astral desert

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I saw your reply to that anon talking about Julia coming back where you were like "I will go to Texas my gd self...." and I forgot for a bit that Texas is where griffin lives and I thought you were just implying the astral plane exists in Texas

i mean my fam used to go on a road trip from michigan straight to arizona without stopping and we’d actually hit texas around that 20 hour mark and let me tell you at 3am in the middle of texas desert, the astral plane is there and i once saw krav at a rest stop

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How would Ravus meet and fall for a socially awkward s/o? Like they aren't strikingly beautiful or very outgoing and avoid working with public (so they work like in a lab or something) and would most likely be found at home, a library or chilling with the birds at a chocobo ranch? I think he'd go along with an s/o like that pretty well but how would they actually meet and stuff?? Maybe through Luna? Idk man, can you throw ideas at me? Thanks a lot, love your writing! 😉

Hm… Here’s a story for ya, dear anon~ :D Not in exact details, but it was fun to write their first meeting together. Shoot me a message again maybe, and I can write more of these two for you~ Maybe in more headcanons and stuff.

The Date Of Fate That You Can Relate… To – Ravus Nox Fleuret x The Socially-Awkward Cutie

He hated it. Hated the notion that he had to dress in something so… So casual. Instead of wearing his white uniform coat, he had to wear a black- dress shirt that was far too tight for him that Ignis had to loan to him (which unfortunately now had a torn up sleeve that Ignis reluctantly had to ‘gift’ to Ravus instead). Instead of his greaves, he wore black dress pants (again, that were Ignis’s) that felt as if they were threatening to split him in two. And worst of all, to top off his outfit, he had to have this hideous cactuar tie on, because Prompto was insistent that a tie would top off the date night outfit. It was awful, Ravus thought to himself, and he really didn’t want to have to dress this way.

And in public either. He sat there in amidst the diner, fingers tapping slowly against the table as his eyes surveyed the busy diner. For a place in the middle of nowhere, Hammerhead certainly was rather active. But then again, the diner was the only place where any sort of life could stir in the middle of this dusty Astral-forsaken desert. But of all places to be, he had to be here. In Hammerhead. Collecting dust as he waited. And waited. And waited.

Perhaps this situation was a mistake, with the others deciding to pull this awful antic on him to come out here in such ridiculous attire to spend all night waiting about in this terrible excuse of a restaurant. And for what? A date. Yes, a date. It was a blind set up, and one where Ravus had no real intentions of going to. But it was the guilt card the eventually got him to consider. ‘What if they show up and see that you aren’t there?’ Ravus was immediately ridden with guilt, for it was too often than he too found disappointment in his life. But it seemed like now, disappointment was his company rather than theirs.

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