So idk if this is true for just me or anyone on my same astral frequency at the moment but I finally harassed some of my astral people into answering why I’m just outright getting dropped astral call connections for WEEKS ON END and then suddenly crystal clarity for five minutes, and the nothing again

Anyways they were basically like ‘the astral is both wobbling and rotating like the globe and every time you leave and try to come back to the same place it’s like trying to pinpoint Madagascar on a globe spinning at 120 mph and it’s rocking and also it might be on fire’

So I was like okay so what is it on some schedule where it’s easier to make that jump and they sort of implied at least I’m on a 2-6 week on again off again schedule for when shit lines properly

Who knew

MISCONCEPTIONS About... Demons, Angels, Reapers, Shadow People, Ghosts, Spirits, and so on

Yes, there are all these wonderful and not so wonderful entities that wander the planes of existence. Aka dimensions. But NONE of these are automatically GOOD or BAD just because they are what they are. I’ve known great demons and asshole angels. So here’s a list of misconceptions of these beings that come from the etheric plane.

Angels are NOT holy beings. They are NOT messengers or servants of “god”. They have a powerful hierarchy of 9 classes or chiors of angels leading up to someone considered an angel king or queen. They are NOT automatically good. Heaven is NOT a sanctuary for when you die. It just is a place in the upper etheric. 50% of angels are very “noble” and prissy. The other half are pretty nice.

Demons are NOT automatically BAD. Hell is just a place in the lower etheric, and you need to stop with all of the “hell is for bad people” shit. Christianity is 80% wrong about hell and demons. 50% of demons are actually pretty honorable. The other half are rogue and act on their own accord.

There is NO SUCH THING as the GRIM REAPER. Get that out of your minds right now. Reapers are entities that guide souls, cause “accidents” and “coincidences”, and also do odd jobs here and there. They come from a realm called the void that is made of pure nothingness and able to be manipulated by imagination, if you have creation rights to a sector or plot. No, they are NOT gods or spirits of death in the TRADITIONAL way of thinking. That’s just silly. And yes, they CAN cause deaths, but only when it is your time to go. They can also HELP you, by changing your own fate. That is, if you contract one as a spirit guide.

=Shadow People=
No, they are NOT always bad. Yes they are sometimes creepy, but what do you expect from a damn SHADOW? It’s not like they can turn into anything else. Other than that, I don’t know of any other stereotypes. They also come from the void.

These are more animalistic shadow people that are less humanoid. They are in between metamorphosis of a shadow person and a void beast. Some shades stop metamorphosis and become full shades, others continue transforming. Again, these are NOT always bad. Just pretty damn scary if you see one. But sometimes they’re even cute, in a sick twisted way. Poor things, they don’t mean to be, half the time!

=Void Beasts=
These are very animalistic entities with the desire to kill. Void beasts are extremely bloodlusty. And they have to keep this under control, otherwise it may consume them. But this bloodlust also makes them extremely powerful. HOWEVER, this does NOT mean that they are BAD. But I will admit, void beasts who DO become corrupted are actually EXTREMELY malign. And extremely powerful. Corrupted and crazy void beasts are sometimes interpreted as demons, in the malign religious sense. BUT. NOT ALL void beasts are this corrupt. Only around 40% of them.

If you’re playing around with Ouiji boards, you’re a dumb fuck. Because that attracts a lot of negative shit. Not kidding. It’s not just used to communicate with spirits. And poltergeists are most definitely real. But they’re basically spirits that have been corrupted and consumed by negativity. Spirits are usually bound to a location or object, and that is why they can’t pass on, oftentimes. And some are even attached to a person or entity. It all really depends.

Ghosts are NOT SPIRITS. Ghosts are basically fragments of souls and imprints on time and space, sometimes even memories, that keep repeating themselves over and over and over again for eternity. The memories are usually events with a lot of emotion, or a repeated act that involved a lot of energy. They can also be emotions themselves, that are bound to a certain spot. For example, you might feel a ghost of anger and fear in a bathroom where someone was murdered out of rage. Just like a field or feeling of anger and fear whenever you go into that bathroom.

That about covers it. Thanks for reading and I hope that cleared some stuff up. And I hope you’re now more educated on this stuff.


About This Masterpost
Thicket’s Magical Masterpost

This is an interesting post for me to make because I do not regularly practice bindings. I have done them, but on rare occasions. There is a lot about bindings I want to talk about: binding relationships, binding enemies, and binding yourself. This is a scary post for me to write because bindings can be extremely powerful and extremely serious magic and I want to spend a lot of time talking about the dangers and the ramifications of bindings. Please do not take this post too lightly!

