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Hermione vs Astoria
  • Blaise: You've got to choose mate. You can't keep them both!
  • Draco: But I fancy them both!
  • Blaise: You think you do but you don't. Don't think with your dick.
  • Draco: I do not!
  • Blaise: Come on then, just list down all the cons you have for the both of 'em. That way you'll see what you're getting into. Choose the one with the shorter list.
  • Draco: Alright... [scowls]
  • Blaise: Granger first. I'm sure you've got plenty of--
  • Draco: She's manipulative, she's an insufferable know-it-all, I was always behind her in class, she's a prude, a swot-- I hate how she bites her nail, when she thinks she can sing to save her life, when she squints her eyes when she insists that I'm wrong. That hair of hers she can't seem to tame, I mean sleekeazy's won't hurt once in a while! And thinking about my parents, I hate that she's a muggle-born.
  • Blaise: See? But take it easy now. Don't want to lose "insults" for Astoria now, do we? So, Greengrass then? I'm sure she's a lovely--
  • Draco: She's not Hermione Granger...
  • Blaise: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Blaise: Err, there you go?

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Draco married the younger sister of a fellow Slytherin. Astoria Greengrass, who had gone through a similar (though less violent and frightening) conversion from pure-blood ideals to a more tolerant life view, and was felt by Narcissa and Lucius to be something of a disappointment as a daughter-in-law. They had had high hopes of a girl whose family was featured on the ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’, but as Astoria refused to raise their grandson Scorpius in the belief that Muggles were scum, family gatherings were often fraught with tension.

1135. During a particularly rebellious phase in her life, Astoria snuck into Muggle London and had a small Welsh Green dragon inked on her hip. When she began dating Draco, he charmed her tattoo to fly around her body. Much later, in the comfort of their own bedroom as they lay side by side, Draco would gently lift his wife’s shirt up to see if the dragon was flying around her growing belly. If it was, that usually meant that he would be able to feel the baby kick precisely where the dragon was.

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11. Draco and Astoria had another child called Cassiopeia Malfoy, she was the spitting image of her mother, but there was no doubt that she was Draco Malfoys daughter. She was best friends with Lily at Hogwarts and Draco liked to joke about how his children were going to be snatched away from him by Potters.


@purebloodnet event: the malfoys.

draco married the younger sister of a fellow slytherin. astoria greengrass, who had gone through a similar (though less violent and frightening) conversion from pure-blood ideals to a more tolerant life view, was felt by narcissa and lucius to be something of a disappointment as a daughter-in-law. they had had high hopes of a girl whose family featured on the ‘sacred twenty-eight’, but as astoria refused to raise their grandson scorpius in the belief that muggles were scum, family gatherings were often fraught with tension.

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Could you write some Draco being jealous with Astoria headcannons?

