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Race to the Edge 30 Day Challenge Day 28: Hiccup as a Damsel in Distress

so earlier this morning i was just thinking of what i could do for this one. i considered drawing him being swung over someone’s shoulder (either as a rescue or a capture), and i also briefly considered drawing him in the famous slave outfit from Star Wars VI. believe it or not, i actually did sketch the latter.

but ultimately, the final product is Princess Outpost imprisoned in a tower in Viggo’s fortress, and Astrid climbing said tower to get him out of there.

i’m very happily anticipating an entire season of hiccup canonically being a damsel in distress. save him

“You’re not going in alone.”

“I can, and I will.”

Hiccup’s tongue clicked against his teeth, his words like steel in his mouth, icy and cold.  

“Oh, well then let me rephrase,” Astrid said, shifting up from off her chair. “I’m not letting you go alone.”

Hiccup let out a grunt of frustration, kicking the table leg until all the game pieces on top rattled. “I can handle myself.”

“I don’t care if you can handle yourself or not,” Astrid said. “What part of flying into enemy territory alone, with no back up, where Viggo will be waiting for you with Thor knows what up his sleeve, sounds like a good idea?”

Hiccup threw his arms up into the air with an exasperated sigh “None of it!”

“Then why won’t you let me be your back up?!”

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Hiccup with a bounty on his head

Some thoughts/predictions about that:

Johann will be the one to break the news about it.

Hiccup might be a bit blase about it. (Or alternatively: it fucks with his mental health.) 

Also: Toothless also has a bounty on his head and its this fact that upsets Hiccup far more than the one on Hiccup’s head.

The gang becomes increasingly protective over Hiccup as a result, not wanting him to leave the Edge because of said bounty. Astrid and Snotlout especially. 

Maybe one of the gang is offered a chance to give Hiccup up for the bounty and they refuse without hesitation. (Bonus if its Snotlout because he does like the idea of being rich.)

Hiccup considers giving himself up for the bounty. (Maybe as a way to get back some of Berk’s gold???)

Service with a Smile CH 14

A/N: Thank you for the wait.

Okay, but. One–I’m starting to… really question why I titled this “Service with a Smile,” but I’m just gonna live with it, whoops. Two–it has been. So long since I’ve written anything for HTTYD. Forgive me if this is terrible, but it’s also kind of a prelude to the fifteenth chapter. :’) Three–I thank you all for your continuous support! I have more stories in the works! <3

(The events of chapter 13 will be expanded upon throughout the next few installments! Hope that clears any confusion–please feel free to send me any asks. Also… if there are plot inconsistencies, lemme know. I am so out of touch, it’s sad.)

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…We should probably talk,” Astrid had said, after she successfully stood up and wrung her hair out. Water splattered onto the perfectly paved cement of the garden, from both her blonde tresses and the droopy fabric of her dress. He winced, because it was only now that he realized how disheveled they both were after that incident. While he tried to reassure himself that it was a joint effort that got them soaking wet, the way she shivered and held her upper arms and hugged herself concerned him.

About?” Hiccup prompted, despite already knowing the answer.

That. Us. You know what I mean,” she responded, gesturing to the fountain with a vague hand and a quiet huff. Though she showed no signs of regretting the kiss they shared, if their close proximity was any indication, Hiccup still worried. She was obviously cold, too–and the only thing he could offer was a wet suit jacket that would only worsen her condition.

It almost seemed like a really, really fucked up metaphor.

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I started writing this Hiccstrid AU, but then I had a radical different approach to the story, so I scraped the first bit. I thought someone might enjoy it, so here:

“Rise and shine, Ma’am,” came the sultry voice of Lady Heather, mimicking the foreign accent of the regular servant.

Heather yanked back the thick curtains of the bed. Bright, invasive morning light flooded into the sanctuary of the bed. Astrid didn’t jump or stir; she’d woken up before Heather had entered the room.

“Seriously, it’s morning,” Heather said. “Quite a late morning for a princess. You feeling alright?”

“Of course,” Astrid said. She rolled onto her back. Heather stood at the bedside, hands on her hips, radiant in green and silver. Her dark hair had been tied back into an elaborate braid. Astrid swiveled her head on her own hair, a mess between her and the pillow. “I’m not looking forward to today. That’s all.”