Bindings are dangerous because they stop the natural flow of energies. Nature has this down. Nature knows when it is time for energies to expand, contract, whither, grow, die, or spark in to new life. When you start fiddling with nature, shit can get messed up, fast.

Imagine a healthy relationship between two people. The astral cord that binds them together is natural! When they need space apart, the cord naturally grows longer and processes fewer energies. When they are close together, the cord draws them together and lets more energies through. When one person grows, the cord can naturally evolve to adapt and change to the new situation. And, when it is time for the relationship to die, it will wither and drop off in a healthy way that is natural for the mourning process of humans.

So one of these people is a witch! And the relationship is very close, and the cord is small and wide and letting through tons of energy. And this person says, hey, our relationship is going so swimmingly that I’d like to bind it so we can stay this way forever. So a binding is placed upon the relationship, turning it from malleable and natural to artificial steel. What happens?

Now the relationship can no longer naturally grow. When the two people naturally need healthy distance, the relationship has lost its ability to grow longer. The two people are kept close together and the flow of energy can never reduce when one person needs space. If one person naturally grows as a human, the binding can no longer evolve to accommodate that. Now the relationship is unnatural, brittle, and unable to change and grow. So when the relationship goes bad and one or both parties are ready to move on – they can’t. They are magically bound together. That relationship will never die no matter how badly both parties want to move on. The binding will keep you together, forever, no matter what. Stuck in an endless cycle of broken hearts and love that can never turn in to a true friendship. And when that binding eventually does break, it will happen with an explosion that permanently scars both of you.

Yeah, relationship bindings are a bad idea. I’ve only seen one person ever do it in a healthy manner, with his wife of many years, and he had a gentle and delicate touch. Otherwise, avoid it. I know you’re in love. I know that you want this person to stay in your life forever. Bindings are NOT the way to handle it. And I absolutely know what is going to happen: Someone will message me saying, “you don’t understand, I don’t care how damaged our relationship becomes, I need this person in my life forever regardless of how hard it becomes.” All I can say is, god bless Wisdom and best of luck to you.

I do not want people in my life if it is time for us to naturally separate. I do not know better than Nature. Neither do you. Leave relationship cords alone.

Binding enemies is different. You are not binding a relationship cord, you are binding a person themselves. Binding an enemy and binding yourself are very closely related. You can take a person and bind their thoughts, words, actions, and magical abilities. This is why binding and hexing are so closely intertwined: if you want to fuck someone up, what better way than to bind their magical abilities and their ability to realize what is going on? Bindings are no joke, they’re powerful shit.

If someone is coming after you, bind their ability to harm you. But think inception style. Is it better to take a nebulous statement like, “I bind your ability to harm me,” or is it better to go closer to the source and bind what causes them to harm you instead? My opinion is obvious, I’d rather go deeper and bind the source, not the symptoms. I will say this: healing your enemies can be powerful. I do not think we all need to do this, but if your enemy is lashing out because they are broken or damaged, you can majorly change the situation by performing a distance healing on them.

Anyway, back to bindings. You can bind any part of a person. You can bind their chakras, parts of their body, parts of their mind, or parts of their spirit. This does not all have to be malicious – can you imagine if you were able to bind intrusive thoughts from coming forward? A simple binding of an enemy is binding their ability to harm you and binding them from thinking of you in the first place.

Binding of an enemy can bring up ethical dilemmas. I know we’re all badasses, but how badly do you actually want to hurt a person in real life? I have some people in my life who truly deserve pain. I am sure you do, too. But it is my decision as a human being to limit the amount of damage I do to others. Before you start hexing, binding, doing whatever, sit yourself down and ask yourself truly how much darkness you want to spread around. Even if they deserve it.

And yeah, binding can be dark. It gets deep, it gets scary. That is my message for this post: binding is serious magic.

You can bind yourself. And that’s where I’m putting on the breaks. Don’t do it. A relationship binding, sure – best of luck, you idiot, if you want to bind your boyfriend to you. And no, I am not going to apologize for my choice of words. But binding yourself – nope. Don’t do it. It’s not best of luck, it’s not “good on you for trying out some magic even if it fucked you up.” DON’T BIND YOURSELF. I don’t give a fuck, don’t do it.

Let me explain why :)

Nature pretty much has your brain and body going good. Yeah we all have flaws, I’m sure nature would love it if I quit smoking and drinking sodas. I’m also bipolar. Can you fucking imagine the shit that would go down in my brain if I tried to bind my manic cycles from happening? I could end up in a mental hospital, or worse. Just the thought is creeping me out. I’ve fought possession by gods and demons, and I’d rather have another one of those assholes try to brainfuck me than bind my own mind.

