astral journeying

Beginning astral travel (1/3)

Everyone has their own methods, but I thought beginners would be interested in trying to use mine. 

Five steps to begin your journey

Step 1:

Relax. Calm your breath, calm your heart, calm your thoughts. You don’t need to have a blank mind, you just need to have the same mental activity as if you were bored during a long car travel. You know when you start to see what you imagine in flashes? When you read a book and see the scene? Like that.

Step 2:

Now take a random image in your mind. Can you keep it in front of your eyes? How long does it stay? How well do you remember it? Once you feel like you can keep the image and play with it as if you were playing a VR game, you can go on. 

Step 3:

⍟ I need you to visualize the easiest way for you to enter the astral plane. My favorite way is to imagine a door with many details and to implant my intention in it by imagining words/sigils etc being engraved in it. Doesn’t have to be specific, or to be an intention at all. Then, I open it and there is a world in front of me (see next step). 

OR there are also other ways. I also like to take a music and use it to build my environment, or to imagine my palm being pressed against the bark of a tree/wall. I’ve heard people imagining walking through mirrors, jumping in a hole, and even using pop culture items like the Star Gate or a Tardis. It’s your mind, you do what you want with it. 

Step 4:

⍟ Once you have the “world” in front of you, I want you to focus on your other senses. You don’t have to, you can use your eyes only, but you’ll have more troubles maintaining your concentration. Focus on whichever sense feels dominant other than your sight. For me, it’s touch, thus I focus on how my astral body feels. Is the weather warm? Is the ground grass or marble?  

For other people, it can be hearing or scenting etc. Some might even have a dominant sense that is not sight! Usually, the sense that manifests the more in your dreams is your dominant one. Raise your awareness sense after sense, in the other that feels more natural. 

Step 5:

⍟ Once you feel your new world, you can begin to explore it! You might want to visualize a barrier/ward and to draw sigils for protection and invisibility on your astral (and physical) body before you do, just to be sure.

I will cover how to build your own astral “house” (which can be used as a mental palace, a meditation area, a temple, a resort area etc) and what dangers you can encounter in there, how to protect yourself, and what you can do in a general way in parts 2 and 3.

Have fun!

Astral Journey, I

I sit back on my couch, eyes closed as I type. I am in a black room of imagination with nothing around me. I decide I will go on an adventure.

I go to one of my favorite memories, a beautiful frigid beach in Alaska. There is mist over the water and salmon can be seen jumping from the depths. Across the shore, I know a bear is watching me. This isn’t from a memory; this is a spirit bear, who is known to me. The sky is gray, the water is icy gray too. Somehow the grayness adds to the beauty of nature, and doesn’t detract from it. My memory changes as I start to slip in to the astral. I know in the distance a glacier feeds this ocean inlet, although in reality it does not.

I feel my astral sword by my side. I am ready to go on an adventure. I imagine that I am wearing warm winter clothing, and in an instant my astral body is covered and safe. I note that I am wearing leather armor, although I did not request this. I suddenly know there is a safe, warm cottage under the glacier with an old woman in it. I decide I will travel there. Instead of teleporting, I walk.

As I walk along the shore, the bear walks with me. I have to clamber over rocks and I slip in to the freezing ocean often. I say a heating spell so my feet will dry and remain warm. I do not do a good job and I burn the soles of my feet with fire.

Presently my path opens up. It is no longer strewn with boulders. Now the beach seems to stretch infinitely to the east, where before it was cliffs. As I walk north, the east to my right seems to stretch on to infinity. I ask the bear why this is. “Because you do not know what is there, it has not appeared before you,” she says. Although she is a long way off I can hear her well. I turn to observe the east and see if anything will appear before me. I see in the distance a tall evergreen forest. “Do not go there,” the bear cautions me. I know my journey has been laid out before me and I should not lose focus. I walk northward.

In the house, my dad is watching a youtube “top ten” show. It is pulling me out of focus. I turn loud ocean sounds on. My ocean, though, is still with no waves. It does not lap at the shore. She is too dignified for that right now.

I see seagulls soaring above me. Behind me walks a dog. I am not sure I know this dog, it is spotted red and brown. I have never seen it before. But it seems content to follow me, so I let it be.

