Mae,in the comsic horror? - scanned+photo 

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In old recipes and spells, strange ingredients are often called for such as “Eye of Dog” or “Bone of a Dead man.” Through research (of Cunnigham and my Grandma) I found out what’s REALLY being requested.😊 .


Eyes: Eyebright or Daisy
Blood: Sap
Fingers: Cinquefoil
Hair: Maidenhair Fern
Skin of a Man: Fern
Piss: Dandelion
Bloody Fingers: Foxglove
Unicorn Horn: Unicorn Root

So when these animals are asked for, use this herb instead:

Sheep: Dandelion
Dog: Couchgrass
Lamb: Lamb’s Lettuce
Cat: Catnip
Rat: Valerian
Weasel: Rue
Nightingale: Hop
Cuckoo: Plantain
Hawk: Hawkweed
Linnets: Eyebright
Woodpeckers: Peony
Snake: Fennel or Bistort
Frog: Cinquefoil
Toad: Sage
Lizard: Calamint.

FUN FACT: When a sacrifice is called for, it means you should bury an egg, NEVER does it mean to kill any living thing!!!

The part called for in a recipe means the part of the herb to be used, as follows;

Head: the flower
Paw, foot, leg, scale: leaf
Tooth: leaf, seed pod
Guts: root or stalk
Tail: stem
Tongue: petal
Privates: seeds
Hair: the dried version of the herb
Eye: the inner blossom
The heart: the bud or a big seed.

A lot of plants like Crowfoot or Cat’s Tail are usually found in old recipes, do not mistake them for actual animal parts! Practice safely and have a Blessed Evening! 🌛🌝🌜

Dato curioso

Se ve mayor: Escorpio

Se ve joven por siempre: Cáncer

Habla fuerte: Leo

Habla bajito: Virgo

Sale adelante con ayuda: Libra

Sale adelante solo: Tauro

Valora el poder: Capricornio

Valora el conocimiento: Sagitario

Más valiente: Aries

Más comprensivo: Piscis

Se inspira en si mismo: Géminis

Se inspira en el mundo: Acuario

Seguirás siendo arte, incluso cuando él deje de admirarte

De: acuario, escorpio, tauro, sagitario, cáncer y capricornio.
Para: libra, aries, leo, piscis, virgo y géminis.


Los signos escondiendo sus sentimientos

No lo hacen: Cáncer, Leo, Sagitario

Lo intenta pero se comienza a caer poco a poco: Piscis, Aries, Libra

Lo esconde bien, solo los más cercanos lo saben: Tauro, Acuario, Capricornio

Mega pro, se podrían estar muriendo por dentro y nadie lo sabría: Virgo, Géminis, Escorpio