  • astoria greengrass had developed a friendship with ron weasley after the war.
  • they even dated for a short amount of time when he was on a break from granger.
  • and that made draco grit his teeth.
  • draco was naturally the jealous type as it was, but it was worse that of all people, her ex-boyfriend had to be a weasley.
  • he paced around their flat as she was out to lunch with ron.
  • he knew it wasn’t a date; astoria was trustworthy.
  • hell, ron was back together and engaged to granger at this point.
  • but he still did not like that she was alone with him.
  • he felt pathetic; he did not want to be controlling like his father.
  • he nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard the front door open.
  • she was home, and her long hair was wet and stringy from the rain.
  • “draco?” she called, “are you home?”
  • he took a deep breath and walked toward the doorway.
  • “yeah stori, i’m here.”
  • she smiled brightly and kissed his cheek once he approached her.
  • usually, that would make him blush.
  • but this time, he didn’t have a reaction.
  • puzzled, she furrowed her brows.
  • “what’s wrong?” she asked him seriously, “did something happen with your father?”
  • he shook his head and turned back toward the kitchen.
  • “no, it’s not that,” he answered vaguely, “i’m just… tired.”
  • he gripped the kitchen counter with his hand and turned around to face her.
  • her arms were crossed, and she was leaning up against the wall.
  • she figured it out, and she was annoyed.
  • “how many times do i have to tell you that ron and i are just friends, draco? i would never cheat on you.”
  • “you don’t get it.”
  • clearly, you don’t trust me.”
  • “it has nothing to do with you, it has to do with him!”
  • she took a step toward him, and her brows furrowed even more. but this time, they furrowed from anger.
  • “ron is engaged to hermione! he would never do that to her. do you really think i would associate myself with a cheater? this is about you not trusting me, draco. don’t turn this around on ron!”
  • he waved his arms in the air exasperated.
  • “you seriously don’t get it!” he yelled, “it isn’t about me thinking you’re secretly together again or something! it’s about ron weasley being better than me, alright?
  • stunned, her shoulders relaxed, and she took another hesitant step forward.
  • she placed her hand soflty on his forearm.
  • he stayed rigid.
  • “draco, ron is not better than you.”
  • “he’s a better person, he always has been. he is the type of person you deserve.
  • “don’t say that,” she pleaded, “i want to be with you.”
  • “why?” he asked her seriously, “it makes no sense.”
  • she cupped his cheek with her petite hand.
  • “because you are loyal, you are intelligent, and you are so so good. you are not your father, draco. you never have been. all those horrible things you did, you have made them right now. you didn’t want to do those things in the first place! i love you with all my heart.
  • he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.
  • he suddenly felt her small lips on his, and she kissed him softly. 
  • she pulled away too soon and put their foreheads together.
  • “i’m sorry,” he whispered, “i love you, too.”
  • she didn’t reply to him verbally. instead, she kissed him again.
  • and this time, he hoped she would never stop. 

Defining Love

“Love is when daddy lets mommy have the last Veela pastie even tough they’re his favorite” A five year-old Scorpius Malfoy told Albus Potter in a matter of fact way, taking his pumpkin juice and giving it to a toddler Lily Luna “there! Now you know Albus loves you baby Lily”

At age five Scorpius thought himself an expert at the subject. His parents had been a love match. To his toddler mind there was nothing complicated about love. Daddy loved his mommy and mommy loved his daddy and together their love was so big it spilled out and made a person.

Which was him: Scorpius.

Or at least that’s what Draco had said when he asked where babies came from.

To his innocent mind there was nothing to fear in the world because he had them and one day he would find a girl as wonderful as his mommy and love her too.

To him love was when Draco worked himself into a temper but reigned in all his foul mood as soon as he saw his Astoria and Scorpius.

Love was when Astoria butchered a song in the piano for hours and Draco still managed to tell her that her music was wonderful.

Love was going to visit the grandparents and resisting the urge to insult them because they were Draco’s family.

To Scorpius Malfoy, love was also not letting people get away with bad behavior.

Because Astoria never let Draco cast unsafe spells inside the house despite the fact that she loved him, and Draco never let Astoria plant carnivorous flowers in the garden despite the fact that he loved her.

They in turn, never let Scorpius have desert when he’d been rude to someone else. Despite the fact they loved him.

Love was tea parties with enormous cakes and jumping in mountains of freshly raked autumn leaves.

It was sitting in Draco’s lap as he read some boring account of a Malfoy ancestor and watching Astoria’s eyes drop as his voice soothed both Scorpius and her to sleep.

And these were things Scorp knew about love.

At age eight when he discovered that there were evil people in the world who would willingly hurt a child like him to make his father suffer, Scorpius added more things to the list.

When Draco pushed Astoria behind him and disarmed the strange witch that had grabbed Scorpius out of the blue in a public festival, Scorpius understood that love was also fear.

Love was when Astoria held Draco in her arms after a long day.

It was the forehead kiss Draco pressed on her head everytime he left to conduct business.

Love was putting eachother’s needs before their own when the other looked too tired.

Scorpius liked to think that his parents knew a lot, when they sat him down and talked about all that a little boy like him had to fear in this world, his parents didn’t disappoint him, they were honest.

