I’ve always dreamed of becoming a doctor or a lawyer. Thus the question. Regardless of my current age, I believe its not a big deal when it comes to pursuing your dreams. This is year is actually my year to find myself and to contemplate on my future and the plans I should have. However, I feel that I need to decide the soonest possible time.

A lot has happened this week which made me think about my future. I cannot depend on my parents my whole life so I think I have to make a name for myself as soon as I can. I don’t think I might have problems financing for my studies for either of the two professions since I believe my parents will support me all the way and I think I am intellectually equipped enough to be able to face academic challenges I might encounter.

However, the problem is road I should take. I’m so confused and lost at the same time. I have high regard for both professions and I appreciate the main purpose of these fields. But what to choose? Which would suit me right? I know its something that I have to solve by myself. I just feel the need to let it out. I hope my beach trip this coming weekend will help me come up with a decision.

What do you think?