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Through all years of your training, The Ancient One was your main teacher. She was the one who found you wandering on the streets of Kathmandu, when you were barely ten years old, with no family, nor safe place to stay. She taught you everything she knew, and told you everything. You were like a daughter to her, and she was like a mother to you. It was safe to say that you loved her more than anything and anyone in the whole wide universe. Also, every time when an entire new student appeared, you were the one who stood by the Ancient One’s side through all his learning.
Yet, you found yourself instantly disliking Stephen Strange, the moment your teacher agreed to finally let him into the Kamar-Taj. To you, he was just like Kaecelius, maybe a little more narrow-minded. You were cold toward him, and told him to leave every time you had an occasion. You didn’t want another person stealing your “mother’s” attention and breaking her heart again, just like Kaecelius did.

To be honest, you were shocked when Strange haven’t reacted to your insults in offended way, nor he got angry at you. Instead he tried harder on his studies, becoming a great sorcerer in practically no time. He also tried to talk with you, nervousness radiating from his body with his every try, which was weird for him. You didn’t knew why he tried so hard for you approving him being in Kamar-Taj, but yet you found it harder to dislike him with his every try, even though you tried to not to show it.

When The Ancient One died, you were the one who broke down first, clinging to Stephen like a child, crying in his embrace like never before, not letting him go for a long time, not caring about the world anymore.
It took exactly one Stephen Strange and the sight of the world destruction to get you back to your path, and help him and Mordo fight your old friend, Kaecelius and his new master Dormamu. Thought when everything ended, you left Kamar-Taj with not as much as a mere goodbye.
You wanted to retire, leave mystic arts behind you, and leave world for someone who can find the will to fight for it. But apparently, universe got a better plans for you. It manifested itself in the form of a girl, not very younger than you, who called herself Wanda Maximoff, and she also ham magic, but hers was not because of learning mystics arts, but a mutation. You were shocked when you heard it, shocked and interested at the same time. She was the reason why you became the part of the Avengers, even though you promised yourself to not to be a part of such a group. Yet, you found yourself enjoying the time you spend with the team, becoming friends with them almost instantly. You didn’t know anything about them, taking that you spend whole your life in Kamar-Taj, not really caring about the politics and events that took place on the world, never thinking that you would need such a knowledge ever in your life.
At the beginning of your living with them though, you weren’t convinced to become so called “hero”, but you changed your mind when you meet the infamous “Winter Soldier”. The mentally devastated man who lived through Word War, got himself experimented at, and made so much evil in his life, that you found yourself wanting to help him. And yet when you two meet, you greeted him with a handshake and smile on your face, blurted out the first thing that came in your mind, and that was “You look more like hobo, than killing machine Wanda told me about.” At first he looked offended, then in his eyes you were able to see that you hurt his feelings, but before you were able to apologize, which you centrally didn’t even planned to do, man smiled and greeted you too.
“Why don’t you go back to your Tibet Xiaolin?” Your jaw dropped at that. How could he? As an answer to that, you quickly took your slide rind and teleported him right to the said monastery, at the same time teaching him, that it was in China and not Tibet. Who could have guessed that such an old man was such an ignorant ass?
When he did got back, he was so astonished with your magic, that he almost begged you to show him more. That’s how the two of you became friends in almost no time, not counting the two weeks he took to come back from China.

You and Stephen Strange meet again almost year after the death of Ancient One and fight with Kaecelius. He teleported himself to Avengers headquarters after Tony’s invitation. He was happy to see you, and you after such long time of not seeing another sorcerer found yourself hugging him, only then realizing how you missed his presence and personality. Yet it didn’t last long.

“Long time no see, Strange.” He also hugged you, his hands covered with yellow gloves shaking slightly against your back.
“It’s Doctor Strange… or Sorcerer Supreme now.” At those words you backed form him, your eyes wide open, gleaming from already forming tears. He was it in an instant and wanted to explain himself while his cape smacked him on the face, but someone got in his way. To be exact, it was Bucky, hugging you. Strange’s heart stopped for a moment when he was you in arms of a man other than himself.
“Are you ok, doll?”
“yeah, it’s just shock…” You looked at Stephen, watching him for a while. “I… congratulations Mr. Doctor… you are…”
“Second best, but you are retarded, so… I took what they offered, before you changed your mind.” He shrugged and you smiled. Such words from such man, with his ego are very likely to be considered a compliment. You got from Bucky’s arms and punched Stephen’s arm.
“Watch it, or I will change my mind.”

If Wanda haven’t explained it to you, you would die obvious to the fight that was going on between your two friends, Bucky and Strange. Apparently the fight between them was for your attention. The Black Widow, Natasha, laughed at your obviousness, telling you to pay more attention on them. And so you did, which leaded for you feeling embarrassed every time it happened, which were quite a lot, taking that it happened every day, starting over such things as passing you sugar for your morning coffee.
What shocked you most was willingness of Levitation Cape to help Stephen in this war. It would always catch you and pull you to sorcerer, whenever it got an occasion.
You tried not to pay attention to their stupid competition, you really did, but while being in the very center of it, it was almost impossible.
Seeing how uncomfortable you were with it, Tony and Steve took the matter in their hands and scolded the both men, as if they were children.

“Meditating?” You looked from your laps to Stephen. He stood at your balcony doors, the cape and gloves gone. He looked just as he did in Kamar-Taj, leaning against your doorframe, arms crossed on his chest. You smiled at him.
“Just thinking.” You watched as he moved from his spot to sat in front of you. “Where is your relict?”
“I left it in my room. Didn’t want it to interrupt.” You raised your eyebrow at his statement.
“Interrupt with what?” At your question, Doctor took your hands in his scarred, shaking ones.
“You know I like you…” Seeing your shocked face he blushed instantly. “Or you found out just now. Either way, I do like you and I did from the first time I saw you. And despite our beginning, which as you know didn’t went good, I really tried to made you warm up to me… despite you trying to do quite opposite. And to be honest I really hoped that you may start to feel something to me, and I know that I’m a little too forward right now, but it do piss me off when I see this metal-hand frozen killing machine near you.” You opened your mouth to speak in defend of your friend, but he squeezed your hands, looking at you with his deep blue eyes. “Please let me finish. I know that I can’t make you come back to Kamar-Taj, nor made you move to sanctum sanctorum, and I don’t intend to of you don’t want to, but maybe there is a possibility of you giving me a chance and going out with me?”
“Strange I…”
“Doctor Strange, Mr. Stark want’s to inform you, that your cape attacking Mr. Barnes got boring, and he requests you to put a stop for this.” Hearing F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice, you looked with amusement on your face, your eyebrow raised slightly.
“Left it in your room for no interruption, Strange?” Doctor cleared his throat, letting your hands go.
“I… better get going.” He tried to go away, but you got up and stopped him before he could made it.
“I will go with you, but there are two conditions.” He nodded at that, murmuring something like ‘anything for you’, at which you smiled. “You will stop harassing Bucky, he is my friend and your stupid competition is really pissing me off, and no one can make me not spend time with him.” Strange groaned but nodded.
“And second one?” You grinned.
“You let me wear the cape. Like for one whole day, no instructions and no grumbling. Then, and only then I will allow you to take the pretty, intelligent, talented, beautiful and very humble, greatest sorceress of all time – me, to a date. And who knows, if you will show me yourself finally in some good light, then I would allow you to walk me to my room’s doors after that.” After the initial shock, Strange nodded, which made you smile. “Great! Now go and get my cape, I want it clean and I want it untouched. Now, shoo. Off you go.” You pushed him out of your room, wide smile on your face. If year ago someone would told that you would agree to go on a date with Strange, you would laugh right into his face, right before sending him to Mount Everest.