They told him that most of his ancestors had done terrible things, that people would probably judge him for it forever, his family’s past had nothing to do with Scorpius, but that was how prejudice worked. They’d looked hopefully at Scorpius, with kind smiles that told the little boy he would always be their son no matter what he thought of them and this had cinched the issue in his head.

Love was not judging a person because of their past. Because if Astoria could look beyond Draco’s dark mark to the soul that was beneath and Draco could look beyond Astoria’s family name to see the sweet woman she was, then Scorpius wanted to be like them.

From then on Scorpius Malfoy decided that he would ignore the pasts of everyone as long as they were kind and if someone wasn’t willing to get to know him as himself despite all the bad things his parents told him people said about his family then…well…good riddance.

And these were things Scorp knew about love.

At age eleven Scorpius learned his first lesson in the complicated nature of love.

When Astoria hugged him like she didn’t want to let him go and Draco put his hand in Scorpius shoulder with warm pride, Scorpius realized that love also meant letting go.

He’d watched this happen every time Draco looked forlorn at the door whenever Astoria was in an overnight event with the Greengrass foundation.

Or when Draco had to partner his resources with businesses that required him to be away for days. Astoria would get that resigned air of melancholy about her.

It was the same when they saw him off at King Cross.

Scorpius figured that’s what separation felt like, wanting to hold on to someone forever yet loving them enough to let them grow.

They were setting him free despite how much it hurt them to be apart from Scorpius and that was also love.

In Hogwarts Scorpius learned much more about why love was considered complicated and most of it he didn’t learn about it from his mom and dad.

It wasn’t their fault really.

They were happy together and their love was as subtle as it was strong, their biggest outward shows of affection were usually reserved for Scorpius himself who was always on the receiving end of the messy kisses and crushing hugs.

He understood them…sort of, because he was a part of both of them, Astoria and Draco didn’t hold back from showering him with tickles and filling his world with playful laughter.

But as a couple, their love expressed itself in loving sighs and shared eyerolls from across the dinner table.

Flowers in his writing desk, warped eclairs in her vanity table. A shared look of affection every five minutes, a brush of a hands as they went on their daily routines.

If they fought they did it well away from Scorps hearing and if they felt cross with eachother they hid it too well for it to be seen plainly.

Unlike Albus and even Rose’s parents who reportedly enjoyed a good argument every once in a while and were active in expressing their affection towards the other, the love of Scorpius’ parents seemed almost. ..boring.

And because Scorpius had grown in such a sedate household, nothing prepared him for the first time a girl broke his heart.

At age fourteen he still thought that his parents were the best example of love he could find, he also wanted a girl to share inside jokes with, sigh into the distance and cut flowers for.

But Rose Weasley well, she wanted emotion, she wanted someone to argue with noisily and kiss in the middle of the great hall for all the world to see. His first love was bigger than life, Rosie was an explosion of fire and smarts that was almost too good to be true. And in the end she didn’t understand why Scorpius didn’t express his love the way she did.

Rose didn’t want subtlety, she wanted an extravaganza of passion and Scorpius just didn’t like being the centre of attention, not like Albus and Hugo.

And so that summer Scorpius returned home heartbroken. Asking his mother what he’d done wrong?.

Astoria and Draco hadn’t known what to do, they told Scorpius that truthfully neither of them had much romantic experiences before finding eachother and their own first loves had been footnotes in comparison to Voldemort’s shadow. Before Astoria Draco had been with Pansy for most of his life and he’d only dated her to appease his father.

And Astoria had only ever loved Draco since her fourth year in Hogwarts. Anybody before that hadn’t been real enough to call a crush.

Before the war their families had taught them both that love was a liability when one was a purebloood and until Draco and Astoria had fallen inlove they both had believed it was true.

So when Scrpius came to them for advice they only did the best they knew to do as parents and listened.

And that’s how Scorpius learned that love was painful….But it was also healing.

Watching his parents together Scorpius realized that love was also being okay with not having all the answers.

