Forgive this sinful servant ya Allah. I am not a perfect human being and i make mistakes but forgive me and guide me on to the right path. Ameen

Dear Muslims lets all repent before its too late we all make mistakes throughout our daily lives, whether thats knowingly or unknowingly but lets say asthagfirullah and ask for Allah the mercifuls forgivness. Inshallah

A sin is a sin. Sinning and boasting wont make it rightful to do or permit it. Therefore stop sinning altogether; lets repent for out small and big sins, those sins we commit publicly and for those we think are hidden from everyone. Remember Allah watches our every step, theres no excuse to commit a sin, a mistake is a human err but to repeat a sin is only going to lead one to hell. So lets say Asthagfirullah and ask Allah for sincere fogivness. Ameen