astl cosplay


Anime St. Louis 2016 was soo much fun, and the new venue had so much to offer! Friday I went as Hinata Shouyou (for the first time ever) and I met so many adorable Haikyuu cosplayers~ Saturday I was Oikawa Tooru for the Go!Fight!Win! Sports Anime Panel. We got a lot of positive feedback on our panel, so that’s always a plus. The final day, I was a more casual Todomatsu Matsuno. I was with a large group of other Matsuno brothers and it was so  much fun to be the spoiled youngest brother! While I was a bit stressed out at the time, I definitely loved the con itself and I can’t wait for next year’s ASTL!

The Kageyama/Link with me doesn’t have a tumblr yet, so I’ll give their other forms of social media: Cosplay Amino- Endarora | Instagram- Endaurora

The lovely Ichimatsu with me in the last pic is @h-ard-served or DelightfullyDevious on Insta.


A bunch of Noodles with a side of Boogieman

It was so fun to finally get to meet the legendary newdll after all this time! She’s awesome everyone needs to go be friends with her

Left: newdll
Right: (me)