I am a very passionate person and one thing I am extremely passionate about is animal rights. Now, I am in no way a perfect human, I only began transitioning into this lifestyle 6 months ago and still have quite a ways to go. I compiled this list out of my own research and decided to share it, I can only hope it will be useful to someone ◕‿◕ I will update it as frequently as possible, but please feel free to edit, ask questions, or educate me and others. Thank you!!!

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♡ Key: 

Obviously, everything on this list is currently Cruelty-Free (CF).

Ⓥ = Vegan

N = Natural

☆ = personal favorite!

♡ Makeup:

100% Pure (Ⓥ N)

Afterglow Cosmetics (Ⓥ N)

☆ The All Natural Face (Ⓥ N)

Alythea  (Ⓥ)
Arbonne (Ⓥ)
Aromi Beauty (Ⓥ)
Au Naturale Glow (Ⓥ)

Avalon Organics(Ⓥ N)

☆ theBalm (CF)

Balm Envy (Ⓥ) 
Beauty Without Cruelty (Ⓥ)
Beauty Secrets (Ⓥ)

☆ BH Cosmetics (CF)

BITE Beauty (CF)
Cheeky Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Cherry Street Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Cosmic Tree (Ⓥ)

Crazy Rumors  (Ⓥ)
Cruelty Free Shop (Ⓥ)
Devita (Ⓥ)
Devine Natural Mineral Cosmetics  (Ⓥ)
Earth Diva (Ⓥ)
Earth Goddess (Ⓥ)
Earthy Essentials  (Ⓥ)
Eco Minerals (Ⓥ)
Eco Glow Minerals (Ⓥ)

☆ ELF (CF)
Elixery (Ⓥ)
Emani Minerals (Ⓥ)

☆ essence (CF)
Everyday Minerals (Ⓥ)

☆ Fyrinnae (Ⓥ)
Gabriel Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Glam Natural Makeup (Ⓥ N)

☆ Hard Candy (CF)

Hurraw! (Ⓥ)
Illuminare (Ⓥ)
Inkia (Ⓥ)

Juice Beauty (CF N)
Killer Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Kett Cosmetics (Ⓥ)

L.A. Colors (CF)
Logona (Ⓥ)
Lip Ink (Ⓥ)
Mad Style Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
☆ Melt cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Minerale  (Ⓥ)
☆ Motives Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Modern Minerals Makeup (Ⓥ)

Mountain Minerals (Ⓥ)
Musq  (Ⓥ)
My Earth (Ⓥ)

Natural Girl Cosmetics (Ⓥ N)
☆ Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Pink Quartz Minerals (Ⓥ)
☆ Pumpkin & Poppy (Ⓥ)
Pure Gaisha  (Ⓥ)
Prirodna cosmetics (Ⓥ)

Rockeresque (Ⓥ)
Rogue Republic (Ⓥ)
Scout Cosmetics  (Ⓥ)
☆ Shiro Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Smash Cosmetics (Ⓥ)

☆ Sugar Pill (Ⓥ)
Swagger Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Tick Tock (Ⓥ)

☆ Too Faced Cosmetics (CF)

Well 2  (Ⓥ)

Wet N’ Wild (CF)

♡ Brushes: 
Alima Pure (Ⓥ)
Bare Escentuals (Ⓥ) 

Cozzette (Ⓥ)
DermaBrushes (Ⓥ) 

Earth Diva (Ⓥ)
Earthy Essentials (Ⓥ) 

Eco Nvey (Ⓥ)
☆ Eco Tools (Ⓥ)
☆ Furless (Ⓥ)
Inika (Ⓥ)
☆ Pirouette (Ⓥ) 

☆ Real Techniques (Ⓥ)
Vegan Vibrance  (Ⓥ)

♡ Nail Care: 
Acquarella Polish (Ⓥ)
Anise (Ⓥ)
Big Ruby Nail Tattoos (Ⓥ) 

Beauty without cruelty (Ⓥ)
Butterlondon (Ⓥ)
Colorclub (Ⓥ)

Dreams (CF)
Gabriel cosmetics (Ⓥ) 

Gosh (Ⓥ)
Misa (Ⓥ)
ncLA  (Ⓥ)
Nail Aid (Ⓥ)
No miss (Ⓥ)
Nubar (Ⓥ)
Priti (Ⓥ)
☆ Sparitual (Ⓥ)
☆ Zoya (Ⓥ)

♡ Skincare:  
Aeon Botanica (Ⓥ)
Akin (Ⓥ)
Amie (Ⓥ)
Ayana Organics (Ⓥ N)

Be Genki  (Ⓥ)
Be Natural Organics (Ⓥ N)

Beautiful Earth (Ⓥ)
Bioethique Organic (Ⓥ N)
Blue Ridge Gypsy (Ⓥ)
Bonicca ( Ⓥ | also makes cosmetics)

Botani  (Ⓥ)
Botanicals For Beauty (Ⓥ)
Bronzo (Ⓥ)

Ceela (Ⓥ)

☆ Dermalogica (CF)

Devita (Ⓥ)

Dinga Bear (Ⓥ)
Dolphin Organics (Ⓥ N)
Dr Danton (Ⓥ)
Dr Loretta (Ⓥ)
Different Daisy (Ⓥ)
Dr Wendy (Ⓥ)
Elta (Ⓥ)
Envy Tan (Ⓥ)
Essential Stuff (Ⓥ)

Florere (Ⓥ)
Från Krämer  (Ⓥ)
Gourmet Body Treats (Ⓥ)
Happy me Skincare  (Ⓥ)
Herbal Choice (Ⓥ)
Herbology (Ⓥ)
Hippy Heaven (Ⓥ)

Hothouse Botanicals (Ⓥ)
☆ Hugo Naturals (Ⓥ N)
Keshi Organics (Ⓥ N)
Kimberly Sayer (Ⓥ)
Kuush  (Ⓥ)
KSA Jojoba (Ⓥ N)
LaMari   (Ⓥ)
Lin Lou (Ⓥ)
L’uvalla (Ⓥ)
La Bella Pink (Ⓥ)
La Isha (Ⓥ)
La Natura (Ⓥ)
Leap Organics (Ⓥ N)

Lillian Skincare  (Ⓥ)
LooLoo’s Escape (Ⓥ)
Loving Naturals (Ⓥ N)
Malcoms Miracle (Ⓥ)
Metamour Skincare (Ⓥ)
Metropolis (Ⓥ)

moom  (Ⓥ)

Mystic Zen (Ⓥ)
Naturally Green (Ⓥ)

Nature’s Gate (Ⓥ)

Nude  (Ⓥ)

Odacite (Ⓥ)
Organic Grooming (Ⓥ N)

Organic Kama (Ⓥ N)
Organic Roseshare (Ⓥ N)

Osea Malibu (Ⓥ)
Paradise City (Ⓥ)
Planet eve (Ⓥ)

