Astoria Glenn

Flirty | Artistic | Friendly | Brooding | Athletic

Astoria Glenn was born into a world of extreme torment as she developed severe Schizophrenia at a young age. The doctors informed her parents it was very rare, but with medication they could keep it contained. Being as religious as they were, her parents decided it would be cheaper and more effective to pray instead of medicate Astoria. This obviously did not work, and her symptoms got worse. One day, when her mother was ironing a shirt, Astoria mistook the iron for the phone, and burned her face before her mother could stop her. 
After the incident, her parents sent her to an emergency psychiatric hospital, where Astoria was kept isolated until she was 18 years of age, after which the hospital would have to send her somewhere more likely to “cure” her.

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Note: I placed her in clothes that were entirely meant to be changed, because I assumed that was what you would want to do. Sliders were obviously used. I misplaced the location of the eyeshadow and freckle download as well. The skin can be changed to whatever you desire it to be. If you require any of the content I left out or did not mention, message me.
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