Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” just hit No. 1 on the charts

  • Donald Glover thanked Migos for making “Bad and Boujee” in his Golden Globes speech — a day later the song is skyrocketing.
  • Migos is No. 1 on the pop charts, its very first chart-topping record, an accolade it has deserved to occupy for years. Astoundingly, it’s also legendary producer Metro Boomin’s first No. 1 as well. 
  • Both artists have had to watch handfuls of other artists rise, using some of the innovations they helped introduce into hip-hop’s current wave. 
  • Raindrop. Drop top. Justice has been served on the pop charts. Read more

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Yet another completely stunning commission received from @felicemelancholie. Serdtsevina looks so ethereal, I’m absolutely floored by how amazingly he’s been portrayed! *v*

I like to imagine that the reason Sombra can’t get any dirt on McCree is because hes so astoundingly shameless that she can’t possibly find anything that would actually embarrass or threaten him

“Hey McCree, I’m sure Los Muertos would be interested to hear about this stunt you pulled a while back.”
“They already know, told their boss while I held a loaded revolver to his forehead. Seems they don’t want to follow it up for some reason.”

“I didn’t know you had a fursuit, Jesse.”
“You’re about the only one. Wore it in the break room one time. Gabe nearly shot me in the forehead on principle.”

“Evenin’ to you too, Sombra. Ain’t you got some countries to blackmail or something? Nothing better to do?”

I don’t like to Shiver- A Percabeth Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU Prompt - Temperature The closer you are to your soulmate, the warmer the world is; The further away you are the colder it is. For example, if you walked right past your soulmate you’d get a blast of heat, and then it would be cold again. Soulmate AU Prompt - Stones.

A necklace with a stone on it that is the only of its kind in the world, except for the one your soulmate has, with which it fits together perfectly.

Annabeth was not fond of the cold. Wasn’t fond of it, but has never really known anything different. Of course, she has heard stories of glorious heat and warmth, but it is all while she shivered in her big bulky coats. Her parents have no need for the coats themselves. They have each other, and that is what keeps them warm. The only way they ever wear even the lightest jacket is when they are apart. One goes on a trip without the other, one has to stay home with Annabeth because she caught another cold. There is a reason for this. A reason Annabeth has been hearing ever since she could remember. “Your soulmate is the reason the world gets warm. Without them, you are forever lost in a sea of cold, icy water with never a chance to escape.” At least, that is the way her older brother put it, when he was on that poetry kick a few years back. Annabeth constantly found herself wishing to meet her soulamte. Not so much for the actual person, but more for the wamth they would bring with them. As the years went on, and every one of her friends found their soulmate and she was left alone in the cold, Annabeth stopped believing she had a soulmate. No one is ever really sure they have one until the moment they meet them and the world turns warm. There is no way to track them, no way to know if you even actually have one. And if you don’t, well. Annabeth believed herself to be doomed to the icy expanse of the world forever.

That is, until five days after her twenty-third birthday.