Heather harrumphed. “What’s not to look forward to? Young men in armor beating each other up…it sounds great.”

Astrid pulled herself off the pillow and pushed the plush blankets down. Might as well get it over with. “Fine. Where’s Helga?”

“Oh, she’s helping your mother with something. I didn’t ask questions, so don’t ask me what they’re doing,” Heather said, waving her hand dismissively. “The point is that I’ve taken the task of getting you up and dressed and presentable for the ceremony. Let’s go, Princess, you’ve got a bad case of bedhead.”

Heather picked a strand of yellow hair from Astrid’s head and flicked it aside. She laughed.

Astrid stood and stretched her hands to the tall ceiling dappled with sunlight. The stained glass in the topmost pane of the window shone red and yellow on the shined, white-painted panels. After a bath, Heather helped Astrid to towel-dry her hair, oil it into submission, and braid it as carefully as if it were threaded gold.

She dressed in a red and gold gown, and Heather tied it. Astrid lifted the golden crown from its polished wooden box, and placed it on her head; by sacred law, Heather’s hands were not allowed to touch it. Only a sanctified or royal hand could touch the crown.

Three guards, all in Berk’s shined silver suits, waited on the other side of Astrid’s wide bedroom door. At once they all took a knee, right hand on their left breast, over the heart.

“Princess,” they spoke together, words muffled by their metal helmets, which bore the crest of Berk, a winding dragon curved around a pointed sword.

The three guardsmen walked alongside Astrid, metal plates clicking together as they stepped. Heather walked beside her. The entire palace seemed to buzz, silently, as if too much noise might wake the portraits. They hung on nearly every wall, of stern-looking dignitaries, respected politicians, magistrates, royals, and honored civilians. In the west wing, a painting of a popular magician hung.

The guards escorted Astrid and Heather to the main dining hall. The room could seat as many as fifty people at its long table, but typically sat less than ten.

Astrid’s father, King Arvid, sat at the head of the table. His pointed crown shone in the light that flickered from the hundreds of candles above. Queen Lenora sat to his right, a beauty in gold. Astrid’s younger brother of fifteen, Prince Tegard, sat to their father’s right. He need a haircut. Astrid sat to her mother’s left, across from her brother.

“About time,” King Arvid said. “I was beginning to think you weren’t waking up.”

“And miss the induction?” Astrid said with mock enthusiasm. “I would never.”

“Oh, darling, stop that,” said her mother. “No one likes a smart tongue.”

The doors leading into the kitchens opened, and a small army of white-clad servants carried covered silver platters to the table. A platter set in front of each of them, and the lids were lifted in learned unison. Each plate had been made to the eater’s preference. Astrid’s plate held eggs, peppercorn sausage, and a thick slice of pan-fried toast.

“Eat up,” King Arvid warned. “Today will be a long day.”

Tegard stuffed a sausage into his mouth. “Why do I have to sit through the ceremony?”

“You’re the prince,” King Arvid said, as though he and his son had had this conversation many times before. “It is your duty.”

“Not really,” Tegard said. He took a bite of eggs and swallowed without chewing. “I don’t control the Royal Knights. That’s your job. When it’s not your job anymore it’ll be Astrid’s job.”

“That’s no way to look at things,” Queen Lenora said. “What if something happened? What if Astrid got sick? What if she has no children? You’d be second in line for the throne, Tegard. You’ve responsibilities.”

Tegard sighed. He continued to eat without arguing further.

Astrid pushed her eggs around on the plate. When it wasn’t her father’s job, it would be her job. As heir to the throne, all royal duties would pass to her, regardless of marriage, because her blood held the royalty; she would be the true royal, whereas her husband would be royal by marriage.

After the meal, King Arvid and Queen Lenora led the way through the antechamber and into the main hall, where a crowd of Knights, guardsmen, magistrates, and other important leaders had gathered to watch the induction ceremony of the new squires. The ceremony took place once every five years, and gave the kingdom something to celebrate.

