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GOOD ON YOU, BB. I honestly laughed at that outrageously negative and pessimistic post. Nothing is more egotistical than someone who can't seem to comprehend or let go of the fact that other people have different preferences.

YESSS. I totally agree! Usually that’s understood in our fandom. We have our M/M stans and our S/B stans or A/B and there is no hate between us!
And also I kind of jumped on it because they mentioned Branson negatively XD

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I'm curious, why do you disapprove of the punch?

Hehe, b/c I can’t fathom the reason he’d do it like that which would be justifying enough for me. I’m assuming of course (we all are) but chances are Ser Jorah had the dishonour to say something humiliating about Mary and make her extremely uncomfortable again (what else he’d have to do in this show) or maybe even call M/M on their pining after one another to no end - and it might be worth giving him a punch oh yeah. But the fact that Matthew would not think twice and does that in front of the family, the ladies, w/o trying to keep his dignity and go have a serious tête à tête chat with that asshole instead if his harboured feelings for Mary are that immense - makes me cringe. He won’t have her now that they’re “cursed” blah-blah - what right does he have to start an ugly fist fight in front of everybody? Not cool, Matthew. 

Planned Parenthood helps women in need of healthcare, especially women with a lower economic status. In January, Congress voted to defund the organization, but the bill was vetoed by President Obama. The Republicans–who hold majority in the House and Senate–have stated that they will try again to remove federal funding from the organization in the future. However, what they won’t take into account is the high impact that the organization has on the United States’ economy. Women should have the right to choose their own healthcare provider for the services that they need. 

Sources: The GOP’s Argument for the Defunding of Planned Parenthood is Incoherent 

The Economic Case for Funding Planned Parenthood

How Planned Parenthood actually uses its federal funding