Walking down Fifth Avenue in a bulky coat, when most everyone your age around you is in shorts and t-shirts? A bit disheartening, if she did say so herself. Annabeth had stopped believing in soulmates a long time ago, but it still stung to see others happy and warm while she was stuck in the bitter cold. She pulled her parka tighter around her as a gust of wind pulled at it. Strangely, the cold seemed to affecting her less today, but maybe it is just because she has gotten so used to it over the years that she just doesn’t really notice it anymore. Annabeth sighed, and reached up to tug on the necklace her mother had given her for her birthday a few days before. Apparently, her soulmate supposedly had the other one, and when they met they would be drawn to the other till they fused or something? They only gave people who need a little extra convincing in the soulmate department, because it has taken so long. She looked down at the insignifigant little grey stone and sighed again. Yeah, right. Up ahead she saw a man with black hair, and a big coat, gesturing wildly to a brown, choppy haired girl in a light sweater. He seemed to be telling a grand story, with a lot of different people involved, if the way his posture changed every few seconds was anything to go by. The girl was just nodding along, an amused smile on her face. Halfway through a sentence the man reached for his neck and yanked on a thin chain there. Annabeth sighed. ‘Poor guy.’ She thought, 'In the same boat as me, I guess.’ She turned slightly away as they neared each other. She didn’t want them to think she had been staring. People don’t really take kindly to those who stare, especially if the staree is wearing a large coat. Most think it is a pity stare. Annabeth sped up her walk, hoping to pass the man a little faster, so the temptation she was feeling to look at her again would be gone. As soon as she was within five feet of the man, something happened. A blast of heat hit her, and it only got stronger the closer she got to them man. He seemed oblivious, so maybe it wasn’t him. Maybe it was someone walking on the other side of him. Annabeth shook her head. No way. Her mind had to have been playing tricks on her. She pushed forward and when she passed directly beside him, she knew it wasn’t her mind. Annabeth had never felt such a wonderful heat. She stopped in her tracks, and savored it. She hoped it wouldn’t go away, that the man would stop with her. But it was gone too soon, as he kept walking. Five feet away and a blast of cold air hit her so hard, she was left gasping for air. Quickly, she whipped around, hoping to be able to catch the man before he was gone forever. She glanced around, before spotting that head of dark hair rounding the corner. She sprinted after him, desperate to feel that wonderful warmth again. Annabeth raced around the corner to just glimpse him stepping on the bus. She cursed and pushed herself faster, trying to get there before the bus pulled away. She should have known not to try her luck. Her blonde hair fell in her face as she rested her hands on her knees and took a deep breath. Tears stung her eyes and she gasped at the sudden loss she felt. Why couldn’t she have just run a little faster? “Hey. Are you okay?” Annabeth jerked her head up to stare at the choppy haired girl who had been with the black haired man. Her mouth fell open, and she looked into the girls kalidescope eyes. “I’m.. I’m, uh, I’m fine.” She stammered out. “Are you sure? Because you certainly don’t look fine.” The girl smiled kindly at her. “I’m Piper. I’d introduce you to Percy, but he just left. I’m sure one of his stories could cheer you up more than I could, but it can never hurt to try right?” Annabeth had only heard the first part of the sentence. Her mind was focused on one thing and one thing only. Percy. His name is Percy. Percy. “So, um, do you have a name? Or should I just call you Blondie?” The girl, Piper, was still speaking. Annabeth flinched and told Piper her name. “Annabeth. Alright, Annabeth. I’m going to take you out for lunch.” Piper smiled widely at her, and grabbed her hand and dragged her to a little cafe just down the road. “Why are you doing this?” Annabeth asked curiously, as they walked through the door. “I know how it feels to feel lost and alone. Believe me, I was the same away a couple months ago. Then I met Jason, and the entire world changed. You and my friend Percy, the one I mentioned before, are in the same boat though. He hasn’t met his other half yet either. I’ll have to introduce you guys soon, so you can hunt for them together. How do you take your coffee?” Annabeth mumbled, “Black,” as she stared, once again, mouth agape at Piper. Piper gave the waitress their coffee order before handing Annabeth a menu. “So what was it that made you break down? For me it was always the fact that everyone else had one and I didn’t. I always thought I somehow wasn’t good enough to have one. Was it like that?” Piper looked genuinley concerend for this person she just met. But Annabeth wasn’t going to miss the oppertunity to meet her soulmate, by just brushing her question off. “I…” Oh how was she going to phrase this? “I felt warm. And then I lost it.” Annabeth sighed. There had to be a million better ways to put that. Piper gasped, her hands going to cover her mouth. “Oh no.” She mumbled from behind her hands. Annabeth smiled sadly. “Yeah.” “Did you see who it was? Maybe we can find them again.” Piper sounded so eager to help Annabeth, that she looked up at her with shining eyes. “Really? You’d do that for me? Someone you just met?” “Of course!” She exclaimed, looking a little shocked. “I would never let someone go on without their soulmate. It goes against my nature.” Annabeth laughed a little at that. “Okay. I did actually see who it was, that is why I was over by the bus stop. He didn’t stop walking, and then got on a bus. I chased him to that point, but I was too late. It was already pulling away.” The smile had slipped off her face halfway through the retelling, and now she sat staring glumly at the table. When silence reigned, she glanced up to see Piper staring at her intently. “What did he look like?” The words were obviously forced from her mouth, her eyes never leaving Annabeth’s. Annabeth cleared her throat. “Uh, black hair, big coat, necklace like mine. I tried not to look at him at first, so I didn’t really catch anything other than that.” Piper stood suddenly, reaching for her wallet and throwing bills on the table. She grabbed my arm and hauled me from my seat and dragged me from the cafe. “Piper. Piper, what are you doing, I thought we were having lunch?” “Lunch can wait, when I know exactly where your soulmate is.” Piper had dragged her all the way back to the bus stop, and was pulling out her phone. “I just have to check when the next bus arrives.” She explained at Annabeth’s curious glance. “I don’t think you do, actually.” She