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self care at this point in time is listening to oh what a night on repeat for eternity and drinking 57 gatorades like shots so that your electrolytes will become powerful enough that you can get in a knife fight with arthur conan doyles ghost on the astral plane

The Birds and the Bees - Astral Pregnancy

An astral pregnancy forms when the two (or more depending on the realm) energies of parent spirits form to create a vestigial energy that must be incubated within the form of one of the parent spirits until it reaches relative maturity. This can happen during sex on lower vibrational planes, and asexually on higher planes. When astral traveling or projecting, depending on your astral form, your astral body can get pregnant, or get others pregnant. Make sure to practice safe sex even on the astral! Ask a healer for contraceptives- usually some form of barrier spell- or magic yourself infertile for the time being.

On higher planes, you don’t have to have sex in order to get pregnant, so any genders or species can form a child together, a child that will present the traits of both parents. On lower planes, if it’s possible to do the do, then it’s possible to get pregnant.

(Lower planes feel more physical and have more rules attached, while higher planes are more magical and energy based. My astral form resides on a lower vibrational level, and as such I need to have sex to get pregnant unless I were to travel to a higher level. I also get my menstrual cycle and other such natural things, just on the astral instead of this physical plane.)

What does an astral pregnancy feel like?

It’s like a tiny bubble inside your astral body, and it has its own vibration. Energy you send to it will bounce back with its own signature. It might not be fully aware, but it feels like a separate entity attached to you, but familiar enough that your astral body doesn’t reject it as it might a parasite. That bubble grows and stretches your astral form, so that much like a physical pregnancy it can get a little uncomfortable during the end phases.

How long does it last?

It depends on each pregnancy. Some can take only a month, others more than a year. One of mine lasted three months, and the other five. It also depends on the gestation period for the other parent’s species, so make sure you ask them what’s considered normal time-wise.

Can people of the same gender get each other pregnant?

Yes they can! Since astral pregnancies are more about energy than a sperm/egg combination, either gender can incubate a new spirit, and impregnate any gender as well, so it’s important to be careful! (Though this can depend on the rules of the realm, ie lower level planes that are more physical may not allow this as a possibility.)

Do you feel physical symptoms?

You can. Some people feel a stronger connection with the astral, and find traveling to be much easier. I felt a fullness in my abdomen, and slightly nauseous during the periods in which I was pregnant. It depends on the person.

How does birthing work?

Horrifyingly. JK, my experiences tended to be bad since I don’t have a body that’s well suited to being pregnant (it was only through the swift intervention of healers that I managed to survive). On lower planes, it’s much like a physical birth where the child will expel itself from the body via a predetermined exit. On higher planes, the child will simply detach itself from the parent energy, and exist on its own like in mitosis. In either case, I’d be sure to have a healer on hand, just in case something goes wrong.

Can I get an abortion?

You can. Either ask a healer for help, or “pop the bubble”, forcing the juvenile energy out of your body before it’s done forming. This will cause it to dissipate.

What do I do if I’m pregnant?

Lay low, don’t get yourself into trouble, nurture your astral form more, and see a healer for assistance.

How do I find a healer?

Most realms have some sort of midwife, ask your companions or other spirits around if they know anyone who can help.

Will the other parent stick around?

If they’re worth their salt, hopefully. The presence of a child will not compel them to stick around, however, and it’s up to their upbringing and morals as to whether or not they will.

Do I need someone else to become astrally pregnant?

Yes, it’s the combination of two separate energies into one that creates a new spirit. Splitting your own body creates fragments, which is something different entirely.

I gave birth to my child/children. Now what?

Hoooo boy, parenthood is a whole nother ball game, to which all I can offer is a strong “GOOD LUCK

If you have any more questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

astraiaa  asked:

do you think that theyre gonna kill off shiro or theyre just messing w us again bc either way im screaming

There is no way they’re legit killing Shiro off. With a death that hard to swallow, they would have at least shown the body/made it more obvious that he was dead instead of making him “disappear”.

