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Astral Mermaids

The size of small comets, astral mermaids “swim” through space via gigantic globs of water. Sterre, as they are known, travel from star system to system, exploring the cosmos and cross-pollinating planets with aquatic magic.

Heat, drawn from stars they visit, is stored in their float, the ocean-sized water globs that the sterre live in. Creatures and algae living in the float provide the sterre with food and atmosphere.

Sterre grow throughout their lifetime. It is rumored that they cannot die of aging, simply growing more powerful until they no longer require a physical form. Sterre regularly travel to the astral plane, using it to communicate with water fey all over the universe, so it is conceivable that some remain there permanently, acting as guardians to their planet-based aquatic counterparts.

luke skywalker will use his vocal cords to emit sound out of his mouth in the form of communication to another human being and the shock waves of such an iconic act will make me astral project across space and time into a metaphysical realm not even known to god himself


“The Astral Dragon Nebula”.

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Astral body

I started to look at my astral body in detail today, and noticed that I have fish-like scales in certain places, like around my ankles, knees, wrists, and my upper torso. I also realized my astral body is a lot less curvy compared to my physical body, and for some reason I cannot identify my skin color at all. I felt long hair up to my waist, and feathers sprouting from behind my ears. I was wading out into the water of the beach when I felt this aching in my back, by my shoulder blades. I felt this aching in my physical self, the sensation was so strong. I reached behind my astral body and felt something like two scars running vertically down my upper back, and then it happened.

I sprouted wings!! Huge, magnificent, dark grey wings. It made me so happy; I tried flapping them a few times just to get a feel for them, managed to get a foot or so off the ground before I fell back down. I was in utter bliss, though. I’ve always wanted wings.

I never expected my astral form to be so… Different from my physical. Does anyone else have such exciting differences in their astral forms?

Jheselbraum the Unswerving (The Oracle)

((That moment when a reference gets away from you; and you end up doing a badass drawing instead-))

Why you need to ward your inner spaces.

When I guide people to make their inner space, the third step is always “ward the shit out of it.”


An inner astral space is still a real space. External spirits and even other humans can come there and find it to visit you! Which is great if you invite them in. And not so great if they come to find your space without being invited.

Consider the following scenarios:

You invite a human friend to come to your astral space. Unbeknownst to you (and possibly, unknown to your friend) a nasty spirit has been following them, looking for a way “in”. Your friend has their inner spaces warded, but yours are not. When they travel to your inner space, this nasty spirit simply follows them, sets up shop in your inner space, and presents itself as a friendly nature spirit. Over time you begin to trust this new, cool being in your inner space and regard it as one of your companions. It’s there to eat you. It will destroy you as soon as you let your guard down.

You go on an astral adventure where you help a group of gnolls who were being targeted for genocide. The humans you fought against naturally, well, don’t like you any more. Among these humans are powerful mages and shamans who follow your energetic signature back home. They invade your inner space, camp out, and wait for you to return. The next time you enter you are ambushed, your astral body is trapped, and you are dragged back to their astral space to be executed.

You have been practicing divination with tarot and pendulum. You are reaching out to house spirits. Unfortunately you have not properly warded your home, and a nasty little spirit sneaks in. After you use your pendulum to speak with it, you enter your inner space. This spirit follows you, and attacks you.

You are doing a guided meditation to meet your guiding spirits. You have never met them before, this is very exciting. Instead of going to a new space, you are transported to within your personal inner space. You see three beings around you. They are all beautiful and smiling. “We are your guides!” they say. You smile. You feel uncomfortable for some reason. Maybe just anxiety from meeting new spirits? They crowd around you. “You need a healing, dear. Just relax, and let us in…” You lie down. You don’t like this, but they are your guides, right? You close your eyes. You feel something coming in. This isn’t right… Far above, your true guides are screaming. You can’t hear them.

Fortunately, warding your inner space is easy. Here are a few techniques:

Go to your inner space and fly up to space. Create a thick (perhaps two or three hundred feet/100 meters) orb around the entire space that you see. NOTHING may penetrate these wards except for you and beings you invite by name. Graft magical sigils in to the surface of your magical orb.

Build a guardian’s home. A big one. Create the most powerful astral creature you can imagine that is devoutly loyal to you. A dragon, a flock of griffins, a hydra, a cerebus. Anything. Charge it with guarding your inner space and chasing away all who try to approach. Speak to it every time you travel and get a status report.

Build an automated zapping system. Construct a huge tower that ascends far in to the sky. Fill it with powerful and infinite energy to target and attack any unknown, external entities that try to enter your inner space.

Return to the orb you built. Place an enchantment over it so your astral space is invisible to all who seek it out and impossible to find to outsiders.

Enchant or sigil your orb-wall so it causes great pain to whoever tries to enter unallowed.

Inside your orb-wall, ward your personal home or spaces you spend the most time in. Draw lines in the ground made of stone. Add sigils of protection.

Create multiple mini-guardians that travel your inner space. They can be wolves, lions, soldiers, whatever you like. Instruct them to travel and live in the land, and take care of any intruders.

Remember – there are LOTS of friendly, good, worthwhile spirits to be friends with. There is no need to entertain or accept random intruders just to have a “real” spirit experience. Trust me.

**Do not be worried about all this if you are just going out daydreaming. This is all for a permanent inner space that you identify as your astral home ^^