“Speak to the dog,” I hear. I do not know if the bear told me or if this is an intuition. I turn and face the dog, and I see a glamour around him, that of a young man. I ask him who he is. He does not speak but rather gives me impressions; he is here to help me on my quest. It is his quest to reach the cottage, too. We will help each other. I ask him if he is a shapeshifter. He nods. The man is his true form. I continue northwards. Bear does a spell for me to keep my feet warm. I am grateful to her.

I see the glacier is coming closer. It is a massive overhanging glacier, dripping a tiny waterfall below it. The cottage is to the west of the glacier and I am to the east. I stop and examine my path. The shore Bear was on has grown closer to the shore I am on, and a small bridge connects the two so I may reach the opposite shore where the cottage sits. I point the way to the dog, who nods. Presently we reach the small bridge. It arches delicately and has wooden hand railings. It is slippery and wet, and freezing cold due to my proximity to the glacier. In the physical world this walk to the bridge would have taken hours; in the astral it takes merely minutes. Time flows differently there.

The dog pads behind me. There is a sense of tension or nerves in the air, like excitement and suspense. The little cottage has log walls and a thatched roof. There are red curtains in the bright windows, but they are drawn closed, although I can see in a little. There is an old woman there with blonde hair done up in a bun. She is at a spinning wheel, then at the oven. She sees me and waves. I realize I have been watching for too long. I go to the door with a slight sense of nervousness, and knock.

She opens the door immediately. “Hello, dearie!” she exclaims. I am reminded of Moa. “Oh, don’t bring her in here,” says the woman. “She will drip everywhere. Come in, come in.” I enter. The dog stops at the door but she waves him in too. As he steps across the threshold he becomes a man again. I notice my winter clothing has disappeared. There must be some sort of enchantment on her cottage that ends glamours and illusions.

She nods towards my sword, which is made of a strange burgundy metal. “I see she gave that to you,” says the woman. I ask if “she” is known to the woman. “She is known to all of us, dear, you especially, although you would deny it.” She sounds a little harsh. I say, “she” and I have a complicated relationship. “Yet you carry her sword,” challenges the woman. She sets down on the table a tray with two bowls of hot leek soup and bread. The man and I eat hungrily. Physically, I can feel something hot move down my esophagus in to my stomach.

“Well, you are here for something, are you not?” I say, I am here for something, although I do not know what. I say, maybe you can read cards for me, and tell me about “her” and what she wants from me. The old woman nods. “Are you prepared to hear the truth?” I say, I will never be prepared, but perhaps it is time. The man speaks for the first time. “I seek healing for my father. He is in dire need.” The old woman goes through her drawers and produces a tiny, bright blue potion. The neck of the bottle is long with a fat round body, perhaps three inches in height. “Feed this to your father and the spider’s webs will go away,” she says. The man nods in thanks. “Will you not stay a while?” I say to the man. I do not want to be left alone to face my harsh lesson. He shakes his head. I note the soup in his bowl is gone already. “I must go.” Outside, night has fallen. He carefully puts the potion in a pouch and turns in to a dog. I can see his human form like a shadow. He trots away.

“Well,” says the old woman again, “now it is just you and I.” On the table before me are beautiful Marseilles tarot cards, very large and worn from use, although the colors are vivid and beautiful. I say, I will hear what she has to say. She nods and shows me the spread on the table. I did not see her shuffle or pull cards; I had been watching the man. “Look,” she says. I see a jester, a skeleton, and the Two of Pentacles.

“She has had enough of you for now, young mage. You deny her gifts too often. But, and this is a very important but. But she will enver leave you; she is there, waiting. She is waiting for all of us, always.”

Suddenly, the woman laughs. Her skin turns green and her hair bursts with flowers. She is young, and appears to be a wood nymph. “No more games!” says the nymph. “I am her messenger. I have been sent here to tell you, that you have done no wrong. Many are afraid of her. Many reject her gifts. She is an empowering spirit, but also frightening. Be not afraid of the Goddess*, be not afraid of her spirits. Here, hold my hand.”

I put my hand out and she takes it. A flower springs up from my palm, growing. I am not supposed to share exactly how it looks. “this is her gift to you. See how her gifts can be soft and gentle, too.” I am not sure what to think. I was not expecting any of this. The nymph looks at me. I do not want her to leave before I can ask questions. “I will not leave, mage,” she says. We begin discussing things, and I use the name of a certain goddess. “Do not use that name!” says the nymph, alarmed. “That name causes you much anxiety. She will give you a precious gift: You may choose a name for her, one that allows you to sense her deep essence.” I ask if I must choose the name now. The nymph shakes her head and laughs in her beautiful voice. “You may choose it in your own time, but do not neglect this gift.”

