The Ascendant

You ascendant is your “mask” the way you appear to others. The first impression you give off. You ascendant paired with your mars influence where you choose to assert your energies. For instant. If you have a Libra ascendant and Cancer Mars. You may be someone who is interested in harmonizing families. Or somehow bringing forth justice for people who lost their homes. Etc. Your ascendant is also like a “sheet” it is how you view the world. Its the filmy layer of perspective and the way you view yourself in this world. People with an Aries rising tend to have a very clear focus on who they are and where they want to end up. People with a Pisces ascendant may be more inclined to be a bit dazed and self deceptive in their goals. The ascendant is overall like the cherry on top. The first thing everyone notices about you. Ascendants combined with your sun sign can also influence your physical appearance. Taurus risings  tend to have a more Venusian look with magnetic felinesque eyes and rounder faces where as  someone with a Leo rising will have bold eyebrows and a lot of voluminous hair, or none at all!

So I did a tea lead reading for myself with a cup I just found at @Barnesandnoble that I had years ago. I’ve been reading leaves for years but this cup is great because it gives you an extensive overview of pretty much everything. The leaves hit the eye, the clover, the snake, the horseshoe, the sunrise, and the star. All of these except the snake are great signs. I will be financially or academically successful, I will meet new people, and I will have a new start. The snake symbolizes that I have someone who is being unworthy of my trust. So once I weed that person out, my new life can begin successfully. The leaves also gathered on the moon, Saturn, and Venus symbols. This means that while I need to work on self disciple and responsibility, or at least remember it, I should remember what I want to do and fulfill all that I want to accomplish. I should do this as creatively as possible and I will be more successful the more creative I am. The last symbols was a woman, a dancer, a knot, a heart, a telescope, a vulture, a rabbit and the symbol 3 on Saturn. This is saying that I have a great life, but my vision is cloudy by unwarranted tension and anxiety. I should release those feelings in order to be happy, otherwise I will become an enemy to a person I really like. If do, I can expect a great deal of success in friendships and business related dealings. By December I should see results of my actions now. I’d be happy to do a reading like this for any of my friends who are curious and can come see me!!!! @lavendermoon__ @joseyfierce @casperpammies not necessarily you guys just thought I’d tag you haha #teatealeaf #divination #fortune #psychic #witch #gay #beauty #astorology

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