Because when Astoria didn’t know something she never blamed Draco if he didn’t come up with a solution, she simply nodded and took his hand in order to find it together.

And whenever Draco got frustrated because there were things out of his control that affected his family, he never took it out on Astoria, instead he talked it out with her. Found a way to see the light side of the situation for her sake.

With them love was a thousand conversations spoken with a single raised eyebrow and the quirk of coral lips.

And these were things Scorp knew about love.

Over the years Scorpius came to accept that his parents were not perfect. His mother was a bit manipulative and his father was oftentimes too prideful.Astoria’s sweet frailty lent fodder to Scorp’s fears and Draco’s increasing grouchiness as his hairline began receding was a constant cause of headaches for his only son.

But Scorpius never stopped seeing Draco’s eyes light up when Astoria entered the room. Or Astoria smile whenever Draco said she was beautiful.

There was always a hand in the small of Astoria’s back when they were in public, and a kiss in the back of her palm when they were not. Those hands got a bit more wrinkled as the years passed as did the lines in Astoria’s mouth and eyes, but they never moved from her back, no matter the need for a walking cane that came after Draco turned fifty two.

And while Astoria’s hair seemed to have a bigger smattering of grey highlights everytime Scorpius returned from Hogwarts, she never stopped kissing Draco’s cheek whenever he walked out the door. Her reading glasses came with menopause much like Draco’s cane, but her eyes never lost the sparkle of teasing laughter that always made Draco smile.

Then one day long after moving out from his parents house Scorpius Malfoy found himself cutting sunflowers and placing them absentmindely in the desk of a certain Daily Prophet correspondant. A girl with mischief in her smile who could telegraph her thoughts across the room with just one glance in his direction and who could make Scorpius laugh with silly caricatures of her eldest brothers.

Half imp, half rainstorm, she was a unstoppable mischief and boy did it drive Scorpius crazy to see her fluttering in and out of his life in a flurry of silk hair ribbons and ballet slippers. He almost didn’t notice when he stopped holding out his arms to break Lily Luna’s fall in case she broke a limb when she crashed down from whatever tree she was currently climbing. And when he started holding out his arms because he wanted to feel her close to him.

He didn’t notice when she stopped being “Al’s little sister” and became “Not again Lily!” With an affectionate huff. Or when he began looking forward to mutually teasing Albus over his career in the ministry.

Not until he attended his parent’s anniversary ball and his father of all people tapped his cane impatiently and with a sigh of frustration pulled Scorpius aside “So when are you planning to tell the Potter girl that you love her?” His father finally snapped “your mother and I would like to live to see our grandchildren, thank you very much” and with the finesse of the crochety old man he was, Draco stomped away from his very adult son grumbling about the stupidity of youth.

And despite disliking his father’s temper Scorpius learned one last thing about love from the old man and that was that one couldn’t really know how love worked unless one felt it.

So he joined Lily Luna at their table and smiled resolving to ask her to be his girlfriend as soon as possible, keeping his father’s words in mind. He loved her…of course he did. It was so obvious now.

He chanced a look at the middle of the ballroom where his parents glided around the room with the ease of professional dancers, thirty years married and Scorpius still didn’t doubt how much they loved eachother.

Maybe he would never stop learning from them, maybe he would always want what his parents had. And maybe he was close to getting it with Lily.

So he clapped as the orchesta finished their piece and raised his cup to toast to his parent’s marriage because these were the things Scorpius Malfoy knew about love.