I ask about who She is. “She is beauty, she is life. She is love, she is terror. She is destroying your enemies, she is drinking blood. She is loving children, and laughter in sunlight. She is all things, and to be sure, she is even You.” I ask what this means. “I think you know what it means, mage.” She gives me the look that all spirits give when you ask things you already know the answer to.

I ask what will happen if I accept Her. “Oh, wily child. You have so much craziness built up in your mind about Her. What is this? Are you typing?”

I say yes, I am recording this experience, potentially to share with others. She shrugs. “This is your journey, you may share it if you want. Only say hello to them from me.” I say, I will record her words. She nods with a satisfied smile. “Now, do not interrupt me: I am not here to say what will happen between you and the Goddess. Only that you must first purge yourself of your fears and anxieties before you seek her out. She does not want you as you are now. You are not a lost child coming to her for help. You are a mage, a seer. You have different responsibilities.” She pauses.

“I want you to be not afraid, young child. She is nothing, she is everything. When you are ready, and only then, seek her out. Until then, be unafraid of her, and do not treat her with such disdain.” I say, I hope she does not drink my blood. The nymph laughs, but then she turns disapproving. I ask the nymph how long she thinks it will take until I am ready. “A few years, perhaps.” I do not know if I am relieved or disappointed. I ask the nymph what her name is. “Mer—–”, she says. I censor most of her name as I type. I ask if we will meet again, and she seems surprised. “We may meet if you truly need me,” she says. “But do not seek me out for no reason.”

I thank her. I wonder if there is anything else I should ask. “What about your place, my dear?” I look at her. “Wouldn’t you like to know your path before you?” I say yes, I would. She takes the cards and shuffles them, and lays down a number of new cards. “You are meant to heal people, and guide them. You are meant to travel much, and help spirits. You are meant to do good things with your magic. Maybe not great things, but good things. Look, there is a spirit now that needs our help.” I look up and a ghost is coming through the door. It coughs terribly and lays down on the floor. The nymph rushes to find a potion. I kneel over the spirit, but the nymph is back and feeds him a bright poppy orange potion. He gurgles, and fully collapses; however I think he has collapsed from relief. There is a massive gash in his abdomen.

“Go and find who did this to him,” says the nymph. “And slay that beast; then, I will have a gift for you.” I am fully surprised. I thought my journey would end when the nymph told me about Her. But it seems there is more on the table for me. I wish the dog was still with me, but I remember Bear. I leave the cottage. It is freezing cold and dark, but the stars and moon shine brilliantly to give me light. I know intuitively that the beast is west and north. I walk away from the cottage and glacier, following bloody tracks. I know the nymph is tending to the wounded spirit. I clutch my burgundy sword in my hand. It has been a long time since I was in an astral fight.

Presently I see a huge beast. He is hairy, with curved horns. I know I have seen him somewhere before but I can’t place the reference. He is holding the body of a man, torn in half. In each hand he holds half the body. He has been feeding. The beast did such damage to the man — now it attacks.

The beast leaps at me. I dodge. I say a spell to create an ice spear – I throw it, it shatters harmlessly on him. I dodge again.

He is still holding the parts of the man and uses them like a hammer to pummel at me. I am not afraid.

I create a solar fireball and throw it at the beast. He catches fire and screams, batting at his body to attempt to put it out. Finally he drops the bloody carrion he was holding. I take my chance. Bear is watching me. I leap up on to his back, and drive the sword in to his neck as hard as I can. It bounces off his spinal cord and in to his flesh on the right side. The beast screams and gurgles, but I am not sure I have made a killing blow. He beings to fall. I take my sword and jump away. He falls to the ground, belly in the air, still smoldering and burning. I rush to him and stab the sword in his neck. A ghost begins to arise from the beast.

“FUCK YOU,” the ghost screams at me. He screams as he whirls in to the air, off to his afterlife. I suddenly feel terribly guilty. I had killed a beast for no reason except a nymph told me to, an nymph I just met. I turn to Bear, who is not far off. “This beast was doing much damage,” she says. “You were right to kill it, but next time consult me.” It was true, the beast had done so much damage to the man that even the man’s ghost was grievously injured. I look around the area. There is blood and bodies. I see nothing of value, but suddenly it occurs to me to take some blood from the beast. I produce a little bottle and catch some of the copious blood pouring from his neck. Presently I see little faces around the snow dunes. Nature spirits have come to applaud me. One waddles forward. He has a big nose and appears to be made out of a blue liquid. “I am the mayor!” he says. “This is for you.” He hands me a little blue medallion. Now I am truly feeling like I am in bizarro world. I suppose spirits must have mayors, but still. I leave when the little blue liquid people start feasting on the body of the beast. I put the medallion in my pocket but sense that it quickly fades in to nothingness; the mayor must have produced it on the spot as a glamour.

