Xiuhcoátl, the Turquoise Serpent, or Fire Serpent.

Xiuhcoátl is the Nagual, the Spirit Animal of Xiuhtecuhtli, the Turquoise Lord, Teótl of Fire, Time, the Center, the Hearth, and Wisdom, Father to the Teótl and embodiment of wisdom. The Xiuhcoátl is also an atlatl wielded by Huitzilopochtli, the Sun at the Zenith, who personifies the victory of wisdom over ignorance.

The Turquoise Serpent is the dry season, as opposed to Quetzalcoátl, the Plumed Serpent, who is the wet season. Metaphorically, in the wet Mexican summer, Quetzalcoátl descends to the earth and covers it with his skin and plumage; all the earth is covered with his green feathers, and life blooms. In the dry Winter, Xiuhcoátl descends, and with his fiery skin covers the earth, and all the vegetation dries out and dies.

The serpent also represents the movement of time; its very body is shaped like the year-glyph, its body forming trapezoidal, year-glyph shapes, and its tail is the glyph itself. Thus, the serpent Xiuhcoátl is symbolic of day, fire, turquoise, the dry season, and wisdom.

In the photos, he appears at the top as the Spirit Animal of Xiuhtecuhtli; he circles the body of the Turquoise Lord, and from his flaming skin emerges calendar glyphs, representing time. In the detail, can be seen his curling snout and his year-glyph tail. The following two pictures are ancient Mexica stone carvings of Xiuhcoátl, and at the bottom, one of my paintings in which Huitzilopochtli, the Hummingbird on the Left, the Sun at its Zenith, holds Xiuhcoátl in his hand as a weapon with which to defeat his sister the moon, and, metaphorically, the triumph of wisdom over ignorance.

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A devotional image of Xiuhtecuhtli, the Turquoise Lord, Teótl of fire, time, the center, the hearth, and wisdom; the unmoving point about which all the universe pivots. You can find a poster of this painting on my Etsy at this link!

The Tonalli Amaxtli is the first of the three main almanacs, which relates to the three souls that inhabit the human body, as well as to the three different levels of the cosmos. The Tonalli Amaxtli determines the Tonalli of a given day; which is to say, its destiny. The Tonalli is a sacred force which links all creation, and which imparts vigor, strength, and growth to the cosmos. At the moment of conception, the Teteo implant our Tonalli within our skulls, spinning a bone awl so that the spark of life and vitality ignites and links us to the universe. The day-sign determines the Tonalli; the Sign and number together form the secret, spiritual name of the individual born on that day.

Tonalli and the Human Body

In the human body, the Tonalli is the Shadow Soul, the soul which inhabits the head and is related to the heavens. It is the receptacle of thought, intuition, perception, and reasoning. The Tonalli soul is capable of leaving our bodies; during dreams our Tonalli travels to the spirit realm, and if it is lost there, as sometimes happens, the body eventually sickens and dies.

Because the spiritual and the physical cannot be divided from one another and are, in fact, simply two aspects of the same thing, the Tonalli soul is expressed physically in the body as growth; hair and nails are both physical manifestations of Tonalli.

The three souls which inhabit the body work in concert to determine our personalities and our destinies; two or more souls might determine the same quality, which explains our conflicting desires and impulses.

Tonalli and the Cosmos

Tonalli transcends the body, and can take up residence in physical things; all things are possessed of Tonalli, although those things that move and possess warmth and vigor have the greatest Tonalli. Ritual objects, precious stones, feathers, and tools also posses great stores of Tonalli.

Furthermore, the Tonalli Amaxtli determines the character of the day, quite apart from the personality and destiny of the individual born on the day. Therefore, the Tonalli Amaxtli can be used as part of the process by which one determines the appropriate day to plan a wedding, begin a journey, or make offerings in the temple, for example.

While free will does exist, our Tonalli limits and gives shape to our experience of existence. Within the constraints of what our Tonalli determines, in combination with our other three souls, we are free to create our lives and give shape to our world.