asthma peeps

A spell to cleanse your home

This is really just an outline, you can add to it if you need an extra boost or take away whatever you deem as unnecessary.

- Candles (I use the tiny white birthday candles, because they are cheap and burn down quickly)
- Sage smoke bundle (or the incense) *optional for peeps with asthma
- salt

- Open all windows and doors that you can.
-You are going to burn one of the white candles in each room until it burns out, light them starting in the innermost room and work your way to the outermost rooms.
-Then carry the sage incense throughout the house, from room to room, again starting from the inner most room working your way to the outermost rooms. (Be mindful of smoke detectors!)
- You will then place a sprinkling of salt at the windows and outer doors and close them. This will act as a barrier to keep out negative energy.

As with all spells, focus on your intent as you do each step.

This spell is very flexible in that you can easily personalize it. Don’t feel like smelling sage for a day? Burn another cleansing herb bundle. Need an extra boost? Burn the candles over a sigil of your choosing. Use a cleansing spray instead of one of the above steps or as an extra step. Make it your own. Be safe and have fun!