I return to the cottage and am relieved to find it is still there. But, the lights are dark. I go inside. It is empty, as if no one has ever been there. I find a note on the counter next to a candle and a flower. “This is for you,” says the note. “Well done.” I leave the jar of the beast’s blood on the counter. I touch the candle. I sense its innate properties of guidance and wisdom. I touch the flower. I sense its innate properties of healing and growth. I know I may only take one. I choose the candle, for I feel that I need much guidance in my life. As soon as I pick it up, it dissolves in a flash of light and the energy rushes in to my chest. Suddenly I am glowing a bright yellow. Astrally I see myself curl up as my body tries to process these energies. In the physical I feel a warm flush. Suddenly something very strange happens, a light appears above my astral body and I hear a “ding” sound. I am now viewing my astral body in the third person. I am bald, wearing black clothing. My face is more angular than in real life. The sword is bloody and on my belt. My astral self looks up at me. “Take me home,” she says. “I am tired.” I go down and pick up my astral body. I hold her to my chest until she is back inside of me. “Enjoy getting those energies aligned, fucker,” says my astral self. I do not approve of her language. I believe they will be processed during my sleep tonight.

I close my eyes and imagine the candle. The nymph is there, as is Bear. “Welcome to your Guidance Chamber,” says Nymph. “She has told me I may be one of your guides, if you will have me.” I nod. “I could use much guidance,” I say. “Very wise,” says she. I look to Bear, who nods. “Be careful,” cautions Bear. I know why Bear says this. I ask what would have happened if I chose the flower. “That, you will never know,” says Nymph. “It is time to leave,” says Bear. “You need rest.” I thank Bear and Nymph. I focus on my fingers, my typing. I focus on the couch below me. I turn off the meditative ocean sounds. I turn on Kitchen Nightmares and go have a snack. I think about the beast I slew, and whether or not he had a family. “Do not worry about that,” I hear a voice say. “The spirits called and you helped. That is what matters.”

*”Goddess” not meaning the Great Goddess.

As you become relaxed and start to drift off into sleep hold your mental attention on something, anything, with your eyes closed. Once you can hold the borderland state indefinitely without falling asleep, you have passed the first stage.
—  Robert A. Monroe (1977), p. 208 in “Journeys Out of the Body”, Broadway Books

A while back I received a spirit companion who was advertised as either having his own astral plane or being guardian to an astral plane. This interested me tremendously because this was where my work was taking me and I thought he might be able to help me out when it came to astral things. 

While I was pretty religious in wearing his vessel on a particular day, once a week, as once a week was when we had agreed to meet, there wasn’t a lot of deep work going on. He seemed to understand because I was healing from several things at the time. He was even considerate enough to come and take a look at my physical body to understand more of why I was so drained of energy. Things took a backseat for a while.

As often happens, I ended up down a rabbit hole one day. Researching this and that, which led to this and that, which led to this and that, which led back to meditation and the work I had started before my body needed healing. Today was the day that I would do my first big, deep meditation with this new spirit companion of mine.

I was told that he was very visual. I assumed using a tarot deck would be fine but there are so many meanings associated with each card, I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. Instead, I used a Dixit deck. I asked him what he wanted me to see in this journey. I interpreted this card immediately as he’d been trying to get my attention, shouting from the rooftops for me to hear him. 

The journey started on his cloud (as he is much too big to fit into my astral temple I had to create a cloud for him to perch himself on). The cloud quickly transformed to a pink clouded room. While he was there, staring at me, the journey was quickly overtaken by a different spirit companion. He took me by the hands and swung me around and danced. We danced and spun and laughed and I could feel joy in my heart. The spirit companion I was there for waited patiently, expressionless, as we danced and twirled about. Joyful, playful, child-like music played in the background and when I became winded he finally curled around me, cuddled me as though he’d been waiting a lifetime for me to finally appear, and settled himself into my lap.

