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Doctor Who companions and Daughtry lyrics “Waiting for Superman”

“She’s talking to angels,
she’s counting the stars,
making a wish on a passing car,
she’s dancing with strangers,
she’s falling apart,
waiting for Superman to pick her up
in his arms.

I swear I think I’m the only one who ever related this song to the show, even though it’s one of the most perfectly fitting songs ever. I’m probably the only one who’s ever heard of it.


Christmas Special Sunday (Part Three)

In the lead-up to Christmas, I’m posting promo shots from the various Doctor Who Christmas Specials - a different special each week.

Here are many promo photos from Voyage of the Damned

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Voyage of the Damned - Behind the Scenes (Part Two)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s interview with Kylie from DWM #390 & #391

     The Mamhilad Park Industrial Estate is not the most glamorous of locations.  It’s Tuesday, 24 July, and it’s like the Black Hole of Calcutta in here.  Except bigger.  And darker.  BBC film crews have been known never to return from the Mamhilad Park Industrial Estate.  On a serious note, it smells strongly of black paint.  Kylie, in a waitress’ uniform, is scrambling up a grimy stairwell.
      “Am I too dusty?” she laughs after the take.
      “No, no, no, you need to get dustier,” jokes David.  “Shall I fetch you some dust?  Oh, Christmas Day - my enjoyment is ruined by the dust distribution in an otherwise excellent episode!”
      Kylie is in hysterics.  “Oh, don’t!”
      By Friday lunchtime, the Doctor Who team has moved on to Kylie’s heroic turn in a forklift.
      It’s a funny old sight: international pop icon Kylie Minogue sat in the driver’s seat of a forklift truck - ‘Warning: Machine Must Be Operated By Authorised Personnel Only’ - squared up to Max Capricon’s head-in-a-box combo.  But we always knew that it would be.  “Look, it’s Driving Miss Daisy,” exclaims Kylie, gripping the steering wheel.
      “it’s a laugh, innit?” says David.  “Do a seven-point turn, Kylie!  It looks quite complicated, the number of gears you’ve got there.”
       She nods.  “They’re only letting me touch this one.”
       “Why that one?”
       “I don’t think it does much.  Basically, they don’t trust me.”

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