astrid mcdonald

ashleybenlove  asked:

Astrid, Gina, Ruffnut.

omg okay this one is easy.

You definitely want Astrid as your lab partner for the entire semester. You know she’s been paying attention in lectures, she cares about proper procedure and she’s invested in results. She won’t make you drag her along through all the work–she’ll straight-up divide all the tasks and set up the experiments and shit and tell you which parts you’ve gotta do. And then you can get a 90 in tenth grade science, heyoooo.

I would pick Ruffnut to get stuck in an elevator for ten hours with, because I think she’d be the best at making it fun. Soak up all the gossip, play “Never Have I Ever”, exchange raunchy jokes, complain about stuff. It’d be chill. And I feel like we’d both burn out at around the same time, because she and I are equally scrappy and equally lazy. Plus I kinda feel like if Ruff existed in a world with elevators, she’d definitely be packing a flask of something.

I’d for sure want Gina to be my McDonald’s supervisor. If she worked at a fast-food place she’d know all of its weird and mysterious secrets. She’d know exactly how to work the system to get extra perks, all the tricks to make things easier, and all the ways to manipulate customers into not giving her a hard time. She would definitely make me do all the stuff she didn’t wanna do, but I would just wanna soak up her wisdom and/or finish her fries.