☆ Paula’s Choice (CF)
Raw Gaia (Ⓥ)
Sanctum  (Ⓥ)
Sevi (Ⓥ)

Smartmen (Ⓥ)

Soapwalla  (Ⓥ)
Sukin  (Ⓥ)
Treasured Earth (Ⓥ)

Tri Nature  (Ⓥ)
U little Beauty (Ⓥ)
Yaoh (Ⓥ)
Y natural (Ⓥ)
Y-yo (Ⓥ)
Yuva  (Ⓥ)

♡ Bath & Body:  

Antho (Ⓥ)
Bare Body Soaps (Ⓥ)

Bubble Shack Hawaii (Ⓥ)

☆ Clean Cauldron (CF N)
Dixie Bits (Ⓥ)
Dr Singha (Ⓥ)
Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics (Ⓥ N)

Earth Light Organics (Ⓥ N)
Earthly Body (Ⓥ)
Emerita (Ⓥ)
Enfusia (Ⓥ)
Fanciful Fox (Ⓥ)

Free Of (Ⓥ)
☆ Freeman (Ⓥ)
Holistic Body Care (Ⓥ)
I Love My Muff (Ⓥ)
Kalliste (Ⓥ)
Keys (Ⓥ)
Little Owl (Ⓥ)

☆ Lush (Ⓥ N)

☆ My Konjac Sponge (CF N)
Sensibility Soaps (Ⓥ)
☆ Spa Ritual (Ⓥ)
Squid Balm (Ⓥ)
Well in Hand (Ⓥ)
Wildflower Organic Bodycare (Ⓥ N)

♡ Hair Care: 
☆ Abba (Ⓥ)
Aesop  (Ⓥ)
A’kinAl’chemy  (Ⓥ)
Apteka (Ⓥ)
Animal Aid (Ⓥ)
Australian Organics  (Ⓥ N)

Botanicals (Ⓥ)
Colure Hair (Ⓥ)
Creo Care (Ⓥ)
Daniel FieldDavid Babaii for Wild Aid (Ⓥ)
Davroe Hair Wellness  (Ⓥ)
Delorenzo (Ⓥ)

Giovanni (mostly Ⓥ)

Green Body Green Planet (Ⓥ)

Honesty Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Kept (Ⓥ)
Know! (Ⓥ)
Max Green Alchemy (Ⓥ)
Micro Broo (Ⓥ)
Mixed Chicks (Ⓥ)
Muk (Ⓥ)
Natures Quest (Ⓥ)

Not You Mothers (CF, ?)

O.B.I Natural (Ⓥ)

☆ Organix (CF N)

Paul Mitchel (CF, some Ⓥ)
Peter Lamas (Ⓥ)
Salon Naturals (Ⓥ)
Surface (Ⓥ)
Tara Smith (Ⓥ)
Tisserand (Ⓥ)
YarokZerran (Ⓥ)

♡ Hair Dye:  
Daniel Field (Ⓥ)
Developlus (Ⓥ)
Herbatint  (Ⓥ)

Ion (Ⓥ)
☆ LaRiche Directions (Ⓥ)
Light Mountain Hair Color (Ⓥ)
☆ Lush (Ⓥ)
☆ Manic Panic (Ⓥ)

Naturtint (Ⓥ)
Special Effects (Ⓥ)

Splat (Ⓥ)
Tints of Nature (Ⓥ)

♡ Sun Care: 
☆ Alba Botanica (Ⓥ)
Invisible Zinc (Ⓥ)
☆ Kiss My face (Ⓥ)
KINeSYS Sunscreen  (Ⓥ)
Monimay (Ⓥ)
Natural Glow (Ⓥ) 

♡ Dental Care: 
Desert Essence (Ⓥ)
Dr Sharp (Ⓥ)
Eco Dent (Ⓥ)
Jack N Jill (Ⓥ)
☆ Jason (Ⓥ)
Kiss My Face (Ⓥ)
Natures Gate (Ⓥ)
Oxyfresh (Ⓥ)
Stim-U-Dent (Ⓥ)
White Glo (Ⓥ)

♡ Deodorant: 
Alba Botanica (Ⓥ)
Alvin Connor (Ⓥ)
Deodorant Stones (Ⓥ) 

LaMari (Ⓥ)
Milcu (Ⓥ)
Naturally Fresh Crystal (Ⓥ N)

♡ Perfume: 
Green Ritual (Ⓥ)
Kai Fragrance (Ⓥ)
perfume organic (Ⓥ N)
Julian Rouas Paris (Ⓥ)
Le Labo (Ⓥ)
Malibu (Ⓥ)

☆ Pacifica (Ⓥ)

♡ Body Mod. Aftercare: 

☆ Really helpful post about Vegan Tattoos.

After Inked (Ⓥ)

H2Ocean (Ⓥ)
Out Of Sea (Ⓥ)

☆ PunkMedics (Ⓥ N | stretching, piercings, tattoos, everything)

♡ Sexual Health & Hygiene: 

Earthly Body(Ⓥ)

☆ Glyde(Ⓥ)

Good Clean Love(Ⓥ)

SebaMed (CF)

Sir Richards condoms (Ⓥ)
The personal Vegan (Ⓥ)

♡ For Fury Friends 

Beach Organics(Ⓥ N)

Castle Baths (CF N)

demes (CF N)

Farm Dog Naturals (Ⓥ N)

ecos (CF)

♡ Household Products 

Astonish (CF)

☆ Dr. Bronners Magic Soaps (Ⓥ N)

Earth Alive (CF N)

Eco-Me(Ⓥ N)

Ecover (CF N)

Martha Stewart (CF N)

Miarose (CF)

☆ Seventh Generation(Ⓥ N)

Igor Stravinsky loved expressing himself and wrote a good deal on interpretation. As he bore a volcano within him, he urged restraint. Those without even the vestige of a volcano within them nodded in agreement, raised their baton, and observed restraint, while Stravinsky himself conducted his own Apollon Musagète as if it were Tchaikovsky. We who had read him listened and were astonished. (“The Magic Lantern” by Ingmar Bergman)

Most of us are searching – consciously or unconsciously – for a degree of internal balance and harmony between ourselves and the outside world, and if we happen to become aware – like Stravinsky – of a volcano within us, we will compensate by urging restraint. By the same token, someone who bore a glacier within him might urge passionate abandon. The danger is, as Bergman points out, that a glacial personality in need of passionate abandon may read Stravinsky and apply restraint instead.
—  Walter Murch, In the Blink of an Eye 
The next time you find yourself in a dark place I want you pick yourself up, step outside, look long and hard into the deep night sky and take comfort in the knowledge that the absence of light makes nothing in this universe any less astonishing or magic.
—  Beau Taplin T h e  I n f i n i t e  A b y s s 

Charlie had been aware that the muggle world was going through a rapid series of advances in their technology, but it was only a peripheral awareness born from comments of friends whom spent time in the muggle world. Of course there was also the word of his father that both praised muggle ingenuity and lamented how difficult all the different things could make his job, not that Arthur Weasley loved his job any less due to the difficulty.

He didn’t follow the technological advances of the muggle world, though.