To put it simply, you don’t know enough about your own mind to safely start fiddling around in there. Do healings, absolutely. Do magic to stabilize yourself, do magic to push things away or draw it in. Do not do a formal binding on yourself, ever. And if you’re at the level where you can see how it could work out in your favor, you are working at a higher level than this article is speaking about. I’m talking about you, young practitioner who has less than 5 years of hard experience under their belt. Don’t you fucking bind yourself.

I’m talking a lot about why bindings are a bad idea. So let’s talk about when they’re a good idea: when it’s time to get someone to change their shithead behavior towards you or others. But of course, more danger lies ahead.

Ever stuck a hyper dog in a cage? It’ll tear that cage up, and work itself up in to such a frenzy that it could actually hurt itself or you if it gets out. Bindings are the same way. Bind someone and they could flip the fuck out. Don’t tackle big cases if you are a newbie to magic. Don’t try to bind every abuser you meet, don’t try to bind someone when professional and legal help are needed. Go slowly, do what you can in the most careful way possible, and watch the effects of your binding carefully before taking other magical actions.

To bind someone from thinking of you, take a photo of them or draw a picture of them. Cut this photo or picture out so it’s just the little paper figure of a person. Take a large black or red ribbon. Glue one end of it to the heart chakra of the image. Take the thick ribbon and gently (not tightly) wrap it around the head of the person. Say,

You do not know me. You do not think of me. It is impossible for you to think of me.

Repeat this over and over until you have finished the length of ribbon you chose. Take a dab of glue and glue the end of the ribbon in place on the head of the person. Don’t use tons of glue, that’s way too symbolic. Just a little touch will do.

Keep this poppet in a safe place (even better, take the poppet and use it in a banishing spell to get them out of your life for good).

To bind someone from taking action, take a paper representation of them and pop it in the freezer. If that won’t work, weigh it down with heavy rocks. Say,

I freeze your actions. I freeze your ability to move. You cannot move, you cannot act when it comes to [this situation].


I weigh you down. I bind your ability to move. You cannot move, you cannot act when it comes to [this situation].

Keep the poppet in place until the situation is over with, then undo the binding.

When disposing of a poppet, put your right hand over it. Say, “I release this paper [clay/dough/wax/cloth] poppet from its magical duties. It no longer represents [person].” Throw it away in the trash.

Or, for a particularly nasty banishing, don’t undo the poppet and throw it away in your outside trash anyway.

Breaking bindings is easy. If you come across an unnatural binding and you feel it is your job to undo it, take a pair of good scissors and some string. Bless the string as what it represents – the binding of so and so to such and such. Then simply meditate until you are “there” magically, and snip the thread in half. It should feel like a powerful and significant moment. This can undo magical bindings, and it can also undo nature’s bindings (such as if you want to sneakily make two people break up).

This is a shorter post than I intended. I suppose this is all I feel comfortable sharing. If you have a binding problem, please get in touch with me:

Third Eye Sigil

So, I have the psychic abilities of a very dull rock. I sometimes read about all of these talented people astral traveling, lucid dreaming, dream-walking, spirit-talking…and I’m just sitting there like “MY FACE IS TINGLING IS THAT A GHOST OR A MIGRAINE INCOMING?” It’s always a migraine.

Honestly, nothing is going to work as well as meditation for developing your psychic abilities. But, might as well use everything in your arsenal to help out, right?

                                         “ MY THIRD EYE IS OPEN.”

In order to charge this sigil. I decided to do something a bit more intricate than the usual burning routine.

NOTE: The following steps are completely optional.


  • Pen
  • Paper
  • 1-2 Lemon slices
  • Bay Leaf 
  • Rosemary
  • Salt
  • Rain Water
  • Anise Seed
  • Mint
  • Cleansed container


  1. Draw the sigil on a small piece of paper. Focus on your intent. 
  2. Pour  the rainwater into your cleansed container
  3. Add some salt
  4. Place the sigil in the rain water, still focusing on your intent. 
  5. Add lemon slices and other herbs

Sleep with the container nearby. The water and acidity of the lemon should  eventually destroy the sigil. Paired with the herbs, it should be nicely charged. 

Results may vary from person to person. Good luck!