said, pointed down the street. A bus was bumping it’s was down the street towards them. “Perfect!” Piper seemed to get even more excited. She was bouncing on the balls of her feet, and rubbing her hands together. Annabeth continued to throw her strange looks. “I still don’t get why you’re doing this. I probably wouldn’t for you. I ususally avoid emotional people, and yet you walked right up to me. Why?” “I told you. You remided me of me. And I like helping people. Now, get on this bus with me and let us go meet your soulmate.” Piper held out her hand, and after eyeing it warily for a moment, Annabeth took it. They got on the bus and sat down in two seats in the middle. A couple threw Annabeth strange looks for her parka, but didn’t comment. She fingered the stone on her necklace. She hoped Piper knew what she was doing. What if it wasn’t actually Percy? What if it was just her imagination? What if she meets this Percy and it isn’t him? What if it was a person walking behind him or something? So many scenarios ran through her head where it wasn’t Percy and she didn’t even contemplate the possiblity that it was, in all probability, him. Piper’s phone rang. She looked down at it and grinned hugely, glancing slyly at me. Sliding the 'Answer’ button and practically slammed the phone against her ear. “Hey!” She all but shouted to the person on the other end. People glanced over at her, but just shook their heads and went about their business. Piper didn’t even lower her voice. “So where are you, right this second and how long are you going to be there?” Annabeth was amazed at the speed she could talk at while enunciating cleary. “Cal’s! Perfect! We will meet you there!” She said enthusiastically. Annabeth could hear a voice on the other side say, “We? Who is we?” as Piper took the phone away from her ear and hung up. “Cal’s?” Annabeth questioned the exceedingly enthusiastic girl. “Oh, it is just this adorable little pizzaria that makes the BEST pizza. Percy is good friends with the couple who runs it.” Piper waved a dismissive hand. “But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m bringing you to your soulmate!!” She squealed this last part, and the same couple who eyed my coat eariler, glanced back approvingly. Annabeth scowled. “I’ve changed my mind.” “What?” Piper furrowed her eyebrows. “What do you mean?” “I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to meet him. I don’t want a soulmate.” She crossed her arms tightly across her chest like a petulant child. “Annabeth, what are you talking about? Five minutes ago you were all for this!” Piper looked horribly lost and crestfallen. Annabeth couldn’t just leave her like that. Not after all she was going to do for her. “Look, Piper, I know you really want me to meet your friend, but what if it isn’t him? Then we will both be crushed. And besides, before now, I had never really thought of how everyone sets so much store in this whole soulmates thing. What does it matter if you find the person who warms you up? What if I like being cold?” Annabeth didn’t look at Piper, fearing she would see right through her if she could look at her face. Apparently she could anyways. “Oh, Annabeth. But you don’t.” Piper’s face took on a sad smile. “You looked so lost and devestated when I saw you earlier, so sad that that warmth was taken away from you. I know how it feels to be scared of this. If you get time to think, you start to physc yourself out. 'What if they don’t like me? What if I’m not good enough? What if they are mine but I’m not theirs?’” Annabeth gasped a little at the last one, and Piper knew she struck home. “It’s okay. We’ve all felt that way before. And you won’t know until you try, you know?” Slowly, Annabeth nodded, wiping a few stray tears from her cheeks. Piper nodded decisively. “Good. Because we are here.” She stood, and requested a stop. Annabeth’s heart lept to her throat and tried to force it’s way out of her mouth. Slowly she rose to her feet, and stumbled off the bus. In front of them loomed a large sign proclaiming that, yes, this indeed was Cal’s. Annabeth took a shakey breath. “Piper…” She wrapped an arm around Annabeth’s shoulder. “You’ll be okay. Promise.” Piper slowly but surely guided her with the arm around her shoulders into the resuraunt. It was small inside, with tables and booths crammed in every available space. A woman with carmel brown hair was standing behind a podium and sign that nicely asked you to 'Wait to be seated’. She grinned when she saw Piper. “Hey Piper! Percy said you were coming. Who is your friend?” She asked, smiling sweetly at Annabeth. Piper laughed sofly. “Callie, this is Annabeth. Annabeth, this is Calypso. She runs this shack.” “What are you calling a shack? Have you seen the place you work?” Calypso muttered indignatly. Piper only laughed louder. “Yeah, I have actually. I happen to be standing in it.” Calypso only smiled and rolled her eyes. “He’s at the sweet spot by the kitchens. Nice meeting you Annabeth.” “You too.” She smiled at the older woman as she followed Piper over to a small table occupied only by a single dark haired man. Her breath hitched as he looked up and over at them. The room was slowly getting warmer. Surely he noticed it too. His eyes widened as they locked on to hers. His eyes. Oh lord his eyes. Surprise and confusion and happiness and fear were all fighting for control in the gorgeous sea green eyes. She was sure her eyes didn’t look much different. Annabeth felt a lurch under her shirt, and broke eye contact to look down. Her necklace was fighting for freedom. She unzipped her jacket a little and it flew out, the small grey stone straining to be free of the chain. She looked up at him to see his doing the same. She took a small step forward, and he stood up. The room was very warm now, and Annabeth was starting to sweat under her parka. They both took another step forward at the same time. Clink! The both stared in wonder that the complete little grey stone between them, now with swirls of darker grey and green on it, attatched to the two of them by their respective necklaces. Annabeth looked up at him and noticed a bead of sweat trailing its way down his temple. Oh my gosh. Annabeth could see Piper out of the corner of her eye, jumping up and down, practically squealing, but she couldn’t hear her. And as soon as Percy’s hand started to reach toward her face, she couldn’t see anything but him. His fingers lightly rested on her cheek, as if he was checking to see if she was real. Annabeth couldn’t blame him- she had been chanting this is real, this is real in her head since the moment the room started to warm around her. She reached up under his hand and intertwined her fingers with his. He was gazing with amazment at their interlocked hands when her slight cough brought his eyes to hers. “Hi.” She breathed. “I’m Annabeth.” A heart stopping grin broke out over his face as he replied, “Hi. I’m Percy.”