As a child he didn’t care and as a teen he was far too preoccupied with Hogwarts and NEWTs or OWLs or Quidditch to pay any more attention then casual interest. After Hogwarts he did actually catch up on a few advances- such as video games, DVDs and cell phones – given he spent time traveling as he was job hunting until he was hired at the Romanian Dragon Reserve. Then, of course, Charlie was on the preserve living his dream as he worked with dragons and anything besides family was sidelined.

Even during his breaks from the preserve – that steadily grew worse as Death Eater activity picked up followed by Voldemort’s return and the near disownment of a brother and then there was Fred’s funeral – Charlie didn’t learn much about muggle technology or it’s capabilities, they could have been colonizing the moon for all he knew.

That, however, didn’t take away from the shock he felt when Rhoma came bursting into the mess, waving a flyer as she shrieked about “muggle dragons” of all things.

“Muggle what? ” he blurted, making his way towards the table she’d slammed the flyer down on. He wasn’t the only one to converge on the Bulgarian Smallclaw handler, he was the only one to take his food with him though.

Rhoma blinked at him, “You- but- San Diego? ” The last bit came out sounding like a confused whine that reminded him of a young Ron when the twins hid his toys when his back was turned.

“No, Charlie was still in school when it happened,” Marcel, the man who’d been in charge of the Hungarian Horntail Harry had faced during the Triwizard Tournament, said. “And when he started working here the was the plague…”

He winced at the memory, it might have been the reason he’d been hired at such a renowned reserve with little experience but no one liked to think about the plague that had decimated the Hatchery. He was just grateful that Norberta managed to miss the entire ordeal, he’d have hated having to tell Hagrid that the dragon he’d smuggled for its wellbeing died within weeks of it arriving.

“And then we forgot he didn’t already know.” Rhoma finished, tone grim at the mention of the plague, before shaking her head and answering him. “Right, well. It’s not exactly a secret , but it was really only the body snatchers who knew since they it was part of their job.”

Charlie coughed at the name calling – technically the group was the Relocation of Magical Remains and the workers were ‘relocators’ but, given that they’d had to steal the corpses or other remains of magicals from muggles, many just called them variations of body snatchers – and got a unrepentant grin.

“But apparently there was a frantic scramble a while back when muggles started finding the bones of these great reptilian creatures,” she went on, “The snatchers initially thought that muggles were finding a bunch of dragon bones but it turned out they weren’t, they weren’t even some kind of extinct magical creature. No, these were entirely non-magical beings that were the size of dragons – hence the decision the snatchers made to call the ‘muggle dragons’.”

Jackson, one of his friends whom helped him smuggle Norberta out of Hogwarts, huffed, “And wasn’t that a fun revelation when we were all scrambling to find out what idiot let loose a dragon in a the middle of a muggle city. My niece says that muggles call them ‘dinosaur’ or ‘dino’.”

“Should we be calling dragons ‘drag’?!” Someone, Charlie wasn’t sure who as he was preoccupied with the ‘let loose a dragon in the middle of a muggle city’ part of the comment, hollered and earned themselves a rude gesture.

Anyways,” Rhoma said, glaring first at the other- presumably the one who made the ‘drag’ comment- and then Jackson before focusing back on Charlie. “It’s true that a muggle dragon – dinosaur, whatever - - wound up in a muggle city – San Diego to be precise – which was a big thing in both worlds. I’ve already told you why it was in the magical – people thought it was initially a magical creature loose only for the snatchers to reveal it wasn’t – but the reason for it being such a big deal with the muggles – beside the destruction and panic it caused – was that these ‘dinosaurs’ are extinct animals.”

He let loose a low whistle, that had to have be a great shock.

Rhoma nodded as if she knew what he was thinking, “Exactly . Turns out this muggle company found out how to re-make them somehow with their technology and science – the muggle dragon was sent back to an island that had other remade species and the island is now a preserve – but what I was shrieking about was this.” She rapped he knuckles on the flyer on the table and he paused in his absent snacking to look at it. “The muggles made a park of muggle dragons, for kids - - there’s a petting zoo!”

Join us, the flyer heading proclaimed grandly with a reptilian footprint in the background of the sentence, at Jurassic World!

Standard Pack: Get a value for the ages with the most thrills for the lowest cost. A favorite among college students, singles and dreamers alike!

Family Pa- his eyes darted from the tickets down towards the list of attractions.

  • Gentle Giants Petting Zoo - feed a baby dinosaur!
  • Cretaceous Cruise - take a kayak trip and discover over 100 different species!
  • Aviary - visit our flyers!
  • Innovation Center - come see where we create our dinosaurs!

“Huh,” Charlie stepped away to let someone else see the flyer. “I think I’d want to visit, actually.”

“With what vacation days?” Jackson asked and he winced, because he had used up a lot of his vacation time the last couple years - most recently for his niece’s first birthday.

He shrugged, “Well, I’d have to save up for it anyways and with my siblings all settling down and having kids…”

“Yeah, niblings can really use up a lot of money,” his friend hummed while he mouthed ‘niblings’ to Rhoma who shrugged. “It’s all the birthdays and holidays – Christmas is a killer.”

And that, was that.


Half of his days off were spent visiting a muggle library in the nearest city, muttering translation spells under his breath to read more about dinosaurs . The creatures were so diverse with plant-eaters and meat-eaters along with air-bound, water-bound and land-bound types – some even had feathers!

It was all very fascinating to learn about, to read about the lives muggles believed they lived. That muggles could learn so much from the remains of long extinct animals without the help of magic was astonishing.


Charlie couldn’t quite stop himself from setting some money aside; at first just a Knut here and there but once he started reading about dinosaurs, Knuts turned into Sickles. Quite suddenly, he was faced with a jar filled with Knuts and Sickles, proclaiming Join us at Jurassic World! with the flyer heading he’d stuck to it.

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Alright this may be somewhat big. Since it's fun to see serious characters who have little to no family in heart warming situations... How about Korekiyo, Peko, Maki, Ryoma, and Komaeda(maybe?) holding their child for the first time? Since it's their new family that they can call their own. It would be pretty bittersweet

Hello! I am honored that you gave me a big request! I will try my best to fulfill it! I hope you don’t mind that I kept their significant others of neutral gender. I hope you have a nice day!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

- Korekiyo’s composure remained unperturbed and his serenity endured during the birth of his child. He stood calmly beside his lover during their delivery, holding their hand and stroking their hair while occasionally resting his hand on their head when times became particularly intolerable. It was understandable that many of the hospital staff admired his calm disposition during such a critical time, and his significant other deeply appreciated his words of reassurance and support.

- When his child arrived into the world, his gaze shifted immediately from his beloved to the one he will now treasure most of all. He approaches slowly, his cool bearings remaining in tact but his composure having whittled away. His eyes have noticeably dilated, having locked on his newborn child. The umbilical cord that connected child to parent was cut with his delicate hands, and it did not take long for him to raise his child gently into the air. The rest of the world seemed to just dissipate around him, becoming irrelevant. Korekiyo examined his daughter closely, thoughts of how beautiful humanity and life are washing over him and nearly drowning him.

- His little girl was stunningly beautiful. Although her eyes were nearly shut, the fleeting twinkle of gold confirmed that she had his eyes. Korekiyo brought her close to his chest and close to his heart, before striding over slowly but proudly to his significant other. He began to shift her weight over to his panting partner, who, at the moment, had eyes for no one else but their child. He kneeled down and moved closer to the bed, and rested his head on his beloved’s shoulder, happily looking after their daughter together.