This is my official theory:

  • shiro, just how he spiritually/mentally won the bayard from zarkon that manifested itself physically, rather than taking it physically, is trapped both mentally and physically
  • physically: he is trapped back in haggar’s clutches to be crafted into the weapon he was supposed to be, winter-solider-style, since the druids are shown to being able to transport people and haggar created his arm, so idk, IT WORKS SOMEHOW OK
  • mentally: trapped on an astral plane like the one he battled zarkon on for the black lion, only this time he is possibly mentally battling zarkon as to which one gets to survive
  • and that’s all i got tbh, but either way, i don’t think in a million years that shiro is actually dead

since i predicted thace dying to save keith, galra keith, and keith calling shiro his brother, have some season 3 predictions since i seem to have a 65% accuracy rating

  • shiro is stuck in the astral plane
    • it just…. makes…. sense
    • why else would they spend so much time on it??
  • lance gets a huge important character arc about his insecurities and how he feels worthless to the team
    • lance is gonna rule next season
    • also he’s gonna be confirmed as bi this time around i can feel it
  • lotor is a more chaotic version of zarkon. same ruthless drive with a genuine love of going out of his way to make a mess. he’s bloodthirsty and is here to Screw Crap Up
    • alternatively- he thinks he’s all that. he’s a brat everyone hates
  • keith’s mom is the galra he saved from the cryopod that’s it that’s what I’m sticking with
  • the rebels that saved matt are a collection of all the allies they’ve met
    • dark voltron give me back nyma and rolo
  • klance. episode.
  • lance is going to be in danger at some point and keith is going to call out his name desperately 
  • matt holt is a cryptid and no one can FIND HIM
    • they might find pidge’s dad tho
  • hunk and shay get reunited and no one knows how but they’re the Battle Couple Trademark

anonymous asked:

Post season 2 VLD theory: Shiro has fused with the Black lion. (He can't be dead, dang it!) Evidence:  1.) The two strengthening their bond was a huge theme. 2.) Alfor's conciousness was stored in the castle ship. 2.) Magic is canon. 3.) An entire episode was devoted to Pidge learning that the line between technology and organic life is not so clear. They can and do, co-exist. I don't know about you, but I'd read a fic about Shiro sharing a body/mind with a giant robotic space cat. Thoughts?

OOOOOOOH. This is my favorite theory yet! I do like the idea that he just, you know. ascended to the astral plane and has to figure out how to come back. I definitely thought of Neon Genesis Evangelion when Shinji disolved into the goop because of Extreme Teenage Angst. But merging with Black is even better! And you’re right, that does seem like some great evidence. I would totally read and/or write a story with that concept.

i love liminal spaces its like a location that’s dissociating and i feel like if i go there while also dissociating i’ll just ascend to the astral plane 

Beginning astral travel (1/3)

Everyone has their own methods, but I thought beginners would be interested in trying to use mine. 

Five steps to begin your journey

Step 1:

Relax. Calm your breath, calm your heart, calm your thoughts. You don’t need to have a blank mind, you just need to have the same mental activity as if you were bored during a long car travel. You know when you start to see what you imagine in flashes? When you read a book and see the scene? Like that.

Step 2:

Now take a random image in your mind. Can you keep it in front of your eyes? How long does it stay? How well do you remember it? Once you feel like you can keep the image and play with it as if you were playing a VR game, you can go on. 

Step 3:

⍟ I need you to visualize the easiest way for you to enter the astral plane. My favorite way is to imagine a door with many details and to implant my intention in it by imagining words/sigils etc being engraved in it. Doesn’t have to be specific, or to be an intention at all. Then, I open it and there is a world in front of me (see next step). 

OR there are also other ways. I also like to take a music and use it to build my environment, or to imagine my palm being pressed against the bark of a tree/wall. I’ve heard people imagining walking through mirrors, jumping in a hole, and even using pop culture items like the Star Gate or a Tardis. It’s your mind, you do what you want with it. 

Step 4:

⍟ Once you have the “world” in front of you, I want you to focus on your other senses. You don’t have to, you can use your eyes only, but you’ll have more troubles maintaining your concentration. Focus on whichever sense feels dominant other than your sight. For me, it’s touch, thus I focus on how my astral body feels. Is the weather warm? Is the ground grass or marble?  

For other people, it can be hearing or scenting etc. Some might even have a dominant sense that is not sight! Usually, the sense that manifests the more in your dreams is your dominant one. Raise your awareness sense after sense, in the other that feels more natural. 

Step 5:

⍟ Once you feel your new world, you can begin to explore it! You might want to visualize a barrier/ward and to draw sigils for protection and invisibility on your astral (and physical) body before you do, just to be sure.

I will cover how to build your own astral “house” (which can be used as a mental palace, a meditation area, a temple, a resort area etc) and what dangers you can encounter in there, how to protect yourself, and what you can do in a general way in parts 2 and 3.

Have fun!