So I didn’t really read through and edit this because if I did I wouldn’t post it and I really want to post it, so I am sorry for any mistakes. So, how was it? For my first time writing fanfiction in over a year? I am a little rusty I’ll give you that. Also with all the new updates I have no idea how to put this under a read more anymore sorry my friends.

Monster Trucks Was Good and I’m Kinda Pissed Off About It

So almost everything I’ve read about this movie has been astoundingly negative.  If you google its name, one of the first links you’ll get is an article titled “How did this Monster Trucks movie get made?”  The general consensus about this movie before it ever came out was that it was absolute trash that deserved to die forgotten and unloved - which is probably why it got shunted off to a January release date, on Friday the 13th no less!

Well, I just saw it.  I saw Monster Trucks and nobody stopped me.  And you know what?  It was good.

It’s not mind blowing.  It’s not high art.  It won’t make you rethink your worldview or ponder the nature of humanity.  But this is a solid movie.  It does everything it needs to, and it does so with a genuine personality.  It’s a simple, sweet little movie, and the fact that it’s been written off so matter-of-factly by almost everyone who’s heard of it kinda pisses me off.

The script is tight.  There’s no unnecessary padding, but it also isn’t rushed or nonsensical.  The actors are all good and likable - there’s not really a weak link in the cast.  The story is focused - there’s no meandering detours or plot cul de sacs that go nowhere.  Everything in the movie exists for a purpose and forwards the plot.  The monster - which, if you know me, is the most crucial part of this story for me - is absolutely wonderful.  He’s adorable in an unconventional way, oozes personality, and is genuinely endearing.

I’m sure you’re imagining the movie has a lot of crude humor and other cheap jokes, but it doesn’t.  There are, like, one or two juvenile gags, and they’re both fairly understated and, more importantly, pulled off very well.  The rest of the movie’s humor - and there’s a lot of it - naturally comes from the plot.