The crowd silenced at the horn which announced King Arvid’s arrival. All stood. Astrid did as she had always done, and stepped in line after her parents. They stood in front of the grand line of thrones, her father’s the grandest, with the great hall before them. Hundreds, possibly thousands of candles burned on the chandeliers above them, suspended by shined silver chains. Sunlight blazed in through the tall windows.

The air stilled, as if a collective breath had been held.

King Arvid held up his hands to the room, and spoke in a booming voice. “Today we welcome these fine young men into the royal order, as squires. Today we recognize these young men for their valor, for each has proven himself in the trials in order to stand where he stands today.”

Twenty or so young men stood in a line in the middle of the floor. No women, Astrid noted. Knight Farley, the only female Knight, stood with an impassive expression on the floor. It had not yet been a week since she and Astrid had talked of more women in the order.

Stoick the Vast, a grand Knight in his youth, led the order. He stood in his shined armor, a head taller than most other men. An intense, but weary expression had replaced his usual cheerful demeanor. He held his gaze on the group of young squires as if he suspected one of them of treason.

Some of the young men looked as young as thirteen. Most looked to be in their twenties. One man looked to have gray in his brown hair.

“Today we welcome these young men as allies, friends, and fellows into these grounds, so that they may learn what it is to be a Knight, what it means to vow their lives, and the dedication, determination, and perseverance it requires,” King Arvid said. While he spoke, no one in the room so much as uttered a word.

Astrid caught the gaze of a stocky young man. His black hair had been combed straight back. He winked.

She tightened her fingers into her fists, fighting to maintain her passive expression. Such nerve. If she could participate, she would knock his teeth out.

“Let the induction ceremony begin,” King Arvid said.

A horn blew through the hall, sounding the start, and King Arvid sat. Astrid sat down beside her mother, grateful that her brother sat on the other side of their father. He’d been complaining for weeks how he should be allowed in the order; he’d been training since he could walk. According to King Arvid, he wasn’t old enough. Astrid understood what he meant, whereas Tegard didn’t. Tegard wasn’t mature enough.

              The first young man stepped up to the throne. He placed his hand over his heart, and bent onto one knee. He said, “Roger Ogler, of Rachel and Samson Ogler.”

“Rise Squire Ogler,” King Arvid said. “May the gods watch over you.”

Rightly named by the king, the newly titled squire rose, bowed again, and walked to the side of the group. The next stepped up, repeated, and after the king bestowed the title of ‘squire,’ he stepped aside.

A tall, wiry young man with braided blonde hair stepped onto the platform. He bowed. “Tuffnut Thorston, of Mr. and Mrs. Thorston.”

King Arvid hesitated, and glanced at Stoick, who shrugged. King Arvid trusted Stoick’s judgement, and knew that he wouldn’t let just anyone into the ranks.

“Rise, Squire Thorston. May the gods watch over you.”

Tuffnut stood, and joined the others.

The next in the line made Astrid blink; he could have been Tuffnut’s twin. He, too, had long blonde hair tied into braids.

“Ruffnut Thorston, of Mr. and Mrs. Thorston.”

Twin sister. Astrid glanced between the two, definitely twins. Knight Farley, despite the rules of Knight’s impassivity, grinned. Whispers went around the entire room as the sudden news spread.

“Good,” Queen Lenora said under her breath to Astrid. “The order could use more women.”

King Arvid cleared his throat. “Rise, Squire Thorston. May the gods be with you.”

Squire Ruffnut Thorston walked with pride to the line, and stood beside her brother with a grin. Many people in the room stared at her, but it didn’t seem to bother her at all.

“Did they know that she was a woman?” Astrid asked her mother.

She smiled faintly. “I doubt it. Several of the young men look surprised. Probably shouldn’t let those into the order. They’re not very perceptive.”

The stocky young man pushed several others out of his way to the front. He bowed deeply, then took his knee. “Snotlout Jorgenson, of Spitelout and Bertha Jorgenson.”

“Oh,” Queen Lenora murmured. “It doesn’t need any more Jorgensons.”

“Is that Stoick’s brother?”

“Brother-in-law, he’d quickly correct you,” Queen Lenore whispered. “Hates whole lot of them.”

“Rise, Squire Jorgenson,” King Arvid said with strain. “May the gods be with you.”

Snotlout’s gaze lingered on Astrid, and she narrowed her eyes at him. He joined the others.

