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Rtte comic!

I had an idea for season 5: Stoick knowing about HICCSTRID

Because I think this is important. I love Stoick.

Best daddy and best hiccstrid shipper too xD

Anyway, enjoy!

(I did it in English so that everyone could understand but I’m sorry if there are mistakes. English is not my birth language ^^)

(Also: Please do not repost my art without crediting me)

; D


Some doodles I saved up of the HTTYD girls

Tried out something different this time: I started working on this like I usually do (without any detailed lineart), but half-way through I decided to change that. It was quite challenging (I really struggled with her left arm… I hope it looks fine) but I really enjoyed it ^-^

Hope you like this look ;) Let me know if you prefer this or my lineless paintings!

Here are the WIPs, in case you’re interested:


-Lineless Painting

Race to the Edge 30 Day Challenge Day 20: Hiccstrid Becoming Canon

8 days left, y'all.

alright. i can fantasize kisses and hugs and comforting scenes and awkward confessions and blurting out “i love you”, but Dreamworks, i legit do not care how you make it canon. just-

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