The movie balances humor and tension really well.  It knows how seriously to take its premise - that there need to be genuine stakes, but also levity because it’s a goofy story at heart.  It is exactly what it needs to be.

Yes, the plot is a fairly typical “kid finds weird supernatural animal and tries to help it out” story - I’m sure many reviewers had dismissed it as an E.T. ripoff, but that basic plot predates E.T. by centuries.  The medieval folktale “Maud and the Wyvern” has the same premise and is just a bit more tragic about it.  In my opinion, Monster Trucks is a valid retelling of that premise - and honestly I prefer it to E.T., both because Monster Trucks is good and because I think E.T. kinda sucks.

All I could think about while watching this movie is how huge it would have been when I was a kid.  If this came out in the 90′s, it would have been the highlight of the summer.  There’d be toys everywhere, and to this day 90′s kids would look back on it fondly.  It wouldn’t be life changing, but it’d be a treasured memory all the same - a fun little monster story that would still hold up decades later, something you could enjoy with your own kids when you grew up.

Instead, because it came out in an age where far more bloated, needlessly convoluted action-adventure movies come out every single week, Monster Trucks was tossed out like wet garbage to be ignored and derided.  And that just sucks man.  It just fucking sucks.

Worse, people write it off because it’s premise is unconventional.  Some might try to say it’s because the premise is silly, but we accept a lot of silly shit in our movies nowadays.  The biggest film franchise right now, and one that’s pretty beloved at that, centers on a Norse God, an angry green giant, a robot man, and a soldier who literally wears the American flag fighting aliens and spies with robot arms.  That’s pretty fucking silly too - but because it’s the conventional sort of silly, it can be considered good, while everyone hates on poor Monster Trucks.

Also, Monster Trucks has a very nuanced but prominent pro-environment/anti-big oil company message, which is timely and important in my opinion.

Monster Trucks is a fun, sweet little movie with laughs, fun characters, and a simple story told very, very well.  I won’t say that you’re a soulless shell of a human being if you don’t see it, but I will say that you’re a bad person who has a lot to answer for.  I saw it and nobody stopped me.  I know I can’t make you see it, but I am sad if you stop yourself from doing so.

don’t let Creech down you heartless fools

Sometimes she seemed like a woman without skin. She felt everything so intensely, had so little capacity to filter out pain that everyday events often seemed unbearable to her. Paradoxically it is also that skinlessness which makes a poet. One must have the gift of language, of course, but even a great gift is useless without the other curse: the eyes that see so sharply they often want to close. Her eyes were astoundingly blue and astoundingly sharp. Nothing escaped her. She saw everything, and since most of what there is to see in the world is painful, she often lived in pain.
—  Erica Jong, Remembering Anne Sexton
The “If I Fought This DS9 Character, Would I Win?” Post

Benjamin Sisko

End Fight Probability: There is a 100% chance Sisko knocks you out. 

Sisko’s a survivor, man. He’s Space Dad. Why you even tryin’ to fight your space dad? Sisko has fought almost everyone he’s ever met and triumphed astoundingly. He literally punched Q in the face. He is a goddamn hero. You should be ashamed of yourself. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Sisko. 

Lt. Jadzia Dax

End Fight Probability: There is 99,999% chance Dax knocks you out.

Dax is basically a Klingon in a much hotter, more capable body. She’s gonna whoop your ass. If you do manage to beat her - and you won’t unless she lets you - you’ll have roughly 200 Klingons on your ass in a hot second, because blood oaths are a thing. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Jadzia Dax.

Major Kira Nerys

End Fight Probability: There is a 150% chance Kira knocks you out.

I get it. Kira’s small; she’s snarky; she is occasionally wrong about things. You might think this could be an easy one. But here’s the thing, friend: Kira killed a man for the first time when she was a prepubescent toddler subsisting on only bugs and her own fury. She is literally rage incarnate. She will fight anyone and anything. If you have an actual problem with her that you need solved, just talk to Odo. He’ll fix it. Just don’t fight Kira.


End Fight Probability: There is a 235% chance Odo knocks you out, and a 98% chance he takes your ass to space jail.

