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Lmao your Hanzo headcanon reminds me of my neighbor who basically Co owns my dog who is allergic to cats and asthmatic but every so often he'll come by and demand I let him shove his hands and his entire face in my puppies and kittens cause he loves them so much and is Ready To Die® all day every day and that's just a very Hanzo thing

o h my god hjgdsjhgsdjhd thats extremely relatable and so true im crying,,, catch hanzo laying face first on the floor to let kittens climb over him while he gently wheezes

fun game: guess which of these are real sufjan song titles and which i just made up
  • 1: a conjunction of drones simulating the way in which sufjan stevens has an existential crisis in the great godfrey maze
  • 2: come on! let's boogey to the elf dance!
  • 3: out of egypt, into the great laugh of mankind, and i shake the dirt from my sandals as i run
  • 4: go! chicago! go! yeah!
  • 5: chicago [adult contemporary easy listening version]
  • 6: oh god, where are you now? (in pickerel lake? pigeon? marquette? mackinaw?)
  • 7: what child is this anyway?
  • 8: year of the asthmatic cat
  • 9: the black hawk war, or, how to demolish an entire civilization and still feel good about yourself in the morning, or, we apologize for the inconvenience but you're going to have to leave now, or, 'i have fought the big knives and will continue to fight them until they are off our lands!'
  • 10: super sexy woman
  • answer key: 1-10: real sufjan song titles

We had our forms and kicking performance last night! This week has been crazy, but overall I think I did really well.

I had three people, including my coach who taught me everything from white through green belt, commend me on how much my wheel kicks (photo above) have improved. 😊😊😊 So I’m trying not to think too much about how I completely left out two moves in Koryo. (“You left it out on both sides, so at least you were consistent?” – My instructor lol)

We don’t know what we’ll be testing on next week. I’m guessing it’s either going to be jiu jitsu or self defense.

I feel really lucky to be testing with this group of people. A lot of folks get their black belts and then quit, or move, or are younger and end up going off to college or whatever. I think that’s why it’s sometimes hard for schools to have an active black belt program. But, I’ve come SO FAR since I got my first degree – I’m so glad that we have a healthy number of black belts to train with. These guys make me a better martial artist!

Oh! We also had our official 400yd trials today at the track. I got a personal best of 1:16 (78 seconds)!!! Not bad for a 34 year old asthmatic cat lady, right???

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I'm not even gonna bother to be on anon. See, I have a little experience with not listening to the vet. My dog decided to eat a tampon. It normally isn't a big deal, he just passed them through,. But this one got caught. Our vet told us to get surgery and instead my parents opted, even though I said as soon as I knew that I would pay, that we would wait for him to pass it. A week later, he hadn't. Finally we got the surgery but his bowels were ripped to shreds and he was put down. Listen to vets

Full disclosure: I’ve worked at my local animal shelter since last year and had a lot of experience with vets since I adopted my cat (who turned out to be asthmatic), so I have some experience in the animal welfare industry.

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So hot that

- I have taken two cold baths

- My asthmatic cat Ruby is coughing and it’s scaring me

- I borrowed a fan from work (on my boss’ insistence) so I would sleep better

- Landlord is going to put in AC window unit before next June after all.

the haze from the wildfires was so fuckin much today my allergies are killing me and i’m wheezing like an asthmatic cat 

I have received a ton of messages about … Dusting my game room??
Here’s my Swiffer duster, I use it like once a week and it takes a couple minutes to dust the room. I use the room so a lot of stuff doesn’t stay put.
I also use air purifiers and vacuum a lot anyways because I have an asthmatic cat and I try to murder dust regardless.

Seventeen Reaction: Performance

“How would seventeen react if you have a super ugly laugh?”

Hoshi: The moment he heard your laugh he’d be shocked at just how loud and cackly it was. “Y/n, is that really your laugh, or are you coming down with something”

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Junhui: He wouldn’t believe it was you at first, he’d looked up at you a bit taken a back. “That wasn’t you .. Was it? You sound a bit like an asthmatic cat”

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Minghao: Minghao would be the sweetest of them all. He didn’t find it a problem at all, Instead of bringing attention to your laugh, he’d just smile and soak in your unique laugh

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Dino: He’d be unable to keep from laughing, not because your laugh was ugly but because he thought it was really cute and different. “I cant get over how cute your laugh is”.

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