouse's children?

Not really.  I tend to abandon them once they grow up, so there’s not much to tell.  Astrid is still a kid.  She moved in with Eric after she flunked out of school on Sookie’s watch.  She’s there with Pam and Godric while Eric gallivants around the tropics with Bill.

Austin is married with two kids.  He’s a stay-at-home dad.  Megan is a vampire.  She’s roomies with Savannah, and Noah lives downstairs in the same cheap apartment building.  They have no jobs or mates.