Another appeared and he looked serious, stern, as he usually does. I feel some slight hesitation about him and the Fae meeting, as the Nightmare does usually feel some kind of jealousy of my others. He settled down behind me, with nary a greeting at all. 

Finally my Phoenix arrived and settled to my left, his designated spot, without acknowledging the previous two at all. He gave me no greeting and I could barely feel an energetic link to him like I could the others and I felt guilt, immediately, as I hadn’t bonded with him as intensely as the rest. 

It was then that I realized this was my traveling group. These were the companions that I had sought out, asked for, called out to in order to help me travel the astral. Each of them had a different skill set that would help me out on my adventures. Each of them helped me to feel safe in different ways.

The Dragon pulled up the door he had shown me several times before. It reminded me of Candyland in a way, nothing like what I would have pictured HIS door to look like at all. Perhaps it wasn’t what his door actually looked like, but how he designed it for me so that I would not be afraid to walk through it. My Fae shrunk down to his dandelion puff size and my Nightmare stepped up. We went through the door before the Dragon – it felt as though he did not believe I would follow him.

Inside there was almost nothing. It was colder than I thought it would be, barren. It seemed like snow on the ground but there was no crunch, no feeling of it as I walked. We walked quickly but quietly.

There came a point where we needed to stop. The Dragon created a barrier for us and the Phoenix erupted into a fire. He danced for me. This was how we first bonded, over a candle, over a flame, with his favorite type of music playing. The Fae didn’t understand the melancholy dance and so he went to sleep. My Nightmare flashed, turned to his human form, and sat next to me to watch. Nighttime was his time and he wanted his time with me.

When the Phoenix’s dance was done, I felt much more connected to him and while he rested, my Nightmare and I stayed awake, watching over everything, sharing feelings telepathically as we often do.

The Dragon pulled up and we started walking again. The crisp air turned heavy. The whiteness of ‘snow’ disappeared and the world was a dingy brown. As I walked, I felt my companions putting armor on me. I was confused. None of them wore armor but they insisted that I did. I had a sword. I asked what I was going to do with a sword but no one answered me.

We were shown a battlefield. There was armor strewn all over the ground. The dust of the ground lingered in the air. The Dragon picked up a helmet and put it on the ground. Another joined it. He wanted us to help clean up.

What happened here? Why was there a battle to begin with?

There was no answer. Either the Dragon fought for this plane or he took it over after everything was wiped out of existence from here. I wasn’t sure which one and he didn’t care to elaborate.

My Nightmare and my Phoenix started moving armor to the pile the Dragon had started. My Fae was still asleep but it felt as though no one expected him to be of much help anyhow. That was not his role in this journey, it seemed.

I went to pick up. There were helmets all over, all different sizes. I picked up the most minuscule of helmets and asked what kind of creatures were here fighting but again my questions went unanswered. As soon as I had moved the line of helmets, a line of trees – full grown trees – sprung up from the ground. Healthy, alive, green at the top kinds of trees. I was startled and stepped back.

The Dragon seemed to take notice, seemed satisfied with that result, and continued to clean. Perhaps this is what we were really doing, restoring this plane to its natural setting. Cleaning up the war that had taken place and turning it back into what appeared to be a lush forest it had been before the disaster took place.

I held that tiny helmet in my hand and looked out across the horizon. There I saw the faint outline of a house. I called to my companions that I saw a house and I started to run to it. I wanted to explore it. I felt the stirring of my Fae, eager to help me, but the callback sounded and before I could take another step, I fell back in line with my companions. I fell back to the fire. I fell back to the pink cloudy room. I fell back to the Dragon’s cloud. I fell to my temple floor where I lay on my back looking up at the cloud I put up for him. I fell back into reality.

Things to note:

While my Nightmare mimics a person’s body when he shapeshifts to human, it doesn’t seem to carry over birthmarks.

I think my Dragon has fur instead of scales. I got a good look at his face and he seemed to have a furry mustache.

When there was a glimpse of my Dragon as a baby, just the size of a cat, there was a sound like a cat tearing fabric that sounded as though it happened in my house. I opened my eyes and felt that heavy, lethargic feeling I feel when I journey. I don’t own cats. Nothing was torn. Not sure what made the sound.

