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Hey! I am seeing httyd 2 Saturday and I am super excited! I really hope that I don't break down crying in the theater though! Oh and can you write a fanfic about Hiccup proposing to Astrid and add some sexy stuff in it too! :P

In all seriousness, this is honestly how I think the “proposal” went down. None of that surprise+romance+ring nonsense. I’m talkin’ some proper viking/berkian stuff instead. Plus Hiccstrid’s characteristic energy.

“Who are those for?”

Hiccup paused in his buffing and relief sang through his arms like a hymn to the gods. Certainly, the distraction was a welcome one; hours of working leather left his biceps aching and his fingers raw and stung.

He put the yak cloth down and turned to his girlfriend.

“Milady,” he breathed.  His lip felt moist with sweat—he ran his tongue over the bristled skin and wiped a glove against a sooty, shiny forehead where his bangs clung to his temple.  He sniffled.

The shadows cast as Astrid entered the forge told him that the sun had started its descent.  And as he became aware of his surroundings, his stomach folded.

Frigga, he hadn’t eaten since the talk that morning.

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                           Every storm runs,
                                               runs out of rαιɴ
                           Just like every [dark night] turns into day
                           Every heartache will fade away
                           Just like every storm runs,
                                                             runs out of rαιɴ

Voice acting as Astrid (Part 3)
Voice acting as Astrid (Part 3)

((Well, here’s the third part, I hope you like it as well. It includes some quotes from Gift of the Night Fury and one quote from the first episode of Riders of Berk, plus a sentence America Ferrera said while she listened to her voice recording. Next part will be Astrid’s quotes from the HTTYD 2 Trailer.))

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