Odo literally has no bones. He doesn’t bruise or bleed. You can’t hurt him, and you will really, really embarrass yourself if you try. He literally doesn’t carry a weapon anywhere. Why? He doesn’t need one, his whole fucking body is a weapon. You ever tried to fight a Go-Gurt? It’s not a fun time. He will lay you out cold and probably put you in a cell to think about your poor life decisions. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Odo.

Dr. Julian Bashir

End Fight Probability: There is a 0% chance Bashir knocks you out.

Bashir is a doctor, okay? He takes that very seriously. He’s not going to hurt you, and even if he did, he’d feel so compelled to patch you up afterwards that your fistfight would probably just transform at some point into a very weird physical. But, take my word for it: don’t fight Bashir. Like, first of all, why do you feel compelled to fight him in the first place? And second of all: OH MY GOD HAVE YOU MET HIS INCREDIBLY POSSESSIVE CARDASSIAN BOYFRIEND? DON’T DO IT! DON’T

Elim Garak

End Fight Probability: There is a 105% chance Garak straight up murders you.



End Fight Probability: There is a 135% chance Worf knocks you out.

Unless you’re going in on Worf about what a shitty dad he is, just don’t. I know he’s a nerd, but he’s a Klingon nerd, dude. Don’t fight Worf.


End Fight Probability: There is a -7000% chance Quark knocks you out.

Yes. Fight him. Fight Quark. Fight Quark and win. Fight him for being a gross, misogynistic little shit. Fight him for abusing the shit out of Rom. Fight him for overcharging you for nonalcoholic beer and the worst bar food this side of the galaxy. Fight him on the behalf of his dentist. Fight him until he starts crying. Because he will start crying. Please fight Quark. Please.

Miles O’Brien

End Fight Probability: There is a 15% chance O’Brien knocks you out.

I mean… you can definitely take him, but why would you? Something horrible and confusing is bound to happen to him in an episode or two, anyway. Leave the poor man in peace. Don’t fight O’Brien.

Jake Sisko

End Fight Probability: There is a 250% chance his dad shows up and knocks you out.

No, Jake probably can’t take you. He’s a bow-legged writer type with weak arms and no practical fighting skills. But the minute his daddy senses something amiss, he’s gonna be on you like beautiful, well-muscled coonhound on a scared, dumb raccoon who picks fights with children. Fight Jake at your peril, friend.

Ezri Dax

End Fight Probability: ???


Vedek Bariel

End Fight Probability: There is -15% chance Bariel knocks you out.

If his shirtless scenes with Kira are any indication, Bariel’s monastery has a benchpress. But he has one of the most punchable faces I’ve ever seen in my life, and he’s not big on violence, so you’ll probably be fine. He’s also got somebody trying to murder him every week or so, so if I were you I’d get in there quick. Do it. Hurry up and fight Bariel. 

Kai Winn

End Fight Probability: There is a 33% chance Winn knocks you out.

Winn’s not a great strategist, and, as person, is literally the worst, so if you get in quick, you might be able to get one up on her. But that woman has seen some shit. She has seen some shit. And… seriously, just look at her. That lady is so evil it comes off of her like stink lines. Who knows what would happen if you fought her? Don’t risk it. Don’t fight Kai Winn. 

Gul Dukat

End Fight Probability: There is a 50% chance Gul Dukat knocks you out.

Yes, he’s bigger than you, and stronger than you, and in all likelihood can survive pretty much anything you can throw at him. Cardassians are like that. But for fuck’s sake, please fight him. Please, for the sake of the entire universe, fight him. Fucking fight him. Please for the love of God fucking fight Dukat

Founding The Percival Graves Auror Squad

Hello. Like you, I watched the movie Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them and I adored Colin Farrell’s performance as the formidable wizard Percival Graves. I felt that he was a dangerous (though alluring) person at best and a Grindelwald supporter at worst. I did not, however, expect the the twist that he was actually Gellert Grindelwald in disguise.

It has been confirmed that Grindelwald used polyjuice potion for this.

For polyjuice potion he needed a part of Percival Graves. Hairs would have been easiest.

Transformation by polyjuice potion lasts one hour. It has to be refreshed permanently over the day.

From what the movie tells us, Grindelwald started the impersonation in 1926, earlier in the same year Newt Scamander arrived in New York.

That makes it months at worst and days at best. Still makes it a large amount of fresh hair you need.