One of the young men that Snotlout shoved stepped up. Stoick watched his every move. Tall, thin, with soft green eyes, the young man didn’t look like a knight. He looked like someone to be found in a library.

“Hiccup Haddock, of Stoick and Valka Haddock,” the young man said.

A hum went through the room. Many eyes cast toward Stoick, who kept his eyes pinned on the young man. King Arvid leaned forward, hand on his knee. Hiccup Haddock paled, and held his gaze on the floor, as the others did before their name was called.

“Is that so?” King Arvid asked, smirking. “Well done. Rise, Squire Haddock. May the gods be with you.”

Hiccup stood, and bowed toward the king. He walked to the line of squires, past his father, who made no move to congratulate him.

“That is Stoick’s son?” Astrid asked. “Stoick is huge and Hiccup is so…small.”

Queen Lenora spoke lowly, “That’s what ‘Hiccup’ means. He’s a runt.”

“That’s a cruel name.”

“I didn’t name him.”

Astrid looked toward Stoick, who followed his son to the line of squires.

It seemed as though several others in the hall thought the same thing, for many still whispered and looked toward the squires. Hiccup, unlike Ruffnut, kept his eyes on the floor.

Queen Lenora whispered, “I’ve heard he’s a bit…clumsy. An embarrassment to his father.”

“And he wants to be a knight?”

Queen Lenora smiled. “It would seem so.”

Astrid ignored the large blond boy that stepped to the platform. Hiccup kept his gaze at the floor. Stoick didn’t acknowledge him.

Stoick had always been a figure in her life. He’d been the symbol of protection. The Knights protected the palace and the royal family. They trained in combat, how to spot predators and threats, and how to stop them without a mess or trouble. Often she would not know about a threat until after the fact; Stoick and his Knights had reacted so swiftly, so quickly, as to stop it before it happened.

She’d always admired Stoick, but she never considered what it would be like to have such a man as a father.

Hiccup glanced up, and for a moment his gaze flickered in Astrid’s direction. Their eyes met; Hiccup blinked, but Astrid held her gaze. He stiffened, and his slightly slouched shoulders popped into perfect posture. He looked forward. He blinked, and gazed back to Astrid, who hadn’t turned her eyes off him.

There was something about Hiccup Haddock. He was not like the others. Different, but not wrongly so.  

She held her stare until her father stood. She stood, too.

“That concludes the induction ceremony,” King Arvid said. “Would the squires please make their way outside into the courtyard. There are vows that must be taken.”

The Knights led the quires into the courtyard outside. Palace walls surrounded the courtyard on three sides. The fourth side led into a flowery atrium.

The new squires stood in lines, and recited the rite as Stoick read it to them, “I, as a squire, take responsibility for becoming a Knight of the Royal Order. I will not compromise my duties to the crown. I will protect. I will serve. I will obey. I will learn. I will become a knight.”

Astrid watched this from a balcony overlooking the courtyard. Twice she caught Hiccup Haddock’s glance, although she looked at him more often.

Stoick led his squires to their quarters, a quiet corridor underneath the east wing, where the Knights lived. They matched out in their rows.

“Interesting bunch,” King Arvid said. “How many do you think will drop out in the first week?”

“At least three,” Queen Lenora said.

“Last time seven of them dropped out,” King Arvid said with a sigh.

“I bet Hiccup Haddock will drop out,” Prince Tegard jeered. He bent his elbow into Astrid’s side. “He’s too busy making googly eyes.”

“Shut it.” Astrid grabbed his wrist and bent his arm back.

Tegard cried out, and Astrid bent his arm harder.

“Astrid,” King Arvid said. “Don’t break your brother’s arm.”

Astrid let go. Tegard glared, rubbing his arm.

30 days of writing; httyd

beginning. accusation. restless. snowflake. haze. flame. formal. companion. move. silver. prepared. knowledge. denial. wind. order. thanks. look. summer. transformation. tremble. sunset. mad. thousand. outside. winter. diamond. letters. promise. simple. future.

skipped a one. ooops. 

“That is huge.”