Peko Pekoyama

- For Peko, there was no distress to be had. If it had been her partner who was to bear their child, perhaps she might have been apprehensive and anxious for their health, but because it had been herself, she felt at ease. Despite having been in a relationship with another individual for so long, Peko nevertheless remained unable to trust them as completely as she did with herself. No one knew her capabilities better, and whenever she was tasked with any sort of undertaking, she worried not, for the outcome would be favorable always. 

- However, this time it was different. Her child was birthed extremely underweight, which meant that they must remain under constant and diligent supervision for extended periods of time. She was unable to hold her child immediately and for the second time in her life, Peko was engulfed with dread and worry, the first time having been when she inflicted what she believed to be a fatal wound to her closest friend. Tears traveled down her cheeks and her fears rendered her unable to speak. 

- It had been an entire day. The couple had refused to depart from the hospital, despite the staff’s suggestions. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, Peko and her partner were notified of their child’s condition. They were escorted to the children’s hospital wing, and were told that it is now safe to take their child home that day. Peko was the first to gingerly scoop her sleeping child into her arms. He was a healthy baby boy, and he had a determined expression on his face despite being asleep. His almost non-existent eyebrows were scrunched together, and the faintest lines made themselves visible on his little forehead because of the face he was making, reminding Peko of someone she used to guard and protect. Despite having retired her duties as a swordswoman, she now must take on the most difficult protective duty of all: being a mother.

Maki Harukawa

- Maki did not quite enjoy children. That much was clear. She had discussed this with her partner, admitting that she feared not loving her own child. It was easy to believe that every mother automatically loved their child, but that wasn’t true. While it is a common occurrence, not all mothers loved their children, something Maki had come to understand growing up. However, her significant other reassured her that she is very much capable of deep and genuine love that won’t allow a circumstance such as being a child to obstruct its way. 

- The big day has arrived, but Maki had remained frighteningly silent throughout the entire process, with her inhaling and exhaling being the only sounds she could muster. A stern and determined expression rested on her face always, with her eyebrows scrunched and sweat dripping down her forehead. When her child finally fully made its appearance into the world, it cried and cried. It was incredibly strong despite being a newborn, flailing about and letting out its cries. 

- But once it was enveloped in its mother’s arms, it fell silent. Her child was a vigorous but calm baby girl, who had Maki’s forceful eyes. She curled up and nestled deeper into Maki’s chest, reaching up and gently grabbing handfuls of her hair. Maki’s surroundings seemed to vanish, and any negative perceptions of children she previously had ebbed away. It was as if there was a hand of magic interfering, astonishing her. Maki had never loved a child so much in her entire life.

Ryouma Hoshi

- The poor father to be was petrified, and mustered all of his strength to keep himself from letting go of his lover’s hand, straying away from them, and pacing the room frantically. Typically, Hoshi would request some patience, understanding, and some time alone to gather his thoughts whenever he was distressed out of fear. It would keep him up at night, the thought that his stress might become something toxic and get the better of him. He loved his significant other more than anyone else in the world, and it pained him to see them under extremely demanding circumstances. It hurt him even more to know that he was so worried that a word could not escape his lips.

- He might have been trembling and shaking more than his partner was, who was preparing to give birth. They were having twins, and the thought of two human children exiting his lover was enough to freeze him in place. But it happened and ended as quickly as it began. He was now a father. To two children. Who will take after him. How did anyone love him enough to give him the greatest gifts anyone could give?

- He cradled both children in his arms. A boy and a girl, they were. They were both small, just like him. They even had his rounded head! And his nose! His gaze was constantly switching between his two children. He brought his forehead and nose to theirs, prompting a yawn from both. Tears flooded his vision and dripped onto his arms as he brought them to his exhausted lover. He had more people to love again.

Nagito Komaeda

- It was all a blur. His luck had permitted him to live much longer than expected, and during that time, he had found someone to love and who loved him, genuinely and more than anyone else. They understood each other, and as time progressed, his Frontotemporal Dementia seemed to ebb away due to long-lasting exposure to happiness and a lack of distress. Was something unfortunate and dastardly awaiting him? He no longer cared. It was the present that truly mattered, his lover would remind him. It was a reminder that was constantly told and retold, and something Nagito just had to believe. They would never leave him regardless of anything that could possibly happened, and that was all that Nagito needed.

- They were going to have a child, much to the couple’s delight. They both enjoyed children and children enjoyed them, so they were excited to meet their own. Because Nagito has undergone an astonishing transformation, he has become quite like a father figure or the fatherly friend to others. He is wise from his experiences and is now calm rather than explosive. 

- Their little girl was as light as a feather, and entered the world laughing and giggling with joy. She had Nagito’s eyes and cheerfulness, with their little hairs already springing in all sorts of directions. He held her close, planting a kiss on her bright little forehead. And of course, her name was Hope, because she was his hope for a better life and outlook.

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5, 12, and 19?

5. Pro or anti Marauders?

Against. Firmly.

Armando Dippet was rather useless in most areas, but one thing he was very intent upon handling, was harassment. Or as it is called these days, bullying. Fact is, the Marauders were foolish enough to get caught multiple times, which is something I detest.

Another issue is that Dumbledore is too soft and shows too much favourtism to his precious Gryffindors. He allowed many illegal things to transpire under his nose - knowing full well what was going on - and merely ignored the happenings. The Marauders did not only torment Slytherin students, but anyone whom they did not agree with. Be they Pureblood, Halfblood, or Muggleborn. Even the Squib Filch was on the receiving end of their intense harassment.

A jape, or better known now as a practical joke/prank, is not a joke if everyone isn’t laughing. Meaning if the person on the receiving end of said ‘prank’ is not laughing alongside everyone else, then it is bullying, not pranking. A very simple truth that many do not wish to acknowledge.

Dangling someone by their ankles, stripping them of their clothes and sticking them to statues, knocking them off their brooms, mocking them for their financial situations at home, stealing their assignments and taking credit for them… etc… are not pranks and jokes. While Dumbledore can claim that ‘boys are being boys’, I can assure you that I never did such things and would not want others to do them.

They were obvious and got caught.

They were annoying.

They were Gryffindors who were praised without deserving said praise. Being a Gryffindor doesn’t make someone good or the epitome of Lightness.

They drove a lot of their fellow classmates into Voldemort’s awaiting arms, which got a lot of them killed in one way or another, wasting magical potential.

They ruined Hogwarts for a lot of students. Hogwarts should have been a home away from home. Not a place they should expect to be attacked and harassed every minute of the day.

They were never punished for breaking school rules. ~Tom

12. Thoughts on Severus Snape?

Severus deserved better. Had Dumbledore done his job like he was supposed to, Severus Snape could have had a better life and would probably be a different person. Yet once again, instead of doing something once he recognised the signs of poor upbringing, he merely let whatever happens, happen.

Snape was not the second student Dumbledore ignored. He was the second who managed to live and make something of himself(the first being myself) but he was not the first. Nor the last.

The Light Lord should have extended a hand of aid instead of ignoring the boy’s troubles. If he preaches his desires for unity among all magical beings so much, and means his words, then he should want to help the students who seem ‘lost’ in the Darkness. 

He never has, and he never will.

