Beginner’s Guide To Astral Projection

Okay, quick little thing for all of the new witches out there:

If you’re aspiring to do anything with astral projection or practicing hedge witchcraft, I implore you to take a few pre-cautionary steps and listen up.

1. Prepare.

Astral projection is no joke. You are going to places you have never felt or seen before. You are landing in an unmarked territory not inhabited by anything you know. Read up on a few things. I don’t have any marked posts, but any master post should. There are several warnings you should get. You need to know that things that you will see were already there and you should not become afraid of them. The moment you fear something is the moment you should break your transition, if you are not already in the astral plane.

2. Meditate.

This seems like a given, but meditation is key when dealing with astral projection. It takes time and patience and learning what works best for you. I, personally, use a blindfold. Meditation teaches you about your own energy, what you need to do to become completely calm and transferable. Once you know how to meditate, you should be able to transfer yourself if you evoke the desire to travel to the astral plane.

3. Protection.

Much like any other form of magic, you should always use protection. This does not mean put a condom over one finger. You need something to protect you. I would cleanse out the room or entire building you are using by burning either dried sage or rosemary and then placing a protective crystal, such as Lapis Lazuli or Amethyst (these two also aid in Astral Projection as well), and if you have a deity and/or deities  you call upon for protection, I heavily recommend getting their blessing.

4. Doing It.

This is sounding a lot more like Sex Ed than it should. Anyway, astral projection is an out of body experience on a different plane. The signs that you are leaving can emerge from several different things, i.e, feeling your body vibrate, feeling hot, feeling cold, seeing things that are foreign, seeing objects disappear or fade, etc. There is no telling where you will end up. There is no telling what you will see or where you will go. There are levels and doors.

4b. Chickening Out.

This one is important. It is never late to go back the moment you start feeling any discomfort. When you feel like something shouldn’t be happening or if you feel as if you are confronted by something you do not wish to see, you can always ground yourself and get back to Earth. However, in some instances of panic, if you ignore your senses and try to fend off the feelings of warning, honey, you have a big storm coming. If you cannot stay calm, you will not be able to get out. It will not end well for you, and may potentially scar you. Now is not a time to be all badass,

5. Closing.

Once back in your physical body, you should take a few breaths and try to regain your energy. I highly recommend you have a quartz or rose quartz stone charged with your energy and kept in a glass jar close to you, so you can easily take back that energy that has now become ten fold. You must realized you have just opened a portal. You need to banish it immediately. Use sea salt, use sage, use rosemary, do anything. You just need to make sure you close that portal. If you do not, there is a likely hood of you become more vulnerable to unseen forces back lashing at you. Your portal is not only a part of you, but it is also a gateway for things to attach itself to you. There are several ways to close a portal, and here is where that energy will come in hand. Fill up a space with your energy, I usually make an orb loosely between my hands, and crush that energy as fine as possible. Say something like “I thank you for the trip, but this portal must be closed and cannot be used until reopened by me. Please respect these wishes.” Pay an homage to your experience. Write it down. Then take the cleansing item of your choice, burn it if required, and sprinkle it around then vacuum it up. Envision the portal shrinking and closing. You will know when it is closed.

If you have trouble setting the right mood for astral travel or meditation try this Especially good if you work well with water or storms. It basically puts rainstorm noise on an endless loop and it is so. frickin. relaxing. I always use this when I want to travel to my beach where my astral home is.

Mynoise: A fantastic noise generator with loads of different sounds ranging from airplane noise to tonal drones. The great thing about this site is you can customise everything. You can change the volume of and even remove certain parts to the noise and adjust it to something that suits you. They also have an app.

Binaural beats: Just youtube it, there are hundreds of tracks with binaural beats. Binaural beats are basically a science-y way of making your brain hear a pulsing sound that can influence your mood, slow our heartbeat and even help manage pain. You just have to listen to understand! Both Mynoise and Playnoise have binaural beat generators where you can choose the speed of the track.

Experiences In Dreams & In The Astral Plane

Out-of-body experiences are real, in them the non-physical parts of us leave the physical body and the third dimension and go to a different dimension. This happens in dreams, in astral projection, in near-death experiences, and at death.

In an OBE we usually go to the fifth dimension, to what’s commonly called the astral plane, but it’s possible to be in higher or lower planes. Everything that exists here also exists in the fifth dimension, which is why it’s sometimes referred to as the copy world.

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