> Cautiously approach the creature making sure to stay hidden.

You watch as it pulls the treetops down toward its face, snapping their thin upper branches. You can hear the whistling, windy sound of it sniffing at wood and leaves. You’re standing very close, now, but it does not look your way.

You think it’s searching for something.



Hey, remember how I talked about doing this forever ago? I’m finally doing it! The cat or cats of your choice, drawn in the style of A Stray in the Woods!

Things are temporarily not-super-insane around here, so I’m gonna start with ten cat slots. Once I’ve confirmed with you, you’re on the list! And if you miss this round, you’re first in line next time.

I’ll draw the kitties in the order they’re requested, and will only ask for payment AFTER I’m done with the art, mostly for my own peace of mind.

My email address again, just for clarity:

Cats cats cats cats CATS!!!!!

EDIT: Thanks for the reblogs, everyone!! Slots are still open, so send me an email and let me draw your kitty friends!



> Follow him with your eyes while you catch your breath.

Its silhouette quickly fades into the dark forest, although you can still hear it move through the trees. You think it may be curving back toward the house, but it’s difficult to keep track of direction on a moonless night like this one.

You’re glad the other cat decided to come along.



OH MAN! New goodies have been added to the A Stray in the Woods Kickstarter, and I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THEM!

Handmade silkscreen prints, at only $5 above the regular tiers! Glow-in-the-dark stickers FOR BASICALLY EVERYBODY! 

I’ll post photos of both when I have the final versions of them in my hands – for now, I can only sigh dreamily over mockups in Photoshop. But if you’d like me to gleefully mail you these things, please consider chipping in to the Cat Comic Kickstarter

(Also note: if you’ve backed already and want a silkscreen of your own, it’s super-easy to upgrade your tier. Unless you backed at the “sketch” or “pet portrait” tiers, in which case I WILL ALREADY BE MAILING YOU ONE! Hooray!)



> Try to coax the raccorn and cat friend up to the roof. Maybe all three of you can make enough noise.

The little creature has a squeaky, clicking call, very different from your hollering and the other cat’s more tentative mews.

But even with all your voices together, it’s not quite loud enough to attract the distant creature’s attention.

You can see that it’s still preoccupied, its back to you as it searches amongst the trees.