“Really?” Hiccup peered at the rock, holding it between his fingers as he held it above his head. “It’s like… isn’t this, I don’t know, normal – or something? I mean, there are bigger – ”

“Hiccup,” Astrid said from her spot on his desk chair, looking like she couldn’t decide between gaping like a fish or getting royally miffed. “Trust me. That is a huge fucking diamond.” Her eyes darted to him briefly. “What the hell is your side hustle? Drugs?”

Hiccup had the decency to look offended. He tipped his head back and scowled at upside-down her. “Hey!”

“That’s big! I’m not even shitting! That’s the size of my fist!”

“Stop exaggerating. It’s the size of your thumbnail. Tops.”

What? Are you blind?”

“Gah!” Hiccup said, gripping the stone as rolled over and lied on his belly. “Whatever. It’s not that big. But that’s not the poi – ”

The blonde doubled back in disbelief. “IT’S FUCKING HUGE – ”

Not the point,” Hiccup hissed. 

Astrid’s eyebrows crumpled. “I’m just saying it’s impractical!”

“Yeah, okay, don’t propose to Astrid with a huge ass fucking diamond, I got it.”

Astrid’s eyebrows shot up as soon as she absorbed the statement, and her eyes darted to Hiccup. Red, tight-lipped, obviously embarrassed Hiccup, who got up from the bed and awkwardly pointed to the door. 

“I’m gonna – I’m gonna go,” he mumbled and scuttled off, leaving Astrid to gape. After a second, a glint caught her eye. She found the diamond sitting amongst his sheets.

She got up and walked over, picking up the diamond gingerly, turning it over in her hands. She couldn’t help the butterflies in her stomach, or stop the smile on her face. 

It’s nice, she was willing to admit. But it was still too fucking huge. Smaller would look nice on a ring.

“Hey, Hiccup,” Astrid called, following her boyfriend out the door, “if you’re gonna put this on a ring, it’s gonna have to be smaller!”


This is an extension of this post, another prediction and its related to these two items:

  • The gang becomes increasingly protective over Hiccup as a result, not wanting him to leave the Edge because of said bounty. Astrid and Snotlout especially.
  • Hiccup considers giving himself up for the bounty.

Well, more like something I really want to happen! Because feels.

And basically, what I’m picturing is the gang tackling Hiccup and desperately being like NO NO NO YOU CAN’T DO THAT. THEY’LL KILL YOU. Like Hiccup stuck underneath a pile of Dragon Riders who are hysterically begging him not to do something foolish re that bounty. Maybe even sobbing. 

And make me sob in the process.

The Great Hall was filled with warmth a laughter. Drinks and food were being shared, there was music being played and several vikings and dragons were dancing to it, and everyone just seemed so happy.

Everyone, except Hicca. 

She watched from the corner at everyone. This was a tradition, a celebration to honor both the passing of one chief and the rising of a new one. This was tradition, but to Hicca it just felt wrong.

Outside the Great Hall the village was torn up by ice and Drago’s attack had caused them to loss so much. There was so much that she needed to fix now, so much her father would be able to fix if he was still here. 

She took a swig from the mug in her hand. One of the twins put it in her hands at some point, saying something about helping her relax. Astrid said it was a bad idea, but Hicca needed something to calm her nerves. 


Wolf walked up to where Astrid said to meet her champions, a sniper rifle and assault rifle both slung over his shoulder. His sword was on his waist, and he wore his myrmidon armour.

“This the place?” He asked her, ready for anything.



        “Listen, Diana,” he said. “We have an idea. Astrid has all this Hollywood money now.”

        “Great for you. Now your girlfriend is smarter and richer than you,” Diana teased. “But not quite as cute.”

                                                                 [ … ]

        “We have a place. The two of us. It’s not far from Quinn’s house, in Santa Monica. The school’s not bad. The beach is right there. And it’s crazy, but it’s too big for just the two of us.”

        Astrid came over and said, “Have you told her?”

        “I’m in the process.”

        Astrid sighed. “Come live with us, Diana. Don’t argue. Just say yes.”

        Diana looked at the ground to hide her emotions.

Hiccup cant find Astrid in a huge public gathering.

Hiccup : *cant find astrid*

Hiccup : *brings hands to his mouth and cups them together*


Astrid : wHO tHE … WHO SAID THAT…. HUH. FIGHT mE gO oN.

