astl cosplay


Anime St. Louis 2016 was soo much fun, and the new venue had so much to offer! Friday I went as Hinata Shouyou (for the first time ever) and I met so many adorable Haikyuu cosplayers~ Saturday I was Oikawa Tooru for the Go!Fight!Win! Sports Anime Panel. We got a lot of positive feedback on our panel, so that’s always a plus. The final day, I was a more casual Todomatsu Matsuno. I was with a large group of other Matsuno brothers and it was so  much fun to be the spoiled youngest brother! While I was a bit stressed out at the time, I definitely loved the con itself and I can’t wait for next year’s ASTL!

The Kageyama/Link with me doesn’t have a tumblr yet, so I’ll give their other forms of social media: Cosplay Amino- Endarora | Instagram- Endaurora

The lovely Ichimatsu with me in the last pic is @h-ard-served or DelightfullyDevious on Insta.


Day one of astl! I’m so glad there are so many persona cosplayers and the taz cosplayers just?? Made my day??? The Taako with orange robes was so nice and in character and the Magnus had his goldfish!! That was such a great detail!! And the two ace attorney cosplayers made me so happy I’d never seen a klavier before!! Honestly it was just all so great,,, everyone looked amazing!!
I’m so looking forward to the rest of the con!