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Name: Anthony

Star Sign: Virgo

Gender: Male

Height: 5′8″

Favorite Color: Blue

Time right now: 10:40am

Average hours of sleep: 6 hours

Lucky Number: 7

Last Thing I googled: Chickie’s and Pete’s menu, I’m going there later today with my coworkers.

Blankets I sleep with: 1 comforter

Favorite characters: Brenda (scary movie franchise), Finn (from star wars; he kept it real throughout the entire movie), and any character Taraji P. Henson has played and will play in the future.

Favorite Books: That Was Then This Is Now, Quicksand, and If He Hollers Let Him Go

Favorite Artists: Beyoncé, J. Cole, Brandy, Jasmine Sullivan

Dream Job: Talk Show Host

When did you create your blog?: December 2012

Current amount of followers?: 1,718

What do you post about most?: Things I find beautiful , funny and socially relevant.

Do you have any other blogs?: Nope

When did your blog reach its peak?: It grows everyday

Do you get asks on a daily basis?: Nope I’d like to though

Why did you choose your url?: It is part of my middle name and alter ego

Now I have to tag 20 people.

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