An: this was my first Scorpius centric one shot, which I dont normally do because Scorpius is way too shippable I always fall of tangent when I write him in, and forget this is a Drastoria blog, I think that in the end its always our parents who teach us how to love. so I hope you liked it anon

Plugged In: Asshole Slytherins (Songs to Strut To)
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Heathens; twenty one pilots
Creator; Santigold
The Hills; The Weeknd
Side to Side; Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj
Monster; Kanye West ft. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver
Cool Girl; Tove Lo
No Interruption; Hoodie Allen
Hold Me Down; Halsey
Low Life; Future ft. The Weeknd
Good For You; Selena Gomez ft. A$AP Rocky
Fuck Love; Iggy Azalea
Blame; Calvin Harris ft. John Newman
Gold; Imagine Dragons
Heartless; Kanye West

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Just a thought
  • Lily and Scorpius in their engagement party: And that's why we love each other so much
  • *Everybody cheers*
  • Astoria: you better hope they only give us granddaughters
  • Ginny: why?
  • Astoria: the Malfoy naming tradition, first name after a constellation second name after the grandfather and we named Scorpius after my dad
  • Ginny: that means that if your son and my daughter have a boy
  • *Imagining Draco vs Harry in another wand duel*
  • Astoria: we're facing wizarding war III
  • Ginny: you're right, I hope they only have girls
  • Astoria *thinking about cute grandkids*: although if they have twins that wouldn't be a problem. The Weasleys carry the gene for twins right?
  • Ginny: oh Gods help us all
Nice parenting
  • Astoria: It's going to be fine pumpkin.
  • It's going to be ok.(she pets her 11-year-old son)
  • Scorpius: But what if the other kids won't like me?
  • Draco: Then make them fear you!
  • Astoria: Draco! Nonsense, don't listen to your father.
  • They'll love you. I'm sure you'll make tons of
  • friends.
  • Scorpius: But how do I make friends?
  • Astoria: Well, first you introduce yourself and then...
  • Draco: Then you pay them.
  • Astoria: DRACO!!(she slaps the back of his head)
  • Just be yourself pumpkin.
  • Scorpius: But...
  • (his father gives him a box full of chocolates and
  • other sweets and bends down to whisper in his ear)
  • Draco: If you're nervous, you can bribe them with sweets.
  • And don't stress yourself. Not everyone has to
  • like you. You don't need many friends. One true
  • friend is enough.

a/n- this short story is very personal for me, please enjoy

The rhythm of their breaths slowly begin to match as their energy depletes to a mellow hum. Their hearts drone to an accelerating tempo, chests rising and falling in dramatic gulps of air. She hears a chuckle of breath ring as he rolls onto his side. Their sweaty yet somehow cool sheets cling onto his hips as an effortless grin finds its way to his lips. “You look so pretty after sex.” Nimble, bony, and spindly fingers crawl up her neck to rest on her cheek, while a ghostly pale thumb stroked under her left eye. “Then again, you’re always so very pretty.” ‘So is she,’ she thinks to herself. He leans down towards her, blush lips brushing against cherry red. His dazed eyes look at her once more before fluttering closed as he kisses her deeply. He’s always been a bit too passionate. Her lids remain opened, watching every movement of his being before he pulls away, more satisfied than before. She offers him a quirk of the mouth, not a grin, not a frown, and walks towards the pile of clothes forgotten in the corner. “Why on earth would you be dressing yourself at a time like this?” She can feel the smirk in his voice matching his after-shag drawl. “Believe it or not, Malfoy, I’ve got things to do. Errands to run. Men to sleep with.” “But none of them have silk sheets.” He realizes, as she begins to clip on her bra, that she really wasn’t going to stay this time. “Stop fooling around and get back in bed.” She looks in her mirror, fixing a stray strand and modifying the ruined makeup. “I told you. I’m busy.” He sat up, “I want to cuddle.” She swiped a stroke of lipstick, not daring to watch him in the reflection. “Cuddle with your wife.” She could see the air turn thick. “Astoria is gone for the entire weekend. We don’t have to sneak around, for once, and you’re leaving?” Her eyes rolled, “Forty eight hours of lost morality, not that you ever had any.” “What are you getting at,” he growled. With one final touch to her appearance, she stepped into her heels, eyes pointed at his. “Why pretend I’m anything more than an afternoon fuck?” For some reason, he looked hurt. Betrayed, even. The nerve. “If I didn’t care for you, I wouldn’t have broken my vows.” Her heels clacked quietly as she ripped open the door. Calmly, she looked back at him, letting him see her glassy, scarred eyes. “If you cared about me at all, you wouldn’t be married.“

Harry Potter Weddings: Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass. 1 september 2001.

