One of the three guides published about The Last Story

I have the Gathering one’s too, but he wasn’t very interesting (only is format was cool, A4 one)

This one is tinier than the Gathering one, but with more pages and informations. And also some extra artworks that wasn’t in the artbook that were given in the deluxe edition in Europe.

There is every maps of the game, and there is also the subquests, that’s why I’m happy to have it *A*

Next time, I will show you the Gathering guide and my poster and box dedicaced by Sakaguchi, which was given by a very good friend of mine *A* 

20 Days The Last Story Challenge - Day 7: Mercenaries or knights?

Mercenaries! It’s simply much more fun to watch Zael and his friends than the knights. And the mercenaries need no title to show that they are real knights in their hearts. And the Lazulis knights are so annoying, example that stupid jerk you have to stand - and later to save! Why?! - at the Gurak’s basis. I like General Asthar and Therius, though. Why can’t they belong to our group of mercenaries? :-)

Just find this on Pixiv! Since the Third birthday of the release of the game in Japan was some days ago, some nice people done some cool fanarts I will try to post here! >w<

They are so cute ;w; The three are my favorite (with Yurick XD) so I’m happy to see a fanart of them ;w;

Also for the news, I’m creating a forum with the askyurick and it will be open soon! I’ve got some internet problem lately so it is hard for me to manage everything XD

And maybe for the 3rd birthday I will try something! >w<

I love you all! Hope this fanart will please you until then >w<

#Procyonians (The home of those who travel through time)

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I was wondering about Asthar, maybe he has a family? I wanted to see what they could look like XD

I think if he has a son, he will certainly be more serious but be cool too, and his daughter might be like Asthar, joyfull and smilling like hell 8D And I think the two of them are knights, and that Therius already know them XD

Only supposition, don’t take that seriously XD

Here is a scene if Therius decide to take them to Lazulis island after the end of the game, after returning to the Empire XD


Hi everyone! I’m want to tell you that I’m not dead, but I have plenty of work thoses times but I will try to answer your questions ! I would like to thanks every people who follows this tumblr and I still try to find more Therius in the internet but it seems that there isn’t a lot of drawing of TLS thoses days :o

Then I’m back with a work of mine that’s I hate and so I decided to draw some TLS without references on it.

…And it’s certainly my best drawing of Asthar LOL I love this guy so much XDDD

Well enjoy thoses little sketchs And I will try to do a better drawing next time XD

(and yes, I’m French, if you want to read what I wrote, you can, but it’s pretty boring  motivation letter for job and studies LOL )


General… I’ve just brushed my hair…

Really needed to draw this one since I have only 24h to answer, if not Therius would have to pay 100$ 8D

I received a lot of questions, I will try to answer when I will have time =) I’m drawing commissions and badges those times, that is why I can’t draw a lot for the ask ><

But I didn’t forgot you don’t worry! >w<


The first drawing was made over the drawing of Fujisaka, I wanted to see what he will looks without clothes in Fujisaka’s style XD

He has fucking thighs Oo and sorry for the leek… I didn’t wanted to draw his sword and the leek was perfect 8D 

An upcoming little comic will also talk about Therius playable with another reactions :P

Would like to share also the PEDOASTHAR, which I love to draw him with those cute pedobear ears, because he looks like so much to the pedobear LOL


TLS - Chibi Therius by ~Maalykys

…Don’t worry I know the artist XD She knows her mistake but I promise to make a facepalm Asthar in front of it XDDD

We will tell that it’s from the fanfic where Therius is still a little drunk from the past evening party XD and he forgets to draw his sword from its sheath XD

…I will end to rename that ask account “Ask Asthar about Therius” because I put to much Asthar in it LOL *but I can’t talk about without Asthar <3 *

For the drawing of Facepalm!Asthar, you have certainly saw that I take a reference with the facepalm meme XD