Hiccup : Oh there she is. Found her ! 

You guys ROCK!!

Haha, seriously. I love you. You lot brighten my day and actually make me excited to write, something that hasn’t happened in a long time. So thank you. 

I still get so anxious when I post something on here. Many of you are such fantastic writers and the fact you take to time to read what I’ve written warms my soul. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 

I hope you enjoy this. It’s a bit long, so I put it under a cut.

ETA: I have no medical knowledge, so please excuse the inaccuracies.

It was the phone call no one ever hopes to get.

Astrid was halfway through her first class of the morning when her phone went off, earning her a disapproving look from her tutor. Not recognising the number, Astrid silenced her phone and went back to work.

Ten minutes later she could feel her phone vibrating in her pocket again, a quick glance told her it was the same number. Astrid excused herself from her group and ducked out of the room to answer the call.


“Hi this is Carol, I’m a nurse calling from Ravens Point Public Hospital. This number was listed under emergency contacts for a patient who was brought in this morning. Who am I talking to?”

Astrid’s blood ran cold.

“Uh, Astrid. I’m Astrid,” she stuttered.

“I’m hoping you can help me,” Carol continued. “The young man who was brought in, he’s going to be okay, he gave us your name when we asked if we could call anyone for him.” There was an indistinguishable murmur as though the nurse was talking to someone on the other side, but Astrid could not make out what they were saying. “He seems a bit confused. His ID lists him as Henry, but he keeps telling us his name is… uh Hiccup?” Carol finished.

“No,” it was more breath than word, escaping with the blood that drained from Astrid’s face, leaving her feeling dizzy and lightheaded.

“Astrid?” Carol sounded worried.

“H-hiccup, it’s a nickname,” she was on autopilot as she confirmed Hiccup’s details. “Uh, I can give you his Dad’s number-“

This time Astrid heard the nasal voice in the background. “Please don’t call my dad.” Relieved to hear his voice, Astrid slid to the floor in the corridor.

“Hiccup! Can I talk to him? Please, I’m his girlfriend.”

“Sure honey, I’ll put him on.”

More inaudible muttering and the phone seemed to change hands.

“Hey As,” Hiccup’s voice sounded strained and tired.

“What happened?” Astrid asked. “I just saw you two hours ago, and you were fine!”

“Crazy thing really. I was riding my bike to work, and there was this car that ran a light. It doesn’t matter. It’s okay. I’m okay.”

“You better be,” Astrid warned. She picked herself up off the floor. “I’m heading to the hospital now. I’ll be there in twenty minutes okay?”

She heard Hiccup mumble something in response, before Carol the nurse returned to the phone. “Just ask for me when you get to the desk,” she was saying. Astrid wasn’t listening, she was already rushing to pick up her books when the line was disconnected.

Her keys were back in her room. Astrid sprinted back to the dormitories to dump her things and grab her wallet and car keys. The drive to the hospital itself was a blur and finding a carpark was a nightmare, but the time gave Astrid a chance to calm down. She’d spoken to Hiccup and he was okay. She was still anxious to see him and she walked quickly through the doors into the Emergency waiting room and up to the nurse on the desk.

“My boyfriend Hiccu- Henry Haddock was brought in. I was told to ask for Carol?” She waited impatiently, fingers drumming nervously on the counter as the nurse in front of her made a call.

“Just come round to the door dear.”

Astrid did as she was told and waited to be buzzed though. Another nurse led her past the curtained off beds into an empty cubicle. Well, an almost empty cubicle. Astrid caught sight of Hiccup’s discarded prosthetic leg or what was left of it. Once again she felt the breath rush out of her.

“Wait here, Carol will be by in a minute.”

The older woman turned to leave.

“Wait? Where’s Hiccup?”

“He’ll be back in a few minutes,” another nurse bustled into the small area cleaning away equipment that wasn’t needed. The woman reminded Astrid of her own mother with her dark blonde hair and warm eyes.

“He’s a very, very lucky young man. I’m Carol, I spoke to you earlier.”

Astrid found herself being guided to a chair. A small part of her was embarrassed for the way she was reacting. Mostly she was glad for the motherly figure who pulled up another seat so that they could talk face to face.

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