“I would not wish any companion in the world, but you.” - Shakespeare

Maid of Honour: Daphne Nott
Best Man: Theodore Nott


Flower Girl: none
Ring Bearer: none

Location: Greengrass Estate,Scotland

Draco x reader (Neville's friend)

Hello! Can i request a Draco imagine where (y/n) likes to help Neville when he gets into his many situations like when they had their first lesson with Hagrid and (y/n) helps Neville with sewing his robes because he forgot to “stroke the spine” and Draco gets jealous because he likes (y/n) and he gets himself into similar situations like Neville so he can get (y/n)’s attention? Love your writing btw


“Neville what did you forget?” Neville turned around. He grabbed the Remembrall out of his pocket. “Its red, that’s why I don’t know what I forgot. I got it from my gran a long time ago. Maybe I forgot that I put it in my pocket.” You laughed about nevilles silliness. Neville and you have been friends since first year. Neville was looking for his toad, and that how it all began.


“Hello Everyone welcome to your first lesson, grab your book! We have a very special book for care of magical creatures this year. Carefully stroke the spine!” You grabbed you book and carefully stroked the spine.


“Neville?” You turned around and saw Neville struggling with the book. “Neville stroke the spine!” Draco also turned around. “You fucking idiot.” You rolled your eyes at draco. “Shut up malfoy, just walk.” Draco stopped And Walked towards you. “And why Should i take orders from you?” He was a bit taller than you. He moved closer to you. “I said, why should I take orders from you.” You pushed draco back. “Because you dont have the right to call him an idiot.” Draco turned around to his friends and started laughing. “Come on guys, this is to pathetic.” Draco walked away. You walked towards Neville and helped him up. “Come on Neville, im going to take you to Madame pomfrey.” Neville nodded.


“Can you hand me the needle.” Neville and you were sitting in the library, trying to fix nevilles rope. Neville handed you the needle. “What is the next step in the book?” Neville laughed. “Think (y/n)! Just put the thread in the eye of the needle.” You sighed. “Isn’t there a spell for this?!” Neville closed the book and placed it back on the shelf. “Ofcourse there is! But this way you learn something you might going to need when you are older. And you can’t sew magicial robes.” You laughed. “I have a wand, and if I marry a muggle there are always stores to fix these kind of holes. But maybe your right..” Neville cleaned everything up and placed it back in the box Neville Got from his grandma.

“He (y/n)! I also have a hole in the pocket of my robe!” Draco yelled from behind the bookshelf. “Shut the fuck up malfoy! You unrespectfull brat!!” Neville yelled. Neville drawed his wand and pointed it to draco. “Oeehh, longbottom is a bit feisty.” Said Draco teasing. Neville stepped closer and pointed it under his jaw. “Come on Neville this is useless, he is a fucking child! You can’t talk to him properly.” You grabbed nevilles hand and pulled him out of the library.


It’s was late at night and you couldn’t sleep. You stepped out of your bed and walked trough the empty halls. You quietly sat down on a bench outside. “Nice pjs.” Draco smirked. You tried to hide your smile. “Couldn’t sleep either?” Draco asked. you nodded. “I like to come here to think, it’s really quite out here.” You glanced at draco. “I’m sorry.” Draco noticed your silent treatment rather quickly. “I’m sorry that I was such an asshole today.” You looked at draco. “I really hate it when you are so mean to Neville, he doesn’t deserve that.” Draco’s cheeks flushed bright red. “I..just wanted your attention.” You were suprised by draco’s sudden confession. “I know it isn’t right to do that by bullying Neville.” You saw that draco was genuinely sorry. “If you are really sorry, I forgive you. But it is not me you have to apologize to.” Draco nodded. He looked at the ground. “I understand.” You layed your hand on draco’s hand. He looked at you and smiled.