Because I am new, there are many times in my journeys and meditations that I feel I am “making things up”. Today I tried the method of ‘Who cares?’ and it seemed to work great for me. There are still moments in my meditations and journeys that I feel are ‘real’, like I wouldn’t have even thought to make them up, such as the line of trees springing up when I moved the helmets. These small seconds make me feel like I’m actually tapping into something ‘real’ and help me keep going.

I am back to using drumming with callbacks for my journeys and meditations because my experiments with others sounds or no sounds did not work for me.

Of the Esbats
  • the Cold Moon - The January full moon, this is a time for purification rituals and to cast spells to protect children. The Cold Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Birch.
  • the Quickening Moon - The February full moon, this is a time for healing rituals and spells to gain empowerment. This is also a good time to practice astral projection and traveling, or perhaps for preforming a ritual asking Deity for successful astral journeys throughout the remainder of the year. The Quickening Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Rowan.
  • the Storm Moon - The March full moon, this is a time for healing and prosperity rituals and for casting general protection spells. Sow the mental and spiritual seeds now that you wish to have grow throughout the year. The Storm Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Ash.
  • the Wind Moon - The April full moon, this is a time for spiritual awareness and for rituals to feel complete or to ask for guidance, and to cast spells to increase fertility. The Wind Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Alder.
  • the Flower Moon - The May full moon, this is a time for rituals for fertility or to ask Deity for guidance in meditations, and to cast spells for love, healing, and protection. The Flower Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Willow.
  • the Strong Sun Moon - The June full moon, this is a time for fertility rituals and prosperity spells. The Strong Sun Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Hawthorn.
  • the Blessing Moon - The July full moon, this is a joyous time of positive energies and benign spirits. The Blessing Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Oak.
  • the Corn Moon - The August full moon, this is a time to cast protection spells, to ask Deity for guidance in prophecy and divination, and to conduct magic pertaining to animals. This is also an auspicious time to gain a new pet or ask Deity for a familiar. The Corn Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Holly.
  • the Harvest Moon - The September full moon, this is a time of manifestation and for protection or fertility rituals. Also a time for spiritual initiation, it is under this moon that you might christen a child or formally devote yourself to your spiritual path before the spirits and Deity. The Harvest Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Hazel.
  • the Blood Moon - The October full moon, this is a time for healing and prosperity rituals, to cast spells pertaining to courage and protection, and to ask Deity for inspiration. The veil between worlds is thin at this time of the year, making this a good time to do spirit work, but remember to use proper shielding protection and make sure your circles are stable. The Blood Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Vine.
  • the Mourning Moon - The November full moon, this is a time to cast healing and cooperation spells, and to have protection rituals. Due to the thinness of the veil within the last month, beware of pesky or unwanted spirits that might have gotten through and taken up residence around you. The Mourning Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Ivy.
  • the Long Night’s Moon - The December full moon, this is a time to preform exorcisms and banishings, but also to cast spells for healing and prosperity. The Long Night’s Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Elder.
  • the Blue Moon - A Blue Moon occurs when two full moons appear within the same calendar month. This is a time for special spells and rituals, ones that require preparation and planning.

Working on my Pagan Calendar page.

“The Roadsign Between Waking And Dreaming”

sigil requested by @elizabeth97lilia

Imagine this as a series of symbols drawn onto a stop sign. The sign is purple (or whatever color you want), standing at a crossroads. One road leads into an ocean, another leads towards land. Draw this symbol twice a day: once when you wake up, and another before you go to sleep. This can be done in a journal, on note cards, using scented oil or water on your skin, or other creative measures. Do this for a few nights, or a week, or however long you feel comfortable where it is not a burden. The intent should shift the concentration on your spirit and mind to be more aware of when you are dreaming versus when you are awake. It will not be a feeling you can describe, you will just know. This may lead to more control over dreams as well, and possibly be a doorway to things like lucid dreaming or astral journeys, depending on what you are comfortable with or what your mythology permits.


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A Few Ways to Achieve Astral Projection through Meditation

The Methods of Meditation

The methods of meditation used for embarking on an astral journey are quite different from basic meditation techniques. Astral projection imparts an experience unlike any other feeling of calm or transcendence offered by other meditation methods. There are different methods of meditation that claim to help achieve a transcendental state. Some of these are discussed below.

A Few Ways to Achieve Astral Projection through Meditation

Basic Meditation

The most basic method of meditation can also be used for astral projection. For this, a quiet room is an ideal place. Turn off your cellphone and ask your family members or housemates to avoid talking to you or entering the room unless it is really important. You can light a few candles and turn off a few lights (not all) to bring a sense of calm to the room. You can either sit cross-legged or in a straight-backed chair. Try to relax every part of your body one at a time, remembering to breathe deeply all the while. Visualize a calm and beautiful place. It could be a pristine beach, on a cool mountain top, by the shores of a calm lake, or on the banks of a secluded stream.

