This is a follow-up to my Xudarian Incidental post.

Obviously these are not as bright or as colorful as the Xudarian post, but in my imagination, I’m thinking that Astonians just don’t have the color range that other species have. So the darkest shade that an Astonian comes in is like a cappuccino color while the lightest is white. The real variation that I’m thinkin’ comes from the skin lines and the tail. Some of them have lines all over the place while some barely have any lines at all. Some tails are fat and bumpy while others may be thin and smooth, with many in between. The longer the tail, the older you are. Some tails can curl, some are long enough to wrap around the neck.

But my favorite headcanon is that the really, really old Astonians are short and squishy. They’re born that way, and they eventually end up that way. XD Old!Walker would probably be the cutest of them all!

Hopefully the next exploration will be Korugans or the Reach, or maybe even some other alien species, but that might take a while…. So busy with preparing for Anime-Expo that I haven’t had much time to draw! ^^ I’ll post some of the stuff were going to sell in the next couple of weeks or so, and if you are going, come check me and my friend Kwestone out! We’ll be in row A, which is the first row of artist alley, so you can’t miss us! :p


Soooo… I haven’t done much for the gltas tag in a while, and anyone who’s been following my blog for a while knows that I’ve done designs for green lantern before, but most of them skewed towards the adult variety. This time, it’s time for the youngsters!

Descriptions about the babies and their species below. Be aware, they’re SUPER LONG!!! I tend to ramble, lol…Thank you and enjoy! Please, if you have any DC headcanons of your own, let me know! I’d love to read them!

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