Gellert Grindelwald needed Percival Graves for his hair and presumably his memories to impersonate him accordingly - something he must have pulled of astoundingly well since nobody in the ministry noticed anything amiss.

This leads to one conclusion: The probability that Percival Graves was kept alive is very, very high.

Yet this point was not resolved at the end of the movie.

Percival Graves is imprisoned somewhere in New York, bound, restrained, kept, most likely injured from copious amounts of torture.

From what can be gathered from the movie and additional sources, Percival Graves is a formidable wizard, the head of the MACUSA’s DMLE, an asset to wizardkind and an interesting character.

Percival Graves deserves better.

Percival Graves deserves to be saved.

Nobody of the film crew seemed to think of that.

But we insisted immediately.

Percival Graves does not need a Defense Squad.

But Percival Graves needs support.

This is why I am founding hereby the Percival Graves’ Auror Squad.

His aurors who are relentlessly searching for his whereabouts.

Because Percival Graves deserves if not a recurring large supportive role, at least closure for his own story ark.

Percival Graves deserves to be rescued.

finding romance/love with horoscope is meaningless, worthless, the universe will just keep playing back the same games your playing, but finding love with horoscope is possible but this doesn’t come through other people. understanding the natal chart is like a divine reunion, a refresher course for the soul agreement, the restoration of the eternal divine star princess, the blueprint to understanding what you are doing here in this chaos, and what kind of potential brilliance will pass through this. and when you realise how fucking amazing and orgasmic and spectacular and astoundingly bright this indwelling cosmic show manages to light and it glows brighter than a million pixie lanterns, then it all becomes a joy to be you and relish in this magical etheric vibration, like a play of expression. the macro expression of the zodiac blueprint. this is the truest alignment with the astral course - a cosmic purity. and when an individual is matching the frequency of his chart out of love and awareness, he transmits in impulse, like a celestial radio channel self love, which is collective love, and the etheric waves of his past, present and future lives, possibly from other dimensions and galaxies. this, like a magnet across frequencies attracts love, because the universe requires a vacuum, and because this individual is transmitting the signal of his own blueprint, it picks up the signals of circulating matching blueprints. and when these two channels meet each other, there won’t be any ‘sooo, i’m a taurus and that’s earth and ah, well she’s aries and she’s fire so i guess thats out’, there won’t be any questions or awkward getting to know yous - that was taken care of centuries ago
and if you wanna use astrology to find love then this is my response to every compatibility

Character BIO: Bennett


Huxley’s unpredictable partner in crime and a former test subject of Überia’s Research Faculties.

Despite his species being called “human”, he is astoundingly omnivorous to the point of being capable of consuming soap and light bulbs without it causing him any harm. He also is adaptable to all kinds of environments and has high pain endurance.

Bennett grew very attached to his hazmat suit, so despite his Eye Plague being (mostly) cured he still wears it on a daily basis. His skin is still covered in blisters and other unsightly things, so he hides it under the layers of clothing.

Bennett tends to be careless, even though he works in a biohazardous environment. He often has dried blood in his hair, making it appear less blonde than it actually is.

His recent hobby is binge-watching TV series, be it soap operas or anime, for he’s fluent in spoken ‘manspeak’ but didn’t learn written one quite as well yet.

He lovingly calls Charlotte “human maggot”.

Bennett and Felix have some kind of lowkey rivalry going on, both being Huxley’s disciples. Still, they’re more similar than it might seem at the first glance. With Bennett’s exterior being extremely loud and extroverted, he tends to be quite grumpy on the inside. He’s also prone to sarcasm and complaining.

The person Bennett has the worst relationship with is Aiden, as he is everything but tidy.


365 Wonderful Paper Crane Creations From The Diary Of An Origami Enthusiast

Cristian Marianciuc is an artist with an obsession for creating origami cranes. As a New Year’s resolution for 2015, the artist had taken up an art project to devise a unique origami crane every day. Rather than focusing on the technical complexity of pleats and folds that go into making these paper birds, the artist has explored making them creative and whimsical. The challenging origami project is a diary for the artist to craft his emotions, experiences and document them on a daily basis through this addictive art.