Once you’ve visualized the place, try to observe the details in the surroundings. Enjoy floating through or walking or simply sitting in this place for as long as you wish. When you feel ready to return to your actual surroundings, very gradually try to slowly feel each and every part of your body. This could take a while, so don’t panic if you feel yourself taking some time to regain consciousness. Once you’ve returned to your physical plane, try to eat or drink a little to reacquaint yourself with the physical world.

The Monroe Method

One of the most famous and simplest methods of meditation for achieving astral projection is known as the Monroe method, after Robert Monroe, the person credited with pioneering modern research into altered consciousness. The steps for achieving astral projection through the Monroe method are somewhat similar to basic meditation. But a major difference between basic meditation and the Monroe method is that each state of gradual ascent into the astral plane is clearly defined. On the other hand, basic meditation is more generic. It simply describes a place of calm where the person imagines himself or herself to be. The Monroe method is considered one of the most effective methods of meditation for astral projection, and many people have claimed to successfully visit the astral plane with the help of this method.

A Calm Mind and Relaxed Body for Meditation

There are many ways to meditate, in general, and particularly, to achieve astral projection. Different people have reported varying degrees of success with each. The key to successfully achieving transcendence through any of the various methods of meditation is to keep an open mind and ensure that you’re free of fear and negative thoughts.

Spirit Quartz, also referred to as Porcupine Quartz or Cactus Quartz

Discovered in South Africa, Spirit Quartz is characterized by the many druzy crystals that cover the shaft of it’s quartz points. It is often used in crystal healing for astral projection, dreamwork, shamanic journeying, and rebirthing. It can occur as a light amethyst, citrine, or smokey quartz.

Hypnagogic experiences

With this sketch in truth I just want to tell you something, a story about what happened to me tonight. Not only happened tonight unfortunately. I hope you forgive my not very good english. 

I am a guy subjected to a very disturbing noise, which I would not even call disorder because it is actually a phenomenon that brings in a few minutes more real emotions and feelings of how many the reality itself does . Every  morning after that, I wake up in a state of shok because  it is a war against myself, that I can fight only with the help of rationality, will, patience..and that  leaves me lifeless everytime. The first time that happened to me was the most terrible day of my life lived until now.

It happens almost suddenly, you wake up, but you notice that something is wrong, you move around and try to get out of the cursed bed but soon you realize that you cannot do anything, the force of gravity has become invincible. You spend moments that seem minutes, or maybe are minutes? You are there, paralyzed, as if you had forgotten how to move, you feel like you have contracted the hand of at least a small mm but not so. No, you’re like a capsized bedbug . The voice chokes in the throat, as you want to cry out, and the only joy you can have is to beat an eyelash, maybe. The mind is awake and the body  is not. You like Stephen Hawking!.

As soon as you let go yourself to defeat you can hear a terrifying silence, and have a perception of space in the body much longer than normal, as if nerve cells so far asleep are just woke up. You can move mentally, but not physically.

At this point I knew that the worst part of the night was about to start. in fact I was waiting a pair of red eyes sprout from the corner of the room, an invisible presence to tear my body still and hold me in his hands in mid-air over the bed. Or perhaps any other Hallucinations whose  visual, tactile or audutive reality could nullify all my scientific rationality. Panic attack, in which fear feeds itself.

I usually used to pray hard., but This time I wanted immediately  to throw myself  to the first monster  to be eat .

 Like viruses, fears evolve so that you do not ever get used to the same phenomenon. The evil part of my brain that submits me to all this would not escape the benefit of the doubt. And therefore nothing appeared to be where I expected. But I felt the incumbency of something scary, wanted to focus on the body to unblock  it and so I felt a particular energy begin to vibrate in the back of my if it was electricity, and I tried to take it over and make it in my will.

