“I get hundreds of emails from kids saying this show inspires them and it means the world to me and I just want to say, if it does inspire you, do something about it. Act on your inspiration and your impulses and follow that inspiration to your version of this. Make it now, your version of the show. I’m not saying everyone should make a public access show–it would be mayhem and most of them would be really bad–I am saying that you have something that only you can do and it’s inside of you and maybe you think nobody else wants it to exist but if there’s anything this show has shown you it should be that things should just exist just to exist. The powers that be, they’re not always going to embrace you and they don’t have to give you their money, they don’t have to give you anything, they don’t have to give you their help but the powers that be can’t stop you from existing. So maybe your TCGS is an album you’re too scared to right, maybe it’s a comic book you’ve been eighty percent done with forever, finish it. Maybe it’s a painting, maybe it’s a dance piece, maybe it’s a stand-up set that you’ve been too scared to get up and try. The thing inside you is your version of this and if you’re one of the creatives weirdos watching us and living vicariously through us–being outsiders and fighting to make something you believe in–it’s time to stop living vicariously and start making something that you believe in. If all of the kids out their do that, this show does live on. For a long time I thought we’d be the ones to change the game and that might not happen. I thought for a while it would and that somebody might notice us and put us in a position to start some new conversations and it’s been hard realizing that maybe we have already gotten as close to that as we could but my hope and my guess is that there’s some kid out there right now who’s watching this who has the best idea ever. And he think that no one wants to see it–or she thinks no one wants to see it–and they think no one wants to hear it and maybe he or she doesn’t think they’ll find anyone who wants to hear it. Well, in the beginning no one wanted this show either and now a lot of people connect to it every week and they point to us as a positive aspect of their lives. So people, they do, they want to hear you but you’ve got to start shouting. And people will see what you want to show them but you’ve got to shove it into their faces and you can’t shove anything into anybody’s face if you’re too scared to make it exist, so make your thing. That’s all the Gethard show started as, me making my thing. Make your thing. It should exist and if all of you out there actually do it, one of those things will be a game-changer. It’s one of you guys that will pick up the torch on what we’ve been doing and make a bigger, better version of it down the road and—-”

“Chris! Do you want me to stand in now?”

“Bethany. No. I really don’t.”

galentines day follow forever

I am sorely underprepared; no fancy graphic or anything. I just wanted to give a shoutout to the wonderful ladies on tumblr that I follow. Some of you I just followed this week, some I’ve followed since 2009, some have never talked to me, some have stayed up til 5am with me when I was having a panic attack. But you’re all very special to me, and I hope you all have lovely Galentines Days <3

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