Severus is a genius will enviable skills. He could have been better. Dumbledore saw to it that he didn’t receive the chance. Now we are all forced to deal with Severus’ dour attitude and acerbic wit. I am often caught between the needs to tease and torture him for his cheek and treatment of others(Harry). ~Tom 

19. Favourite Weasley?

This is a difficult decision. Most Weasleys I have met are annoying, though I do not claim to know all of them and wouldn’t generalise like others would.

Ginevra: Much potential and an astonishing grasp of practical magic. Wit that puts Severus to shame. Would have done better in Hufflepuff. Sweet yet unassuming. A perfect combination for one such as she. An undercover Slytherin perhaps.

George and Fred: Innovative and inspiring. Should have been Slytherins. An understanding of magical creation that not many magical humans bother with these days.  Can be very useful when in a pinch. Deserve more time and money to expand their creative potential. ~Tom

I'm genuinely surprised she's not on here already, but I believe Luna Lovegood from "Harry Potter" is potentially autistic

-Wrackspurts could be her way of conveying sensory overload and the dance she does at Bill and Fleur’s wedding could be stimming.

-Extremely blunt at times, doesn’t always realize that her words may make some people upset, even if they are true. (A good example is in the OOTP book when she reveals she doesn’t think Hagrid’s a good teacher and that Ravenclaw thinks he’s a bit of a joke. Also another one is when she tells her dad that Harry doesn’t want to talk to them at the wedding but he’s just too polite to say so).

-Wears her own clothes more often than uniforms, even whilst at school (could be due the tactile sensory issues).

-Seems to have a particularly astonishing knowledge of magical creatures (Special Interest, maybe?).

-Isn’t really able to tell when someone is being mean or sarcastic, like when her stuff is taken, she says it’s the nargles or that people take them and hide them, but it’s all in good fun.

-Has a sing-song sort of voice.
-To follow, she seems to have some odd speech patterns; in the movie, the way she says “Well done, Neville.”

-Doesn’t seem too bothered or panicked when in danger, especially in the movie when she’s watching the oncoming avalanche of breaking prophecies and Neville pulls her out of the way. (Hyposensitive to danger?)

I don’t really have the spoons to list too many more, but I personally believe she’s autistic.

Genocide Route Appreciation Post

Because my friends and I got talking about this and I still can’t get over how amazing this route is.

  • The Genocide Route completes Undertale; without its presence, an extraordinary amount of Undertale lore, world building, character information, emotional impact, and narrative is lost. The Genocide Route provides a powerful counterbalance to the hopeful story of the Pacifist Route, and in doing so, makes both the TP ending more emotionally poignant, and provides more shock and power to the presence of the Genocide Route itself. Without the Genocide Route, so much is lost. 
  • An important, ongoing theme and moral of Undertale is the power of mercy and forgiveness. The presence of the Genocide Route, and what happens in the void of mercy, makes this message all the more stark and real.
  • The Genocide Route is unique in that it is a story with no happy ending for anybody. We are accustomed to seeing characters fighting back at the brink of the worst, and being able to make some saving action before all is lost. But this doesn’t happen. Because we as the player are the person enacting a genocide, we ensure that these monsters never get a chance. All the monster characters who fight so, so, so hard for their freedom and survival… are defeated. THEN, even we are denied a good victory. In stories, we are accustomed to at least the anti-heroes gaining some sort of win. But in the Genocide Route, the human and Flowey who seek to kill everyone are themselves lost. Our character gets their SOUL taken over by Chara in the end… there is no win. There is no win, and that’s very unique in story.
  • The Genocide Route is a bizarre psychological experience in which the game characters correctly make observations about how you, the player, feel. Sans describes, in the Final Corridor, that, “LOVE, too, is an acronym. It stands for “Level of Violence.” A way of measuring someone’s capacity to hurt. The more you kill, the easier it becomes to distance yourself. The more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt. The more easily you can bring yourself to hurt others.” While I was an individual who cried heavily the first four times I finished the Pacifist Ending, and while I thought I would be bawling all the more in the Genocide Route, I noticed the most creepy thing happening… I was becoming emotionally distant. The more I killed, the more callous I felt, and the more I looked eagerly for the next monster to kill. By the time I got to Sans’ fight, I was in euphoria, and enjoyed every second of the eight hours it took me to beat him. Despite Sans being my favorite character, and who gives me a lot of feels when I think about him, I screamed “YES! FUCK YES!” at the top of my lungs when I killed him for the first time. Only several days after I completed the Genocide Route for the first time did it emotionally hit me what had happened and what I had put the characters through. This sort of strange emotional distancing, which the characters remark upon themselves, is a wildly fascinating, worthwhile, illuminating, and somewhat disconcerting thing to experience because of what it speaks to our actions and our conscience.
  • It’s also really good commentary on how LV and EXP are earned in a typical RPG. I know the Pacifist Route does this, too, but the Genocide Route takes this a completely different and just as memorable route.
  • A lot of speculation within fandoms arise about what would occur if the story proceeds otherwise. If it is a happy story, people like to wonder about sad AUs; if it is a sad story, people will headcanon happy AUs. The presence of Pacifist and Genocide Routes provide us canon knowledge of how the characters react in the best and worst of times, giving us deep insight into their characters and fulfilling us emotionally with stories going both directions.
  • The Genocide Route provides the Greatest Epic Heroic Showdowns ever. While the boss fights in the Neutral and Pacifist Routes are fun and memorable, it is here in the Genocide that we see the truest, purest, most determined, and most dramatic heroism take place. It is here we see Papyrus do his daring, jaw-dropping stance of offering the human mercy despite their dangers. It is here we see Undyne prevent herself from freaking dying to fight you all-out in an astonishing whirlwind of magic spears. It is here that Sans finally draws a line and pulls out the Gaster blasters in an emotional showdown where the existence of the underground is at stake. It is here he knows that he’ll be here fighting you in timeline after timeline after timeline… and that, despite this infinity, he’s still going to try to stop you in all of them. Talk about holy whoa. These moments are mindblowingly awesome showdowns and so, so, so emotional and cool. We get to see some of our faves be OUTSTANDINGLY awesome in a very real, believable, apocalyptic setting.
  • Maybe this is just me, but the Genocide Route is, in its own bizarre way, comforting, because it shows the heroicism and merit to characters standing up in the darkest of times. I know things don’t end well for the characters, but their resolution and boldness is inspiring and makes me feel better and more empowered about the challenges in my own life.
  • We learn so much about the characters. Flowey’s dialogue in New Home gives us extensive information about Flowey in the past. In the abort of the Genocide right before the ending, we see Alphys become the very hero of the underground, the person who saves the monsters from extinction, who rises up to the challenge, admits to her wrongs, saves her people, and becomes their ruler. We see Alphys speak out to a shocking dark side - saying she should have killed you when she had the chance. We gain valuable hints about Sans’ backstory, see a curious if vague connection of him to Gaster, and learn - with shock - what happens if you actually fight him. We learn what happens when he stands up because he can’t afford not to care anymore. These character revelations give us amazing moments and a lot more in-depth understanding to who they are… or fodder for thought about who they might be.
  • Our fandom dialogue about Chara would be compleeeeeetely different if not for the Genocide Route. After all, it’s only in this route that they appear to us and talk about their purpose and resurrection. There’d be zero Narra Chara theory talk, no understanding of Chara as coming back from the dead, no thought about them except as the distant dead child of the Dreemurrs.
  • Skelebros feels.
  • You literally team up with Flowey. Really interesting idea!
  • As someone who just likes dark stories, the Genocide Route fulfills for me the emotional rawness that I like in dark narratives. It’s an amazingly mature storyline. It’s a freaking story about a little kid genociding an entire species to extinction, stopping at nothing, willing to even kill children like Monster Kid when they cross paths. There are unforgettable, ominous moments like the creepy build-up to Papyrus’ death or Undyne taking the hit intended for Monster Kid. But at the same time, it’s not unnecessarily dark and violent for the sake of violence… the story serves a powerful, introspective, moral-concerned purpose, and everything is inserted to narrative effect.
  • I haven’t even begun to mention how fun the boss fights are. So here we are. They are amazingly, amazingly, AMAZINGLY fun. I will admit, I personally didn’t get frustrated with either Undyne or Sans the first time I had to learn how to fight them… I just had a blast start to end.
  • Um, also, the great music? There’s the changes from the old track. And we get new themes, like the theme that is present in Battle Against a True Hero and Mettaton NEO. Then, of course, there is Megalovania.
  • The freaking beautiful, awesome, edgy character designs. Mettaton NEO? So sweet, really cool. Undyne the Undying? AHHHHHH. AHHHHH. AAHHHHH YES!!! Sans’ glowing left eye? Me likey. :)
  • It gives us more speculation about the prophecy, given as the underground DOES go empty in both a TP and NM route.
  • The final fight with Sans is another great mind fucker to experience as a player first-hand. All the fighting paradigms established throughout the game are broken, shocking the player as they continue through it. The player’s expectations are flopped around as Sans cheats around all the pre-established rules. It’s wild to experience and really, really cool conceptually for the game. He breaks just about everything - he counts how many times you’ve died in a creepy meta fashion, he changes his pre-battle dialogue, he attacks first instead of second, he has no INV frames, he deals poison damage, you have to dodge his attacks on the menu, he slaughters you during a “SPARE,” his “special attack” is preventing you from attacking…
  • Some of the best, most memorable quotes come from the Genocide Route. I’ll never forget… “it’s a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming… on days like these, kids like you… should be burning in hell.”