Meanwhile I began to hear the first hallucinations. myriads of car alarms sounded outside the home.  Are they true? Or not? Or what is really happening?. I was able to focus that energy which I can easily describe in this way; a thrill that go down along the back but instead remains there still, and quickly increases like an orgasm. One thing a lot like an adrenaline rush. Arrived at the peak I felt to control this force and let  it go down along the body. I have it all in the hands, so I was happy at the time, I felt like a god, maybe I was ready to give up all my beliefs and to launch a wave of energy. But this is not the game, maybe I watched too many cartoons…so,  hands were burning and  I am convinced that they were very hot or even the nervous way were ecstatic. I tried to help me with my “ mental hands ” to defend from hallucinations, and drive away this invisible evil presence that disturbs me. (But really I think that these two things; hallucinations and electrical discharge were on two different floors). I began to hear about a child in my head, then two, three, then screams, then terror, unbelievable fear. For a few minutes. Who are these children? That perhaps they  are real and I am able to hear them?! No, the important is  to follow the rationality, and if you experience  something like that you also need to do the same thing. The reality seems less real than what you see during hypnagogic hallucination. But you do not give up, you will be exhausted when it will all end. So the screams slowly have weakened.

as I try to run away from the infernal  bed  I repurchased my body without having different stages of sleep. it happens directly, as if you unblock a switch. And you are there, already awake, always awake  lying on the bed, bleached, cold sweaty but  glad it’s all over. Thank goodness, is the only word that comes to mind. Often I happen to imagine next to my bed a figure of salvation, someone who is at home with me, and I unnecessarily do everything to make me wake up. . Only once I managed to wake me from a friend who was sleeping in the same room. I tried to scream his name and he woke up hearing my suffocated complaints. just shook me I started screaming, “ thank you thank you thank you’’!!! I don’t know how it will go on, because every time it’s getting worse.

pachamama is calling us… today i journeyed through the most magical dream. no human words can quite grasp it but i’ll still try. too beautiful a feeling to not be shared… i was walking through an ancient thick green forest… all the trees were ever so tall. they were alive, they moved and shifted, they danced and sang. they bent down and reached their branches into the ground and picked me up into the heavens and wrapped around me so sweetly, so softly, so warmly, so gently… they did this twice. i have never… ever… ever felt such unconditional deep love. ever. no partners, no human relationships, no family bonds, no nothing… the love that mamma earth is showering us in at every single second is that of a greater majesty… a greater depth. something ineffable. something beyond all perceptions of love that i ever had before. this warmth… ah. she is our mother. she is our mamma… and we are her children. she just loves us so much… unconditionally. we are a bit confused, we are journeying as spirits through all that is and we are here on earth in this moment and we’re a bit unsure of what exactly this is all about, we bite and ravage our own mamma in our own existential child-like confusion… but she still loves us so much. this is true motherly love. true divine feminine, sacred earth goddess. she is guiding us. all of us. just listen. she is speaking to us. she is in us. and we are in her. deeply interconnected in the cosmic webs of life. we need to return to her womb. to our primal natural origins. eat what sprouts from her soils, heal ourselves in her light. build our nests from her gifts. embrace one another in the awareness that we are all mirrors, all part of the same great spirit. all humans, all plants, all animals… all beings. in these times of transformation, of the darkness coming forth so that light can blossom through, mamma earth is calling more and more to all of us. calling us to awaken to our true essence… to grow beyond all this confusion. to grow beyond all of these illusions of the mind. to just remember… the ancient beat of our heart. the sacred wisdom that lies within it. within all of us. we are dewdrops of light. flowing waves of the same ocean. universal energy being channeled through different funnels into all kinds of forms. all one. remember. remember. remember. sweet brothers and sisters… remember. i love you!!! sending endless blessings across all places and times, galaxies and beings… <3


This is for the people interested in energies, astral traveling and the magic of history. Stone henge is as much of a mystery as the Pyramids of Giza, no one knows who built them, and know one knows why. 

Archeology has shown us that while the Druids did not build Stonehenge they did use it for worship and sacred rites. If we are to take Druidic lore at face value, it relates that the Druids were capable of astral traveling or journeying to the “Otherworlds” to consult with inter-dimensional entities. The Druids were finely attuned to Nature and understood much about the workings of the Universe. Who is to say they were not capable of manipulating such forces while on site allowing them to visit other worlds through a portal? Outrageous or fanciful speculation you say? Well maybe …

Another concept is that the cosmic energies inherent in Stonehenge would also lend the structure the capacity for great healing during ancient people’s “magico-religious” ceremonies. Speaking of the great stones, 13th century British poet Layamon states:

“The stones are great

And magic power they have

Men that are sick

Fare to that stone

And they wash that stone

And with that water bathe away their sickness.”