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Categorization of Astral Beings

I notice people use term ‘spirit’ too generally. They say ‘spirit’ when they mean ghost and they say ‘spirit’ when then mean an astral being. This is my view on the subject and what I believe they should be called. (as always disclaimer that this is solely my opinion and opinions aren’t facts)


  • no body
  • not alive
  • intelligence depending on what they remember
  • repeating patterns, only remembering what they have been, not what they are
  • ghost is not same as person that died. it’s only shadow of it. talking to ghost is not talking to the actual dead person. it’s more like taking to it’s copy. the person is dead, while it’s copy remains wandering, without ability to learn anything new or to change
  • stuck in our plane
  • interfering with physical takes a lot energy from them. it’s hard for them bc they don’t have much energy themselves

Ghosts divining into 2 categories:

  • (Actual) Ghosts - described above
  • Phantoms - phantoms aren’t ghosts. they are energetic memories trapped in places. they are on showing always same thing at the same time. it’s like putting video on constant replay in empty house. video will play but it doesn’t mean anyone is inside it.


  • alive beings
  • very intelligent
  • living in other planes than ours, but having ability to travel between them
  • both good and bad. (demons could be classified as spirits too)
  • intelligent thoughtform might be also a spirit
  • when talking to spirit you are actually having conversation with them. they can evolve and learn
  • having a body which is invisible to human eyes simply bc it’s made of different energy
  • having enough energy to interfere with physical

Now spirits divined into 4 categories:

  • Guardians - have ability to interfere with this plane. Work with humans to learn something from them, while protecting them in return. (they can also teach humans if they choose so)
  • Guides - not having ability to interfere with this plane, but having ability to help you out internally. They help with advise and work with humans to teach them.
  • Nature spirits - inhabiting anything made by Mother Earth. May live in 2 planes at the same time, or choose to stay just in ours. Nature spirits can be both guardians or guides depending on their importance in Nature.
  • Other (thoughtforms and gods) - byproducts of constant believe something is real (this is true especially to religions), servants, familiars, and divine
How To Create a Astral Temple

The astral temple is a place created through meditation, and astral projection. Astral projection is not needed in order to create, or use an astral temple. Despite being called an astral temple it is actually more on the etheric plane then the astral plane. An astral temple is a place in between worlds. This environment can be completely controlled by the petitioner, and can be a place where the practitioner can do magickal workings. Many practitioners use their astral temple for invocation, servitor creation, shamanic journeys, summoning spirits, and much, much more. Astral temples are designed, and built by the petitioner. It can look any way he, or she would like it too. Astral temples are actually created a lot like servitors where we build it from intense visualization, intent, and programmed energy. It is said that you can create astral temples with other people, or your coven. Once you create your astral temple you’ll never need to create it again, but you will need to visit it on a regular basis, or it will collapse upon itself, and cease to exist. Astral temples can be incredibly useful, and now it is time to learn how to create one. Step by step time!


You first have to come up with an idea, or blueprint in order to create your astral temple. You need to think what you want your astral temple to look like, what attributes it will have, and the things you wanted to come with. You need to do this in great detail, and you even need to think of what everything is made out of. This step will take different amounts of time for everybody depending on how creative you would like to be. More artsy people could spend hours in this step. Where people who can only draw stick figures may spend like 15 seconds. All you have to do is come up with a blueprint of how it is going to look, work, and feel. Be as creative as you would like, and have fun with it.

2) Starting ritual

Once you have your blueprint completely planned out it is time to begin the ritual. Begin with your banishing ritual of choice you can use any of them like the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, the lesser banishing ritual of the hexagram, or even the gnostic pentagram ritual. Next you’ll probably want to cast a circle, or use another form of protection method. Then sit down, and close your eyes.

3) Creation

To begin the creation process you must enter a meditative state through any method that you find appealing. Once in this meditative state you must first envision the landscape that you will be building your temple upon. The landscape can be anything including a forest, ocean, swamp, or even space itself. The sky’s the limit. All that really matters is that the environment is comfortable, and relaxing to you.  Once you have the landscape begin building your temple through envisioning it being built Brick by Brick from the foundation to the top. See yourself building your astral Temple adding all of the meticulous details. Allow everything to become tangible, and for you to fully immerse yourself in this world you’re creating for yourself. Create everything you had in mind, and in your blueprint that you wanted back in preparation. Remember to use strong visualization, intent, and will to forge your your astral Temple from the energetic building blocks of the etheric plane. When you are done slowly back out of the meditation. Open your eyes, and undo your circle. Remember you can go back to your astral temple any time by just entering a meditative state and willing to be there.


in hindsight it was probably not the best idea to put a lightening bolt instead of something shadowy but hey too late now

i really hope someday there’ll be natural shadow magic users.