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The picture of Usagi and her breast comparison: it's called a push up. You don't wear a bra to bed.

Anon, just trust me on this one: there is not a push-up bra in the world that can make a breast size go from this

to this

The Women of Holmesian Times

I have had a long and complicated relationship with BBC’s Sherlock and it’s portrayals of women. As anyone would remember from ‘The Butchering of Irene Adler,’ I have not been happy with the way Moffat and Gatiss change the women to suit Sherlock, instead of women being women in their own right. With the coming of the third series, this obviously changed – characters like Molly Hooper and Mary Morstan were given definite character arcs outside of their male relationships. While they still may not pass the Bechdel test, there is something.

The Christmas Special is something that I cannot make out: on one hand, I went in with the assumption (spoiler!) that it was not going to tie into the main show, and yet, here we are. On the other hand, when you think of the relationships women have with Sherlock and then look at it through the angle of how he portrays them in his mind palace, then you have a veritable mix of Chemical X and everything else.

The way Sherlock looks at the fairer sex is an interesting thought: because we never really had so concrete a way of interpreting it before. There are some very telling lines which only become telling when you realise that Sherlock is mixed up in his own mind palace and this is his subconscious speaking. The episode, I would even argue, is a study in Sherlock’s relationship with women as a whole. Even Lady Carmichael happens to be someone Sherlock immediately admires for her strong character. The episode is riddled with similar themes, which even come up amongst Sherlock’s closest female friends.

For instance, on discovering that Mary might be in danger, when John asks him “Are you even in a fit state?” Sherlock promptly replies with “For Mary, of course. Never doubt that, Watson.” What does this say about Sherlock’s perception and relationship with Mary. More importantly, what does mind palace Mary’s interaction with Sherlock say about what Sherlock thinks that she thinks of him? It’s all very complicated, and frankly, very confusing. However, what I can gather is that Sherlock clearly respects Mary to a degree that makes him believe in her abilities no matter the centuries. Not to mention the fact that she always understands his more criminal side: when Sherlock dabbles with drugs, Mary is the only one who does not give him hell for it.

And then there is Irene Adler. I have had very serious problems with her portrayal: in Doylian canon, she is the impeccable and assertive Irene Adler. She accepts her sexuality in a way that was not permitted, and beats Sherlock mentally in a way that was unprecedented. Yet, she is reduced to a love interest in BBC’s version. What I find curious, however, is the way his mind palace makes sure that her picture is placed inside his watch. A watch during the 1800s was an extremely personal object: fathers passed it down to sons and it was an object always found on a man’s person. That Irene Adler exists on such a level in his mind palace makes me think about what Moffat and Gatiss intend for her.

Mrs. Hudson is Mrs. Hudson – which – well, I have no idea. Sherlock is clearly aware of her capabilities, and continues to love her in his mind palace world and out. At least there is one uncomplicated relationship.

Barring Janine – and I will come to her later, there is Molly Hooper. Molly Hooper is an oddity throughout the show. Anybody who sticks around on my blog long enough knows that I have a deep personal bias towards Molly Hooper. What I had never anticipated was that I would get to see the way Sherlock sees her.

Many people who ship Sherlolly have pointed out how Sherlock has never insulted her intelligence, how he has never deduced her to pieces apart from that very unfortunate Christmas incident. There are many, many implications of a very long standing relationship between the two having existed. Whether or not this is true is irrelevant.

What really made me curious was how Sherlock did not deduce her to pieces or insult her intelligence even in his mind palace.

Molly Hooper says to him “Holmes,” and he responds with “Hooper.” Molly Hooper says to him, “So, come to astonish us with your magic tricks, I suppose?” – violating every single angle in which the real Molly Hooper thinks of him. Does this mean that Sherlock does not take for granted Molly’s admiration? Possibly. But his response to her derision and clear dislike is what is most curious.

He says, turning away from her, and without insulting anything about her, “is there anything to which you would like to draw my attention?”

I did not pick up on the fact that Sherlock barely addresses her, and when he does, it is in admiration for her skills in the mortuary. Molly Hooper of Sherlock’s mind is strong, assertive, and a lot louder than the kind Molly Hooper of the lab. However, keep in mind that the real Molly Hooper has also very recently slapped him publicly. Perhaps this affects what he thinks of her? And then there is Molly Hooper as a friend to Mrs. Ricoletti. It can be assumed, conclusively, that Molly was the person to switch the bodies so that the real body of Mrs. Ricoletti could be dissected. Then, it is also for us to assume that she, being a doctor of the dead, was strong enough to fire the shot that did kill her. What this says about Molly as a character and what Sherlock thinks of her, I cannot say. Perhaps he is accepting the fact that she would be an excellent Dexter where empathetic serial killing is concerned.

Ultimately, there is also the question of the female uprising. While the dramatics are not appreciated by me (there is not logical reason given for these women to wear their purple masks!), what it signifies to Sherlock is. Janine makes an appearance, and again, I have to think about what role this woman plays in his psyche, because he clearly remembers her with some fondness. Janine’s portrayal as a loyal friend gives a twist to the way she said “we could have been friends, you know?” in series three.