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Why America needs to think about their neighbors once in a while

I’m turning this reply into it’s own post because I am truly baffled by how many of my followers are coming out of the woodwork as Trump voters.

So to all those lovely people who voted for Trump, here is how you screwed the majority of Latin America over:

So, you looked at the stance on issues both major candidates had and decided Trump was better for your country.

Without once taking a moment to think about the 33 countries you are screwing over with your astoundingly selfish vote.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Maybe you should research a bit on the role the US plays when it comes to aiding all the goddamn drug cartels (including Mexican drug cartels like Cartel del Golfo and Colombian drug cartels like el Cartel de Medellin).

Let me explain how your ignorance has fucked all of us over.

Thanks to the US’s dumbfuck lax gun control laws, they easily became the #1 weapons suppliers of all our drug cartels. It’s extremely common, household knowledge in Mexico that if you need a gun, you can sweettalk the corrupt officials watching the US border and you’ll easily get one or fifteen.

If you looked at the issues as thoroughly as you claim to have, then I guess you know full well by now what Trump’s policies on gun control are, huh? Even better, many republicans share these same wonderful views on gun control and thus this means the supplies of guns to Latin American countries will keep on being steady and endless.

“But why should I care,” you say, “Why should I care about any of that if I’m voting for my own country, not South American ones?”

Well here’s the thing, my dear sweet, extremely sheltered and selfish American:

You share the goddamn American continent with us, us latino people who suffer every goddamn year from drug wars fueled by the US and primarily FOR the US as they also are our biggest clients in terms of drugs.

If your goddamn country ONLY affected Mexico negatively, then maybe I could let your selfishness pass as it would only affect one country.

However, it affects all fucking 33 countries south of your goddamn border.

I wonder, will you have the balls to say that the fucking United States is more important than the well-being of 33 countries?

And that’s even without getting on the fact that your newly-elected, brilliant president doesn’t even think global warming is an issue.

So thank you for your ignorance, thank you for having your head so far up your own ass that you fail to to take into consideration all the countries you’re affecting with your votes.

Thank you for contributing to our drug wars, our femicides, a possible nuclear war, the possible collapse of global economy, the lack of funding for environmental issues and the loss of funds for Nasa.

No wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are nothing but ignorant fucks when we have such prime examples as these voters.

I wonder when these types of Americans will finally stop licking their own asses and realize how much their fuckups affect millions of others the world over?

When will you finally realize you share the planet with the rest of the world and thus owe it to all of us to think about everyone else once in a while?

Even more embarrassing, too many of you don’t even know truly how much you are fucking us all over and you’re often much too sheltered and scared to actually face the facts and understand the thousands upon thousands of deaths the US is responsible for down here south of your border but you choose to remain willfully ignorant for your own peace of mind.

You’re all “Oh no this is too horrible, I can’t read/watch this!” When this is the reality so many Latin Americans have to live with on a daily basis, you selfish, ACTUALLY privileged twats.

I can provide links and sources for all my claims as well but fair warning that they are in spanish and contain very graphic images, because both the US media and most Latino media censor these issues and thus we have to rely on conflict-zone journalists to risk their lives for us.

Also if any of you want more info on all of these, you can always shoot me a message! I do have to warn you that everything I will provide you with will be depressing as all fuck though.
In the Shopping Cart of a Food Stamp Household: Lots of Soda
Food stamps are supposed to help improve nutrition for the poor, but a study shows that, just like everyone else, food stamp users buy soda and junk food.
By Anahad O’Connor

There is just an ignorant obsession with finding coded ways of vilifying food stamp recipients by any means necessary.

This article is so inflammatory its journalistically negligent:

Like first of all they found the most superfluous header image possible for this article. 

But what’s most annoying is, buried in this article is a paragraph that practically deems the entire piece irrelevant: 

both SNAP and non-SNAP households bought ample amounts of sweetened drinks, candy, ice cream and potato chips. Among non-SNAP households, for example, soft drinks ranked second on the list of food purchases, behind milk.

So there isn’t anything astoundingly unique about soft drink/junk food consumption between SNAP users and NON-SNAP users, yet articles like this get written because, apparently, when someone receives government aid they have to be perfect and pious. 

Food stamp recipients and poor folk altogether are largely invisible in our society until one of those few times a year when the country has everyone gather around to cast judgement.