astrid peth


Doctor Who companions and Daughtry lyrics “Waiting for Superman”

“She’s talking to angels,
she’s counting the stars,
making a wish on a passing car,
she’s dancing with strangers,
she’s falling apart,
waiting for Superman to pick her up
in his arms.

I swear I think I’m the only one who ever related this song to the show, even though it’s one of the most perfectly fitting songs ever. I’m probably the only one who’s ever heard of it.


“Some left me. Some got left behind. And some…not many, but…some died.”
(Katarina, Sara Kingdom, Adric, Astrid Peth, River Song, Adelaide Brooke)

Note: I know Adelaide Brooke would have died anyway, but it was because of the Doctor that she had to die (or felt she had to die, however you see it) the way she did.


On board the Titanic starliner, the Doctor takes a trip to Earth, only to discover that London is completely deserted, in this clip from 2007’s Christmas Special, ‘Voyage of the Damned’.