Sherlock’s dialogue in the face of these uprising women is something that seems very – curious ­­– when considered from the mind palace angle. He says “A league of furies awakened – the women I – we have lied to, betrayed. The women we have ignored, and disparaged.” (this last word is also accompanied with a Molly Hooper that looks straight out of a Gothic horror movie). That Sherlock is so conscious of how he has treated women and his female companions makes me very curious. I would even go so far as to say that they may even have a bigger role in the next series. Moffat and Gatiss always drop little hints like that, and that Sherlock recognizes his ignorance while the women rise to the occasion could be foreshadowing to what is to come. Parallel to this is also the way Mary in the real world clearly becomes an asset where Sherlock’s detective work is concerned. Just the way the women were ignored and they rose, so to was Mary’s past ignored, and yet she rose to the occasion. And so shall characters like Molly Hooper and Irene Adler – perhaps, in the next Series.

This was supposed to be a simple article, I promise, not a dissertation into the feminist themes of BBC Sherlock.



And part three! Time for some Stucky modern-day AU first-meeting adorable boys. (One more to go: Evanstan.)


Steve Rogers needed a table.

Steve was not terribly picky about his table, except that he needed it to be: 1) small enough that he could put it under the window in his tiny Brooklyn apartment, for the best light; 2) large enough that he could squash his knees under it and sturdy enough that he could occasionally sprawl across it to get the right drawing angle, which was difficult because 3) Steve Rogers was no longer a small man, though he occasionally still thought he was, which explained what’d happened to the previous table.

Also he’d like it to be white. A slightly distressed, lived-in white, because Steve liked objects with history.

Possibly he was in fact picky about his table.

He went to the highest-rated local shop he could find on Yelp, in despair.

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whoops my brain is already going into crossover gear:

james vega and iron bull (dominating any battlefield and then fighting for dominance … later)

cortez and dorian (dorian wrinkling his nose as cortez is covered in grease from his shuttle. cortez smears a streak of grease down dorian’s cheek and grins at the indignant splutter he gets)

kasumi and sera (planning heists, watching the stars, playing pranks on other crewmembers and talking together late into the evening)

blackwall and ashley (racing each other to see who can clean their weapon faster, ashley always one-upping blackwall and blackwall trying and failing to hide how impressed he is)

cassandra and kaidan (one look at cassandra pulling her battering-ram stunt and kaidan is head over heels for her, and kaidan’s soft smile and dry wit pull her in despite her better judgment)

vivienne and traynor (swooning over each other’s accents, traynor astonished at vivienne’s magic and high fashion, vivienne enthralled by traynor’s tech skills)

  • Sherlock: This is clearly man's work. Where is he?
  • Molly: *door opens* Holmes.
  • Sherlock: Hooper.
  • Molly: So, come to astonish us with your magic tricks, I suppose?
  • Sherlock: Is there anything to which you would like to draw my attention?
  • Molly: Nothing at all, Mr Holmes. You may leave anytime you like.
  • Lestrade: Dr Hooper, I asked Mr Holmes to come here. Cooperate. That's an order.
  • Molly: There are two "features of interest", as you are always saying in Dr Watson's stories.
  • Sherlock: I never say that.
  • John: You do, actually. Quite a lot.



You woke up feeling a little different than usual. Usually you’d be complaining; wanting to stay in bed forever. But this time, it was different. Why?

 Cameron, your boyfriend, was coming home.

You hopped out of bed and started preparing yourself: simple yet cute outfit, a little make-up on, and hair that you curled into loose waves.

 As you took one last glance in the mirror, you thought to yourself:  Did Cam even miss me as much as I missed him?

After 5 months?

Five long months of waiting for him to finish his world tour with his friends.

 Five months of sacrificing his absence, leaving your heart incomplete without his weirdness and charm.

 Yes, Cam was that kind of boy.

 You loved that idiot more than you could imagine.


 You hailed a cab 10 minutes ago and were now on the way to the airport when suddenly your phone rang, there flashed ‘1 new message from cammy’ across your mobile screen. An immediate smile stretched upon your lips as you tapped on it and read:

Cammy: excited to see me babe? (;

 you: lol never.

Cammy: wait what?!

 You: just kidding idiot, I missed you a damn lot. Did you miss me?

 Cammy: babe, my life’s been incomplete without you.


 You arrived at the airport after 25  minutes, you quickly paid the cab driver the indicated price and rushed outside the car searching for Cam’s plane.

As if on cue, a plane had landed smoothly and a moment later, passengers began to come down. You anticipated for cam’s presence, too excited that your palms began to sweat.

There he was, coming down in such a chill manner, he was wearing a black tank top that complimented his well-built physique, especially his arms, his favorite shorts, black Vans, and a matching black snapback.

 Screw him and his sexiness, you thought.

 You then focused on his eyes, his ever so warm, chocolate brown eyes that were scanning the entire airport looking for someone. Then he stopped and offered that someone the biggest and most genuine smile.

 That someone was you.

 You couldn’t handle just standing there anymore, so, by impulse, you ran hastily towards Cameron while he did the same.

Like those typical sappy romance movies you’ve watched. There were quite a lot of people in the airport, and you could feel numerous pairs of eyes looking at either you or cam, but you both didn’t seem to care nonetheless.

Because all that mattered to you, right now, was Cameron.

As the distance between you two came to a clash, you got on your tip-toes and enclosed your arms around his neck on and he did so with his arms around your waist, tightly; almost possessively.

 This hug was unlike any other you’ve ever encountered, it was a special kind of hug. It was the 'i-missed-you-so-fuckin-much-and-i-never-wanna-let-you-go-again’ hug.

 His warmth captured your body into a pure feeling of ecstasy and genuine love. Love that wasn’t physical for 5 frustrating months, but now, in this moment, everything felt complete.

Even more complete when Cam lifted his head from the crook of your neck and, without warning,

He crashed his lips on yours.

 Crashed.  Not literally, but emotionally, because as soon as his lips touched yours, a series of emotions crashed within you. Firstly, shock, secondly, joy and thirdly, passion.

 His hands traveled from your waist down to your hips, then gripped the back of your thighs, lifting you up with so much ease as you encircled your legs around his waist.

His lips felt so soft and so luscious. You elicited a soft moan as he nibbled on your bottom lip, leaving you wanting more

 To your dismay, he pulled apart.

 He looked you straight in the eyes as you did the same, because of the very close proximity you had a vivid glimpse of his eyes, sending you to another world: a  world of comfort and even though that world felt immensely different from reality, it made you feel as if it were your home-sweet-home, nonetheless. 

 Cam’s presence brought you out of reality and into the fantasy land, where everything felt magical and astonishing.

 And the best part was that it was real, this moment was in fact real.


Real feelings. Real emotions. Real love.

 "I missed you" he uttered in between his deep breathing. His voice sounded husky, good kind of husky.

 "I missed you way more, idiot" a smirk appeared upon his face

 "What’s with the smirk?“ you questioned.

"you said you missed me…way more.” he chuckled mischievously, then continued “if you missed me that much then I’ve come to the conclusion that you want to do something that requires so much more….energy.” he winked.

“oh shut up” you blushed, he then plants another long, passionate kiss on your lips.

This boy drives me insane, you thought to yourself.